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Imperial God Emperor 329 - The secret of his mother in the pas

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It was only that, why did Lang Zhong come to find him at this time?

"Tell him to come in.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

Tang San walked out again.

Very quickly, he brought a person in.

It was a young man wearing a purple martial soldier outfit. His figure was heroic and muscular, with bronze skin and scarlet red hair. The sword-like eyebrows were high up on his face, and his eyes were especially piercing. There was a heroicness about him, and an aura formed around him, like a long blade that was half drawn out. The sharpness of the sword made one unable to regard him directly.

Without needing any introduction, this person was naturally the Lang Zhong of the Two River Gang.

Tang San was a person with especially discriminating eyesight. After bringing Lang Zhong inside, he gave a sign to the pretty server.

This server could be counted as clever. She immediately realized, and soundlessly departed after excusing herself.

At this time, she could already largely guess at Ye Qingyu's true identity.

To be able to make Tang San, who was famed throughout Deer City, to be so respectful towards him and call him young master, apart from the legendary Marquis Ye, who else could it be?

The girl wanted to remain in the private room for a bit longer, but she dared not tarry.

She waited respectfully outside the room. Her exquisite little face was filled with a red hue due to excitement. Her hand was pressed against her chest, resisting the urge to shriek in excitement.

Marquis Ye was really handsome.

The eyes of this girl turned to someone who seemed to have lovesickness.

Inside the private room.

"I pay my respects to Marquis Ye." Lang Zhong was exceedingly respectful when he entered. He bowed fully, with his knees touching the ground.

Ye Qingyu frowned. With a lift of his hands, an invisible energy surged out, carrying Lang Zhong's body up. "You don't have to pay such great respects, Leader Lang. You are not someone of the military. As someone belonging to the Jianghu, you are not restricted by the greetings of the government. You don't have to be so courteous in front of me."

Lang Zhong shook his head. "I did not pay my respects because of your military identity. I did it because you are my young master.”

"Young master?" There was a questioning light that flashed by in Ye Qingyu's eyes.

Lang Zhong could not bow down anymore, but he still didn't dare be disrespectful. He straightened his body, took out a faint yellow letter, and handed it over with both hands, his body bowing over with an emotional expression.

Ye Qingyu's gaze landed on the letter. Elegant and powerful black brushstrokes entered into his eyes.

His heart, suddenly thudded.

Such penmanship...

Ye Qingyu quickly stood up, an expression of shock on his face. At a quick speed, he nearly tore it from Lang Zhong’s hands and looked at the letter. He could clearly see the elegant characters at the front of the letter.

"For my beloved child, Ye Qingyu."

It was as if there were millions of bolts of silver lightning that struck Ye Qingyu. Ye Qingyu's brain suddenly overloaded, turning completely blank.

How could this be possible?

It was the penmanship of his mother.

It was absolutely the handwritten words of his mother.

Ye Qingyu was really too familiar with his mother's handwriting. He could tell it was her with just with one glance. Such elegant characters had once played an extremely important part of Ye Qingyu's life. Ever since he could remember and understand things, it was his mother Li Ying who had taught Ye Qingyu to read and write. There were not any private teachers that were hired in the Ye Household, and all that Ye Qingyu knew about literature was taught by Li Ying.

In an instant, countless memories rushed into Ye Qingyu's heart.

Once, he had followed beside his mother as they recited poems.

Once, he had learned to recognize characters with his mother in the martial dojo.

Once, his mother had taught him how to write.

Once, he was scolded by his mother when he made a mistake when writing a character.

Once, his mother had tightly hugged him because he had written his first intact verse of a poem.

Once, he had helped his mother copy books to sell.

Once, under his mother’s smiling expression, he had finished reciting the book of reflection that was written when the Empire was founded.

He had once...

Countless images began rushing out like a flood from his memories. It completely submerged Ye Qingyu. In those four years when he remained at the cemetery, Ye Qingyu had once buried the love and memories he had of his parents deep within the depths of his heart. He thought he could greet these memories that would not come back with a smile, but when his mother's writing appeared before him once again, Ye Qingyu's eyes dampened unstoppably and nearly instantly.

Ye Qingyu bore the surging emotions in his heart. He slowly turned around, staring out the window, tears streaming down his face.

Lang Zhong seemed to have guessed at something. His expression was also moved, his body faintly shaking.

Tang San did not know the reason why his young master was so emotionally moved. Although he did not see Ye Qingyu's tears, but he could faintly feel something. He could not help but be curious. It was unimaginable just what did Lang Zhong bring, that would make his young master turn into such a state. After all, he was a person who would not even flinch if an ancient divine mountain collapsed in front of him.

After a while.

The entire private room was wrapped up in silence.

Ye Qingyu ultimately was not able to bear it. Under such familiar and tragic emotions, even he himself with his Bitter Sea stage of cultivation, was not able to control his emotions.

