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Imperial God Emperor 312 - The advantages of being a pretty boy

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Ye Qingyu came to the rocks of the dock...

The fresh red coloured strange ocean splashed, causing droplets to land on his clothes. Instantly, there was the sound of hissing as holes appeared on his clothes.

Ye Qingyu was shocked.

There was a person who threw a shield directly into the blood red sea.

Chi Chi!

With a light sound, the Spirit class metal shield transformed into a wisp of smoke as it was destroyed.

The expressions of everyone paled in an instant.

The power of the blood red sea, far exceeded others imagination.

For it to be able to instantly dissolve a Spirit class shield. Although the power of everyone on the island was high, but if they were not careful and fell into the blood red sea, their flesh and blood body would not be able to last long.

This represented that using the raft to cross the sea was incomparably dangerous.

Furthermore, using such a small raft.

Everyone became hesitant.

"This is absolutely a world of death," the middle-aged swordsman said in anger. His sword landed on a jutting blood red rock near his feet. With a clank, sparks flew everywhere. There were several chunks that appeared on his sword. But there was not the slightest of marking left on the rock from his strike.


Evidently, everyone began to realize that the island below their feet was also not simple.

There were people that tried again and again, but could not even leave the slightest of markings on the rocks. They could not even cut a small pebble away.

Ye Qingyu also tried, but was not successful.

Looking at the blood red sea, he could not help but be shocked. For such hard rock, to be corroded by the blood red sea, just how long had this blood red sea and rocky island existed. Could it have existed since the God and Devil Age?

"These rocks are so hard, if it could be used as ingredients for a weapon..."

Ye Qingyu was not willing to abandon such a material.

He activate a portion of the [True Will of the Sky Dragon]. Without any signs, his right hand transformed into a dragon’s claw. Grabbing a boulder, and with a twist of his hand, the dragon claw sunk into the boulder, grabbing a rock the size of his fist.

He had succeeded.

The power of the Sky Dragon was definitely terrifying.

Ye Qingyu was overjoyed.

He looked at the surrounding people.

Their attention was still on the little raft.

The armoured old man discussed with the other people. He walked out of his own initiative., grabbing the rotted rope, and dragging the decrepit little raft over.

Ye Qingyu using the sharp claws of the Sky Dragon, grabbed a number of rocks, and carefully stored it away.

"brother, quickly come aboard. We're going out to the sea," Ximen Yeshui jumped on the little raft and began waving and shouting.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

This time, there was not any conflict or killing. Ten people all went aboard the raft.

Some people used the oars of the raft, and began on their journey.

Ten people fitted just perfectly on the raft, and it was not too crowded. If there were two more people, it would be most likely that there would not even be room to even sit down.

"We will take turns rowing the raft," the armoured old man suggested.

No one objected.

Ye Qingyu sat at the back of the raft, sitting next to Song Xiaojun. In front of them were Ximen Yeshui and Qin Zhishui.

Others did not pay too much attention to a 'pretty boy' such as Ye Qingyu who relied on a woman to enter into the divine gate. Even the armoured old man who seemed kind and amiable, did not say anything to him. It was only Qin Zhishui who knew Ye Qingyu's true identity. He would occasionally cast a glance at Ye Qingyu, but he did not open his mouth to say anything.

Ye Qingyu was also too lazy to say anything.

The wind on the blood red ocean was not too powerful.

In just an hour's time, the island had already disappeared from their view.

Everyone would switch and row the raft every two hours.

Ye Qingyu was allocated the fourth duty, and the person rowing along with him would be Ximen Yeshui.

The moment Ye Qingyu held the rough and coarse oar in his hands, Ye Qingyu could not help but inspect it. It was unknown just what this oar was made from, but it was as heavy as steel. But the feeling of it was definitely wood. There were all sorts of markings on it, as well as many little holes, as if it was an oar that had been left for many years of disuse by fishermen.

When the red-coloured oar dipped into water, there would be faint mist that rumbled and gurgled, as well as bubbling from the blood red sea.

Ye Qingyu rowed.

Although everyone had their yuan qi suppressed, but they were after all, experts at the Bitter Sea stage. Their power could not be underestimated. The little raft was like an arrow that broke through the waves, slicing through the ocean ahead.

After two hours had passed, it was time for the duty to switch again.

Song Xiaojun's turn had arrived.

Ye Qingyu looked at Song Xiaojun, and said to the other people, "I will take her duty."

The armoured old man smiled, "It's all up to you. If you want to row, no one will stop you."

Ye Qingyu nodded, continuing to row.

Song Xiaojun looked at him without saying anything, silently sitting where she was.

If one did not see the invincible scene of her using the flame of darkness, everyone would just believe that this girl wearing a golden laced mask was just a wealthy young lady who did not have any conflicts with the world. She sat there silently, the wind coming from the blood red ocean blowing across her dark red dress, like it was a moving flame. Out of everyone, Song Xiaojun's colour was the colour that most suited the dark red colour of this world. No matter whether it was colour, or clothing or hair colour.

