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There was someone laughing.

Ye Qingyu looked at the instructor by the side.

The instructor shrugged his shoulders. "I've already said what I've had to say. The following is training time, it permits sparring between you all. Whether you want to accept his challenge or not is up to you."

In other words, he would not step in.

In truth, this technique instructor also wanted to see just what sort of battle power Ye Qingyu who was ranked number one had. For the crown prince to personally inscribe the title of [War God] to him, and for him to be ranked number one on the [Dragon Tiger List].

"What? You don't dare?" The gaze of [Shadow] was like a blade, pressuring him. "If you don't dare, then go erase your name from the ranking obediently. Don't stay here and embarrass yourself."

Thinking back to the coward-like behaviour Ye Qingyu had within the dormitory, the black-robed youth, [Shadow], had no way of accepting such a person being ranked in front of him.

There were many gazes of disdain, and people delighting in Ye Qingyu's misfortune that landed on Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu thought about it, then nodded his head. "Fine.”

His figure flashed, coming to the arena in the great hall.

The instant he landed on the arena, [Shadow] had already landed opposite him.

An extremely fast speed.

Ye Qingyu's face was calmed, and stabbed the [Beheading Wind] sword in his hand into the arena. Deeply breathing in, his aura gradually gathered. He slowly let out a fist. The air rippled like a wrinkle around the fist, discernible with the naked eye. There was not any powerful sound of air exploding or light exploding along the fist, but there was the faint sound of a dragon's roar that accompanied his fist.

The speed of the fist was exceedingly slow.

The complexion of [Shadow] opposite him greatly changed.

It seemed as if Ye Qingyu's punch had no way of being avoided.

"This is [Dragon Fist]? This is the first move of the [Dragon Fist]. To think that he would have already understood to such a degree? Such a strength... is evidently... The Bitter Sea stage... he has already touched on the boundaries of the laws…”

[Shadow] was shocked. He instantly knew that he had underestimated [War God]. His appearance and actions were so unremarkable, but his strength was terrifying.

"Will I be afraid?"

His powerful pride caused [Shadow] to let out an enraged roar. The first move of the [Dragon Fist] that he had learned also exploded.

The instant the fists met.


The entire great hall shook.


Letting out a jet of blood, [Shadow] felt as if his right arm was struck by lightning. His arm instantly lost all feeling and went numb, and he could not even stand where he was anymore. Like soaring through the clouds, he flew backwards, he fell off the arena and struck against two or three weapon racks. After staggering back tens of steps, he finally used his left palm to press against the wall of the great hall to stabilize his body.

[Shadow] looked with fear and shame towards the arena.

On the arena.

Ye Qingyu took back his fist, his face calm.

The surroundings were completely silent.

"You... fine. Today, I admit my loss." [Shadow] bit his teeth, wiping away the blood at the corner of his mouth. Turning around, he entered into the dormitory by the side, going to rest and recover.

The other people also had expressions of shock as they looked at Ye Qingyu.

Previously, Ye Qingyu's performance had been unremarkable. He had even chosen to retreat in the face of provocation, causing many young experts who came from a military background to look down on him. A soldier valued pressing forward. No matter what, they would go towards a mountain with a tiger even if they knew there was a tiger. They would never compromise. From their perspective, Ye Qingyu's action was a display of weakness.

The reason he was so cowardly must be because he had no confidence in his own strength?

There were many people who thought that way.

But evidently they were all wrong.

Using one fist to defeat [Shadow] who was ranked number two. The power that he exhibited was no longer stronger, it was far too strong.

Previously, the reason [Shadow] was so arrogant and tyrannical was because he had already defeated many people within the eighteen young experts. This include the [Avalanche] who was as tall as a bear, including [Flame] and [Storm].

Until now, only the lazy youth [Flowing Light] had not exchanged pointers with [Shadow].

All the other people had unquestionably been defeated by [Shadow].

And [Shadow] had unquestionably been defeated by [War God].

This was a very simple conjecture of strength. Evidently, the others did not possess the strength to challenge [War God].

"Does anyone else want to challenge?"

Ye Qingyu stood on the arena, his expression calm as he asked such a question.

Everyone looked at each other.

After a short while, the [Avalanche] that was muscular like a gorilla finally could not endure. Holding the thunder hammers in his hands, he jumped on the arena. Letting out a smile, "I am called Zhang Lei, the deputy commander of the Vanguard of the [Whip of the Thunder Deity] in the North East. Fourth Class Military Marquis. Let us have a spar."

Ye Qingyu clasped his fist. "My fortune."

After three breaths, accompanied by an earth shattering humongous bang, Zhang Lei was struck off the arena.

Both his arms could no longer be lifted up.

His thunder hammers fell on the arena.

"A great strength..." [Avalanche] yelled, blood seeping out from the joints of his finger. He had an expression of shock as he looked towards Ye Qingyu on the arena. He originally possessed herculean strength when he was born. It was said that when he was being born, thunder encircled around his body. When he was one, he could already lift fifty or so pounds of rock. When he was twenty, his arms could already lift over a hundred thousand pounds. And the cultivation technique he studied in was one that focused most on strength, [Heavenly Tremendous Strength]. Within the entire north east army, his strength was unmatched.

