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Imperial God Emperor 359 - Not the same

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The battle technique instructor was about to speak out, when he suddenly sensed something. Turning back to the arena, he was taken aback. There was instantly a delighted glimmer that emitted from his eyes, "He's awakened, that little kid has awakened..."

Bao Shinu turned to look.

On the arena, the [War God] that had always been comprehending had suddenly opened his eyes. He looked at his surroundings in shock, his eyes as deep as the ocean. The aura he had was many times more stable and deep than previously. There was faint signs of an inner might that even Bao Shinu and the battle technique instructor could not help but feel a sense of apprehension at.

The two instructors gave each other a look, both able to see the delight and shock in each others eyes.

Without needing to ask, this time [War God] had stood there for ten days in comprehension, he must have obtained an unimaginable gain. Without any accidents, the current [War God] had already been reborn. Even the two instructors who had long been Bitter Sea stage experts, would not gain any advantage if they faced [War God] one on one.

He really was a monster.

"People, follow my orders. Quickly prepare Spirit qi food and drink as well as two pounds of Origin crystal. This is to be brought to the stone bed of [War God]." Bao Shinu laughed greatly.

This was the same as when [Shadow] had recuperated from his state of demonic fire. Standing there in comprehension would also greatly use up a martial experts spirit. Although it was not the loss of blood, but expenditure of one's spirit was even more serious.

The battle technique instructor jumped up to the arena, his expression concerned as he evaluated Ye Qingyu. Seeing that he was fine, he nodded his head in relief, "How are you feeling?"

He did not ask what Ye Qingyu had gained from his comprehension.

Because this was an extremely private question for a martial artist.

Ye Qingyu deeply breathed in, his expression finally calming down.

From the expression of the surrounding people, a long period of time should have passed while he was comprehending. And seeing the true worried expressions of the instructors, there was a faint sense of warmth in Ye Qingyu's heart.

"I feel great, thank you instructors."

Ye Qingyu respectfully paid his thanks.

"Haha, that's great, that's great. Me and old Wang were hesitating whether we needed to report this to the crown prince, but it seems there is no need now. You've stood here for ten days in total, this is really too shocking. I have already ordered others to lock down news of this, outsiders do not know of anything, you can rest assured." Bao Shinu laughed straightforwardly.

But Ye Qingyu could evidently hear that the attitudes of the two instructors had become much more intimate after his enlightenment. In the world of martial artist, strength was revered. Everything was decided by strength.

Below the arena.

The other seventeen experts also rushed here after hearing of such news.

Without knowing when, Ye Qingyu had already left a deep, unshakeable impression in these arrogant and unbridled young experts. At this time, even if someone had the will to challenge [War God] they would not have been as arrogant and willful as before.

This included the black-robed young man named [Shadow].

His expression was calm. He stood outside the crowd, silent and peaceful.

"Haha, [War God], you seemed to have awakened. I wanted to challenge you, but I already have waited till my hair turned white..."

Ye Qingyu smiled.

Ye Qingyu had a decent impression of this burly and bright young man.

"Good, I await your challenge." Ye Qingyu said.

"There's also me..." The lazy handsome youth with pale yellow hair also came over and said laughingly, "I've already completely comprehended my [Heart Shooting Projectile] mantra. I want to ask for some pointers from [War God]."

"Fine." Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

He faintly moved his body, and felt a series of numbness shooting through his body. The effects of body refinement was even greater. This should be the synergistic effect of comprehension of both the [Dragon Fist] and [True Will of the Sky Dragon]. He had further refined some of the chaotic power of lightning that was inserted into his body on that day during the palace of the [Formation Sovereign] that day.

The synergy between the [Dragon Fist] and [True Will of the Sky Dragon] was really too shocking.

Ye Qingyu had high expectations that when he activated the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] to its utmost and underwent dragonification, then used [Dragon Fist], just what would its might be.

Seeing the battle will burning in the eyes of [Avalanche], Ye Qingyu's heart faintly moved. "Since there's the will to do battle, why not have it right now instead of picking and choosing a date?"

The youth that was burly like a gorilla, [Avalanche], hesitated slightly, "Your condition..."

Ye Qingyu let out a self-confident smile, and made an inviting gesture. "It matters not."

“Good, the [War God] really is decisive." [Avalanche] grabbed at something through the air. A pair of gigantic purple gold meteor hammers landed in his hands. His figure quivered, and rose like a divine great mountain. The thunder and lightning in his hammers directly struck towards Ye Qingyu who was standing in the arena.

Bao Shinu and the battle technique instructor flashed. In a split second, they were already below the arena.


