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Imperial God Emperor 328 - Lang Zhong requests a meeting

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Tang San hesitated, then slowly nodded his head.

Ye Qingyu knew what he thought about in his heart. He laughed, "There are many matters one must do in one's life. There are some matters that must be sacrificed... En, as for you, you are definitely a talent of the business world. And you are so young. Remaining in the Ye household and managing such small matters is definitely wasting your talent.

"Marquis, please don't tease me. If not for your encouragement and the opportunity you gave me, I would still be a ruffian within Deer City today. I..." Tang San jumped in fright, tears in his eyes as he explained himself.

Ye Qingyu gave him a kick again, and laughing scolded him yet again. "Look at you being so nervous... I still haven't said I'm chasing you out. It's only that the Ye household is still too small, and I don’t have the wish to make it larger. I can't let a talent like you always remain in such a well. How about this, why don't I let you go and experience things in the Dugu Financial Organization. When your horizons have broadened and your wings have grown, your methods have turned sharper and your heart more sneaky, then you can return to my side.”

"Young master, you mean..." Tang San hesitated, then understood what Ye Qingyu meant. He was secretly excited in his heart, nodding his head in acceptance.

As they spoke, they had already arrived at the City Lord's residence.

Tang San quickly rushed forward to notify.

Very quickly, there were soldiers that ran out from the City Lord's office. They formed two rows of troops, neat and orderly uniform in a row. Then Qin Ying and his family walked out from the gate.

"We greet Marquis Ye's arrival. Your presence brings us glory, forgive us for our tardiness in greeting you."

There was a smile in Qin Ying's face, as he greeted from far away with clasped hands.

Such a display quickly attracted the attention of everyone. Very rapidly, a crowd gathered at the entrance to the City Lord's office.

"City Lord Qin, you are too courteous. I am also a citizen of this city, I should long have came to pay my respects to the City Lord." Ye Qingyu returned such a display with a smile, heading towards the platform of the entrance.

Qin Ying evidently was very passionate, introducing his own family to Ye Qingyu.

The wife of the City Lord was a thirty-year-old noble woman. Her appearance was luxurious, and had an exceptional grace. When she was young, she was definitely a peerless beauty. She had three children, the elder Qin Wugou was said to have studied in the academy at the Capital and ultimately remained in the Capital. Her second child, Qin Wuchen was a businessman, and remained travelling for most of the year. There was only their youngest child, Qin Wushuang within the residence, and he received the pampering and love of this husband and wife pair completely.

"Senior brother Qin, we meet again." Ye Qingyu smiled at him.

Qin Wushuang face was complex as he stared at Ye Qingyu. Only after a while did he lower his head, and clasped his hand, "Marquis Ye, you are being too courteous. I don't dare."

Within the residence, people quickly prepared a feast.

This time, Ye Qingyu had come to just fulfill an official duty. He did not really plan to converse in depth with Qin Ying. During the feast, Qin Ying changed the subject of conversation towards the Right Minister that was diverted expressionlessly several times by Ye Qingyu. Seeing this, Qin Ying did not raise the subject yet again.

Two hours quickly passed.

Ye Qingyu rose up to say his farewell.

Qin Ying saw him off.

At the entrance, in this process, the Qin Wushuang who always remained silent, suddenly opened his mouth, "Marquis, many of the senior brothers and sisters wanted to see your glory in the academy... will you be able to free up some time to see everyone?"

There was a difficult expression on his face.

Evidently he had had been persuaded by some people in the White Deer Academy to say such words.

For Qin Wushuang, facing the Ye Qingyu today was a feeling that only he himself knew what it was like. What it was like for such a proud and sensitive noble young man who was once a rightful chosen child of the heavens within the members of the students of White Deer Academy. Originally after entering the academy, he would receive the praise and admiration of everyone, he would become the brightest and most glorious student. This was the dream of being a hero that every youth yearned towards.

But when he entered the academy, Ye Qingyu suddenly appeared, causing Qin Wushuang to suffer setback after setback.

But at that time, because of his noble status, he was still able to face everything.

Especially after Ye Qingyu left. Qin Wushuang was finally able to become the strongest student of all the others students. He became the brightest pupil. Everything that belonged to him seemed to have returned into his hands.

But after a year or so had passed, when Ye Qingyu returned from the frontlines, all his pride and success was completely gone.

His last trace of pride also collapsed at this moment.

That poor and common youth could already stand side by side with his father. For a noble young master like him, he had no advantage at all when he was standing in front of Ye Qingyu.

such a feeling was like a toddler facing against a divine warrior who had fought over a hundred battles. Was there any possibility of winning?

Qin Wushuang had already given up all hopes of competing with Ye Qingyu.

"The students of White Deer Academy?" Hearing such words, Ye Qingyu fell silent for a while. Ultimately, he shook his head, "Fine, after all, we were once classmates. This afternoon, I will meet with everyone at White Deer Academy. Thinking back, I really miss the relaxed times within the academy."


He left the Qin residence, walking away thousands of meters.

At this time, a bolt of white lightning shot out, landing on Ye Qingyu's shoulders.

