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Imperial God Emperor 315 - Dragon transformation attack

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Chapter 315 - Dragon Transformation Attack

At the same time.



A shaft of sword light burst out.

The middle-aged swordsman launched a sudden attack at Ye Qingyu.

Although Ye Qingyu had been on constant alert, he did not expect that he would dare attack so brusquely like that. As he evaded the attack, the middle-aged swordsman’s sword lunge quickly changed direction and the back of the sword struck the oar in Ye Qingyu’s hand.


The oar slipped out of his grip.

The middle-aged swordsman grasped the oar and flew out like lightning.

“Hahahaha....You idiots, wait for death here!” The middle-aged swordsman cackled madly, and in the blink of an eye he was already hundred of meters away. Imitating the armoured old man, he struck the surface of the water with the oar, borrowing force to leap across.

“Brother Pei, don’t leave me, did we not agree beforehand...” the eagle hook nosed man yelled.

But how can he call back the middle-aged swordsman.

At that time, the boat shook and swayed violently again. Gurgling noises sounded out under the boat and large amounts of blood water leaked into the cabin. Even the sides of the boat were about to sink into the blood red water.

“Dismantle the boat!” Ye Qingyu shouted.

At the same time, Qin Zhishui had pulled out his blade.

The blade light struck the side of the boat.


A metallic impact sounded.

Sparks shot out in all directions.

But the sides of the boat remained fine.

“No, can’t tear it apart... The hull of the boat is made from some mysterious material and our yuan qi is sealed, it’s hard for us to tear it...” Although Qin Zhishui was calm all along, at this time his expression was different.

“I’ll try!”

Ye Qingyu also no longer kept his abilities hidden. Activating [True Will of the Sky Dragon], his right hand instantly formed into a dragon claw. He grabbed the side of the boat and exerted strength. A loud clang echoed throughout the boat as the extremely strong sides of the boat were broken into chunks.


Ye Qingyu threw a piece of the sides of the boat to Qin Zhishui.

“What about you...” Qin Zhishui slightly hesitated.

“Brother, you go first. We have our own way,” Ximen Yeshui said, grinning.

“Thank you.” Qin Zhishui gave a cupped fist salute, before he leapt up and imitated the armoured old man and middle-aged swordsman by using the parts of the boat to hit the surface of the water and advancing towards the shoreline.

The eagle hook nosed man’s expression changed greatly. Today he was blind and did not realize the pretty boy was someone who had concealed himself before. He knew that with his behaviour before, Ye Qingyu would absolutely not help him. Grinding his teeth, he leapt out towards the ocean.

Ye Qingyu was shocked.

Suddenly the eagle hook nosed man leapt towards Qin Zhishui like a meteor.

Ye Qingyu instantly knew what this person planned to do.

“Brother Qin, be careful,” he shouted.

On the other side, Qin Zhishui also sensed the danger. The eagle hook nosed man wanted to snatch the piece of the boat away from his hand.

Luckily, Qin Zhishui was calm when facing dangers. While protecting the piece of the boat, he twisted around to directly face eagle hooked nosed man and launched a blow. Borrowing the force of the attack, he was propelled hundreds of meters forward, widening the distance between them.

Eagle hook nose was sent flying back dozens of meters. Wounded and exhausted, and with nowhere to stand, he fell into the sea of blood.

“Ah ah ah ah...”

He screamed frantically like a mad wild dog, took out the meteor hammer, and as he dropped into the water, he pounded the surface of the water. The force propelled him dozens of meters high in the air...

But the meteor hammer itself was very heavy and could not float on the blood water. The effect was obviously not as good as the oar and the boat.

After five or six times, the eagle hooked nosed man plunged into the blood water.

He furiously writhed around in the blood water, but very soon, his flesh began to corrode, emitting bursts of thick and foul-smelling white smoke, and he eventually sank into the boundless blood red ocean.

And at the same time.

Ye Qingyu had repeatedly removed several pieces of the boat.

“Haha, I’ll try.” Ximen Yeshui tied two pieces of the boat to the soles of his feet, and jumped down onto the surface of the seawater. With a confident and at ease posture he walked across the waves without getting wet. Others were scared of the blood water, but for him, he looked as relaxed as a child playing in the water.

Song Xiaojun looked at the piece of board that Ye Qingyu handed over to her, gently shaking her head.

The dark red flame in her body rose, turning into red demon lotus petals and supporting her body up. She slowly floated up, like the fairy of the ninth heaven, mysterious and graceful.

“Your yuan qi has not been sealed?”

Ye Qingyu was astonished.

Why could Song Xiaojun use yuan qi?

Was she not affected by the tremendous word ‘ordinary’ in the sky?

Song Xiaojun did not say anything, simply stretched out her hand, motioning Ye Qingyu to come onto the demon lotus petals.

Ye Qingyu smiled. “Haha, this time, I don’t need you to help me, I think I can cope... I’m going to collect on a small debt first.”

As his voice died away.

The roar of a dragon appeared between the heavens and the earth.

