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The study of the City Lord’s residence.

It was only after receiving the news that [Bright Sword Ship] had finally left that the entire Wu household could finally breathe a sigh of relief. The feeling they had was as though a huge mountain that was crushing down above their head had finally dissipated.

“They’re finally gone. Father, are you really going to tolerate him?”

Wu Xi was still a young man, and could not control his emotions.

Wu Boxiong and Wu Guanxiong exchanged glances, their eyes both revealing an indisputable hatred.

“Xi’er, you have been in Weicheng City for so many years, do you feel tired of it? Why don’t father send you to Peng City with your cousin.” Wu Boxiong felt deeply helpless about this little son. His wife had died after giving birth to this youngest son, and his love for his youngest son was much more than for the eldest son. Although Wu Xi had caused a disaster this time, he did not pursue the matter further.

“What? Dad, you want me to leave Weicheng City?” Wu Xi said with his eyes wide with shock. “This humiliation, I cannot swallow it. That old man of the Liao family has such good luck and managed to find such a strong backer. But our Wu family is not to be trifled with, do we really forget about this? How would the aristocratic families in the city think of us?”

“What do you want?” Wu Boxiong asked coldly in reply.

“I...” Wu Xi stuttered, “Of course, revenge, I....”

“Shut up.” Wu Guanxiong, who had kept silent all this time, finally thundered, slamming his hand on the table and instantly breaking the willow table into several pieces.

The Weicheng City Lord stood abruptly, his gaze as sharp as a blade, staring at Wu Xi and shouting, “If you want to die, go find the Liao family for revenge. Do you know what kind of person Ye Qingyu is? Do you? Today your life was spared because he wants to protect the Liao family, so he did not kill you. If you dare have any thoughts on the Liao family, I tell you, even if your brother came, he also cannot save you.”

“I...” Wu Xi sprang back in fear.

He had never seen his uncle, who doted on him normally, so furious.

“Big brother please don’t be angry, Xi’er is still young...” Wu Boxiong hurriedly explained.

“Humph, teach your good son.” Today Wu Guanxiong was publicly suppressed by Ye Qingyu and had a stomach full of repressed anger. In front of his people he could no longer hide it anymore. “Tomorrow, immediately send him to Peng City, don't stay in Weicheng City and give me trouble, who is that Ye Qingyu? Even if he is a third-grade military Marquis he can’t suppress us, but you should know that he is the youngest expert in the history of the empire, a top level expert that is less than 17 years old. In the future, who knows what would happen? Even if we don’t think about the future, if a top-class expert wants to destroy our Wu family now, do you think it is difficult? You should know that he represents the entire Youyan army!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I will send Xi’er to Peng City tomorrow, big brother please don’t get angry.” Towards his eldest brother, Wu Boxiong had always treated him with the utmost of respect.

Wu Xi was cowering on one side and dared not to speak again.

After a while, Wu Boxiong left with his son.

Wu Guanxiong stood silently for a full quarter of an hour at the doorway of his study, before he breathed out a long sigh of relief, his eyes flashing fiercely, and said gently, “Send a message to the minister office of Snow Capital. Tell them what happened here, report everything, including my judgment. Ye Qingyu this person, cannot be left alone.”


The counselor, who had been standing quietly all this time, responded and turned around to write.

There was a trace of both happiness and rage on Wu Guanxiong’s face, and a flash of cruelness that flickered by.

“Yes, a 17-year-old top-class expert, what a dazzling halo. In this world, after all, the strong is the leader. My Wu family has been in this Weicheng City for three generations, we make decisions without consulting others, but because of this 17-year-old little trash, because he’s a martial expert, he dared to scold me without hesitation… However, even for top class experts, there will be a day when they will perish.”

He smiled faintly.



After leaving Weicheng City, [Bright Sword Ship] advanced at full speed.

A day later, it reached Gui City which was thousands of miles away.

This was the hometown of the third sentinel.

The parents of the third sentinel were just ordinary civilians and were at an old age. His two older sisters have married, and their daughter and son-in-law are both very filial. The two elderly parents lived in the eldest daughter’s home, living peacefully and safely. Ye Qingyu visited the two elderly, buried the body of the third sentinel into their ancestral graves, and left behind a fortune for them to use.

Luckily in Gui City, there was a subdivision of the Two Rivers Gang that existed.

Ye Qingyu told the people of the subdivision to secretly look after the family of the third sentinel.

When everything had been arranged and settled, three days have past already, and they continued on their road.

Walking and stopping like this, it took them one month of time. Besides the first sentinels, the body of the other sentinels who sacrificed their lives have been sent to their hometown, so that their soul can rest in their hometown and their body can be buried in their family cemetery. This was the last thing that Ye Qingyu could do for them besides taking care of their families.

The death of the sentinels was something that Ye Qingyu had always felt most regrettable and guilty about. Unfortunately, people cannot be resurrected, and this was the only thing thatYe Qingyu could do for them now.

The number of days left until he needs to arrive at Snow Capital was less than one month.

