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Chapter 304 - Several Major Forces?

“Hey? A talking pig?” Ximen Yeshui looked in astonishment at Little Nine, then back at Ye Qingyu, when he suddenly laughed. “Little brother, your taste is very strange. Other people have pets like dragons, tigers or mythological animals, which not only have an impressive outward appearance, but are also very strong. While you’re only raising a little pig, so small that even if slaughtered for meat, it won’t be enough to fill you up.”

“I’ll bite you to death,” silly dog Little Nine suddenly growled in rage, turning into a bolt of lightning.

Ye Qingyu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Eat it?

If Little Nine didn’t eat anyone, he would already thank the Heavens.

Grabbing Little Nine’s tail with one hand and pulling him back, Ye Qingyu said with a smile, “Brother Ximen is joking. The map you talked about, can I have a look?”

“Ah, so it’s a puppy, I was wrong, but this puppy is a little too fat, it looks more like a pig. He must eat a lot...” Xiemn Yeshui said interestedly before he responded to Ye Qingyu. Such an important map, but he did not look like he cared about it much. He hurriedly nodded. “Good, good, no problem. The map is here, little brother, take a look at it. As long as you can take me out of here with you after looking at the map...”

As he spoke, a light flashed in the center of his palm.

A black jade scroll emerged.

Ximen Yeshui handed the jade scroll over.

Then he continued to tease Little Nine.

“A long pig-like puppy, wow hahaha. It’s quite ugly... Hey, are you a male or female?” Ximen Yeshui said, his wide grin revealing his white teeth.

“Woof, woof!”

Little Nine was about to go berserk.

Had he ever been so insulted before?

Ye Qingyu pretended that he didn’t see such a scene. He received the jade scroll, examining it closely. After pouring yuan qi into the jade scroll, the map was suddenly projected out like an illusion.

The projection was like a water curtain, flickering slightly.

Although the map was like an ink wash painting, the brushwork was not realistic, and the edge of the zones was badly damaged and incomplete. Bu it could still be seen clearly that it was a minimized version of the real location. This was indeed a rough map of the ancient city ruins There was a dark red line linking 18 of the faint grey shadows...

“The dark red line should be the correct route, and the faint grey shadows... Hmm, I know, it must be the [Fog of Annihilation]!”

There was nothing complicated about the map. Ye Qingyu, with one glance, easily understood it.

That means the route he travelled by following the red tasselled spear was correct, and he did not return to his original starting point, but that in the ancient city ruins, there were 18 of these grey fog zones. The [Fog of Annihilation] that he was situated in right now was the second fog zone.

Ye Qingyu has a photographic memory. With one glance, everything on the map were imprinted on his mind.

“Woof, let go of me. I will bite that blind man to death… Master, let go of me!”

Silly dog Little Nine was floating in the air, growling and making threatening gestures.

His shiny milk teeth and claws flashed out like he wanted to tear Ximen Yeshui to pieces. Unfortunately, his tail was firmly in Ye Qingyu’s hand and he could not move in the slightest.

Ximen Yeshui gathered around to watch interestedly, closely observing Little Nine while clicking his tongue in admiration. “Very cute, haha, this little guy is interesting. Although a bit ugly, but he has a personality...”

“Ugly?” Little Nine calmed a little listening to the first half of his sentence, but at the word ugly, his eyes turned red with rage. “Woof woof, me and you cannot exist together, woof!”

Ye Qingyu returned the map. “I think I understand, let’s go.”

Hearing what was said, Ximen Yeshui jumped up and down with excitement.

When he first appeared in his scholarly outfit, the feeling that he gave Ye Qingyu was that he was refined in manner, but in this short period of time, this impression was completely changed. Ye Qingyu was already certain that Ximen Yeshui was not only dark-skinned and just finished his training, but more importantly, he and Wen Wan were similar. both silly in nature, but amusing.

Two people and a dog continued ahead, entering into the [Fog of Annihilation].

The terrifying pressure that they had experienced before attacked them once again.

Within the mist, there were indeed countless demonic beasts running wildly and roaring, like an underground current, endless and heading towards an unknown place. Ye Qingyu was now certain that within this [Fog of Annihilation], there was a space-distorting power similar to the teleportation formation, just like the tsunami-like demonic beast tide appeared only in the fog and could not seem to escape from the fog, entering into one fog zone after another, so the outside of the ruins of the ancient city could not be seen.

As though affected by the annihilation power of the fog, the demonic beasts were in immense pain. They completely lost their sanity, howling furiously and running madly, everything that was blocking their way was torn apart.

Ye Qingyu could vaguely understand why the demonic best horde that appeared at the surroundings of Deer City went berserk and had such a violent temper.

