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Imperial God Emperor 310 - Bloody battle

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Chapter 310 - Bloody Battle

The shrine gate of the Moving Imperial Residence had been opened. At this moment, the most intense and most dangerous moment descended.

The figures were like lightning rushing to be the first to enter the slowly opening double gate in mid-air.


Boom boom boom!

There was the frantic bombardment of countless strong qi.

There were all kinds of spiritual weapons and treasured weapons whizzing across the air, relentlessly aiming at those people’s back to kill.



Tragic screams resounded through the air.

Suddenly, in the air, people were blown to pieces. Broken limbs and severed bones were flying out in every direction.

A strong person that managed to rush to the very front was killed in an explosion by three weapons at the same time. He was not even able to let out a miserable cry before turning into a rain of blood. A little behind him was another strong person that was also affected, his arm blown to pieces, but he was still as before, risking his life desperately as he headed towards the door. Unfortunately at less than 20 meters away, he was also killed by the people behind.

Strong people fell like the rain.

At this moment, the cruel world of martial arts was displayed vividly and thoroughly.

As long as someone dared to be the first to fly towards the gate, they were inevitably attacked by almost everyone else.

“Who dares to rush in front, kill,” the armored old man yelled in a stern voice. “The legacy of the [Formation Emperor], only the truly strongest person can obtain it. If some trash wants to enter, they are seeking death.”

“Yes, only the strongest can have it,” the middle-aged swordsman who was defeated by Ximen Yeshui before echoed loudly.

But at such a chaotic time, when everyone was frantically fighting to go in front, no one listened to them. Everyone wanted to win that chance. Even those that were not as strong also wanted to test their luck. The more chaotic the scene, the better. Who would stop to discuss and compare their strength and determine who is qualified to go through the stone gate?


Another person screamed tragically, their body blown to pieces.

The crowd on the ground also began to attack. The ruthless people directly attacking the people next to them. On one hand, they could make the situation more chaotic, and on the other hand, with another person dead, the number of people fighting to enter the gate would be less and the chance of entering would be greater.

Ximen Yeshui’s entire body was whizzing with the noise of a body moving swiftly, like the sounds of tide and thunder, which shocked the people around to retreat away from him.

“Let’s go!”

As Ximen Yeshui spoke, he grabbed Ye Qingyu’s hand, his body soaring to the sky and pulling Ye Qingyu toward the shrine gate.

But how would the other people let them off so easily? almost at the same time, countless murderous qi as well as various weapons were rumbling and whirling toward the back of Ximen Yeshui and Ye Qingyu, mercilessly bombarding them.

“Get lost!”

Ximen Yeshhui roared, turning around and throwing out tens of punches.

The blue watermark fist was like a meteorite shooting across the air, strong qi booming behind, expelling all attacks.

In an instant, the two men had almost reached the shrine gate.

Just then——

“Get the hell back!”

With a bellow of rage, a strong person that had been keeping quiet in the crowd suddenly attacked. A black meteor hammer rumbled, hurtling toward the two people that were almost reaching the gate.

Ximen Yeshui looked back, from his eyes, a blue light shot out, as he bellowed, “You want to die?”

Another punch was thrown out.


The azure blue fist collided with the black meteor hammer.

“Huh?” Ximen Yeshui had a sudden change of expression, feeling the earth shattering power of the meteor hammer, he exclaimed, “It’s a Dao tool?”

This black meteor hammer was actually a Dao tool?

Majestic power erupted.

Even with the strength of Ximen Yeshui, he could not completely counteract this power. He relaxed his hold on Ye Qingyu’s hand, bloodstain at the corner of his mouth, as his body was sent flying away at a rapid speed, directly landing through the shrine gate...

Ye Qingyu was not as lucky, the frightening strong qi had caused a disturbance of blood and qi. Blood was gushing out his mouth and nose as he was propelled back across the air to where they started...

The crisis was not over.

After Ye Qingyu was blown away by the force of the weapon, almost all the other murderous forces were directed at his already slightly out-of-control body.

To kill him.

With another dead, they would have a higher chance of entering the shrine gate.

This was what everyone was thinking about at that moment.

“Woof, Master!”

Little Nine, who was always biting onto Ximen Yeshui’s heels, screamed sharply. In the split second of Ximen Yeshui’s leg almost passing through the gate, he flew back like lightning, desperately grabbing onto Ye Qingyu’s body. With a loud roar, his body expanded, protecting Ye Qingyu from the constant bombardment.

“Little brother, you...”

The light of the divine gate swirled. Ximen Yeshui’s voice sounded out from beyond the gate.

“I’ll come collect you... Ah... you bastards, how dare you attack my brother... I’ll come out to kill you... I want to come out...”

He seemed to be frantically struggling out of the shrine gate to help Ye Qingyu again, but the gate had an irresistible force that drowned him, and finally, his voice and breath were smothered.


A black flame flashed across.

Song Xiaojun finally made a move; black flames turned into the petals of a dark red demon lotus, wrapping around Ye Qingyu and Little Nine, and slowly returning them to the ground.