And at this point, the distance from Snow Capital was only more than 200,000 miles. If [Bright Sword Ship] advanced forward at full speed, traveling nonstop day and night, they would probably arrive in less than seven days. Ye Qingyu calculated the time and was not worried, and thought that he might as well not rush his journey, but rather take a rest every now and then. On his way, if he came across some large-scale inhabited city, he would stop and take a look. While sightseeing, he was also observing the local people’s life and customs, and observing the current status of the lowest of the empire.

Every day, there was information sent from the Two Rivers Gang, through special channels, constantly into Ye Qingu’s hands.

Before Ye Qingyu had arrived at the imperial capital, he was already well aware of the current status of Snow Capital, the division of power, the status of the factions, and all kinds of news of the royal family.

And by personally visiting the slum areas of the large cities, secretly observing and visiting the garrison of the various cities, Ye Qingyu’s understanding of the Snow Empire had deepened.

This period of time was less than one month.

But for Ye Qingyu, besides his endless martial arts cultivation training, it was the first time that, without reading through books, he was able to so vividly understand the Human Race of Snow capital. This experience made him more familiar with the true face of the world, but was also a great shock and cleansing for his soul

For martial arts cultivation, in addition to talent and the power of understanding, the mentality was also extremely important.

Ye Qingyu’s martial heart was the Asura Killing Martial Path.

But in reality, the Asura Killing Martial Path did not refer to blind killing or always holding a hard stance. There was a so called saying, “To kill to protect life, to kill the cause not the man”. Perhaps this was the description that most accurately described the Asura Killing Martial Path.

These 20 days of experience, for Ye Qingyu’s mind, was one of the fiercest, most direct and most gentle of trainings.

Many times on his journey, he would draw out his sword whenever he saw any injustice being done, many times he would drink and sing with strangers, many times he would eat at street food vendors and bargain with the vendors... Ye Qingyu even went to work at a private medicine store for three days under an alias, witnessing civilians being born, growing old, getting sick and die.

In these 20 days, Ye Qingyu did not train.

But he could clearly feel that the yuan qi within his body was growing strongly, and 80% of the yuan qi had been converted into liquid yuan power. The distance from completely advancing to the Bitter Sea stage, and the completion of the final step of detachment, there was only the last step remaining.

His understanding of the nature of Heaven and Earth had also deepened one more step.

The rules and regulations between eaven and Earth were also gradually becoming more mysterious, but also clearer.

This was a kind of detachment from the essence of life.

Finally, having travelled for another 20 days, [Bright Sword Ship] arrived at the outskirts of the Snow capital.

As one of the most sacred giant cities of Heaven Wasteland Domain and the station of the royal family of the SnowEmpire, it can be said that no one does not know about the Snow Capital in the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain. And besides the Human Race, within the Demon clan and other races, there were not many that did now know about the Snow Capital.

More than 90 years ago, the founder of Snow Empire built the capital of the empire on a glacier, and named it as Snow Capital.

Now that nearly a hundred years have passed, Snow Capital had became the biggest city of the Heaven Wasteland Domain, the most beautiful, the most prosperous and the most powerful city. The population is said to be over one hundred million, with more than ten million garrison and the city covers the radius of thousands of miles. It is said that even the best horse needs to continuously run 10 days and 10 nights to barely run one lap around Snow Capital.

In the vicinity of Snow Capital, there were several hundreds of citadels of all sizes, scattered about like stars in the sky across the North, East South and West areas.

[Bright Sword Ship] landed at the outermost tenth citadels east of the city. After half a day of all kinds of rigorous inspection, it was then released and continued east. The speed was not allowed to be too fast. On the same day, they finally arrive at night at the outskirts five miles outside of Snow Capital.

This was because Ye Qingyu’s military rank was not low and he was allowed to ride an airship all the way to here.

Generally speaking, airships of ordinary merchants or nobles were not allowed to go any further than fifty miles off of Snow Capital.

All kinds of goods transported to and from Snow Capital have to undergo a heavy inspection. All people that enter and left Snow Capital were also subjected to inspection at the citadels, as well as at the border sentry post between the citadels. The hundreds of citadels formed an extremely harsh net-like defense layer, with the most serious stance, surrounding and protecting the capital city of the Human Race of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

When [Bright Sword Ship] was slowly landing towards the 66th citadel, strands of light of the golden sunset were projected from the distant horizon, puncturing the layers of evening mist and illuminating the towering mountain-like white walls in the distance of Snow Capital.

Ye Qingyu was standing at the bow of the ship, staring in wordless awe.

The city walls that were like a dragon circling around above the ground, with the reflection of the sun’s rays, made people afraid to look at from close-up. The silver-white flag were like streaks of lightning, dancing wildly at the top of the boundless city walls. The white walls that were as high as thousands of meters and looked as though they had been through the great changes of the world, were like white tides connecting heaven and earth, and made one unable to help but kneel and bow in admiration.

In a world where martial civilization had advanced to such a degree, the power of humans could be compared to Fiendgods.

The snow-white city in front was like a magical city, everywhere was full of a miraculous colour.

Ye Qingyu never imagined that there could be a city like Snow Capital that could combine dreams and reality in such a wonderful way.

This... is Snow Capital.

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