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Imperial God Emperor 327 - Finally at the Bitter Sea stage

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"It was due to the fact that my foundation is still not vast enough. To go from the Ordinary Martial level to enter into the Bitter Sea stage in just one year and a bit, this is too ridiculous."

Ye Qingyu knew, this was the reason why the level of his yuan qi had not reached its pinnacle.

The number of a hundred Spirit springs was unheard of, but the amount of yuan qi it needed was also unheard of. Ye Qingyu was able to obtain pure and untainted Spirit qi within the divine palace. When he was excavating the Spirit springs, he had used this reservoir of Spirit qi largely up, but the leftover, although it could supply Ye Qingyu with the spirit qi needed to breakthrough to the Bitter Sea stage, but it was not enough to be perfect.

Ye Qingyu could only temporarily abandon the idea of breaking through, and focus his whole attention in refining the last pieces of Origin crystal.

Another half a day passed by.

The Origin crystal were completely absorbed.

But something still seemed to be lacking.

Ye Qingyu used up all the [Mysterious Heaven Pellets].

Yuan qi rumbled within his body, like a released wild horse. But ultimately, it seemed there was an invisible rope that constricted this wild horse. Ye Qingyu focused entirely on his body, and carefully examined the medicinal power of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] travelling throughout his body. He was able to sense his yuan qi growingsteadily, was able to feel the thunderous noise of his yuan qi Spirit springs...

The medicinal power of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] was completely used up in his dantian.


An invisible surge began surging outwards with the hundred Spirit springs at the center.

The originally dead desert world within his dantian world was like there was an invisible hurricane sweeping over the entire world. It covered all of the desert.

It was as if there was some sort of obstacle that was abruptly broken at that instant.

It was as if there was a thin layer of substance, like an eggshell, that cracked at that instant.

Like a fish swimming against the current and leaping above the water, transforming into a dragon.

It was as if this entire world halted briefly at this very moment.

The sound of the streams were soundless.

Finally, there was a stand of yuan qi Spring, like a coiling silver dragon, that began flowing away from the set area of that Spirit springs. It was clear and free, flowing into the desert dantian world.

What followed after was more and more streams of yuan qi that begin flowing away from the set radius of their Spirit springs.

Although these little streams were about as thick as one finger, he had finally broken through and opened the door. As long as he continued to endure, the water would constantly flow into unknown areas, like a traveller in the desert.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu was completely immersed in such a beautiful feeling.

He did not just solely feel such a beautiful feeling when he was within his inner vision. At nearly the same time, he could clearly sense that there was something he had never noticed before in his own body breaking. An invisible barrier was broken by tens of thousands of rays of light.

This was a delightful feeling that was hard to describe using words.

It was like a gust of wind that completely blew away all the sands on his own body. The clouds in the sky were completely blown apart and all the barriers that were blocking the true face of this world was dispersed. Everything that he could sense suddenly became clearer and brighter, as if he was entering into a completely new world.

Such a feeling was as if the world he previously was in was enveloped by a layer of cloth, where everything was not real.

And right now, this layer of cloth was revealed. The true world came into his eyes.

Ye Qingyu opened his eyes, looking at the sunlight entering from the crevice of the window. It was like a golden sword of light landing next to him. He looked at the dust dancing in that ray of light; the world was unprecedentedly clear. He moved his hand and he was able to see the air currents moving around the fingers in his palm, as if it was a flow of sand. He was able to sense that there was an incredible power existing in this world that restricting every living and dead matter in it.

This... was the power of the laws.

An expert of the Bitter Sea stage could already faintly interact with the power of the laws, the laws of the world.

But to truly understand and comprehend it, and use such laws, one must wait until they reached the Heaven Ascension stage.

If one did not ascend to Heaven, one was ultimately still a mortal. How would they be able to control the power of the laws?

But for some experts of the Bitter Sea stage, they could already sense faintly the existences of the Laws. This was already enough to make them undefeatable amongst other Bitter Sea stage experts.

Ye Qingyu slowly stood up.

A powerful energy surged from within his body, making him feel slightly comfortable.

"The Bitter Sea stage, a realm of entirely new power..."

Ye Qingyu familiarized himself with the powerful energy in his body.

Compared to the Spirit spring stage, after entering into the Bitter Sea stage, the yuan qi was not as tyrannical and powerful in his body. Instead, it became like the stream of a river. There was a faint sensation of power surging within his meridians, as if the qi had already turned into liquid, like it was the blood flowing in his vessels. Although it was soundless, but it was powerful.

Ye Qingyu used inner vision.

Within his dantian, in the desert world, there were yuan qi spring after yuan qi spring, that spread about everywhere, nourishing this dried up world.

The eye of the Spring that was now covered by the Spirit water, was still emitting clear spring water. And below this was the [Cloud Top Cauldron] that was currently being nourished ----the [Cloud Top Cauldron] that had transformed into the size of a fist, emitted faint bronze colours. But the space inside was vast, and it contained the majority of Ye Qingyu's gains.

