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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 34 Humiliated Loli

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Chapter 34 – Humiliated Loli


There was a series of metallic impacts, sparks flying everywhere.

The little loli was forced to retreat several steps, her hand going numb.

Although her strength rose extremely quickly, her ranking was still not as high as Xia Houwu. Even after receiving the personal teachings of head teacher Wang and learning profound and intricate martial techniques, she still could not prevail. Females had a natural born disadvantage in terms of strength and in this type of direct clash, she was still not Xia Houwu’s opponent.

Furthermore, in the previous battles, the little loli had already expended most of her energy.


The blade passed by.

The cuff of the little loli was cut, a line of blood appearing on her jade like arm…

“You scoundrel!” The little loli’s face turned red with anger, cursing him with the most vicious words she could think of.

“Ahahaha, what Ye Qingyu owes me, I’ll get the interest from you…” A sinister smile appeared on Xia Houwu’s face. He swung his blade again.

The little loli did her best to block.


Amidst another series of metallic clashes, Xia Houwu’s blade barely avoided Song Xiaojun’s calf, cutting off a piece of skirt. It exposed her milky white little calf, faintly discernible through the gap.

“You… pervert! Scoundrel!”

Song Xiaojun was both embarrassed and angry. Xia Houwu laughed gleefully.

At this instant, his mood was unprecedentedly rejuvenated. The humiliation that he had suffered in their first lesson could finally be vented out.

“I… won’t compete with such a scoundrel anymore.”

Song Xiaojun’s face was beet red, cheeks bulging up with frustrated tears flowing down her face.

But she knew the her right now was not able to defeat Xia Houwu.

If she continued to fight, she would only receive greater humiliation.

And she was even more clear that Xia Houwu’s action was an indirect challenge and provocation towards Ye Qingyu.

Although she was at times a bit muddled, but after following her Sister Cousin Song Qingluo around, she was able to interact with lots of noble students. She knew that the way these people acted was on the surface right and justified but in reality was unscrupulous and deceitful!

A woman’s terrifying intuition made the little loli feel that if she continued to persist, it would go bad for Ye Qingyu.

At that time, she suddenly remembered a phrase that Senior Brother Qingyu had said when they were conversing—

“The best solution to when you can’t win against someone is not to fight!”

Therefore, Song Xiaojun wiped her tears dry and turned around, exiting the ring.

Even though this would lose her the special privileges being in the list of ten provided, there was still eleven months till the end of the year. In other words, she still had eleven chances. Song Xiaojun believed she definitely could return to the list of ten.

These days of interacting with Ye Qingyu who was always filled to the brim with self-confidence had affected her in some ways. Especially after successfully passing through the monthly examination, this clumsy and ditzy little loli was changing. Her low self-esteem was gradually being changed to confidence.

Xia Houwu was taken aback in the ring.

He did not think that this girl would leave so crisply and decisively, giving up her place on the list of ten. Originally, Xia Houwu wanted to use this match as an opportunity to humiliate Song Xiaojun, targeting Ye Qingyu and increasing his own reputation among the students.

In any case, this was Quan Yalin’s idea.

Any opportunity that he could use to strike at Ye Qingyu, Xia Houwu would definitely not let it pass by!

The best scenario was that after Ye Qingyu found out about this incident, he would go into a rage and come looking for him. At that time, he had the perfect excuse to defeat and beat Ye Qingyu. It was a pity that the little loli gave up so decisively…

Xia Houwu thought regretfully.

At this time, from his high viewpoint on the stage, he could suddenly see two figures quickly closing in…

Ye Qingyu, you’ve really come?

This is too good! ……

“This is one of the chosen children of the list of ten? Why are you such a sorry sight?”

A mocking voice, came from the side.

Song Xiaojun turned her head to look.

A fair faced but slightly malicious teenager slowly walked towards her from the crowd. The one who had just mocked her was evidently him.

“Who are you? I don’t know you,” the little loli asked cautiously.

“Whether you know me is not important.” The fair faced youth was Quan Yalin. His voice was bland and calm, bringing with it a slight laughter. He said, “How is it? Did the defeat today hurt you? You must not want to experience a humiliation like today right?”

“Oh, I’ve remembered, I’ve seen you before.” The little loli’s train of through did not go according to what Quan Yalin would expect. She pointed at Quan Yalin, in sudden understanding and joy. “You are the attendant of Qin Wushuang, the person who likes hiding behind others and scheming, isn’t that right?”

It was very obvious that she had not heard his words, but was thinking hard about who he could possibly be.

Quan Yalin’s face instantly darkened.

In reality he was Qin Wushuang’s attendant, and he had gotten to his position and status through holding onto Qin Wushuang’s thigh. But in Quan Yalin’s heart, he had always thought that this relationship was a relationship between equals.

