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Not one of these people was not a celebrity of the imperial capital, their status and identity were also considerably notable, and of which there were one or two that were ranked on the [Heavenly Officer List]. It was clear that the two elderly men were really doing their best and putting a lot of effort to help Ye Qingyu blend into the environment of the imperial capital.

Ye Qingyu carefully made friends.

He had been very busy these past two days.

Ye Qingyu was deeply stressed out; he was not used to these social events, but he felt ill-mannered if he declined the kind intentions of these two elderly men.

Just that the result was not as good as what the two elderly expected.

Although the two treated Ye Qingyu as an equal and was stunned by Ye Qingyu’s monstrous talent. But their old friends did not know as much as them. After finding out that Ye Qingyu was only a third class military Marquis, and he also came from a common background, they did not have too great an intention to make friends with him. At the most, they gave him some cursory attention thanks to Dugu Quan and Ouyang Buping. Even an idiot could see that their hearts were not in it, and there were very few people that truly placed any importance on Ye Qingyu.

After all, these people have gone through too much.

A third grade Marquis, and things such as a military medal, were hardly enough to make them interested.

The only thing that interests them slightly was Ye Qingyu’s strength, but then again, in the Empire’s Snow Capital, there were far too many famous young experts. A 16-year-old Bitter Sea stage expert was indeed amazing, but with no status or background, he would eventually end up as a thug working for some influential elites?

In Snow Capital, unless your martials arts had reached a state where you could ignore everything, the thing that people would be awed at the most was still official power.

“Their mothers, to think these bastards would be so arrogant in front of brother Ye. I’ve really made the wrong friends,” Dugu Quan grumbled.

Ye Qingyu smiled. “Such is human nature, wait till I earn my status and respect, and won’t have to rely on others. Big brothers’ kindness, I really appreciate it. These things will come slowly.”

“Only Little brother Ye is that open-minded.” Ouyang Buping ridiculed Dugu Quan, “That old fellow is too impatient. He has good intentions, but does bad things.”

Dugu Quan snapped, “Old fool what did you say, as if the wooden sticks that you introduced had a really good attitude to Little Brother Ye... Hey, those guys, their noses were so long that it covers the sky. We all breathe the same air, there will definitely be a day when they will regret this.”

The three people burst into loud laughter.

“Your report at the military headquarters tomorrow, I have arranged everything. Baiyi will show you the way. If the two of us go in, it would cause too much disturbance, it’s not that good,” Dugu Quan said.

Ye Qingyu was touched, exclaiming, “Thank you, elder brothers.”


The second day.

The wind was mild and the sun was shining brightly.

After having breakfast at the [Medicine Hut], Lin Baiyi showed Ye Qingyu the way to report at the military headquarters.

They were transported by a dragon fish flying carriage pulled by four white horned beasts. The speed was extremely rapid. After fifteen minutes, and passing by three bridges, they quickly neared the area of the military base with no blockages on their route.

“Ye Shishu, we’re here.”

Lin Baiyi got off the ship, saying respectfully.

Ye Qingyu nodded, then looked up.

A huge green-gold building greeted his eyes, 18 warrior statues a hundred meters high were clasping 18 different weapons, like deities guarding and protecting the giant sword-shaped green-gold building. Even a strong man of over two meters in height, standing here, would feel as small as an ant under a giant’s foot.

An invisible golden chill spread across the air.

The soldiers were armed with spiritual spears, with 10 men in one team and they were all at the profound Spirit spring cultivation level. The formation and alignment of troops were orderly and neat. There were hundreds of patrols marching back and forth on the platform steps, and under the sun the tip of their spear was flashing with a heart-palpitating gleam. Even the patrols posses such powerful strength.

Following the green-gold stone steps that were inscribed with strange rune markings, they climbed up a hundred meters and more than one thousand steps before finally arriving at the foot of the military headquarters.

The 18 warrior statues that surrounded the building were all looking down, the expressions realistic and lifelike, ferocious and chilling, and the body was tremendous. In pace with the movements of footsteps, and because the angle of view was different, the statues expressions seemed to be changing, as though they had come to life. A faint-hearted person would be terrified to the point of wetting their pants.

Ye Qingyu vaguely sensed that there was a terrifying wave of energy inside of the deity statues.

“Could it be a legendary war deity puppet?”

Ye Qingyu guessed to himself.

They came to the entrance of the building, where several heavily armoured, high cultivation level guards stood.

After the relevant documents were checked, Lin Baiyi led Ye Qingyu into the building.

A surging energy, like the ocean, was coming from straight ahead.

Throughout the building, there were numerous inscriptions of rune formations, and although hidden with special techniques and were not seen, when one’s cultivation reaches a certain extent, they could clearly be felt.

