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Imperial God Emperor 335 - Different fortune

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“Let me try.”

Zhou Guhan, who had already calmed down, activated the powerful yuan qi surging within his body.

He had entered White Deer Academy for four years. In the previous three years, he did not have any exceptional performance. But in the fourth year, he rose abruptly, and rapidly became a leader that directed the entire Poor Society. The power of this person also gradually began to be exhibited; with his four Spirit spring cultivation, he could be counted as a powerful expert amongst the students.

Everyone saw that he intended to compete. Everyone's gaze focused on him.

A shred of invisible qi began encircling around Zhou Guhan, shimmering outwards.


His figure disappeared, turning into a bolt of lighting that headed towards the seven star icy thrones.



On the surface of the lake, the silver-coloured frost aura expanded. Countless frost light spread about, like a silver-coloured chrysanthemum blooming instantly. Zhou Guhan's seemingly powerful figure was like an ant heading towards a surging tide in front of such a cold qi. He was completely insignificant.


A spurt of blood containing cold qi jetted out from Zhou Guhan's mouth. Before the blood fell to the ground, it turned into blood red ice crystals.

He flew towards the ground.

And took stuttering steps backwards.

"This... how could it be? Haha, it seems that this fortuitous opportunity is just a lie to fool the crowds." Zhou Guhan's expression grew hard to regard upon. "If he really doesn't want someone to obtain the so called divine liquid, with senior brother Ye's strength, who could break through his restrictions amongst any of the students?"

There were constantly people trying.

There were constantly people being sent rebounding backwards.

At the end, even a teacher of the academy attempted to act out. But the situation did not change at all. The strength of some teachers were at the thirty or forty Spirit springs, but they were still like ants trying topple a large tree. It could not break apart the cold qi protection at all.

"It's a fortuitous encounter that is impossible to obtain."

A group of students from the Poor Society shouted.

"Let me try.”

Li Chenzhou, after rubbing away the sleep in his eyes, suddenly grew interested. As he said this, he stepped towards the seven star ice crystal throne.

He did not use his yuan qi to leap towards it, but instead took step by step towards it.

"I think that junior brother Li, you had best not seek your own humiliation. You..." Zhou Guhan looked at the back of Li Chenzhou with a faint smile.

But his words suddenly stopped.

It was not only Zhou Guhan, the other people were also dumbfounded.

Because under the gazes of everyone, Li Chenzhou was like a monkey that jumped across the water. His palm touched one of the ice pillars of the seven star thrones, and he agilely got on top of one of the seven star guest thrones. With a swipe of his hand, a dragon wine cup was in his hands.

Throughout the entire process, he did not receive any obstruction whatsoever.

It was as if the cold qi had lost all its effect.

Under the gazes of thousands of people of disbelieve and astoundment, Li Chenzhou laughed.

"It doesn't seem to be that hard. "

He muttered to himself.

When such words were heard by the numerous surrounding people, they nearly wanted to beat him to death ----this was especially so for those people who had attempted to get there but failed without gaining everything. They had no way of believing what they saw. Just what was this? Why was it only Li Chenzhou who was able to obtain that cup of Dragon's wine?

One must know that the invisible cold qi of the seven star guest thrones had rebounded many people away. Within this group, there were older students that had greater strength than Li Chenzhou, and there were even the teachers that were even more powerful that had tried.

Could it be that the ice crystal thrones did not solely test strength?



Could it be that you must jump across from the water and climb step by step, to truly be able to reach the peak?

Everyone began imitating him.

Countless people gave up on the idea of leaping directly to the seven ice thrones, but followed the actions of Li Chenzhou. They jumped over the water and began climbing from the bottom of the seven star icy thrones.



An invisible power exploded and rebounded them backwards.

Countless people were struck into the cold lake. Like dumplings falling into water, they shouted and screamed. But their yuan qi was sealed away by the cold qi, so they could only swim towards the shore and looked to be in an incomparably sorry state...

"Dragon wine, just what kind of taste does it have?“

Li Chenzhou held the cold white jade cup in his hands, but he could not sense the slightest of cold whatsoever. Instead, there was a shred of warmth that was within the ice cup. The dragon scales flickered with light. When one lowered their head to look, it was as if there was a little silver dragon swimming in the cup.

Li Chenzhou's heart was slightly excited.

Under countless gazes of envy, he lifted his head and drank the cup of Dragon's wine into his stomach.

Within the air, there was a divine saintly sound of dragons roaring.

"What's happening?"

"He drank the Dragon's wine?"

"Will he instantly be able to breakthrough?"

There were questions appearing out of everyone's heart.

But the next instant.


Li Chenzhou seemed to be suddenly incomparably tired. He directly stood on one of the seven star guest thrones, with an empty cup of wine in his hand and his other hand hanging loosely, with saliva dripping at the corner of his lips and fell asleep. There were clear noises of snoring coming from his nose and throat, like it was the rumble of thunder.

Everyone was speechless.

He was definitely the [Sleeping Deity].

At this time, to think he would still be able to sleep.

