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Imperial God Emperor 341 - Today I want justice

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The Wu residence was extremely well known throughout Weicheng City. The head of the household, Wu Boxiong, was famous. Apart from being the little brother of the City Lord of Weicheng, his eldest son was also one of the thirteen foster sons of the current Right Minister of the Empire. The names of the thirteen foster sons were known as the Thirteen cold-blooded eagles, and Wu Yan was one of the youngest. He was known as the [Crafty Eagle]. Even in the Snow Capital, he was famous.

The second son of the Wu household, Wu Xi was the previous young master Wu mentioned by the housekeeper. It was said he held an idle post within the City Lord's residence, and just took the wage of the Empire every month. But they had never seen him doing his duty in the City Lord's office, and he mostly stayed within his own residence. He had gathered a group of Jianghu experts, and just walked across everywhere and anywhere within the city, doing as they pleased. He had an accompaniment of a group of young masters, and was known as the [Number One Young Master of Weicheng City].

The Four Seas Merchant Company originally did not have any enmity with the [Number One Young Master of Weicheng City]. But it was a pity that the youngest daughter Liao Cui, had bumped into Wu Xi coincidentally. For some reason, he had taken a fancy to her, and wanted to take her back and make Liao Cui as her concubine. He wanted Liao Xiongyi to obediently send his daughter into the Wu household.

As the so called [Number One Young Master of Weicheng City], Wu Xi loved to harass the opposite sex. This was something he was famed for in the entire Weicheng City.

Apart from his main wife who he married due to his parents, he had married many concubines into the household. The majority of them had a horrible ending. Most of them were played with and then tortured to death. In just this one year, there were sixteen young girls that had died after being married into the Wu household.

Therefore, even if the Four Seas Merchant Company and Liao Xiongyi had an ambition of rising up through this connection with the nobles of the city, he would not be willing to send his own daughter into such a fire pit.

Going against the wishes of the [Number One Young Master of Weicheng City], meant that he would naturally receive a lighting-like retaliation.

The fall of the Liao family was naturally within reason since such a thing had occurred.

Such was the news that the Youyan soldier Gao Shou had heard of just a couple of hours ago.

Ye Qingyu had a dark face as he walked towards the old man who had led them the way ----in front of the father of the sentry, he gave him a bow filled with guilt. "Uncle Liao, I am brother Liao Tian's friend. I came from Youyan pass, and passed by Weicheng City .I came especially to visit you. I'm sorry I came late and caused you, your wife and your daughter to be bullied to such an extent."

The Liao Xiongyi who was covered with wounds was stunned.

Liao Tian was his second son, and was naughty since he was young. He was extremely active and loved to practice martial arts. He could be counted as having some success in the martial path, breaking into the Spirit spring stage ten years ago. He answered the enlistment of the Empire and joined the army. He was then allocated into the Youyan army and defended the bitter lands of the Borders. Apart from feeling pride, Liao Xiongyi also often felt fear for his son's safety. He hoped for the safe return of his son everyday, so that the family could reunite.

But it was a pity his nightmare had arrived.

In the past year, the news from the military department came. His son had died in battle, and Liao Xiongyi and his family had been plunged into a great sorrow.

Liao Xiongyi, as a result of this, fell greatly ill. Everything to do with the Four Seas Merchant Company was handed to his eldest son, Liao Ri.

Thankfuly, his eldest son was both wise and hardworking. In his hands, the Four Seas Merchant Company improved daily.

However, who would have guessed that disaster would befall them. In but a quick period of time, everything that the Liao family possessed dispersed into smoke.

If one was to say Liao Xiongyi did not have anger in his heart, this was impossible. After hearing where Ye Qingyu came from, and he was the friend of his second son, there was a glimmer of hope that flashed in his eyes. But in an instant's time, the light quickly dimmed away.

He knew the identity of his son in the army, he was only a normal sentry.

A sentry, how would it be possible for him to interact with any important person?

Furthermore, this person was so young. His attire was also common, so he must be a normal, minor soldier?

"Thank you, soldier. I appreciate your thoughts. It's only that... it is currently not convenient for us to receive guests. You've seen our family and the state we're in, quickly leave. " Liao Xiongyi bitterly smiled, giving them a signal not to interfere and quickly depart.

After all, they were the friends of his son, and they had come to pay him a visit. They must be honourable people, Liao Xiongyi did not want them to be dragged into this incident.


"Go? Let's see if you'll be able to go."

Housekeeper Zheng had a sinister look on his face as he sneered. "So you were a group. You came from Youyan pass? Haha, a couple of brutes from the border, you want to interfere in the business of the Wu household. No one here can leave..."

Liao Xiongyi panicked when he heard this.

There was a girl that seemed to be around twenty years old that had terror on her face, and was guilt stricken .She walked out step by step, "Housekeeper Zheng, I... I accept your request. I'll go with you to see young master Wu. I'll listen to everything you say... I beg you... release my brother, and spare my mother and father."

In her palm, she gripped tightly onto a silver hairpin.

This was her very last weapon.

If she was able to use her own body as a bargaining chip and save the lives of her family as well as the friends of her second brother, then her life would not have been wasted. Since everything had been caused by her, then let everything be ended by her. If she could not choose the process of her fate, she would at least be able to choose the end of her fate. So what if her virginity was taken by a person like young master Wu who was a beast inside. At least she would be able to seek escape with the silver hairpin.

