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Imperial God Emperor 322 - Instil Spirit qi of the books into the body

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“Thank you elder.” Ye Qingyu did not know how many times had he bowed to say his thanks today.

The mysterious person gave a slight smile, saying, “Little friend is too polite. Start immediately, you only have one hour of time.”

Ye Qingyu was no longer shy. He sat cross-legged in space, activating the nameless breathing technique and began training.

He had only just willed it, when strands of multicoloured light drifting out from the books on the huge ancient stone bookcases, like countless tentacles of light, penetrated into Ye Qingyu’s body.

The mysterious person nodded, his fingers moving slightly, triggering all the books in the entire shrine to release a bright light, like wisps of spirits leaping in the void of the shrine. With a kind of curious and joyous feeling, they constantly entered into Ye Qingyu’s body.

Gradually, Ye Qingyu’s body was emitting a variety of colour.

Time slowly passed by.

The energy bubbling within Ye Qingyu’s body grew more and more tyrannical.

It was unknown when, but Ye Qingyu’s meridians had begun to glow. His muscles and bones were like transparent and flawless ice jade, and only his meridians and acupoints were flashing brightly as his body gradually fused together with the dark-coloured light in the surroundings of the shrine. It was as though he was deep in the vast expanse of space, and the glow of his meridians and acupoints were filling the air like a huge star was connecting to the cosmic cloud of another huge star, incomparably mysterious and bright.



The open yard outside the shrine.

The people had been waiting for a full hour.

The mysterious voice in the sky had not sounded ever since its first appearance.

The little patience and respect that the people had were being consumed to almost nothing with the passage of time.

In the face of the legacy of the [Formation Sovereign] Luo So, no one was willing to let a great opportunity slip by. Even if they were clearly warned by the mysterious voice, they were still unwilling to give up on such an opportunity.

In the past hour, there had been constant bombardment on the shrine’s prohibition spell, hoping to break the protection formation and enter.

Unfortunately, no matter what method they used, they made not the slightest progress.

There were experts of the Ascending Heaven stage attacking with the power of Dao tools. But they were still unable to affect the protection formation of the shrine in the slightest.

“This prohibition formation is setup by Luo So himself. With our current cultivation level it is impossible to break it,” someone said in a disappointed tone.

The [Turtle Shell Immortal] nodded. “It seems that my previous guess is right, only those that are really chosen can obtain the legacy left behind by Luo So. Even if we force our way through, it is simply impossible and would only anger Luo So and most likely something terrible would happen. Why don’t we retreat? To have obtained the blue light rune formation seal is already a little harvest. We must not be a man who is never content like a snake trying to swallow an elephant.”

Some people nodded.

[The Yin Yang Monarch] Liao Zhi smiled coldly. “How many years has it been since Luo So had passed away? Can he still choose a person? It’s just that some people are lucky and have entered the shrine, but this does not mean anything. The opportunity belongs to everyone and the one who is capable will get it. If we return now and lose the opportunity to gain possession of Luo So’s legacy, you will live a life of regret.”

Some people were tempted.

“Do you dare to go against the warning of Luo So?” the [Turtle Shell Immortal] asked coldly.

“Haha, who said that the voice of warning was Luo So? Old turtle, what you are thinking, do you think I don’t know?” [Yin Yang Monarch] sneered. “You obviously want everyone to retreat, so you can stay behind and take it for yourself.”

“Humph, I am that kind of person, but you [Yin Yang Monarch] is known to be fierce and scheming. You want everyone to stay to become your paving stones and find a path for you,” [Turtle Shell immortal] retorted.

The two men argued endlessly.

Only the half body Mo Lingtian sighed, shaking his head, “Everyone, we can’t go against the warning of Luo So. We already obtained the opportunity and must not be greedy, or we will ultimately achieve nothing.”

After that, he turned and left.

The dark blue light forming the lower half of his body was extremely fast and in the blink of an eye, he had disappeared into the distance.

Some people hesitated for a moment, exchanging glances with others, before they also followed, turning around and leaving.

Of course, more people chose to stay.

The [Formation Sovereign] Luo So’s legacy, the temptation was really too big.

“Shall we go or not?” Qin Zhishui looked at Ximen Yeshui.

Ximen Yeshui lowered his voice, “Wait and see, what if my brother obtained the opportunity, then we have to help him. [Yin Yang Monarch] and [Turtle Shell Immortal] are not devotees to buddha, we do not know what they are planning. I can’t let my brother suffer so we have to watch carefully.”

Qin Zhishui did not know what to say.

[Yin Yang monarch] and [Turtle Shell Immortal] were real existences of the Ascending Heaven stage. If the two people really had such thoughts, then even if they stay here they would not be much use. With one thought from the opponent, they would be turned to ashes.

