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The battle instructor let out a laugh. "Don't be happy too soon. The last examination is not that easy to pass. Once you've truly passed the true examination, the Crown Prince will personally come to the military department and bestow a weapon onto you. The cultivation technique that you will train in right now is also something that the Crown Prince bowed down in front of the pavilion of the Snow Emperor to beg for a chance to enter into the War God Hall of the Empire to obtain for you. He picked it personally from the War God Hall.”

As he said this, a row of silver armoured soldiers walked in line and spread apart behind the battle instructor.

There were namely eighteen soldiers. Each of them had a treasure jade box in their hands. There were small inscriptions at the front of every jade box, each with different names written on it. Ye Qingyu's name appeared on the fourth jade box.

"Everyone go take their cultivation mantra according to their own name."

The battle technique instructor instructed.

So the jade boxes were the cultivation techniques that were prepared for the young experts.

Ye Qingyu was deep in thought as he walked over. He uncovered the jade box with his name written on it. A faint surge of yuan qi rushed out, and inside was an one inch thick light blue threaded manuscript. The skin of the manuscript was made from beast skin. It was not a jade scroll, and seemed exceedingly simple from the outside.

Taking out the manuscript.

There were four powerful, ancient characters on the first page.

[Human King Sword Mantra]!

It was a sword mantra.

Ye Qingyu's heart was faintly shaken.

He had once heard of this sword mantra.

Previously, in the intervals between the conversation with Dugu Quan several days ago, they had once mentioned a famed person in the past of the Empire. Dugu Quan had mentioned a war god of Snow Empire that was known as a character that was unmatched throughout all of history.

According to the rumour, he was the sworn brother from another mother of the founding Snow Emperor. He had stepped into the Heaven Ascension stage at twenty years old. Not only was his personal cultivation unmatched, the way he led his army, formation arrays, smelting weapons, refining pills, zither, chess, book, arts, flowers and arts, he was unmatched. He was a genius in all aspects. There was nothing he could not do. In the past, when the Snow Empire warred on several large sects, the army led by this divine battle god was undefeatable, shaking the primordial lands of Heaven Ascension. It was said that the founding Emperor had also sighed in amazement, and said half the Empire was won in battle by this battle god of a different surname.

But it was a pity, that Heavens itself was jealous of his genius. After this unmatched wargod established the Snow Empire, he had fallen during a heavenly tribulation. He had dissolved in the Dao, and fallen in the world, with no trace of his body.

The founding Emperor had also fallen in tragedy because of him. He abdicated from his position as Emperor, disappearing from the world.

Such news was not written in proper history. Dugu Quan had once experienced such a history so had mentioned it. He had unintentionally brought up such a topic during conversation with Ye Qingyu.

Dugu Quan had also mentioned that the unmatched War God in the past of the Snow Empire, his sword cultivation had gotten to such a stage that it was peerless throughout all of history. And the most peerless sword mantra that he possessed was split into three parts. It was namely the [Human King Sword Mantra], [Divine Emperor Sword Mantra] and the [Life Sword Mantra]. According to the rumours, these three secret sword Dao techniques were known as number one throughout Heaven Wasteland Domain. Even in the age where hundreds of sects blossomed and there were even many sects that originated from ancients times, they did not possess such a peerless and unmatched sword mantra.

Ye Qingyu remembered, that when Dugu Quan had mentioned these three sword mantra, he also had a face of envy.

It was that only as the unmatched War God fell, news of the three sword mantras also disappeared.

Some people guessed, that it was kept in the martial treasury of the Imperial family.

Some people had also guessed that as the Unmatched War God failed his tribulation, the three sword Mantras also disappeared into ashes.

Ye Qingyu could be said to have cultivated in techniques of the Sword Dao. The [Four moves of the Unmatched General] that originated from the [Fiendgod Titled hart] had originally belonged to an ability of the sword arts. Because of that, Ye Qingyu was greatly interested in these three sword mantras and was saddened by their loss.

He had had never imagined that he would see in such a way, one of the three mantras, the [Human King Sword Mantra].

The military department had gifted such a class of sword mantra to himself?

This was not logical.

For such a precious sword art mantra, even the princes of the Empire could not be guaranteed to be able to study in it. And for them to just gift it to him?

Ye Qingyu found this hard to believe.

What about the other people.

Did the other people also obtain the [Human King Sword Mantra]?

Or perhaps they obtained the other two parts of the three mantras? The [Divine Emperor Sword Mantra] or the [Life Sword Mantra]?

He took a brief scan around. He saw that the pale long yellow-haired youth had a pale silver little manuscript. It was called the [Shooting Sun Projectile] and was not one of the three mantras.

The youth on the other side, had a staff. And the technique he obtained, was known as the [Facing Heaven Staff]. It was a strange name, Ye Qingyu had never heard of it before.

