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Imperial God Emperor 305 - The change in the military badge

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Originally, Ye Qingyu thought that Ximen Yeshui would speak about the Three Schools and Three Sects. But from his current words, the top sects were not even given the slightest of attention by him.

Seeing Ximen Yeshui speaking of such matters like that so vaguely, Ye Qingyu could only continue asking, "When you speak of the Human Race, are you referring to the Imperial Family of Snow Empire?"

"The Imperial Family of Snow Empire? En, perhaps. It seems like the Imperial Family of Snow Empire rules over all of Heaven Wasteland Domain today, but in truth, it is just a puppet power that has changed its form," Ximen Yeshui said with disdain.

A puppet power that has changed its form?

Ye Qingyu was suddenly surprised in the heart.

Ximen Yeshui, just what was his background, that he would dare say such words?

And it seemed like he was not just saying such words. When he said such phrases, it seemed like he was giving advice and criticism to the entire Empire. He said he had just finished his training, but Ye Qingyu, after reflecting in his heart, did not know just what sort of sect apart from the Three Schools and Three Sects, could raise a disciple with such a domineering tone.

In the blink of the eye, they came to the third fog zone.

There was still an endless pressure at this area. Chaotic and destructive powers of all sorts constantly attacked their bodies. Ye Qingyu activated his yuan qi to protect his body, sensing that the pressure in zone three was stronger when compared to zone one and zone two. It was a multiplicative increase.

But Ximen Yeshui still teased Little Nine like usual. He did not activate yuan qi, and just smiled calmly as he easily resisted against the offensive power of the [Fog of Annihilation].

Ye Qingyu could not see through the true strength of Ximen Yeshui.

At this time, Little Nine had finally gotten cleanly away from Ye Qingyu's grasp.

This silly dog that had already been long driven berserk with anger finally got his wish. He bit onto Ximen Yeshui's finger, but it was a pity he could not bite through his skin, and was not able to tear a piece of his flesh off. But he still did not give up, clinging on tightly. A growl emitted from his throat, and he looked like a piece of flesh just hanging onto Ximen Yeshui’s hand.

Ximen Yeshui yelped in surprise, madly shaking his finger. He made Little Nine completely dizzy, but was still not able to make him release his finger.

Ye Qingyu resisted the urge to say anything.

But he increasingly felt it was inexplicable why there were only weirdos around him.

As they fought and bickered, they finally exited the third zone.

It was another abandoned ancient city.

It was as if everything was repeating itself. If not for the fact of the map on the black jade scroll had the correct path marked out, as well as for the markings he had made in the three zones, Ye Qingyu would really believe that in this entire two hours, he had fallen into some sort of illusory labyrinth, staying where he was originally.

But after a short while of entering into the abandoned city, the smell of blood wafted out.

A cruel battlefield appeared.

But the battle had already finished.

There were tens of bodies lying on the ground.

"En? It's people from the Three Schools and Three Sects?"

Ye Qingyu gave a glance at the corpse on the floor.

The person was already dead, but evidently it was someone that Ye Qingyu recognized -- it was namely the seventh elder Zhang Buliang of the Violet Seven Stars Sect that had appeared at the Proud Sky Center that day.

The elder of the sect that was once glorious, had all life cut away from hm. There was a large gaping hole at his chest, and a large whip in his hands that had broken. Disbelief and shock was evident in his face. His blood covered the ground...

Not only this, there were two other middle-aged men that had died in battle beside him. There was a similar bloody hole at their chests that looked incomparably gruesome. They also wore the robes of the Violet Seven Stars Sect, and should be the older experts of the Violet Seven Stars Sect.

Ye Qingyu was incomparably shocked to see this scene.

Apart from the people of the Violet Seven Stars Sect, he saw another corpse behind a fake, decorative mountain. The corpse wore rough clothing, and was burly and muscular. His eyes were wide open, not able to rest in peace. There was a bloody hole at his throat where fresh blood seeped out. HIs lifeforce seemed to have completely broken.

It was the elder of the Setting Sun and Great River Sect, Quan Jiulong.

Quan Jiulong was known as someone possessing invincible fist techniques. He had once appeared in the Proud Sky Center that day too, and he was also someone who was qualified to sit within the Xian Pavilions. There were countless JIanghu people who admired him, and he could be counted as a legendary figure, but he had ultimately ended up as a corpse.

White browed Yu was also next to him.

This talent of the Setting Sun and Great River Sect had once clashed with Ye Qingyu at Youyan Pass. White browed Yu had once attracted the attention of everyone, and could be counted as a skill expert of Snow Empire. But it seemed like he could not escape death - his chest was also pierced through.

It seemed as if all the experts of the sects that Ye Qingyu had seen had died here.

Apart from the people of the Three Schools and Three Sects, there were also other bodies. But Ye Qingyu did not recognize them. However they should be people with profound cultivation. Their blood was bright and resplendent; evidently, their yuan qi had been cultivated to an extremely pure state. When they were alive, they must have been powerful experts.