The roar of the dragons sounded everywhere.

Ye Qingyu extended his hand, and the first technique of the [Dragon Fist] struck out.

Right now, the usage of [Dragon Fist] was incomparably smooth, the moves coming as easily as breathing, every single move like instinct. It was as if he had practice it thousands upon thousands of times. The remnants of the power of lightning ran throughout his body, bolts of lightning flickering, causing a strange sight.

Ye Qingyu could not help but let out a long roar.

He really felt indescribably carefree and uninhibited.


Using his fists as a weapon, Ye Qingyu did not fall under any disadvantage whatsoever.

Huge booms emitted like divine thunder rumbling.

[Avalanche] was sent flying tens of meters high into the air. He could not help laughing in the air, "Hahaha, great, this is too great. There is finally someone who can match me in terms of power, and let me have an unrestrained battle. [War God] come, I am no longer the [Avalanche] ten days ago. Let me try out my [Rumbling Heaven Hammer] mantra, let's see how many of your moves I can withstand. “

In the air, the air currents surrounding the body of [Avalanche] began to curve around, his shocking aura beginning toexplode. His pair of gigantic hammers emitted a purple gold light, expanding in size by several times. Tight and clustered formation light encircled around the body of the hammer, as if a gigantic deity had descended.


the strike of the hammer was like the rage of a deity.


Ye Qingyu stood where he was, not moving or evading. His black hair danced in the air like a black flame. He fluctuated his qi as he took a stance. Accompanied by roars of dragons, the might of the [Dragon Fist] mantra was fully exhibited. He used his flesh and blood body to fight against the [Rumbling Heaven Hammer].

Boom Boom Boom Boom!

A series of metallic loud clashes caused everyone's ears to go numb. Even the light and barriers of space seem to have gone distorted. The scene in front of everyone seemed as if there was a severe earthquake.

If solely according to the strength, then the two persons on the arena were definitely the peak out of all the eighteen experts. There was no one else who could fight against them in terms of power. Even [Shadow] who had always been second in the [Dragon Tiger List] would not be able to do so.

Such a battle continued for an entire hour.

This whole process was like a copper man meeting a metal brush, with no one willing to give an inch. It was hard against firm. Whether it was the [War God] or [Avalanche], they did not use any techniques to divert force. Earth shattering loud booms began resounding madly throughout the entire training camp. If not for the fact that there was a formation sound barrier blocking the noise, the entire military department building would be able to hear such metallic clashes.

Ultimately, [Avalanche] was panting heavily, unable to wield his pair of hammers anymore.

Such a high intensity of clashes caused the rebound of the hammers to be unending. At the start it was not anything significant, but after an hour, his entire arm had gone numb.


Throwing one of the Spirit weapon hammer to the ground, [Avalanche] panted heavily.

"Stop, stop stop. Phew, phew phew... It's so tiring, I've never been so fatigued. [War God], you win... you are... the first… person to force me to such an extent." He bent over, both hands on his kneecap. It was as if he was just pulled up from water, sweat falling like the rain around him as he panted.

A blood qi that was like an ocean began surging from the body of [Avalanche].

Evidently, after experiencing such a direct clash without any technique whatsoever, he had broken through a bottleneck. His level had been greatly raised, as if he had broken through an invisible barrier.

"Thank you. [War God], I will remember this favour."

As he panted, [Avalanche] picked up his pair of gigantic hammers and jumped down the arena.

Not only he, but the others could tell that the [War God] had always shown mercy from the very start. He had suppressed his strong form and used a similar of strength to fight with [Avalanche]. That was why the battle had continued for such a length of time, and allowed [Avalanche] to comprehend in such a unrestrained battle. His power grew explosively as a result of this.

If [War God] had struck with his full power, then the scene would be the same as ten days ago. [Avalanche] would still be struck off the arena in one strike.

Seeing the uninhibited scene of [Avalanche] breaking through his bottleneck, the other young experts also grew envious.

Ye Qingyu sweated heavily.

He had also gained significantly throughout this battle.

Through such a direct battle with the gorilla-like young man, [Avalanche], this was the best method to test the effect of Ye Qingyu's body refinement. Ten days ago, when he had finished his battle with [Shadow] he had let out a jet of black blood. In truth, this was because of the impurities caused by the [Dragon Fist] mantra in his organs, as it was not complete.Today he had borrowed the power of [Avalanche] to completely erase the inner problems of his body.

"Is there anyone else?"

Ye Qingyu extended his hand, and took the [Beheading Wind] sword that was stabbed into the arena into his hand. His will to battle faintly emitted.

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