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Imperial God Emperor 357 - Damn him

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[Shadow] let out a roar like that of a wild beast. His eyes were red as if they were about to drip with blood. There was a chaotic aura that emanated around him, the black supple sword in his hands turning firm and flexible back and forth. It was a series of extremely strange swordsmanship that was exhibited by him. When it was activated to its extreme, one could only see sword shadows throughout the sky, the hum and cutting sounds of the sword unending. It was as if there were thousands of tongues of poisonous snakes spitting in the air, but you were not able to see [Shadow's] figure.

Ye Qingyu stood where he was, not moving in the slightest.

The nine moves of the [Dragon Fist] began exhibiting in his hands, not fast or slow. A vast power from his fists reverberated throughout. Dragon roar after dragon roar became clearer and clearer, the vast sound combined with the power of the fist shook people's hearts that constantly emanated from the arena.

Tens of thousands of black shadows, like an angry swelling tide, struck towards Ye Qingyu. But it had no way of invading past the area of Ye Qingyu's fist.


[Shadow] let out a jet of blood. There was even blood coming out from his eyes, his nostrils, and his ears. His face was as horrifying as a vicious ghost, extremely terrifying.

The black supple sword in his hands became more and more berserk.

The sword was like a black waterfall. There were scraps of yin aura contained within, as if it would turn into a stream of space time that would envelop the entire training camp. The aura was extremely berserk and did not seem to be human power at all. It was as if there was a demon that had walked out from a dark river of blood.

The people surrounding the arena gradually took steps backwards.

"He's fallen into a state of demonic fire.”

Ye Qingyu was able to see [Shadow's] state, and instantly realized what had happened.

The sword moves he showed should have been from the sword mantra he had obtained from the instructor. But from the aura of the sword, it should not be moves from the legendary [Divine Emperor Sword Mantra] or the [Life Sword Mantra]. It should be a set of sword moves that was suitable for people of the shadow attribute.

Ten days ago, [Shadow] had fallen in his hands. It must be that his pride and self-confidence had taken a large hit. In these days, he had madly trained. However he had pursued results too strongly, causing his heart to be disrupted. He was not able to truly comprehend the essence of this set of shadow sword moves, and instead caused him to fall into a state of demonic fire.

[Shadow] was not a normal person. He instantly realized this point and wanted to challenge himself. He wanted to solve this danger within battle, breaking through his bottleneck and getting rid of his psychological demon.

But it was a pity that he took the first step wrongly, so every step after that would be wrong. Right now, he activated the Shadow sword mantra with his full power, but it had instead hastened the process of his demonic fire.

Right now, all his apertures were leaking with blood. The reverse devouring of the cultivation technique was only a thought away.

"He is after all a genius of the military of our Snow Empire. Although his temper is bad, but he cannot be known as a bad person. Why don't I help him." Ye Qingyu's thoughts were like lightning. After realizing the cause and effect, he decided to give him a hand.

"Ang Ang Ang!“

The roar of dragons loudly sounded out. Ye Qingyu's body acted, it was still a move of [Dragon Fist] that struck out.

This was the first time he struck of his own initiative.


With a light sound, the [Dragon Fist] struck the true body of the black supple sword.

With Ye Qingyu's current body refinement cultivation, just how terrifying of a power did he have. [Shadow] could not hold the shadow in his heart anymore, and the black sword was sent flying into the air. With a light sound, it pierced into the blue gold ceiling to the hilt.

[Shadow], who was at his very limits, without the sword in his hand, his aura sharply fell.

Ye Qingyu let out a fist, striking on his head.


There was a loud shout below.

The battle technique instructor had arrived. He shouted as he lost his composure in fear. He did not imagine that Ye Qingyu would really strike to kill. With a flicker of his figure, he wanted to arrive at the arena to stop everything from occurring.

But a surge of power, instantly dragged his figure back.

The battle technique instructor turned around, and saw it was the body refinement instructor Bao Shinu.

"Let's have a look. [War God] is not really trying to kill him." There was strange light flickering in Bao Shinu's eyes, staring at what was occurring on the arena.

"What?" the battle technique instructor was taken aback. He instantly realized something, and there was shock in his eyes, "You mean..."

"What the [War God] is using is the [Dragon Fist]." There was both admiration and disbelief in Bao Shinu’s tone.

On the arena.


[Shadow] let out a jet of black blood.

The yuna qi in his body was chaotic. His body had nearly lost the ability to move. Blood dripped from every aperture in his body and seemed extremely horrifying. He stared fixedly at Ye Qingyu, and laughed, "Good, good, to be able to die in your hands is not wasted... it's a pity..."

"Focus your qi and concentrate!"

Ye Qingyu shouted. At the same time, accompanied by dragon roars, tens of fists landed on [Shadow's] body.

[Shadow] was taken aback.

He suddenly realized, that the fists of the [War God], when it struck on his body, was instantly enough to directly turn him into a pulp of meat. But after receiving tens of fists, he was still complete and unharmed.

The next moment, a flow of yuan qi that was hot and cold entered into his body.