But he still did not say anything, nodding his head and with his blade clasped firmly in his hand, he stood in his original place.

“Little thing, what are you muttering about?” The gaze of [Yin Yang Monarch] fell on Ximen Yeshui. “You just said, the person that obtained the opportunity is your brother? Are you sure?”

Ximen Yeshui snorted and did not speak.

“Brat, old man is talking, do you hear me?” The eyes of [Yin Yang Monarch] grew cold and glowed with murderous intent.

“My brother or not, it’s none of your business,” Ximen Yeshui said impatiently. “Old man, you talk so much nonsense.”

“Boy, you want to die? How dare you talk to elder Liao like that.” A slightly fat yellow-robed middle-aged person stepped out, sneering, “Now the juniors of Jianghu are really more and more immature, where are your elders? What sect are you in?”

Ximen Yeshui burst into an over exaggerated and loud laugh. “Really, the king is not worried but his eunuch is. Who do you think you are, pretending to be a dog, but why are you so impatient?”

Qin Zhushui lowered his head and looked at his toes.

He suddenly felt that he should stay away from this idiot.

His tongue was too poisonous.

“You... you’re dead!” the yellow-robed middle-aged person suddenly roared, a strange beam of rune formation light unleashed from the middle of his palm, forming into a tremendous hand print, powerful and fierce, and directly slammed down.

The air was thick with suffocating killing intent.

With a look of disdain, Ximen Yeshui was about to strike back.

Just then——


The shrine gate was suddenly opened.

The prohibition spell that was located all around the shrine disappeared instantly.

The prohibition on the steps leading to the top of the stone base had also disappeared.

For a moment, everyone was startled.

The slightly fat yellow-robed person had no intention to fight, and was the first person to transform into a stream of light, darting towards the shrine gate.

In an instant, figures flashed across.

The strongest two people, [Yin Yang Monarch] and [Turtle Shell Immortal] rushed in front, a terrifying power surging around their bodies and there was a roar of an earth-shattering aura, propelling away the people behind them...

“Damn Turtle, dare fight with me?” [Yin Yang Monarch] roared and instantly countless sword light struck the [Turtle Shell Immortal].

[Turtle Shell Immortal] laughed loudly. Five turtle shields emerged from his body, easily defending against the thousands of sword attacks.

The two people, almost instantaneously, arrived at the gate of the shrine.

The rest of the people had just reached the stone base.

Ximen Yeshui and Qin Zhishui were also in the crowd.

“Haha, Luo So’s legacy is mine.” Standing above the doorway of the shrine, [Yin Yang Monarch] could see the dense forest-like ancient stone bookcases and the endless power surging within the books, his face immediately turned ecstatic as he raced toward the shrine at the first moment.

[Turtle Shell Immortal] did not show the slightest weakness.

The two figures raced ahead, advancing at the same rate as each other.

But before their fingers had touched the air within the temple, suddenly a gush of invisible force came from the main hall. Even the two experts of the Ascending Heaven stage could not react in time, and only felt like they were a piece of rice paper in a hurricane, before they could gather the strength to fight back, there was a sweet taste at their throat and they were propelled away.



The two people groaned, their face contorted in agony.

And the strong people behind frantically trying to catch up with them, upon seeing this, did not slow their speed and darted toward the shrine gate like moths flying into a flame.

But with no exception, they were blown away by the booming explosion of qi.

“Why is it like this?”

“Is the prohibition spell not gone?”

“I can see the books on the bookcases... heavens, that must be the cultivation manuals that [Formation Sovereign] Luo So left.”

“Every book is a piece of treasure.”

“There are so many books that we won’t have to fight. If just one person takes one manual, that would be enough...” the crowd exclaimed.

At the entrance of the stone base, they could see everything inside. The flashing light of the strange power from within the books made everyone anxious to rush in, but thinking of the terrifying force that gushed out of the shrine gate and the two wounded Ascending Heaven stage experts, they did not dare enter.

“Look, what is that?” Someone suddenly discovered something, pointing inside in astonishment.

In the shrine, countless beams of bright light like strands of silk, beautiful and magnificent, constantly converged toward the depths of the dark void of the shrine, forming a strange ball of light. And in the ball of light, there were bright spheres of light twinkling, like the brightest stars in the vault of heaven. If carefully counted, there were exactly one hundred stars.

“That is....”

“One hundred stars?”

“Why does the aura of the bright stars seem a little familiar...”

As though they knew what was happening, someone cried out incredulously.

“That is... the power of Spirit spring, the embodiment of the mouth of the Spirit spring in a strong person’s dantian.” [Yin Yang Monarch] spurted blood from the corner of his mouth, a look of bewilderment in his eyes. He had seen a strong person breaking through to the Bitter Sea stage before, his body changing into the starry sky of the universe and the Spirit spring of the dantian becoming blazing stars. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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