But what he could not understand was why these demonic beasts, in the midst of losing their minds, must surround Deer City, rather than continuing south.

Ximen Yeshui and Little Nine were looking face to face ateach other, when they finally got out of the second zone of the dense fog.

The outside was still as dark and was still the seemingly endless ancient ruins.

Crumbling walls, buildings, shrines and statues were everywhere, like a lost world that has been isolated from the people and the world for millions of years.

This was no different from the ancient city ruins that they had previously seen outside in the first fog zone.

Ye Qingyu was still thinking about the information that Ximen Yeshui had told him in his mind.

If they could really find the legacy of the [Formation Sovereign] Luosu, this was definitely a fortuitous encounter that went against the Heavens.

The era of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors was one of the most miserable and most glorious time of the boundless universe. It was a time when countless heroes came into being and the Eight Supreme Sages carved a path for themselves during the chaotic times of thousands of races massacring each other, supporting the survival of the Human Race. The strength of every one of the Supreme Sages reached the legendary peak. The legacy and the treasure that they had left behind were keys that led to the supreme pinnacle.

Just who did not aspire to become the most supreme person?

In the boundless world, there were countless domains. But after the era of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, a truly supreme existence had not appeared in the Human Race yet. The main reason was that after continuously experiencing the four consecutive dark eras, there was a breakage in the inheritance of martial knowledge. This made it difficult to continue the path to the peak position, and without a real pillar of existence, the power of the Human Race in the boundless world weakened. The living situation of the Human Race becoming more and more gloomy.

After the era of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, the power that was closest to the Supreme pinnacle said such words before he died in battle. He claimed that in the situation of a strong rise in the power of the thousands of different races, if the Human Race cannot find the martial arts inheritances left by the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, sooner or later, the Human Race will face the danger of extinction.

Therefore, ever since the end of the fourth dark age, for countless of years, the countless sages of the Human Race have been persistently searching for the inheritance left behind by the three sovereigns and five emperors. They hoped to rely on the beneficence of the Eight Supreme Sages of the Human Race, to continue the path and to restore the martial arts breakage caused by the four dark ages and return to the glory of the past.

Unfortunately, the inheritance that any one of the Supreme Sages left behind had never been found.

[Formation Sovereign] Luosu was not only the representative figure of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors Era, but also the Supreme Sage that influenced the martial arts world of Heaven Wasteland Domain the most. There were numerous clues related to the legacy of this Supreme Sage spread all around in this world.

The [Fog of Annihilation] that Ximen Yeshui mentioned was obviously one of them.

Although in the past years, people did not find the legacy of the [Formation Sovereign] based on the presence of the [Fog of Annihilation], but they had found several clues. Therefore, every time the [Fog of Annihilation] appeared, there will be many people frantically searching for it.

“Five years ago, when [Fog of Annihilation] first appeared at Deer Mountain, it attracted the attention of countless people. It was said that strong people from the outside made time to come and investigate, but Heaven Wasteland Domain was a new domain and there had never been a similar situation in the past. Usually in new domains, there would be no clues or traces regarding the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors. So by the time the other forces reacted, it was already too late, the demonic beasts horde had already retreated and the [Fog of Annihilation] also disappeared soon after...”

Ximen Yeshui was like a very talkative man, telling him lots of secrets all at once.

“And this time? Have all the parties reacted?” Ye Qingyu asked thoughtfully.

“Of course. In fact, five years ago, the major forces had already gathered all the clues. It is said that there was a strange arithmetician who estimated that the time the next [Fog of Annihilation] would reappear was five years later based on the clues found in Deer Mountain at that time. The major forces should have been secretly preparing, and now that the fog has erupted, and the beast tide has appeared, would they forgo this opportunity?” Ximen Yeshui no longer teased Little Nine, walking next to Ye Qingyu and did not hide anything he knew.

Ye Qingyu was silent.

According to Ximen Yeshui, Snow Empire should already know about these mysteries. Then why had he never heard about this before?

Was Snow Empire trying to maintain secrecy on all matters relating to this, and with his status and identity he has no right to know?

Or was Snow Empire also in the dark about this?

“The major forces that you mentioned, what are they?” Ye Qingyu asked again.

“Oh, in Heaven Wasteland Domain, those that are considered major forces, are the Human Race, Demon Race, Beast Race, and the Barbarian Race...Well, perhaps also the evil people. It is thought that even the people of the [Unmoving City of Darkness] will appear,” Ximen Yeshui spoke like he was listing all the valuables of his family, but the major forces that he spoke of were certainly powerful. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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