It was the lazy and relaxed silly little dog, Little Nine.

"Did you discover anything?" Ye Qingyu asked.

Little Nine shook his head, saying with fatigue, "I’ve searched inside and outside. There's nothing to be found. I couldn't smell anything to do with that silver little sword, the Qin residence is very clean

"It's very clean?" Ye Qingyu said thoughtfully.

Today he had come to the Qin residence. Apart from performing some routine duties, he also wanted to attempt to find some clue regarding that strange and peculiar little sword. That mysterious person had judged that the strange silver sword did not originate from the Formation palace of the crowd of demonic beasts. It had nothing to do with the [Fog of Annihilation]. Therefore, he must return to his original suspect.

Perhaps everything had something to do with the City Lord.

Every since entering the Qin residence, he had carefully examined it. He had even used his consciousness to investigate. Ever since entering the [Stream] stage of Bitter Sea stage, Ye Qingyu's consciousness had transformed. He could hide from the sentry formation and experts of the residence, and examine. As for the Little Nine with an excellent sense of smell, he was also brought to the residence and hiddenly searched for any clues.

Before entering, Ye Qingyu had given the silly dog the smell of the strange little silver sword.

If there really was a smell of the strange little sword within the residence, he would definitely be able to find it.

But the result made Ye Qingyu somewhat disappointed.

"Could I have suspected the wrong person? Qin Ying had nothing to do with the death of my parents?" Ye Qingyu hiddenly asked himself.

It seemed that all clues were about to break off.

Ye Qingyu's mood was somewhat down.

Little Nine wanted his reward, moaning with emotion that he wanted to drink alcohol and eat meat. Ye Qingyu could only bring Tang San and him to [Heavenly fFagrance Restaurant]. This was a property that belonged to the Ye family, and it was also one of the most popular restaurants of the city.

At the entrance to the restaurant, Ye Qingyu turned around unintentionally. His vision nearly darkened, and he nearly fell down the stairs.

Because he could faintly see, about a hundred meters away, the Wen Wan with his face filled with his beard, was wearing a smock with his sleeves rolled up. He was at the entrance to a street, eating bowl after bowl of noodles. There was a stack of empty bowls next to him that was nearly two meters tall. This had completely become the spectacle of the street. The countless people in the surroundings looked at him like they were staring at a monster. It was only that Wen Wan, this weird person, had an excited expression.

At this time, the title of [Noodle Eating Monster] had already spread out throughout Deer City.

According to logic, with Wen Wan's cultivation, even if he did not eat for half a month, he would not be affected whatsoever. According to the same logic, no one would be shocked if he did not stop eating for an entire day and night. However, this idiot, ever since the beginning of the Martial Alliance Meeting at Youyan Pass, for some reason, began to madly eat noodles. Every time he saw the owner of the noodle stand, he became as excited as seeing his own father.

Ye Qingyu felt that he had best keep his distance from this idiot.

He could not be embarrassed along with this person.

Therefore, he dragged Tang San, who was about to go up and greet Wen Wan, directly into [Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant].

Because it was his personal property, they did not have to book a table. They could easily occupy the highest class private room. In but a moment’s time, a whole table of delicacies was presented. The originally lazy Little Nine that was lying about, instantly became invigorated. He began stuffing things into his mouth like a hurricane.

"Pour wine, pour wine...."

The silly dog bit into his food, and began ordering the pretty female servants with his paw.

The pretty server laughingly poured more wine.

Those who were able to book such a private room, was definitely rich or noble. But the pretty waitress did not imagine that this entire table of food was prepared for this white dog to eat. But they could not help but say, that this white dog’s spirit looked somewhat cute.

"Ah, this is a true dog's life. This is too enjoyable..." The silly dog licked at the wine, and suddenly frowned. "That's not right, this alcohol is missing a taste. Let me think... Ah, I know..."

As he said this, he suddenly jumped onto Ye Qingyu's shoulder. He bit onto the little silver hairpin and threw it into his bowl of alcohol.

"Haha, using a living dragon to submerge into alcohol. Dragon Wine is a true delicacy, wahahahaha!" This idiot began laughing excitedly.

Ye Qingyu was also amused by him.

Little Silver did not mind in the slightest. It began swimming about leisurely in the bowl of wine, and seemed to be extremely sleepy. It suddenly opened his mouth, and drank a mouthful, instantly appearing somewhat drunk.

Tang San was gobsmacked by the side.

The pretty female servers also had their mouth open.

After a short moment, there was a knock at the door.

Tang San was taken aback, turning towards the door. After a while, he entered again. "Young master, the leader of the Two River Gang is asking to see you.”

Lang Zhong?

Ye Qingyu was taken aback, then he instantly remembered that the [Little Shang Sword] was brought to the [Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant] by this Lang Zhong originally. Although they had only met once, but Ye Qingyu had a deep impression of this person. As one of the largest gangs within Deer City, the Two River Gang was not as exceptional or as famous as the Three Schools and Three Sects, but as the saying goes, even a mouse has its ways. Such little gangs also had their value. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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