The scene of the bloody battlefield was enough to make one suffocate with nausea.

"The wounds are all the same." Ximen Yeshui pointed with his finger that had Little Nine on it. He closely inspected the corpses and came to a conclusion, "It should be caused by an implement similar to a long spear or a pike. And it was a one strike one kill. For so many people to be attack by one person, and it seems they did not manage to react...This was a complete one-sided slaughter."


Or perhaps a pike?

There was a glimmer of light that flashed by in Ye Qingyu's head.

He remembered the red-tasselled spear that he had seen.

It was the red-tasselled spear that pinned Nangong Liang, then automatically shot through the air and disappeared in the horizon.

Could it be that these people were also killed by the owner of the red-tasselled spear?

"The person who attacked is very strong," Ximen Yeshui said, after inspecting the bodies. Then he shook his finger, but still could not shake off Little Nine. He could only give up.

But after surveying the entire battlefield, he became excited and said in a joyful tone, "This is too great. This time, I left my master to meet all the experts of the world. Haha, all these people were originally my prey."

He had a completely confident appearance.

Ye Qingyu also did not know what to say.

At this time, he could not tell whether Ximen Yeshui truly had confidence or he was just bluffing.

"Grrrr...." There was a low growl that emitted from Little Nine's throat. Evidently he wanted to say something, but he still tightly bit onto Ximen Yeshui's finger without letting go. No one knew what he was trying to say.

"Hehe, you're still not going to loosen your mouth? What did you say? I can't hear it clearly... wahaha, fine, you must be complimenting me then," Ximen Yeshui spoke to the Little Nine in his hands.

Ye Qingyu's mood instantly grew heavy.

Quan Jiulong and Zhang Buliang were both existences that had taken half a step into the Bitter Sea stage. Although he would not be afraid if he encountered the two, and he had hidden cards up his sleeve which he could use to fight against them, but for two venerable experts to be slaughtered like cutting grass here. If news of this were to spread, it would shake the entire Snow Empire.

For two powerful experts to end up like this, Ye Qingyu could not be careless at all. Otherwise, he also had the possibility of dying here at any moment.

This matter, the powers and forces it attracted had far exceeded Ye Qingyu's original estimation.

Did he still have to continue?

Ye Qingyu was somewhat hesitant.

Continuing on would be playing with fire. The situation was already not something he could control.

But if he were to give up like so, Ye Qingyu would somewhat regret this.

After all, this place possibly hid the secret to his parent's death. From their injuries at their death, his parents should not have died to any demonic beast. It was evidently someone with martial cultivation who had acted. Perhaps it had something to do with such a place.

Furthermore, the legacy of the [Formation Sovereign] was a fortuitous encounter that went against the very heavens.

And when Ye Qingyu was evidently somewhat hesitant, a change occurred.

A scorching heat suddenly appeared without any warning within Ye Qingyu's chest, as if there was flame burning. The temperature was shocking.

Ye Qingyu was surprised, and carefully inspected.

He discovered, that this heat was emitting from an interdimensional pouch.

His consciousness submerged into the spatial container.

"Ah... this is... the military badge my father left behind. It's emitting a light. What is happening?"

This bronze military badge that he had always stored in his interdimensional pouch, had changed. The originally dim badge was emitting a strange light, as if it was a burning jewel. The splendour was so bright one could not stare into it directly. It was as if it had come alive, emitting brilliant silver and gold shimmers. It was as if something was about to jump out from the badge…

Why was it like this?

Apart from being shocked, countless thoughts flickered through Ye Qingyu's mind.

Although he did not know how his father, a martial artist who had not entered the army, was able to earn this military badge, but Ye Qingyu always kept it for sentimental reason and for reminiscing. After all, it was the most memorable item his parents had left behind for him. Very often, when he was stuck in his cultivation, or he was having troubled thoughts at night, Ye Qingyu would take this military badge and hold it, thinking of his dead parents.

Therefore, Ye Qingyu was extremely familiar with this bronze badge.

It was only a normal badge, with one or two small scale formations contained within. It was not special in the least.

Then, why would it suddenly change right now?

Perhaps there was some inexplicable secret inside the military badge?

Or perhaps, there was something within the [Fog of Annihilation] and [Abandoned Ancient City] that had attracted the change within the badge?

Or perhaps, the spirits of his parents was hinting at something through this military badge?

The shock in Ye Qingyu's heart was hard to describe using words.

His consciousness gradually retreated from the interdimensional pouch. Ye Qingyu did not take out the badge that had transformed.

He took a deep breath.

"Let's go. We must increase our speed, and see what happened in front of us."

Ye Qingyu was determined.

He made his mind up to continue to explore further.

If this military badge really sensed something in such an environment, then as they continued to explore further, there would definitely be something that would be revealed. Perhaps the secret within the bronze military badge, was something that his parents definitely wanted him to find out the most.

Therefore, he could not give up. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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