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Imperial God Emperor 308 - A move for a move

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Chapter 308 - A Move for a Move

Ye Qingyu could feel the powerful physical strength of the dragon form.

Vaguely, he began to understand that the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] was not what he had initially assumed it was. This profound technique meant to increase the offensive power of yuan qi was, in fact, a powerful method of body refining. The reason he could not comprehend it before was that he was going down the wrong path at the very beginning.

It wasn’t till now, that he finally understood the true meaning of the [True Will of the Sky Dragon].

Luckily, this [Fog of Annihilation] made him accidentally use the power of annihilation to refine his body. Only through this was he able to stimulate the seed of true martial arts will that the mysterious illusory figure left in his own body. He had finally completely activated the power of the [True Will of the Sky Dragon].

“Chen Moyun once said that I have a body type that is the [Holy Body of the Dragon’s Blood], This must be one of the main reasons that I could comprehend the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] so quickly.”

In Ye Qingyu’s mind, countless thoughts flashed by.

He drew a deep breath, slowly attempting to withdraw the scorching hot energy in his body and trying to control the profound power of the [True Will of the Sky Dragon]. After all, he could not always maintain this sky dragon form.

As the energy slowly receded from his four limbs and body like the tide retreating, Ye Qingyu felt the wonderful changes within his body.

The sky dragon in the ice mirror had its figure gradually enveloped by a faint silver ice flame, and then its tremendous body shrank. Its silver scales began to peel off, entering back into his body and exposing human skin. Finally, the dragon head, tail and body vanished as he returned back to human form.

Ye Qingyu returned to the form of his human body.

The silver-coloured ice flame was still enveloping the pivotal parts of his body, and he was still in a naked state.

“You’ve changed back?” Ximen Yeshui’s eyes shone with a curious light. “Hey, which is your true form, you are not part of the legendary Dragon-Human Clan, right?”

Silly dog Little Nine circled around Ye Qingyu a few times, looking just as excited. “Master, I think that your huge worm appearance is much more impressive. Why change back to your human appearance…”

Ye Qingyu did not bother to answer these two buffoons.

In that instant of transforming back into human form, Ye Qingyu immediately felt the earth-shattering murderous power of the [Fog of Annihilation] return like a tsunami. It made his muscles ache and bones crack. He was in terrifying burning pain like he was shrouded in blazing flames. Ye Qingyu instantly realized that he could not withstand the murderous force of the eighteenth fog zone of the [Fog of Annihilation] when he was in human form.

Once again, he activated the profound meaning of the [True Will of the Sky Dragon].

Layers of dense and thin mercury-like scales grew out from his skin.

From the ice mirror, Ye Qingyu could see that his entire body was covered with silver ice flames. hen a huge dragon body, head and four claws stretched out from the ice flames. Accompanied by a low draconic growl, he once again transformed into the form of a hundred-meter-long silver sky dragon.

The silver scales emanated a bright light.

The surrounding [Fog of Annihilation] could not near him at all.

The terrifying force of oppression vanished without a trace.

Ye Qingyu controlled his dragon-form body, constantly adapting and getting used to it.

A moment later, he had completely adapted to the shape of the dragon’s body.

“Let’s go.”

He opened his mouth to speak, but a clear and resounding dragon growl sounded out instead.

The language of dragons was only understood by the Dragon Race.

Ximen Yeshui exchanged a glance with silly dog Little Nine, trying to figure out Ye Qingyu’s meaning.

It wasn’t until Ye Qingyu turned and swam into the depths of the fog that they finally responded. Little Nine thought for a brief moment, then pounced over and bit onto Ximen Yeshui’s heel. Ximen Yeshui tried to fling him off, but in the end he ignored this vindictive dog and followed behind the silver dragon, continuing into the depths of the fog zone.

The markings of the map kept flashing in Ye Qingyu’s mind. He constantly matched up the markings in the black jade scroll to the area right now.

Although he had transformed into the form of a silver sky dragon but the martial arts techniques that he had mastered in his human form could still be used fully. When he looked inside, he could still see the barren world of his dantian, which was no different from when he was in his human form. The various spiritual weapons stored in the warm Spirit spring could be freely taken out as he wished.

Along the way, Ye Qingyu made several attempts to adapt to the new shape of the silver sky dragon body.

In addition to trying to control the body, he was mostly concerned about which body he should use to fight.

Very soon, he found that in the dragon form, the strongest weapon to fight with was his very own body.

The strength of this body was simply at the level of his dreams. Although Ye Qingyu had not really attempted this yet, but he had complete confidence in using this body to fight head-on with a low level expert of the Bitter Sea stage. When he activates the yuan qi in his body, the silver scales all around the sky dragon would emit a silver glow and a chill of terror would fill the surrounding air, controlled by his mind. If he opened his mouth, he could breathe out [Supreme Ice Flame] from his mouth.

The only drawback was that the dragon claws were not suitable for most human weapons.

And Ye Qingyu was now basically certain that the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] was only a kind of remarkable ability of martial arts. After transformation, he had not really become a dragon, so he could not awaken the memory passed on in the legendary Dragon Race and all sorts of magical powers unique to the Dragon Race.