As for the [Fiendgod Titled Chart] in Ye Qingyu's consciousness, that mysterious bronze book was already transferred over into his dantian world.

After the [Stream] stage of the Bitter Sea stage, the desert world of his dantian was able to incorporate even more. It could already store the mysterious ancient book. But it was only that after it entered into the dantian world, it still could not be like the [Cloud Top Cauldron], where it nourished within a Spirit spring. It was like a fierce sun, hanging in the air, letting out a bright glimmer, as if it was illuminating the whole world.

From the sixty Spirit springs to become a Bitter Sea stage expert at the Stream stage, this represented that Ye Qingyu had excavated forty Spirit springs.

The purification of the bronze book had long occured when they were in the Formation palace. As for the contents of those tens of pages of the ancient book, those could already be read. It was only that Ye Qingyu did not have time to have a look yet.

But right now, he did not plan to have a look immediately.

The number one reason for this was that he had to first stabilize his current cultivation level.

The second was that he had remained within Deer City for far too long. He had already exceeded his original plans, therefore he needed to leave. To want to return the corpses of those dead sentries back to their hometown needed a fair deal of time, and he also needed to ensure he would not be late in answering the call to Snow capital.


Pushing open the wooden door, Ye Qingyu greeted the sunlight bursting through as he entered the rear garden.

The sunlight was bright and splendid.

There was the smell of grass and soil in the air.

Ye Qingyu deeply breathed in, an expression of rapture on his face.

He had finally reached the Bitter Sea stage.

He had finally satisfied the conditions his father had left behind. He could finally righteously head towards the Capital.

Snow capital, the altar of the Imperial family, I am coming.

Ye Qingyu lifted his head towards the sunlight, shouting soundlessly in his heart.



The news that Marquis Ye had finally ended his isolation training quickly spread out throughout Deer City.

The people coming to pay a visit became more and more.

But they were all blocked outside by Gatekeeper Jiao at the door.

And as for the people who did not crowd around the doors of the Ye household and were at the stores and buildings owned by the Ye family, they would coincidentally see the Marquis Ye who was patrolling around his family properties. But they did not recognize him, this youth that was dressed in white, was the Marquis Ye that had saved the entire Deer City from their destruction. There would occasionally be one or two young noble ladies that felt that this young man was especially handsome and exceptional. They only gave him an extra glance or two because of his appearance.

Ye Qingyu had been forced by Tang San to have a look around his own family property.

Marquis Ye had been rather shameless when he had made Tang San, a young man that was around the same age as him, as the manager of several stores and properties. At this time, he had to do some of the responsibilities as the owner, and he could only do a cursory circle and tour around stores like the [Miaoyu Restaurant] and the [Furong Store].

Of course, he had only taken a cursory inspection.

When Tang San came over with the accounting books and introduced the members of staff, Ye Qingyu did not try to memorize anything at all.

He had the power of photographic memory, but it seemed that its only use was in matters concerning martial arts or the martial path.

Those members of staff, hearing their young master was coming over, were all incomparably excited. It was unknown where they found a shadow image formation, but everyone fought over the right to take a shadow image with the young master for a memory.

Tang San was rightly named as a young business genius. The business of the Ye family were managed well and organized by him. In the Deer City today, he was already somewhat famed. The tongue of this fellow was somewhat slippery and flattering, but he was absolutely loyal towards Ye Qingyu. In this past year, he was cautious and conscientious. But with the Ye household today, he no longer needed to endure such hard times as before.

After finishing inspecting his own property, Ye Qingyu thought it over and decided to pay a visit to the City Lord's residence.

Ever since coming to the Deer City, Ye Qingyu had never paid a visit to the City Lord's residence.

According to the rules of the Empire, Ye Qingyu had a need to pay a visit to the officers of the local area.

There were still matters he had to do regarding upholding social protocol.

On the way, Tang San seemed to have thought of something. He asked probingly, "Master, in this period of time, the people from the Dugu Financial Organization came to the city and met with me then the Song Merchantile Organization. The emissary that came was very courteous, and seemed they wanted to cooperate with the Ye household..."

Ye Qingyu looked at Tang San and could not give him a kick. Laughingly scolding him, "You've wanted to ask this question for a long time, right?"

Tang San chuckled.

He did not mind this kick of his young master at all.

"Hehe, young master, with the scale of the Ye household today, we no longer need to worry about our basic necessities. With you here, no one dares make trouble for us. But if we want to advance a step further, we still need to borrow the power of massive organisations like the Dugu family," Tang San uttered his plans.

Ye Qingyu's expression became serious.

After remaining silent for five minutes, Ye Qingyu finally opened his mouth, "This offer of assistance, give it over to the Song family. The Ye household is happy and in harmony currently; that is enough. There is no need to fight over the wealth of the mortal world, just do your best. Aunt Qin and the others does not have any great ambition. As for myself, I have never had any plans on turning the Ye household into a power like the Dugu Finanical Organization. As long as I am able to make the properties my parents left behind prosper, that is enough."

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