Ye Qingyu carefully covered the name of the [Human King Sword Mantra] in his hands, to prevent others seeing and stealthily retreated.

He could be sure that the battle technique everyone obtained was not the same. It could be suitable for the weapon that was favoured by that person. Out of the eighteen people, apart from himself, who used a sword as a weapon, there were only two other people. But it was a pity that they stood far away, and was cautious. Ye Qingyu was not able to see, whether the battle technique these two obtained were the other two parts of the three part mantra.

Very quickly, everyone had obtained their own battle techniques.

Nearly everyone opened it to have a small look at a portion. From the expressions of the young experts, everyone was fully satisfied.

"Fine, now that you have all obtained your own secret mantra, you must remember. Everyone’s secret mantra is a priceless treasure. The crown prince personally picked it for you himself. Only the prince, apart from yourselves, know what kind of battle technique has been chosen for you. You must carefully protect your mantra. One month later, you must return it. You are not allow to copy or replicate it. You are all martial experts, so I will not give advice on how to cultivate, comprehend yourself. The only area I'm responsible for is to test your progress everyday and make an evaluation towards your own strength,” the Instructor shouted loudly.

The young experts all listened seriously.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head slightly, in thought.

According to the tone of the instructor, it seemed that the training plan of these young experts was initiated by the current crown prince. There were so many areas they could not manage, but they invested so highly. Just what did they want after spending such a huge expenditure?

"When you came, you should have already obtained the name plate that belonged to yourself. There is a title on it. From today onwards, forget your name, and use the title to replace it. In the [Dragon Tiger List], on the great hall, the rankings of the tiles is the ranking of your own strength. “

As the battle instructor spoke, he pointed to the blue gold stone wall of the great wall. There was a water ripple projection on it.

There was suddenly light flickering on the screen.

Eighteen names, from top to bottom, gradually appeared.

Ye Qingyu thought back, and faintly remembered, the title on his nameplate was [War God]. At that time, he had not paid too much attention, and just treated it as words with no meaning. Now he suddenly realized that it was a title that belonged to him.

He lifted his head to look, and discovered that the title ranked number one on the screen was namely [War God].

"En? I'm ranked number one out of all these eighteen people?"

Ye Qingyu was faintly surprised, then his expression quickly calmed down.

Through the observation of these days, he could largely confirm that the others were of no threat to him. Therefore, ranking number one was not something worth being surprised or proud about.

But evidently, these young experts did not think in this way.

"Haha, [War God]?" the black robe young man snorted coldly. "To dare have a title like [War God], you really are arrogant. Who is it? Let me have a look?"

"Ranked number one? Interesting. I want to know, just how many hammer strikes can he withstand from me, [Avalanche]." The muscular two meter tall youth held the thunder hammer in his hands, his will to do battle burning in his eyes.

The title of this muscular young man, was called [Avalanche].

On the [Dragon Tiger List], [Avalanche] was ranked number six.

The person ranked number two was [Shadow].

Ranked number three was [Flowing Light].

The fourth was [Flame].

The fifth was [Storm].

Following along the list, there were all sorts of strange titles such as [Desert], [Lonely Smoke], [Long River], [Setting Sun]. The last title on the ranking was called, [Normal Person].

"Remember your ranking. Remember your identity. From today onwards, abandon everything, and focus on training. This place permits sparring and challenges, but it absolutely does not allow killing your comrade. The crown prince hopes that you will be able to trust and cooperate with each other, not hate and isolate each other. You must firmly remember this point.”

As the instructor spoke to here, his expression became serious. "Right now, report to your title. [Normal Person], come here.

As he spoke.

A youth about one meter and seventy centimeters tall took a step forward, and loudly reported his title.

This was a young man with a normal appearance. The only special attribute he had was he had a big head, which was large enough to make one shocked. The size of his head was nearly the width of his shoulders, it was as if his body could nearly not support his head. In his calm expression, there was a trace of embarrassment hidden within. Previously, he had remained silent, and Ye Qingyu had only paid an extra glance or two at this young man's head.

What follow after was that people reported to their titles.

The person ranked number two, [Shadow] was really that black-robed young man.

The person ranked number three, [Flowing Light] was the lazy young man with pale yellow hair.

[Flame] was the red long haired youth.

[Storm] was the short haired youth by the side. His body was muscular, and only second to the person ranked number six, [Avalanche].

Only until the end, when everyone's gaze focused on him, did Ye Qingyu reveal his title of [War God].

In that instant, the young experts were all disconcerted.

"Him? [War God]?"

"For this coward, to be ranked number one?"

"There must be a mistake.”

"Apart from being a little handsome, I can't see anything special."

They muttered in low voices.

There were also the undisguised sneers.

"I want to challenge you." Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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