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Imperial God Emperor 347 - Snow Capital Airship Sentinels

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Chapter 347, Snow Capital Airship Sentinels

Looking at the magnificent and grand city wall, it was the first time that Ye Qingyu realized the concept of Snow Capital. No matter how many years pass, the scene of the snow-white city walls towering majestically under the golden light of the sunset on this day would be permanently engraved in Ye Qingyu’s mind.

The giant city walls represented all hope of the Human Race of Heaven Wasteland.

[Bright Sword Ship] finally landed on the 66th citadel, when the bugle sound began. When the last ray of the golden sunset gently falls beneath the horizon, it was the time the citadel enforces it’s strict safety measures.

The over one hundred citadels of Snow Capital were all classified as military sentry stations, the scale was neither small nor big. There were garrisons, and almost no civilians, so as to protect the citadels of the empire, prevent the infiltration of other races and to safeguard the purity of the citadels.

By night, Snow Capital was brightly lit, bustling and lively, and the alluring nightlife had begun, but at the citadels the most stringent safety measures were enforced and the checkpoints between the citadels became even more strict.

The several hundreds of citadels together form a zip-like inescapable net that not even the slightest wind and rain could penetrate Snow Capital.

After nightfall, the 33 city gates of Snow Capital were closed at the same time, and except for the military or the envoy of the imperial family, no one could enter.

So Ye Qingyu must wait until tomorrow morning to enter the Snow Capital.

After a rigorous inspection at the 66th sentry post, [Bright Sword Ship] was docked at the military port of the sentry post, and Ye Qingyu and the others temporarily stayed at the post house.

A night without words.

The early hours of the second day arrived and the strict security measures of the citadels were canceled.

At the same time, the gates of Snow Capital were opened.

When Ye Qingyu was ready to enter Snow Capital, a small interlude took place.

Ximen Yeshui, because of his unknown background and because the Empire could not check his registration, was refused entry into the city. This undoubtedly made Ximen Yeshui, who wholeheartedly wanted to see the magnificent and bustling Snow Capital, greatly annoyed. Finally Ye Qingyu personally stepped forward to vouch for him and added Ximen Yeshui to his list of troops, and he was reluctantly allowed to pass through.

After all, Ye Qingyu’s identity was extraordinary, so there was a special sentinel in the 66th citadel that led the way for him. They finally reached the eighth city gate of the Snow Capital and passed through another rigorous inspection. They were now truly in the capital.

“We’ve finally entered the Snow Capital, the Human Race’s greatest city!”

Ye Qingyu also could not help exclaiming.

From the first moment of stepping through the gate, everyone’s mouth had never closed once.

The hundreds of meters tall statues of swordsmen were realistic and lifelike, surrounding and protecting on both sides of the main road. They made the people walking in the streets look like ants crawling at the foot of giants, and gave off an extreme visual impact.

Every single one of the buildings looked like the palace of a deity, tall and magnificent, as though there really were deities living inside. Even the main buildings of Deer City or Youyan Pass could not be compared to them.

“Big, too big...”

“Heavens, have we come to the place where deities live?”

Mother Wu and his husband repeatedly sighed, a look of disbelief on their faces.

Ling’er, Li Ying and Li Qi were also repeatedly cheering and screaming. For people at their age, seeing such a magnificent vast city, it evoked all sorts of emotions.

Even Gao Qiu, Gao Shou and the four Youyan soldiers, had the look of astonishment about their faces.

While Ximen Yeshui’s appearance was more unbearable, saliva trickling out from his mouth. “Wow hahaha, Snow Capital, this is the Imperial Snow Capital of the Human Race, just as Master said, it is incredible, this is simply a magical city!”

The main road came to an end when a ring road appeared in sight.

There were roads criss-crossed like a spider’s web, several hundred meter tall viaducts leading to different places, and rune formation carriages and rune formation airships shuttling in between. There were also all kinds of cavalrymen riding different kinds of spiritual beasts that were dashing along the wide road.

For people like Ye Qingyu who was at Snow Capital for the first time, the feeling of this tremendous shock was as if he had suddenly come to another world.

A new and colourful world.

“Oh, look, it’s a rune formation airship, it’s beautiful, it must be comfortable sitting on it.”

“Of course, it must be more comfortable than riding on a horse.”

A fiery red rune formation airship whizzed past the main street, and Li Ying and Jin Ling’er were all excited, yelling and clapping their hands.

Ye Qingyu was also inwardly astounded.

Inside Snow Capital, apart from the rune airships of the military and the royal family, all other people, even experts of the Bitter Sea stage were not allowed to fly above an altitude of more than one thousand meters. This was due to the fact that there were too many buildings and construction that were thousands of metres high, so flying under one thousand meters needed to be near the ground and high than ten meters.

Under the laws and regulations of the Empire, rune airships had become the most common means of transport in Snow Capital.

