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Imperial God Emperor 348 - Three Great Lists

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348 - Three great lists

The sentry let out an exhalation of cold air.

He did not imagine that in a tiny little outpost, he would see such great characters? he nearly could not believe what his eyes were telling him, rubbing it...

What made him fall into even greater disbelief was that these great characters that were like deities were walking towards him with a gentle smile?

This... what situation was this?

They were here to see him?

That can't be?

At that instant, there were countless thoughts that flickered in his mind. He had once heard the story tellers recount countless tales of legends and myths - such thoughts exploded in his mind. He asked himself in disbelief, was such a fortune, like Origin crystal falling from the sky, about to happen to him?

The little sentry was moved.

He cleared his throat, and headed towards the [Pill God of Snow Country] and the others.


"Hahaha, brother Ye. We've waited three months for you, you've finally decided to enter into the Capital? If not for General Nie of the [Dingyuan Gate] saw you entering through the gate and sent people to notify me, I would still not know that you had come.”

Dugu Quan laughed loudly, taking a step past the minor soldiers. He came in front of Ye Qingyu who just jumped off the formation flying carriage.

"Hehe, the famous [Leaf of Youyan], how could you be so low key when you entered the Imperial Capital. Little brother, are you a young man at all." Ouyang Buping walked over and gave a fist to Ye Qingyu's chest with a laugh.

These two old men of the Snow Empire, whose fame resounded throughout the Empire, belonged to the members of the revered masters of the Imperial family. They were normally people that were serious and sombre. They would not smile lightly. But right now they were as excited as a young man. It caused the surrounding Imperial Guard of the Empire to be disconcerted.

And who was even more stunned was the minor guard by the side.


These two old men had really come to receive the military Marquis that he had looked down upon?

What situation was this?

"Haha, my two brothers you have given me too much compliments. I've only entered into the capital today, and originally thought I would go find my two brothers after I finished reporting into the military department." Ye Qingyu smiled as he returned the greeting.

"You little kid, you're being a stranger too much. According to what I know, the deadline for you to report to the military department is three days later? Then why do you need to rush, go and have a seat in my residence first. I'll definitely take care of you. As for reporting, you can do it when you are free." Dugu Quan stubbornly dragged Ye Qingyu's hand, as if he was fearful that he would run away.

The Divine Doctor Ouyang Buping gave him a glare, "In your residence, the stink of pills and it's ingredients are everywhere... Why doesn't he go to my [Medicine Hut], there is the fragrance of medicine everywhere, and you can see verdant greenery everywhere, hahaha..."

These two revered and respected old men began competing like little children.

Ye Qingyu had a helpless face.

"Grandfather Dugu, Grandfather Ouyang!"

Jin Ling'er, Li Qi and Li Ying came bouncing over, greeting these two old men.

At Youyan Pass, these three naughty children had gotten many advantages from these two old men. Their innocent and pure personality had also caused the two old men to spoil these three kids.

"Haha, little Ling'er, little Qi, little Ying, you guys come and judge. Where should your master go and stay?" Dugu Quan patted the heads of the three little kids, giving candy to everyone.

"First go to Grandfather Dugu, then go to Grandfather Ouyang." Jin Ling'er said with a laugh.

"You little person with no conscience, a little candy and he's already bought you out?" Ouyang Buping glared at him.

"I did not anything wrong, master first knew Grandfather Dugu first, then he met you grandfather Ouyang. This is just following the natural order." Jin Ling'er was extremely smart, and said such words righteously.

"Uh..." the DivineDoctor did not know what to say, standing there.

Dugu Quan began laughing victoriously.

Mother Wu quickly gave a greeting to the two old men.

As the sentries on the side saw this scene, they could not help but be taken aback. These three little country bumpkin kids, just who were they, that they were able to refer to the [Pill God of Snow Country] as grandfather?

This was something even the Imperial family did not have the right to use.

The little guard who led the way felt his brain was not enough to process this fact.

Lin Baiyi smiled slightly as he stood by the side, and said to the minor guard, "Little brother, let me take care of Marquis Ye. There's no need for you to lead the way anymore. You can return to General Zhou and say that someone of the Dugu residence has received Marquis Ye. I believe that General Zhou will not punish you.”

"Ah?" the minor sentry was shocked. He did not imagine someone like Lin Baiyi who was revered like a mountain, would use such a mild tone when speaking to himself. He instantly became extremely nervous, stuttering and stammering and rushing to nod his head. "Yes, yes, yes, young master Lin, of course this is possible..."

“Then thank you for your efforts." As Lin Baiyi said this, he handed over a tael of pure gold. "This is my appreciation. Little brother you should take it and return and treat your brothers to some alcohol."

"How would I dare." The sentry tried to refuse once or twice, but seeing that Lin Baiyi's attitude was firm, he accepted.

Pure gold was different from gold and silver. It was the hard currency of the Snow Capital. A tael of pure gold was equal to a month of his wages. This could be counted as a massive gain.

The sentry excitedly paid his respects and delightedly left sitting on the formation flying carriage.