But for Ye Qingyu, it was already far more than enough.

As he entered deep into the eighteenth fog zone, the roaring of the demonic beast horde became much clearer. All sorts of demonic beasts were frantically roaring and howling, like they were fighting. Within the fog, there was a faint smell of blood, and all kinds of mournful howling, like the rage of the ocean, made people feel restless.

Ye Qingyu let out a low growl.

A clear dragon’s roar resounded.

The horde of demonic beasts below were evidently intimidated by the roar of the dragon. The howling and screaming immediately stopped.

But after a moment, the frantic roaring of the demonic horde echoed again.

Back as it was before.

Very quickly, an hour of time had passed.

The [Fog of Annihilation] ahead began to fade.

They had reached the edge of the fog zone.

“We have almost arrived to the outside boundaries of the eighteenth fog zone, we must be careful. We are nearly at the district of the temporary Imperial Residence. I believe that many masters have already arrived. Human actions are hard to guess at. There may be an ambush up ahead.” Ximen Yeshui’s face grew more serious, stopping Ye Qingyu and said after some thought, “Little brother, there will soon be killing. Do not hold back, a single slip may cause everlasting sorrow... How about this, follow behind me. If a fight does happen and your big brother can’t cope, you run away as fast as possible.”

Ye Qingyu changed back to human form.

They were already at the edge of the eighteenth fog zone and the pressure had weakened a lot. The human form could also withstand it.

Retrieving fresh clothing from the interdimensional pouch, Ye Qingyu instantly activated his yuan qi throughout his body. He prepared to enter the state of the [First Limit] of the [Limitless Divine Way] at a moment’s notice. Nodding his head, he was not too courteous as he followed behind Ximen Yeshui as they left the area of the fog.

The fog was getting lighter.

Vaguely, the situation outside could be seen.

What made Ye Qingyu look slightly disappointed was that there were still ancient city ruins as before.Collapsed walls, broken deity statues, bricks and tiles were everywhere. It seemed that there was no difference from the situation outside of the fog zone. Is this the so-called moving Imperial Residence? It shouldn’t be. Or was the information wrong? There was no such thing as the so-called legacy of the [Formation Sovereign] Luoso?

While his mind was off somewhere else——


A harsh sword light, like a bolt of lightning, suddenly appeared, attacking head-on.

“Who is it?” Ximen Yeshui was very alert, reacting at the first instant, and shouted as he punched out.


In the air, there were sounds of water erupting, rumbling like a tidal explosion.

The sword light crumbled.

“Good, strength is not bad. You are an able person, you qualify!” the person with the sword said in a low voice, drawing back his sword and did not attack further.

Ximen Yeshui humphed coldly, a tremendous energy surging all over him like an endless ocean tidal wave, rolls of thunder rumbling in the surroundings. The silly but amusing scholar that had a poor sense of direction seemed to have switched to another person at this moment, exhibiting an indescribably imposing majesty. Walking with his head up like a dragon filled with dignity, he stepped out of the dense fog in huge strides.

Ye Qingyu followed.

The [Fog of Annihilation] dispersed.


A middle-aged swordsman with long grey hair was clutching a sword in his hand. Sliding his sword back into its sleeve, his face turned stern and his eyes were sharp like a sword.

And at his side stood dozens of people with different faces, all dressed differently. They did not seem to be in the same gang. For some reason, standing here, they all had a similarity: each of them had strong yuan qi surging through their body. The weakest of them was around the level of the Bitter Sea stage. It was evident that every one of them were masters amongst masters.

Among the crowd Ye Qingyu noticed a familiar face.

The young master of [Matchless Blade City] Qin Zhishui.

This young top-level swordsman had once appeared in Youyan Pass and showed himself in the martial arts meeting in Proud Sky Center, but he kept low-key and quiet—— In fact, all the disciples of [Matchless Blade City], at that time in Youyan Pass, were very well-behaved and abided by the rules and did not follow the bad example set by others like the Crepe Myrtle Sect and the Dragon Tiger Sect. Throughout the martial meeting, Qin Zhishui did not say a word, and after the meeting ended, he immediately left Youyan Pass.

Ye Qingyu did not think that he would meet Qin Zhishui here.

And it looked like he came alone from [Matchless Blade City] because he stood at the side by himself, keeping a distance from the others. The eye-catching fiery red robe that the disciples of [Matchless Blade City] wore and the even more fiery red cloth on the sword shaft made Qin Zhishui looked like a silent flame. A kind of chill emanating from him.

“It was you that attacked us just now?”

Ximen Yeshui glared at the grey haired middle-aged swordsman that was standing opposite him.

“So what?” Perhaps because he felt the blaming tone in Ximen Yeshui’s voice, the middle-aged swordsman smiled coldly and his tone became more forceful.

Ximen Yeshui’s lips curved into a smile. “A move in return for a move.”

Before his voice died away.

He threw out a punch.

Six blue water ripple marks appeared, spiralling along his arm.

The strange blue water ripple marks, like a blue sea snake, coiled around his fist, forming a bright blue watermark fist. In response to the thunderous rumble of surging sea waves within Ximen Yeshui’s body, he struck the middle-aged swordsman. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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