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Imperial God Emperor 337 - Moving the grave and the little sword

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Chapter 337 - Moving the Grave and the Little Sword

Although not one year had past, seeing this small dark hall, Ye Qingyu could not help feeling emotional.

Unfortunately, having searched the entire Grievance Hall, Ye Qingyu still could not find the mysterious thin old man.

“It seems he is deliberately avoiding me.”Ye Qingyu guessed.

The thin old man’s power was inscrutable. If he did not want to see him, then it would be too difficult to find him.

Realizing this, Ye Qingyu reluctantly turned around and left Grievance Hall.

When he returned, the seven cups of dragon wine on the seven-star ice throne already had a master each.

The effects of the Dragon’s wine, for the higher-level experts of the Spirit spring or Bitter Sea stage were average. But for the students of White Deer Academy who had just begun their martial path, the effects were as good as a miracle medicine.

Li Chenzhou, the first to grab the throne, was still in deep sleep.

Qin Wushuang, the second one to go up, was sitting cross-legged on top, eyes closed, concentrating, and a fierce aura exuding from his body.

It was the same with everyone else.

On the seven ice crystal chairs, everyone sat with their eyes closed.

Of the seven people, two of them Ye Qingyu was not familiar with.

But it didn’t matter.

Ye Qingyu, with the martial spirit and will of the Bitter Sea stage, set the test, and only the students in line with his mentality would ascend to the seven-stars ice throne and drink the Dragon’s wine. Since those two students could go up there, then that means their aptitude and mentality were absolutely not a problem.

He casually glanced around, realising that Zhou Guhan and his two confidants had left.

Among the crowd, Jiang Xiaohan’s figure was also gone.

Ye Qingyu then went to the Dean’s office, and greeted Hon Kong, before leaving White Deer Academy.

Blue Sky was still a fourth year student of White Deer Academy, and had to return to his own dormitory to train. About this blue-haired handsome guy’s background and identity, Ye Qingyu still knew nothing, but this did not affect the friendship between them. Ever since reaching the Bitter Sea stage, Ye Qingyu’s response to other people was much more sharp and accurate, and intuition told him that Blue Sky was a person that could be trusted.

But then again, there had not been many interactions between the two of them.

Ye Qingyu obviously was in no position to ask about the true identity of Blue Sky.

Everyone had their own little secret, and some people are reluctant to mention about their past.

Ye Qingyu was very satisfied with the result of this trip to White Deer Academy.

Because of the disturbance caused by Zhou Guhan, the aristocratic students had not had the opportunity to discuss with Ye Qingyu and to draw him over to their side. Among the students of humble background, an excellent student like Li Chenzhou was discovered, which made Ye Qingyu gratified,

After leaving the Academy, Ye Qingyu first returned to the Ye mansion.

Apart from the matters of moving the grave, everything else on his mother’s letter was completed.

Because of the unexpected delays, the time was a bit rushed. Ye Qingyu, Wen Wan and other people had a discussion and on that night [Bright Sword Ship] set off ahead of time. Led by Wen Wan, Mother Wu, Bai Yuanxing and other people, along with the body of the Sentinels, headed for Qing Luan Province to look for the relatives of the Sentinels. While Ye Qingyu stayed behind to find a feng shui master to calculate a good time for the moving of a grave. Following the instructions in the letter from his mother, he needed to move his parents’ grave.

The schedule of the whole trip was fully packed.

When Ye Qingyu finished dinner with Qin Lan and the other people, he returned to the backyard to continue to cultivate.

It was just the beginning of the Bitter Sea stage.

Ye Qingyu needed to constantly transform his own strength, understand the force of the laws of heaven and earth, and convert the yuan qi that was flowing in the meridians completely into liquid. Only then would he truly master and possess the strength that an expert of the Bitter Sea stage should have.

Two days later.

It was the time.

Moving the soil, shifting the grave, praying to it.

Ye Qingyu and the entire Ye family’s household came to the cemetery, and according to the ancient rituals and traditions of the city, began to move the grave.

The monks of the North Shek Kwu Temple, under the leadership of the Master Yuantong, were performing a Taoist rite on both sides of the dry lands. The chanting sounds were solemn and respectful, and besides the people of the Ye household, all well-known people of Deer City had come to offer flowers. The City Lord and the four military leaders also ordered people to send a wreath.

Ye Qingyu was already grown up. No one in the city dared to treat him with neglect.

Especially the Qingluo Merchant Company. President Song Jiannan personally came and had invited the monks of Shi Gu Temple.

Dressed in plain white clothing, Song Qingluo was also present.

At the time of the moving of the grave, the entire Ye household were in tears.

Ye Qingyu was in plain white mourning garb, kneeling in front of the grave.

He didn’t cry.

He did not like and was not used to expressing his emotions like that in front of so many people. That day, when Ye Qingyu read his mother’s letter, his feelings had been turned upside down. Right now, he could already control his emotions.

Dust was swirling in the air.

The burial mounds with green grass growing all over was broken open and a white jade stone coffin was finally revealed.

Buried for five years, the jade stone was as new as ever. Looking at the two stone coffins that were buried together, the scenes of the past emerged once again on Ye Qingyu’s mind, and his emotions were unstable again.

The coffin was lifted.