The lobby on the first floor of the building was so wide that the edges were not seen.

The hundreds of giant silver pillars were smooth and glossy. There were more than 500 female soldiers in tight armour, which were the controllers for the rune formation transportation that transports to different floors of the building. Every one of them had a pleasing form and were of the Spirit spring cultivation level. They had a faint smile on their face while accepting the requests of different people. The people coming in and out of here were mostly soldiers, which could be clearly identified at a glance from their manners.

The formation flickered from time to time, transporting different people to different places.

The floor that Ye Qingyu needed to report to was the 55th floor, which belongs to the reception hall for senior military officers with military achievements. After a simple consultation, he entered a transportation formation. The light flashed, like he was shuttling through time and space. The view in front instantly changed, the first floor lobby turned to the 55th floor of the building.

What caught his eye was the grey brick walls, which, when compared to the magnificent first floor lobby, seemed cold and cheerless.

In the first moments, there was a stern-looking soldier coming over to check the identity of Ye Qingyu and Lin Baiyi, and after learning their purpose for coming here, Ye Qingyu was led down the right corridor by a soldier. Because Lin Baiyi was not a person of the military, he was led to a temporary resting area.

Ye Qingyu was deeply curious, constantly glancing around.

The people that appeared on this floor were basically all armour-clad and weapon-bearing, their combat boots whacking against the floor echoed across the room, as though an army was marching forward. He occasionally met one or two people that were dressed in casual clothing, but within their body was an overbearing yuan qi. Evidently, they were an expert of a high cultivation level.

The hue of the entire floor was monotonous and ice-cold, like a training field.

The soldier that led the way for Ye Qingyu had a grave and stern complexion, and said not a single word.

After a while, a hall came into sight. The soldier made a gesture of invitation and waited until Ye Qingyu walked in before leaving.

Another soldier received Ye Qingyu and asked his reason for reporting here. Only when he knew of the reason did the cold and stern expression on his face ease a little. Next was the process of reporting for duty, which was slightly cumbersome. He had to successively go through several procedures, identity verifications, and there was an up to half an hour of inquiry. Ye Qingyu’s military record had arrived long ago, and after his answers were compared to his record. After the final confirmation, Ye Qingyu received the schedule and a lapis lazuli rune identity nameplate.

“Huh? Stay in the military headquarters building for the next one month?”

When Ye Qingyu saw this arrangement, he was slightly taken aback.

The schedule was very packed, and he was not allowed to go back to prepare. From now on, for one month, he was absolutely not allowed to leave the military building to undergo a number of special training. On one hand, it was to allow the soldiers that come from different armies and regions to adapt to the new rules of the military headquarters, and on the other hand, it was to elevate the strength of everyone and teach them some martial arts secret skills of the military.

“With such an arrangement, it seems I won’t be leaving anytime soon.”

Ye Qingyu had no objection.

With permission, he returned to the temporary resting area, greeted Lin Baiyu, told him to pass some words onto Ximen Yeshui, Mother Wu and others, and then the two people temporarily separated. Lin Baiyi reminded him about some things and turned back.

Ye Qingyu brought the lapis lazuli identity nameplate to the 55th floor military material department, received two sets of armour, selected some weapons, registered, and after seven turns and eight rounds came to his temporary residence for the coming one month.

The residence area was also on the 55th floor.

This was an extremely spacious hall, sufficient to accommodate thousands of people. Inside was a variety of equipment and facilities used for refining and battling. There were all sorts of strange and unusual things, biting-cold and ferocious, and each one was made by a formation smith. Even a top expert of the Spirit spring stage cannot destroy these equipment, weapons and the arena.

On both sides of the hall were two dorm rooms.

In each room were twenty stone beds and some simple necessities, and at the end of the room, there was a narrow road connected to the latrines and other rooms. There was a huge rune formation heated pubic bath with medicinal properties. Although the layout was simple, everything could be found here.

This was where Ye Qingyu was going to live for the next one month.

And before Ye Qingyu, someone else had already arrived.

Bang bang bang!

Someone was using a strange equipment, making a muffled sound, and then the huge instrument was spinning like a fan, rapidly with sounds like a thunderstorm.

It was a young officer.

His age did not exceed 20 years old.

Long blazing red hair, and unusually striking.

In addition, there were more than 10 equally young teenagers, someone was wearing battle armour, someone was wearing a black iron mask, someone was training with the equipments, or doing some of the most peculiar refining action by themselves. There were people in the arena practicing against each other, and with the yuan qi suppressed, they simply fought with their hands…

These youngsters, every one of them was extremely strong, their aura was fierce to the extreme, and although not deliberately emitted, there was still an intense murderous spirit exhibiting from the body of the youngsters.

Every one of them was very strong. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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