Even if [Shadow] struck with him directly, he was by far not enough in terms of power.

But right now, the moment the fists of the [War God] met his hammer, he had struck him from the arena in just one move, causing both his arms to be nearly crippled.

Just what sort of power was this?

"I admit defeat, I admit defeat. You are fit to bear the title of [War God]. This is the first time I, Zhang Lei, have lost to someone in terms of strength..." The gorilla-like young man yelled.

Ye Qingyu smiled, flicking his sleeve.

The two thunder hammers floated lightly through the air, landing in front of Zhang Lei, [Avalanche].

"Is there anyone else that wants to come up and try?"

Ye Qingyu was not flustered or arrogant, as he calmly asked.

The people below looked at each other. Ultimately, there was no one else that entered.

Not mentioning other aspects, just solely by power alone, no one was able to defeat [War God].

Even if others had the heart to challenge, but now was not the time. After observing for a period of time and finding out the strength and cultivation techniques of this [War God], and after they understood more, then it was not too late to act then. After winning two rounds consecutively, the aura of the [War God] was powerful, so it was not best to oppose him. If they lost, they would lose the drive in their heart and challenging him again would be even more difficult.

"Since there is no one, then I'll come down." Ye Qingyu smiled. "If there are any other brothers that want to spar, then I welcome this challenge at any time."

As he finished, he jumped down from the arena.

The complexions of all the surrounding youths were somewhat hard to look at.

His tone evidently meant that he did not place any importance towards them at all. He did not even consider them as opponents. Thinking back to the attitude everyone had and how they treated Ye Qingyu previously, this slap was really too painful.

The battle instructors heart, upon seeing this, was also incomparably shaken.

The strength that Ye Qingyu exhibited did not match the report that the military department had gathered.

After training in the [Dragon Fist] in the morning, he was able to use it in real battle in the afternoon. And he had even grasped the true essence of this technique. The [Dragon Fist] was known as the number one mantra for body refinement in the Bitter Sea stage. It's power was not solely in use for body refinement, but it also had great power in terms of battle. Bao Shinu had not mentioned this in the morning, but Ye Qingyu had already deduced this, and used it in the arena battle just now.

The comprehension of this person was really fearful.

This was the conclusion the battle instructor came to.

He left along with the eighteen soldiers.

After they left the training camp, the soldiers scattered.

The battle technique instructor walked several steps, then encountered the body refinement instructor Bao Shinu.

"How is it?" Bao Shinu had a smile that was not a smile.

"Terrifying," the battle technique instructor stated. "Eighteen young experts, every one of them are frightening. Every one of them are many times stronger than me when I was their age. When they mature, their power will be hard to estimate. Especially that Ye Qingyu. No wonder the crown prince personally gave the title of [War God] to him personally."

Bao Shinu nodded his head, "They are definitely the people that Princess Chang had personally picked. They are worth holding expectations for. But, you may have spoken slightly too much today."

The battle technique instructor was taken aback, then instantly understood Bao Shinu's meaning. Nodding his head and sighing, "With the situation today, time and tide waits for no man. There are some words that must be spoken sooner or later. These little kids, all of them are proud and arrogant. I want to make them know just who was it that prepared everything for them today, just who has invested in them to make them understand who they should be thankful to."

“You are right, but these eighteen young experts are able to kill a path for themselves out of thousands of soldiers on the battlefield. Their will must be absolute or they have prodigious talent. To truly capture their hearts, is not a simple matter. This matter is difficult, very difficult," Bao Shinu sighed as he said.

"Even if it's difficult, we still have to try bit by bit." The tone of the battle technique instructor was firm as steel.

Bao Shinu did not say anything else.



Returning to the dormitory, Ye Qingyu sat cross legged on the stone bed, resting his aura.

Obtaining the [Dragon Fist] in the morning, he had already grasped all nine movements. He believed that in less than one month, he would completely comprehend and integrate it with him, and be able to use it in true battle.

Most importantly, Ye Qingyu had discovered a new secret.

In the morning, when Bao Shinu had taught the heart sutra that related to the [Dragon Fist], there was faint ancient will hidden in it. It did not seem to be a heart sutra that belonged to the current era. Ye Qingyu had once seen such similar cultivation sutras from the [Fiendgod Titled Chart]. Most importantly, in the heart sutra Bao Shinu passed on, although it could entirely activate the body refinement effect of the [Dragon Fist], but there would be a small imperfection left behind. It would not be able to truly display the true might of the nine moves of the [Dragon Fist] mantra.

Ye Qingyu had tried tens of time, but the end result was all the same.

This meant that this was not an issue of his comprehension. It was that the heart sutra that Bao Shinu taught originally had issues.

In other words, the sutra he passed on was not complete---- Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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