The funeral music was long and loud.

A burst of cries.

Master Yuantong and his disciples circled around the stone coffins, chanting and performing the ceremony to help the soul find peace.

Then the stone coffins were lifted onto the hearse that was prepared. Monks cleared the way, and Ye Qingyu held the portraits of his parents, and behind him were servants holding up white death flags. The hearse began to move in the direction of Deer River.

These were the things that were ordered in the letter.

Finally, the hearse was to be sunk into Deer River.

Originally, Ye Qingyu planned to open the coffin, and personally tidy his parents’ body, and add more funerary objects, but because the letter told him not to, he never opened the coffin in the end.

Very soon, they arrived at Deer River.

The waves of the river rolled across. It was currently the spring season, the time of snow and ice melting. Consequently, it was the time of the year that the river level rises sharply, and looked abnormal muddy. There were also large chunks of ice floating across the surface, colliding with each other, constantly smashing into pieces, floating and drowning, and misty water vapor filling the air all around.

Ye Qingyu thought for a brief moment, before personally inscribing formations on the stone jade coffins.

Although the stone coffins were incredibly hard, but if it sunk into the river and was struck by the broken pieces of ice, then the body of his parents could not be preserved, and would eventually become the food of fish and snakes, which was unacceptable to Ye Qingyu——In fact, his parents’ request that their stone coffins be placed into Deer River was also something that Ye Qingyu was extremely confused about.

With Ye Qingyu’s level of cultivation, the carving of a formation was incredibly fast.

In less than the time to burn half an incense stick, everything was ready.

In Ye Qingyu’s palm were rays of light. An invisible force lifted up the two stone coffins and slowly flew them toward the center of Deer River. In the blink of an eye, the coffins had reached the center of the thousand of meters wide river, and were slowly lowered, closer and closer to the water surface.

“Father, mother, as you wish, rest in the midst of this surging river. Your son will fulfill all your wishes...”

Ye Qingyu silently swore in his heart.

Watching the two stone coffins sink into the muddy water, an unexpected change that no one would ever thought of, suddenly appeared——


A dim silver tip, under the cover of the pale yellow misty water vapour, silently shot toward the stone coffins.

Ye Qingyu was instantly on the alert.

“Rat, you dare? Die.”

Ye Qingyu bellowed, and at the same time he arrived at the stone coffins, his palm filled with silver ice crystals, and with the raise of his hand, he immediately captured the dim silver blade.


A clang of metals meeting resounded.

The dim silver blade tip was tight in Ye Qingyu’s hand, then suddenly there was an extremely powerful qi that erupted out, and even with Ye Qingyu’s strength, he was unable to contain it no longer. The crystals shattered, the skin of his palm was slashed, his hand instantly turned red.

Ye Qingyu remained calm at the time of danger, and activated his [Supreme Ice Flame]. A terrifying force exploded, tightly squeezing the dim silver tip in his hand.

Clang Clang Clang Clang!

There were fierce loud resounding noises constantly erupting from Ye Qingyu’s hand.

Like a wet, slippery metal fish, the dim silver tip frantically struggled, wanting to break free of Ye Qingyu’s palm, but with [Supreme Ice Flame], which could restrain all forces, it slowly quietened down and was eventually frozen into a layer of ice.

The light in Ye Qingyu’s pupils fell on his palm, his heart suddenly shook like an earthquake.

Treacherous little sword.

Another treacherous little sword.

Frozen into ice on his hand was a simple and unadorned dim silver little sword.

Whether it is the shape, appearance, design or size, it was exactly the same as the little sword that Ye Qingyu encountered that day among the demonic beast horde. Just that the material looks slightly rough, and in which it contained a trace of treacherous strength and has the ability to struggle, but unfortunately, in the end, was confined by the [Supreme Ice Flame], and could not struggle or escape.

There’s this sort of little sword?

Ye Qingyu activated his yuan qi, the light in his pupil shot toward the opposite shore like lightning. Vaguely, he could sense that in the distance there was the aftermath of the activation of yuan qi, but there were no signs of people. Evidently, when the person’s attack did not succeed, the person immediately fled far away. The escape method was amazing and Ye Qingyu for now could not determine the person’s whereabouts.

The person who attacked had already fled.

In Ye Qingyu’s heart, there was a monstrous wave lifting into the sky.

What’s going on?

Why did the treacherous little silver sword appear again at this time?

And this time, it was directly attacking the stone coffins. Its purpose, just what was it?

Everything just now happened at lighting speed. The other people did not know what had happened, only felt that everything was blurred for a second, and Marquis Ye had reached the surface of the river and there was the sound of metal. They had not realized that there was a sneak attack by a skilled master, but simply thought that Marquis Ye was performing some kind of ritual, and all looked above the river.

Ye Qingyu stared at the side of the stone coffin, and was suddenly a little hesitant.

The person that can activate the treacherous little silver sword, their strength was absolutely terrifying, and most likely in the Bitter Sea stage. Such a existence, no matter where, was an incomparably respectable existence. But such a top expert would attack the stone coffins of two dead people... this was so abnormal.

Could it be that, inside the stone coffins, there was a greater secret?

Could it be…

A light flashed across Ye Qingyu’s mind, he suddenly grew excited, that even his breathing became rapid. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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