"Cui'er..." the old woman screamed.

"I don't agree." Liao Xiongyi bit his teeth.

"Hahahaha, a great touching scene between daughter and parents." Housekeeper Zheng sneered, his face filled with tyranny. The guards of the Wu household beside him also began chuckling along.

Ye Qingyu shook his head.

"Uncle, Aunty, Little sister. You don't have to care about the matters here anymore. Leave everything to me."

As he said these words, he turned around, and said in a low voice. "Capture this group of people. Don't even let one run away. Whoever resists, just kill them."

The four elite Youyan soldiers, including Gao Shou, loudly shouted their understanding of the orders.

In truth, these four people were already reaching the limits of their endurance.

Although they have never seen Liao Tian, they knew that this dead sentry was part of the Youyan army. He was their comrade. He was a hero whose spirit would not leave, he was a hero of Youyan. The Youyan army shared honour and disgrace together, every comrade was like their brother. Seeing the family of Liao Tian being humiliated like so, they longed to bare their swords and slaughter the trash in front of them. If not for the fact that Ye Qingyu had not given his orders yet, they would have long acted.

"You... what are you doing?" Housekeeper Zheng's expression changed, then began laughing sinisterly. "Just kill? Ha, you really are mad. To pretend to be something amazing in front of me, do you think I'm..."

As he spoke---

There was someone that had already acted.

The man that was like an iron tower with a nail guard protecting his wrist laughed loudly. Yuan qi fluctuated all around his body as he moved to block the Youyan soldier.


The light of the blade flashed.

Gao Shou mercilessly used his blade.

Blood spurted everywhere. The head of this iron tower-like man shot to the sky, blood spurting like a spring. when the head fell to the ground, it rolled in front of the feet of Housekeeper Zheng. His eyes were still open wide, his mouth also opened, not able to rest in peace.

He had no way of believing what had just occurred. That Gao Shou who had always been suppressed by him, how was it possible he turned so strong in but a moment's time?

He was not even able to block one of his moves.

Housekeeper Zheng and the others, seeing this, were already scared witless.

"Ahhhhh..." Housekeeper Zheng was like a mother hen that had been hurt, screeching.

The guards and servants around him were shaking all over, their faces deathly pale.


Accompanied by low grunts, this crowd of people were kicked away by the Youyan soldiers. They fell to the ground, screaming. Someone wanted to run, but were sent flying back with a kick. There were also other people who held their weapons, wanting to resist, but they were all killed. No one was spared.

"Aaaahhhh, you guys are dead for sure. To dare kill people of the Wu household, you bunch of murderers, I can be sure that your fate will definitely be very tragic..." Housekeeper Zheng felt that his kneecap hadbeen crushed by a kick. He sharply screeched on the ground, constantly cursing and letting out threats.

Gao Shou walked over. He let out a kick accurately towards the mouth of Housekeeper Zheng.

"Peh!" Housekeeper Zheng felt that the bones around his face was nearly crushed. All his teeth in his mouth were broken, and he opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood filled with teeth. He screamed, but he did not dare form any more insults.

At this time, even an idiot could tell that Ye Qingyu and the others had terrifying strength and their methods were vicious. They were not afraid of the Wu household at all.

“"Find someone that can still walk. Tell him to give the Wu household a message." Ye Qingyu's expression was calm as he said blandly. "Tell the so called [Number One Young Master of Weicheng City] to get here in fifteen minutes. I want him to bring a carriage and horse, to personally escort uncle Liao and his family out of Donkey Tail alley. If he is even late by one breath, I will take his life."

As they heard such words, the people surrounding them felt their hearts trembling.

Gao Shou and others had a face that this was completely reasonable.

They knew clearly just what sort of person their master was.

The head of the Military supply department Zhang San, as well as the Li Qiushiu, Zhao Shanhe and the others of the Three Sects and Three Schools. They were all people would dared to offend. Once you touched the inverted dragons scale of Marquis Ye, then you would definitely have misfortune befall him. A tiny little tyrannical young master in a minor little Weicheng City, to kill him must be like crushing a little ant for Ye Qingyu.

Gao Shou grabbed a servant that was shaped somewhat fat and had light injuries in comparison to the others. Grabbing him, he asked, "Did you hear the words of my master?"

"I heard, I heard..." The servant was so scared he nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice.

"Then scram." Gao Shou threw him away.

the servant scrambled on the floor as he ran away.

Ye Qingyu thought for a bit, then said to Gao Shou, "Go to the prison of Weicheng City and help me find out where Liao Ri is imprisoned. Protect him well, to prevent the people of the Wu household from doing anything. If there is any change in the situation, you are permitted to use force. I want you to protect brother Liao Ri, no matter what the cost.

"I will carry out your orders," Gao Shou said with excitement as he replied.

The subordinates that followed behind a person like Marquis Ye could really do what they wished. They did not have to be wary of anything. As long as they were within right, they did not have to fear anything. This was definitely the state that the soldiers of the Youyan army who were used to killing yearned for the most.

Gao Shou's figure transformed into a bolt of lightning as he quickly departed.

Ye Qingyu turned around, his face becoming much more milder. Looking at the Liao family, “You don't need to worry. Since I've come, this matter will not be so easily finished like this. Brother Liao Tian once used his life to protect my life. At that time, I swore I would take care of his family. I will definitely get justice for you." Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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