As Li Chenzhou's snore grew clearer and clearer, there was another several hundred people that tried to ascend the seven star thrones, but they were still rebounded onto the water. Finally, the second person able to ascend the seven star throne also appeared.

It was a person no one would have imagined.

Qin Wushuang.

The moment he stood on the seven star guest thrones, Qin Wushuang somewhat did not quite believe it himself.

Qin Wushuang did not hold any great hopes, but just tried it as a tentative attempt. He jumped through the air, but he did not suffer any invisible energy that rebounded him backwards. Without any restrictions, he lightly landed in front of the ice crystal throne.

The white jade ice cup easily fell into his hands.

"Why is it like this?"

Qin Wushuang was incomparably moved, but he was also somewhat confused.

With Ye Qingyu's background, with the relation between him and Ye Qingyu, thinking back to the fact that he had opposed and struggled with him in the past, to think he would be able to obtain a part of this fortune.

Qin Wushuang lifted the jade cup high up in the air, and drank the silver dragon liquid within the wine cup.

At that instant, he understood that by accepting Ye Qingyu's gift, he had turned himself forever into a follower, the defeated. He was a person who had lowered his head to Ye Qingyu's position, he had abandoned all the pride and superiority he once had over Ye Qingyu, and lowered his head.

Furthermore, Qin Wushuang understood that by lowering his head, everything would have to begin anew.

The cold liquid ran down his throat, and instantly entered and dispersed throughout his body. It turned into a strange power that began running rampant throughout meridians. A powerful aura that was inconceivable began to be born in his dantian. Within the desert world of his dantian, something strange was happening...

"Powerful energy, it can be compared to the power of Origin crystal. No, there seems to be other special effects..."

Qin Wushuang was stunned.

He had originated from a noble family that was ranked number one throughout Deer City. He had been well-loved since he was young, and had ingested a great variety of medicinal herbs and pills. He had never seen something that would have such an incredible effect after he ingested it. The worry in his heart that originally existed, dispersed like smoke.

"My previous thinking was right. A calm lake cannot cultivate a truly powerful expert. After the matters today, I will imitate Ye Qingyu and enter into the Youyan army. I will undertake the iron blooded training of the military. Only within the army can true experts with powerful battle strength be born. I want to know, just what happened to Ye Qingyu that made him so powerful... There will definitely be a day where I will have the requirements and strength to stand in front of him, and challenge him once again.”

Qin Wushuang swore in his heart.

He drank the Dragon's wine and sat in a meditative position.

Qin Wushuang directly ingested the energy of the Dragon's wine on the seven star ice thrones, and began cultivating to breakthrough.

Such a scene was seen by everyone.

This was especially so for the powerful fluctuations of qi that surged out from his body after drinking the Dragon's wine. It caused everyone around them to go crazy. It was different from the Li Chenzhou who fell asleep after drinking the wine, and where it seemed like no great change had occurred. The Dragon's wine exhibited a mark on Qin Wushuang's body that made everyone understand just how tempting was the fortune Ye Qingyu left behind.

Countless figures shot through the air, madly flying towards the seven star ice throne.


The cold qi exploded.

There were constantly people being rebounded.

The third lucky person was born.

It was a student that was not noticeable at all normally. He had a burly figure and was a first year today. His strength had just entered into the Ordinary martial level, and there were many students of the same class who had not even remembered his name yet. They only remembered his silly smile. He was a fellow that was personally evaluated by the teacher of the first years, as a pitiful fellow who would have no choice but become a guard of some mercantile companies or become a wandering expert.

But right now, such a fellow inexplicably became the third person to ascend onto the icy thrones.

The teacher who had evaluated him as a fellow with no future, was struck by the ice qi away, and was struggling like a wet chicken in the waters.

The burly student was so stunned he was somewhat incomprehensible.

“I... My name is Li He, I'm called Li He..."

It was like he was expressing all the suffering he had normally. With a shout, he drank the Dragon's wine in the white jade ice cup.

An orange light glimmered, instantly appearing on Li He's body.

It was yuan qi.

It was a vast yuan qi that was surging with the endless power of the earth.

The scene was different from the scene of Qin Wushuang drinking the Dragon's wine. But it similarly made people mad with jealousy.

The surrounding students instantly understood what the fortune in Ye Qingyu's words meant.

Such a fortuitous opportunity was not simply Spirit herbs or medicinal pills.

It was not a gift that would simply increase one's cultivation.

This was an opportunity that completely awakened the slumbering talent and potential within your body.

this was an opportunity to change your fate.

To completely be reborn and transform yourself.

The crowd grew even more crazy.

Those people who were rebounded to the water, once they returned to the shore, did not rest at all, but once again headed towards the icy thrones even more madly. Like moths rushing to the flame, they did not even care about the fact that they might be frozen to the death by the icy qi.

Seeing such a scene, those old elders and teachers who had not participated to protect their status, also acted right now.

In truth, the fortuitous opportunity that Ye Qingyu had left behind was far too shocking and tempting.

As long as one was a martial expert, and yearned towards the martial path, one would not be able to resist such a temptation.

There were once again people who successfully ascended onto the seven star thrones.

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