[True Will of the Sky Dragon] was in complete operation.

Ye Qingyu transformed into a silvery white sky dragon.

The true meaning of martial arts was a kind of enlightenment, a kind of power of one’s spirit and will. So it won’t be suppressed by the mysterious force of the word ‘ordinary’ that appeared in the sky. Ye Qingyu had secretly tested this before.

If a dragon entered the sea, the blood water cannot penetrate in the slightest.

A dragon can soar high into the sky. Flying is a natural ability of the dragon clan, the word ‘ordinary’ in the sky cannot inhibit its skill.

Ye Qingyu, who had transformed into a dragon, roamed the sky and the sea, as if he had returned home.

In the blink of an eye, he had travelled thousands of meters.

The middle-aged swordsman was already next to him.

“What? Where did it come from... Sky Dragon?” The middle-aged swordsman turned pale with fright.

“Haha, tiny being, I said before, you are dead. You snatched my Master’s oar, now my master has transformed. Ahaha, do you still feel superior?” Little Nine stood above the dragon’s head, holding the two horns with his paws and looking up at the sky, barking with excitement.

“What, you are....” The middle-aged swordsman finally came to understand. “Impossible... it’s impossible... The word ‘ordinary’ in the sky compressed all yuan qi, how can you still perform such remarkable ability, unless... unless... it’s the true meaning of martial arts? It’s impossible...”

His heart was bitingly cold.

“Woof hahahaha, what is impossible, woof’s master is capable of doing anything. Small thing, I said that I will bite you to death, quickly roll over here, let woof bite you...” silly dog Little Nine said smugly.

Ye Qingyu let out a low roar.

He felt strange.

Isn’t it supposed to be the pet carrying the master?

But why had the silly dog jumped on his head, spoke out all his words and snatched his lines... Why does he feel that he is the pet and the silly dog is playing the role of the master?

The middle-aged swordsman’s face turned ashen.

He frantically yelled, slapped the blood water surface with the oar and desperately leapt ahead.

But no matter how he exerted his strength, he still could not escape the sky dragon.

“Fend for yourself.”

Ye Qingyu’s huge dragon tail flung gently, knocking the red oar out of the middle-aged swordsman’s hands and taking it back.

“No...” The middle-aged swordsman roared in despair,. As his body was dropping into the blood water, he looked at Ye Qingyu imploringly. “Little brother, please, spare me... ah, no, save me...”

Ye Qingyu ignored him.


The middle-aged swordsman ultimately plunged into the blood water of terror.

“Ah ah ah, no, save me...” He struggled madly, his body emitting foul-smelling white smoke and his flesh started to corrode, as if he was a live pig who had fallen into boiling water.

But no one cared about him.

The silver sky dragon’s slender and graceful body twisted and turned, returning back to the place before.

The blood red boat had already sunk, leaving behind only a broken side of the boat on the surface of the water.


Ye Qingyu dived into the blood waves, water splashing in all directions.

After transforming into the sky dragon, Ye Qingyu felt free, free to move anywhere and do whatever he wants. Not even the blood red sea can cause him the slightest bit of trouble. He dived down several hundreds of meters into the blood red sea, the dragon eyes snapped open, shooting out a divine light that was able to see everything clearly in the blood red water within thousands of meters.

“It’s a dead sea, not a shred of life whatsoever... No fish, no living creatures.”

There was no sign of fish or shrimp around.

Ye Qingyu transformed into a dragon and entered into the sea, like the emperor had return to his own territory.

He could see that the boat that they were on before was releasing tiny bubbles, slowly sinking down into the deep sea. In the boundless ocean, it was like a grain of sand, gradually sinking little by little.

Ye Qingyu’s tail slightly moved and he had arrived at the boat.

“This boat, what material is it made from that blood water can’t corrode it. It is incomparably hard and can float on the blood water, perhaps it is a rare treasure.” Ye Qingyu thought, and without hesitation, stored the entire boat into the [Cloud Top Cauldron] of his dantian world.

The powers of [Supreme Ice Flame] could still be used. Ye Qingyu’s powers were not completely suppressed, so he could still store the little boat into the dantian world.

The [Cloud Top Cauldron] was a mysterious pill cauldron that came from ancient times. Just the hundred and eight ancient characters etched on the outside was priceless. If it had fallen into the hands of a Pill Master like the [Pill God of Snow Empire] Dugu Quan, it would instantly become his most sacred treasure. But in Ye Qingyu’s hands, it was only a means of storage.

Calculating the time that he had patrolled around the depths of the sea, Song Xiaojun and the others have probably reached the shoreline. Ye Qingyu was ready to come to the surface.

Just then——


Suddenly there was an extreme feeling of his heart pounding all around his body.

Ye Qingyu felt all the dragon scales extending and looked down at the bottom of the deep sea, where an incomparably vast shadow was slowly drifting over in the depths of about thousands of meters. However, even with the eyesight of the dragon, he still could not see the shadow clearly, or what it was, although he was certain that it was a creature. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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