"This is..."

[Shadow] was surprised to discover that this yuan qi flow that was hot and cold, wherever it passed, it suppressed his yuan qi that was about to go berserk.

At the same time, [War God’s] fists were like lightning. It constantly struck on his body like a storm.

No matter what part of his body it was, every time he was struck by a fist, his state of demonic fire that was going berserk would lessen a bit accompanied by severe pain.

"He's helping me?"

Such a thought flickered in [Shadow's] mind.

He hesitated for a moment, then got rid of all his muddled thoughts. He fluctuated his cultivation technique, focusing, and began ordering the chaotic yuan qi within his body.

Ang Ang Ang Ang!

Dragon roar after dragon roar began unendingly echoing throughout the training camp.

Every time it sounded, it represented the fact that Ye Qingyu had struck with his fist.

The surrounding young experts as well as the two instructors focused, their eyes widening. Time passed on second by second. In the blink of an eye, fifteen minutes had passed. Ye Qingyu had already struck over a hundred thousand fists.

Ultimately, Ye Qingyu's entire person was covered by mist, completely wrapped in white vapour.

The speed that he let out his fist was also not as fast as in the beginning. Fist after fist, this was already something that even a normal person would be able to see his fists.

But after every fist, the dragon roar in the air would become louder and clearer.

It was different from the pure dragon roar at the beginning. The roar of the fist right now held a true hint of a dragon's might within. It was as if there was truly a divine dragon roaring in the sky, bringing with it the aura of the Dragon Race.

"Damn him," the battle technique instructor cursed.

The body refinement instructor Bao Shinu also bit his teeth. "Damn him."

They were both extremely shaken to their limit. That was why they could not help but curse.

They had really been frightened by a monster like Ye Qingyu.

They naturally knew of the mysteries behind the [Dragon Fist]. After all, they were also part of the group that had once been selected. They were lucky enough to be taught [Dragon Fist], and they were immersed in the might of the [Dragon Fist]. They naturally knew of the profoundness of the [Dragon Fist]. One of its abilities was to use the power of the [Dragon Fist] to remove the demon's in one's heart. But they could not do such a thing, even now.

For Ye Qingyu to be able to do such a thing, even though he only had interaction with the [Dragons Fist] for a couple of days?

How would it not make them curse?

Furthermore, everytime Ye Qingyu let out a fist, there was a Dao essence contained within that even the two of them could not clearly understand within its moves. The roar of the dragons became increasingly clear and was no longer just sound effects. It was a true dragon's might that caused the two to not help but shiver in fright.

Right now, they finally understood why in Ye Qingyu's history he could, in just a short year, to turn from a young man who had not learnt any martial arts, to a prodigy of the martial way. Such monstrous talent and comprehension, it was like, it was like...

Bao Shinu did his best to think. "It was like", just who was he similar to. But after thinking back and forth, he discovered that in all those martial tyrant figures that he knew of, there was no one that was able to do such a thing like Ye Qingyu.

The other young experts, although they were not as sure as the two instructors of what exactly happened, but they could faintly feel something. Everyone of them had wide eyes, not willing to miss Ye Qingyu's every action on the arena.

Because they were currently learning [Dragon Fist] from Ye Qingyu.

The essence and profoundness of the [Dragon Fist] that Ye Qingyu exhibited was something that they had never even thought of. For them, this was unquestionably a process that would rarely ever come to them so that they could comprehend.

In the blink of an eye, another fifteen minutes passed.

The speed at which Ye Qingyu let out his fist had already lowered to throwing a fist every three or four breaths.

His footsteps were slow, moving around [Shadow].The speed at which he struck with his fist was slow. Every fist he struck on [Shadow] was like a dragonfly landing on water. After such a round, his breathing had also became rapid, his entire person seemingly somewhat fatigued. Evidently, he had spent a great deal of energy.

As for [Shadow], he stood silently where he was, like he was a sculpture. He did not even move slightly, both his eyes shut, as if he was sleeping.


The last dragon roar sounded.

Everyone of the young expert's hearts quivered, their faces filled with fear because of the dragon's roar.

The last fist struck out.

Ye Qingyu let out a pale black jet of blood, his figure quivering and taking three or four steps back then stabilizing his figure. Vapours emitted from his body, like the clouds in the skies. Evidently, he had activated his yuan power to it's very limits.

Everyone's hearts was in their throats.

Ye Qingyu silently stood where he was.

The vapour surrounding him gradually dispersed.

Ye Qingyu's entire person was in a strange rhythm. His face was red, his complexion brilliant, and there was the glimmer of jade on his skin. It gave his whole person the glimmer of jewellery, and the fact that his fleshly body was perfect. As they breathed in and out, it was as if it was the Dao of Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang.

"Seal off the arena, don't let the others disturb [War God] and [Shadow]."

Bao Shinu shouted in anger.

The complexions of the battle technique instructor was strict as he replied, "En, this matter is important. Let us go personally to protect them."

the two stood by either sides of the arena, and began patiently and silently waiting.

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