“Woof, which bastard hit me? I will bite him to death.”

Leaping out from the demon lotus, Little Nine grimaced in pain, and at the corner of his mouth were dark red bloodstains.

Although he was known for his thick skin, but being attacked by so many masters at the same time, as well as various weapons and the power of the Dao tool, Little Nine also had to pay a price. It was the first time he was injured.

Ye Qingyu’s mouth was covered with blood and his clothes were torn when he came out from the demon lotus.

His face was unsightly.

Rage burning within his eyes.

But this was not the time to try to be a hero.

“Let’s go.” Song Xiaojun reached out her slender white hand and took Ye Qingyu’s hand, her entire body burning with dark coloured flame. A terrifying dark force broke out, black flames transforming into lotus petals and wrapping around them and silly dog Little Nine. The flower floated up to the shrine gate.

And at this moment, there was a figure that flew up with a strong force, evading the dangerous attacks one after another, heading straight for the shrine gate.

This time, there were 12 places altogether.

Ximen Yeshui took one of the places, and now there were only eleven left.

The crowd grew more and more frantic.

Qin Zhishui, who has not made a move at all until now, finally attacked.

Both his hands formed a blade seal, and the red silk blade began shaking. With a flash, a strong and extremely powerful blade will shot towards the divine gate…

Everyone thought that he was intercepting other people and did not stop his sword light.

But before the sword light had passed through the gate, Qin Zhishui’s figure on the ground gradually grew fainter, and eventually vanished like a bubble.

“Crap, that sword light... He transformed into sword light and entered the shrine gate,” someone yelled.

“The sword light escape method of Matchless Blade City... too careless, he took a place.”

Many people were infuriated.

And at this time, a dark demon lotus also floated across to almost at the shrine gate.

“Attack the demon girl.”

“I can let it pass if she’s entering herself, but she wants to bring a pretty boy along with her.”

The increasingly fretful crowd bellowed, countless strong qi in the form of streaks of light bombarded the dark demon lotus.

The black meteor hammer that appeared before was activated again, silently hurtling toward the dark demon lotus.

Song Xiaojun suddenly looked behind, seeing the black meteor hammer, her bright clear eyes suddenly flashed a dark red lotus light and an extremely quick and forceful light shot out. She stretched out her slender lily-white hand and gestured lightly with her hand.


The meteor hammer shook and propelled back at a much faster speed.

Among the crowd.

The strong person controlling the meteor hammer let out a roar, his body flashed away and avoided the counter strike. The meteor hammer scraped his skin before it exploded and the surrounding four or five of people were instantly blown into pieces of flesh.

And at this time, Song Xiaojun, along with Ye Qingyu, had entered the shrine gate.

“Ah Ahh...” The person that was controlling the meteor hammer gave a furious bellow, retrieving the meteor hammer, yuan qi rushing through his body, and the black meteor hammer suddenly grew to dozens of meters in size. A ray of black light enveloped his entire body as he rose into the sky towards the gate.

The scene grew even more chaotic.

As the number of places for entering the gate was reduced again, the rest of the remaining people were going berserk.


“Kill, kill you all!”

“Dare to fight with me? Die!”

“Who dares stop me, I will kill them all.”

Fresh blood and bones flew in all direction,

The front of the shrine was like a slaughterhouse.

Then, someone came out of the 18th fog area and before he understood what was going on, he was involved in this massacre. All the people had gone berserk, attacking anyone that was near them. Like a moth flying into a flame, they headed straight for the shrine gate in mid-air, but almost all of them could only fly half the distance before they were ruthlessly attacked and fell down.


Time was up.

In space, the mirage of a shrine began to fade and the double doors also began to close.

The crowd was even more frantic.

Finally, someone succeeded in entering.



There were constantly lucky people escaping from this madness.

When the tenth person finally managed to charge in front towards the almost closed door, shivers of excitement were all over his body as he threw himself forward toward the shrine gate...



An elastic force burst forth from the shrine gate, directly hurling him away.

“No... what’s going on?”

He roared in despair.

At the same time, someone had reached the shrine gate after going through innumerable difficulties.

But with no exception, he was also catapulted away.

“What’s the matter?”

“There were two more places, why can’t we go in.”

“Isn’t there a total of 12 places? Only 10 people went in...”

“Ah, that dog, that dog of the little pretty boy? Can a dog take a place?”


In the midst of blood splattering everywhere, countless people were yelling in despair and anger.

More people darted towards the slowly closing gate, but in the end they were rebounded back and could not get close to the gate. They had completely wasted their time and effort.

Then, suddenly, there was a cry of surprise.

“What is going on? The fog zone is dispersing...”

“The [Fog of Annihilation] is disappearing...”

“Damn, that is our route of retreat, with the fog gone, how do we get out!”

“What happened?”

“This place is changing, the opportunity is gone... No, what are we going to do? Should we hurry back before the fog zone completely dissipates?”

“I am unwilling.”

“That batch just now was the last batch that could enter the Moving Imperial Residence.”

The people that have missed the opportunity cried bitterly and loudly. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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