Only when his tears touched his garments, did he gradually begin to get a grip on his emotions.

With shaking fingers, he opened the letter.

“My child, if you're reading this letter, then this represents that Lang Zhong has already judged that the you today, is powerful enough to hold on your own. You have the ability to protect yourself. Your parents are so proud, that such a day has finally arrived... Mother has left you this letter because there are so many things that I want to say to the you today. I wonder just how tall and how long you will have cultivated when you read this. Your mother and father cannot imagine, just what you look like at this time...”

Such familiar characters. Ye Qingyu once again wiped away the tears at his sleeve.

Such a letter was like his mother's gentle hand coming to wipe away the dust on his memories. It made him unable but return to the memories of the past.

Such a letter was like a sharp blade that caused Ye Qingyu's layer of defense and disguise to be instantly cut apart. The most bitter but also the sweetest memories in his heart, once again appeared clear and crystal-like in front of Ye Qingyu.

"I know that you have many questions in your heart. I don't have time to speak too much. Mother and father have received orders of enlistment to protect the city. It is hard to even tell whether we will even be able to return. Child, remember several things. Number one, there is noble, majestic blood flowing through your veins. The second, you can entirely trust in Lang Zhong. The third, don't go investigating the matters regarding that little silver sword. Fourth, if you have time, then go often to walk around White Deer Academy. The fifth, before you leave Deer City, shift the graves of me and your father. Don't create a new grave, just sink the coffin into the river…”

"My child, your mother really can't bear to part with you."

"My child, you have to be obedient."

"My child..."

Such last words were like the normal, nagging worlds of his mother towards his own child. It was both warm and mired in minor details. But there was a goodbye of life and death like the cut of a blade contained within. There was an unwillingness to part that was impossible to describe using words. And at the last parts of the letter, there was a crumpled part, with messy ink stains. It was as if tears had wetted it and it had dried once again.

When mother was writing this letter, she was definitely crying.

Perhaps it was not only his mother who was crying. His father---in his memory a mighty and powerful man, had perhaps also shed tears.

When Ye Qingyu read to the last parts, his eyes were already completely wet.

it was as if he could see the scene of his mother and father donning armour, with battle blades in his hands stepping onto the city walls to do battle in his bright and glimmering tears. It was as if he saw the scene of his mother ordering someone to hand this letter to Lang Zhong. He thought of himself nervously waiting at the entrance to his family household for ten days and ten nights, but ultimately what awaited him was the news that his parents were heavily injured...

It was unknown just how long time had passed.

Ye Qingyu's emotions, gradually began to settle.

His heart faintly moved, and then all the tears on his face and clothing instantly evaporated.

He carefully folded the letter into the envelope, then cautiously place it into his embrace. Thinking it over again, he once again took it out, and placed it into the [Cloud Top Cauldron] in the desert world of his dantian ---this was Ye Qingyu's space that was the most secure and safe.

Then, he slightly turned around.

Ye Qingyu gave a deep bow to the Lang Zhong.

Lang Zhong's expression greatly changed, his face helpless. Quickly, "Young master you... don't make things hard on me."

"Brother Lang, you must accept my bow," Ye Qingyu said with emotion. "You've preserved this letter for over five years. Today, you've handed it to me. For me, Ye Qingyu, this is a great debt. After seeing this letter, I suddenly understand. Two years ago, when the Two River Gang took away the [Little Shang] sword, in reality you were secretly protecting this Spirit weapon, to prevent it from falling in the hands of others. When I entered into White Deer Academy and had the power to protect myself, you then returned the [Little Shang] sword at the first instant. You've also kept hiddenly protecting me, without appearing. I, Ye Qingyu, thank you for your loyalty."

Lang Zhong had an expression of fear. "Young master, you have exaggerated. When I was a beggar, and was like a rat in the sewers, and was held in disdain by others, it was mistress who saved me and my sister. It was mistress who hiddenly taught us martial arts and assisted us. Her debt is great towards me. The Two River Gang was also created by mistress. It was only that mistress did not appear, and just managed matters in the background. The way she did things was cautious, so no one of the gang knew her true identity. The mistress gave the position of the leader of the Two River Gang to me. I did not dare slack, and walked on thin ice in these days, but I could not cause the Two River Gang to advance any more. I have failed the responsibilities mistress gave me..."

As these words were said, not only Ye Qingyu, but Tang San was also shocked.


The Two River Gang was created by Ye Qingyu’s mother?

This was far too inexplicable.

Ye Qingyu did not know of this matter at all.

In his memory of his mother, she was a gentle and quiet woman that was calm, neat and orderly. Although she knew martial arts, but she would only show herself briefly in the martial arts dojo. She could not be said to be powerful... Although not long ago, Wen Wan and Hon Kong both admitted the strength of his mother was not any less to them, but Ye Qingyu did not place too much thought in this. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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