He sat on the flying carriage and looked back. He saw the huge figures, the [Pill God of Snow Country] as well as the Divine Doctor Ouyang Buping standing left and right of the minor military Marquis. They went on a high class flying carriage led by a horned Spirit beast. Those little brats as well as the country bumpkin like Mother Wu, under the protection of the Imperial Guard, left the post. They shot to the sky and disappeared far off…

Power was good.

For people like the [Pill God of Snow Country] and the Divine Doctor, they were naturally not restricted by the laws of the airspace about the capital.

“That minor Marquis, just what is his background? To be able to make those two old men come out and greet him, could he be the successor to some large family? That's not right, just how many successors of all the families would be able to receive such treatment from those two old men in the entire Snow Capital? Even for the Imperial princes, this is impossible..."

The sentry was extremely shocked.

His heart also felt apprehensive and fearful. Thankfully, the minor Marquis had a good temperament and did not remember old grudges. Otherwise, he had spoken such hard words and taken such a hard attitude in the carriage. If he was dissatisfied in his heart, he would only need to say one word or two words, and misfortune would definitely descend upon him.



Ye Qingyu ultimately did not enter into the Dugu household.

Dugu Quan and Ouyang Buping brought Ye Qingyu to the [Medicine Hut]----This was the quiet cultivation place of the Divine Doctor. There were all kinds of different medicine stored and created here. It was not part of the property of the Ouyang family, and was fairly close to the Imperial palace and the military department. It was a famed property under the ownership of the group of revered masters of the Empire.

The reason he did this, was to avoid suspicion.

There were many factions within Snow Capital. The family of Dugu Quan as well as the family of Ouyang Buping could naturally not remain independent from this. They must be the member of some sort of faction. Both Dugu Quan and Ouyang Buping wanted to make Ye Qingyu, a young monstrous genius, into someone of their own group. But they did not want to fool Ye Qingyu who had only just arrived into the Capital and was not even aware of the situation. They had to at least give a chance for Ye Qingyu to consider and choose for himself.

The reason they were so considerate was for two reasons. One was that the two truly regarded the two as friends. The other was that they were absolutely stunned by the six ancient characters Ye Qingyu gave out. They faintly guessed that Ye Qingyu's background was definitely not as simple as it seemed on the surface, perhaps there was a terrifying master behind him!

Ye Qingyu's understood the layer of meaning behind the twos actions, his heart being faintly moved.

With the status of these two old men, and the fact that they preferred the quiet, they naturally would not host any sort of feast. However, they had still received Ye Qingyu.

Mother Wu and the others were eating food in another hall.

Ye Qingyu conversed and drank with the two old men in the main room. They discussed topics of conversation to do with cultivation, correcting each other.

The six ancient characters were the aspect the two old men were most interested in.

In Ye Qingyu's hands, there was a complete set of a hundred and eight characters. In this year and a bit, he had entered many times within the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and observed the pictures within the interior, analyzing the primitive ancient characters. He naturally had far more insights than Ouyang Buping or Dugu Quan.

Ye Qingyu did not hide his discoveries at all, sharing them out.

Hearing this, these two old men were both shocked and sighed in amazement at such a monster. Their gazes were filled with hunger as they stared at Ye Qingyu.

The two returned favour for favour. They told Ye Qingyu many new things about cultivation, as well as the many secrets of the capital .They also introduced many great characters that should not be invited at all within the capital.

Dugu Tianxin directly took out a seven coloured jade pieces. "On it, there is many secrets and forbidden people of the capital. If you have time, have a good look. Especially the [Heavenly Officer List], [Divine Dragon List] as well as the [Black Fiend List]. You must remember these people in your heart.”

Ye Qingyu received the seven coloured jade piece, and asked with curiosity, "[Heavenly Officer List], [Divine Dragon List], [Black Fiend List] - just what is it?"

"The [Heavenly Officer List] is the noble government officials that you should not incite at all within the capital. the [Divine Dragon List] is martial masters you should not provoke within the capital. As for the [Black Fiend List], it is the sects and gangs experts that you should not provoke." Ouyang Buping said with a smile, "In other words, it is best if you do not provoke anyone on these lists. Otherwise, it will be troublesome.”

"How troublesome?" Ye Qingyu carefully held the seven coloured jade piece.

"You had best not test this out," Dugu Quan said with a laugh.

Ye Qingyu said laughing, "There is no one that likes giving trouble to himself. But if my guess is not wrong, your names must be on the lists?"

Dugu Quan gave him a glare. "How is this possible. For old people like us, we are kind and amiable. We will not compete with the world, and are not terrifying in the least. How would we be on such lists."

Ouyang Buping nodded his head in agreement.

"Are these lists made and distributed through the channels of the Imperial government?"

"Of course not. It was made by a bored old fellow." Dugu Quan skipped past this question, and said, "You stay within the [Medicine Hut] for a day or two. I'll introduce some people for you to meet. Three days later, you should go and report to the military department. The situation within the capital today is not great. Most likely, reporting to the military department will not be so simple. According to what I know, besides you, there are many young military nobles that have been mobilized from the four main armies of the borders. There is in total twenty people. They are all young experts that are soaring in the heavens. The order came from the Imperial palace, so it will definitely not be straightforward... You must be careful." Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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