The sensation it gave to other people was that she originally belonged to this world, that she was one of the original occupiers of this world.

Everyone had a somewhat wary glance as they gazed at this young girl.

Because everyone understood that the person with the most powerful strength was very likely to be this girl who came from the Unmoving City of Darkness.

When they were fighting for the right to enter into the divine gate, she had easily brought Ye Qingyu along. With just a slight gesture, even the power of a Dao tool was sent flying back. The large majority of people on the small ship could not do such a thing.

that's why there were people that had fear and respect looking towards Song Xiaojun. There were also stares of envy that they used to regard Ye Qingyu with.

Especially the fact that Ye Qingyu offered to help Song Xiaojun row the raft. This action was regarded as something that was done to please the young female expert.

"Girls are really easy to fool."

"Who would have thought that being handsome had such an effect. This little kid is really a true pretty boy. Just by relying on his face, he was able to enter into the divine gate..."

Everyone had strange gazes as they looked towards Ye Qingyu.

They looked at Ye Qingyu, then at Song Xiaojun, then again at Ximen Yeshui, their expressions becoming even more peculiar.

Song Xiaojun was a girl. Although her power was terrifying, but she was still young. To be fooled by a pretty boy was understandable. But Ximen Yeshui was evidently a dark skinned scholar. Why would he protect the little pretty boy?

Could it be?

Some perverted thoughts rose to the surface of some people minds.

The little raft was like an arrow on the ocean as it travelled for roughly twelve hours.

The surroundings were still the surging blood red ocean. The entire colour of the sky was a dim red that caused one to quiver. It was as if blood stained this entire world. Although no one said anything, but the moods of everyone on the ship was somewhat suppressed.

Apart from the waters of the sea and the dark clouds, they were not able to see anything.

Within the sky, the 'common' character seemed as if it never moved. It was still flickering with a strange light, a mysterious power constantly emitting from within the letter. It was vast,endless and powerful, forcefully suppressing everyone’s yuan qi.

zthe armoured old man kneaded his face. With a smile, "The atmosphere is somewhat depressing. Why don't we have a chat. Haha, I'm an old person taking advantage of being old. this matter... this matter is somewhat strange. According to logic, every time the divine gate opens there are twelve people entering. But why is it that this time, there are only ten of us? If we carefully look at the little raft, we will discover that the raft can just about accommodate twelve people."

"That's right, I also thought of this problem," someone nodded his head.

The middle-aged man coldly sneered. "Every time the gate opens, twelve people enter. That's right. But we have never confirmed whether they must be human. If someone must bring a dog along with them, then what can we do. The place that originally belonged to someone else is taken by a dog."

Astonishment, then some gazes landed on Ye Qingyu and Little Nine.

Ye Qingyu smiled without saying anything.

The silly dog Little Nine jumped up with rage, “Woof, what do you mean? So what if I’m a dog? Do you want a fight? Come, come, come. I'll fight one on one with you. If I can't bite you to death, I'll adopt your surname."

"Fine, I'll see if your dog tooth...." the middle-aged swordsman said with anger filling his words.

There were immediately people that began laughing.

To let a dog have your surname was absolutely not a good matter.

The eagle nosed man wielding the meteor hammer, quickly grabbed at the swordsman, saying something next to his ears.

The middle-aged swordsman finally reacted, finally realizing he had fallen into a verbal trap of a dog.

His eyes squinted, his gaze filled with an unconcealed killing intent, "If there was not someone protecting you, I would have long slaughtered you."

Little Nine did not show weakness at all, "If not for the fact my master did not allow me to kill easily, you would long have been a pile of bones."

"You..." The middle-aged swordsman was son infuriated, steam was rising all around his body, holding his sword in his hands.

"Everyone, everyone, calm down, calm down. This is not the time for internal conflict," the armoured old man quickly jumped out to become the mediateor again. "We are currently ants on the same rope, we must act together. We must preserve our strength.“

Ye Qingyu grabbed Little Nine back, not letting him brew up any more grudges.

From the current situation, the eagle nosed man and the middle-aged swordsman had already allied together. One had been left at a disadvantage by Ximen Yeshui and the other had offended Song Xiaojun. so they could be counted as being on the same situation, cooperating together was within reason.

It made Ye Qingyu suddenly realize that although these ten people looked to be silently just sitting there, but it was hard to tell just who was with whom, and just what they were planning. Even the armored old man that seemed so amiable may be hiddenly planning something.

Once the little raft reached the shore and neared the palace of the [Formation Sovereign], there would most likely be a battle breaking out.

And such a bloody scene would definitely be even more horrifying than when they were fighting for the right to enter into the divine gate. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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