“It looks like you still don’t understand.” Quan Yalin’s eyes narrowed.

“Understand? Understand what?”

The little loli only just realized what this person had said before.

“If you continue to walk so close with Ye Qingyu, such humiliation, such setbacks will continue to happen on you. I guarantee, your four years at the academy will become your nightmare,” Quan Yalin said with a sharp and threatening tone.

He did not suppress his voice at all.

Because he wanted everyone around him to hear his words. The words that he said were not only directed at Song Xiaojun, but at everyone. He wanted everyone to understand the meaning behind his words.

“Oh.” Song Xiaojun suddenly had a face of enlightenment. “I understand, so everything was done by you causing mischief behind the scenes! You scoundrel!”

The little loli’s train of thought continued on in an unpredictable fashion.

“These words that you’ve said, you are deliberately going against us?” Quan Yalin had a dark expression, words coming from his grinding teeth.

The complexion of the surrounding crowd also changed.

Song Xiaojun was about to speak when, at that time, a clear voice travelled over from far away, “Us? Who is us?”

Everyone’s facial expression changed.

Because the majority of the people could recognize who the voice belong to.

Ye Qingyu!

The main character had arrived!

“Senior Brother Ye!” The little loli jumped up in excitement. “Why have you come?”

“I’ve come to watch your match.” Ye Qingyu came with a smile on his face, splitting apart the crowd. He placed a long robe over the little loli’s body saying, “How have you gotten hurt? Did someone manage to defeat you on the stage?”

“The next time, I will definitely win and get back my spot!” The little loli’s smile was like a blooming flower. She swung her fist, her morale suddenly rising.

Ye Qingyu patted the little girl’s head with a smile, then turned his gaze landing on Quan Yalin and the others.

Everyone knew that in this monthly examination, Ye Qingyu had fallen over five hundred places. However, for some reason, Quan Yalin and the others, at this instant, felt a pressure in their chests, making them have difficulty breathing.

At this instant, countless thoughts passed through Quan Yalin’s mind.

This Ye Qingyu had really been lured over. As long as he correctly used this opportunity with his glib tongue to humiliate him, then Ye Qingyu would no longer have a footing within the first years…

After thinking this, a smile could not help but appear on Quan Yalin’s face.

“You…” Quan Yalin was about to open his mouth to say something.


Ye Qingyu’s hand slapped across.

His movement was as quick as lightning, and before Quan Yalin could react, half his face had gone numb. Then he started seeing stars, a salty liquid being spurted from his mouth.

The crowd was in an uproar, everyone’s gaze staring dumbly at this sight.

Nearly everyone saw with their own eyes, the heart of the noble students in first year, Quan Yalin being slapped by Ye Qingyu. As if he was a doll made of cloth, he was sent flying!

Sent flying!

Too brutal!

Too violent!

This… what kind of scene was this?

People had expected that Ye Qingyu would shout, would coldly laugh, would mock, would point his finger in blame. But no one would ever have thought that this devil incarnate, without even saying a word, would act directly.

“You dare to hit people?”

“This is too nasty!”

When the noble students had recovered after being dazed for a while, they were both shocked and angry.

Some people wanted to also hit back, But Ye Qingyu only raised his hand and gave a slap again. With a pak, as if a huge hammer was hitting a scarecrow, they were sent flying. He did not pull his punches in the slightest, nor did he have the slightest apprehension about hitting them.


Five consecutive noble students, as if they were puppets, were slapped away.

At this time, the crowd finally reacted. There was an explosive uproar, everyone retreating with a crash.

Those noble students who were rushing forward also stopped in their tracks.

Even an idiot could tell that Ye Qingyu’s strength was slightly too terrifying. It was not something you could overcome merely by numbers.

This bastard, how dare he hit me?

How dare he?

And at the same time, the dizzy and woozy Quan Yalin finally recovered. He spat out a mouthful of blood, crawling from the ground. He emitted a low growl from his throat, as if he was a wounded and furious beast.

“You dare hit me?” Quan Yalin was like a person who had lost all reasoning, shouting incoherently. “The person surnamed Ye, you fucking dare to hit me? Do you know what you are doing right now?”

“Do you know what you are doing right now?” Ye Qingyu’s eyes were filled with contempt and disdain. “A crowd of brats who has not even grown hair, playing at plots and machinations. Retards!”

“You… you…” Quan Yalin continued to rage on, hysterically screaming, “You’re finished! You lowly commoner scrap, you’re finished… You’ve offended the entire noble student body, you…”

“Hahaha.” Ye Qingyu began to laugh loudly with disdain. “The entire noble student body? What kind of bullshit is that? I originally didn’t want to bother with you retards who would form groups and camps, but you came looking for trouble. The entire noble student body? Peh*, so awesome, you’re about to scare me to death!”

“You… you… you…” Quan Yalin’s anger was almost burning.

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