Of course, there were all kinds of manned flying spiritual beasts.

However, generally, the people that possessed spiritual beasts were wealthy and respectable people and have an extraordinary status. If an ordinary rune airship sees them, it would avoid them.

According to his initial plan, Ye Qingyu first needed to report to the military.

The sentry took Ye Qingyu to the first rune airship station after the city gate, paid a fee, and took everyone onto a small rune formation airship capable of carrying 20 people.

This formation warship was in the style of a tiger warship. It flew about three meters above the ground like it was suspended. Under the activation of hundreds of small and large formations, the speed of it’s flight was extremely quick. There were specialists who were responsible for controlling it.

A thin layer of light shrouded the body of the airship, which not only could isolate the oncoming strong wind, but protect the personnel on the airship.

“The degree of vibrancy of Snow Capital is certainly not an ordinary city can compare to. The formation techniques here is absolutely hundred years ahead of that in Deer City. Compared to those cities I have been to before, the difference is like the sky and the ground.”

Ye Qingyu could not help sighing in admiration.

Along the way, he chatted a lot with the sentry guard that was leading the way.

“In the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain, it is only in Snow Capital that there would be such a bustling scene. This is not only because of the fact that Snow Capital is the ancestral land of the Human Race of Heaven Wasteland, but also because under the ground of Snow Capital, it is said that there is a supernatural glacier formation that had been formed after tens of thousands of years of operations, that can provide a supply of formation energy for Snow Capital. This is the reason why Snow Capital could consume so much energy, which is impossible for any other city.”

The sentry proudly explained.

He was born and bred in Snow Capital, and has strong pride about his place. He exhibited a kind of superiority seen from the people of Snow Capital, and even in the face of Ye Qingyu, a third grade military Marquis, he showed not the slightest respect. Perhaps because of the fact that there were far too many imperial officials in Snow Capital, he had already gotten used to meeting with imperial officials.

As an old proverb of Snow Capital says: the winged bird in the sky is defecating in flight and may hit an aristocracy walking on the ground. This was to describe that although in this huge city, there is a large number of nobles, the status of the nobles were roughly the same, except for the real aristocratic family with royal blood flowing through their body.

A noble like a third grade military Marquis may be an intimidating presence in other provinces, but in Snow Capital, like a pearl falling into a pile of pearls, there was no special difference.

And from the screaming and yelling of Li Ying and Li Qi, as well as Mother Wu, it was clear that Ye Qingyu and the others were country bumpkins and it was their first time in Snow Capital. The sentry guard obviously secretly looked down on this group of people.

The always noisy Wen Wan was much quiet and calm, sitting in the right rear corner of the airship, becoming a quiet and ugly man.

The gauze on Bai Yuanxing’s face has been removed, and there were two black eye patches carefully crafted from crystal membrane covering his two eyes. He was sitting quietly next to Wen Wan, with a smile on his face, listening to the laughter of Jin Ling’er and the other children.

What made Ye Qingyu feel a little relieved was that the White Horse youngster had very calmly accepted the fact that he could no longer see the reality of the outside world, and the expression on his face was very calm.

Ye Qingyu was not sure whether it was a misconception or not but he had always felt that after Bai Yuanxing lost his eyesight, his other senses seem clearer, and his temperament also changed slightly.

There were some good changes.

It was only just that he had became somewhat quieter.

Ximen Yeshui’s reaction was worse than the three little children. Like a raving lunatic, he was screaming at the top of his voice. Whether he saw a hundreds of meters tall statue, or a solo horned beast whizzing past, or a bridge suspended at a height of thousands of meters, or houses like beehives, he screamed sharply...

Ye Qingyu was so embarrassed that he was itching to throw him off the formation airship.

If he knew that Ximen Yeshui would react like this, he would not have taken him into Snow Capital.

The speed of the rune formation airship was very fast, but in a huge city like Snow Capital, they had to waste half an hour before the airship finally arrived at the terminal.

“Marquis Ye, get off, we still need to walk for about an hour, before we...”

The condescending sentry jumped out of the ship and said in a careless way.

Before his voice fell.

He suddenly felt that the airship station was a little bit strange today. Yes, it’s too quiet, or...

The sentry turned around and was startled.

At the airship station, there were tens of imperial guards stationed around and a line of security guards, while four or five elegant figures were walking down the platform, coming straight towards his direction!

The sentry guard rubbed his eyes.

Heavens, the old man right in the front... he’s so familiar-looking, he is...

He was shocked.

The old man walking right in front, was the [Pill God of Snow Country] Dugu Quan. This influential old man of the entire empire is a master of concocting divine pills, and has students all over the world. Even the imperial family and the top nobles could not meet him as they wish.

Also, the white-haired old man behind the [Pill God of Snow Country] looks like the mystical Ouyang Buping?

The white-clothed handsome young man, could he be… He can’t be the famous genius of the Pill Dao, Lin Baiyi? Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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