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Imperial God Emperor 302 - The end of the Fog

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Chapter 302 - The End of the Fog

The grey fog seemed endless.

Ye Qingyu cautiously moved forward.

“Come on, hurry up, catch up to that guy covered with red crap. I will bite him to death....” The silly dog, Little Nine, was jumping up and down on Ye Qingyu’s shoulders with an impatient look on his face.

“Red crap?” Ye Qingyu couldn’t help laughing out loud. “It’s red crap, do you still want to bite into it? Your appetite is so huge, no wonder Wen Wan always keeps saying that a dog can’t stop himself from eating shit, you really...”

“Ah... shut up.” Little Nine had a blank moment for a few moments then flew into a rage.

He transformed into a bolt of lightning, darting into the grey fog.

“Be careful... ” Ye Qingyu loudly reminded him.

After a few moments, the fog seemed to split ahead, and Little Nine rushed back, his white fur giving off a faint silvery light as he effortlessly made the grey fog move back. He looked like a fish swimming, moving his tails and limbs, cutting through the dense fog.

“Haha, very fun and interesting... Master, look at the careful look on your face. You’re too timid. Woof, haha, this fog is nothing.”

The silly dog looked elated.

It seemed he had forgotten about the topic of the red crap, floating across in front of Ye Qingyu, nodding his head and wagging his tail excitedly, showing off.

Ye Qingyu’s expression suddenly changed, his eyes fixed on the back of silly dog Little Nine. “There is something... be careful.”

“Woof, such a little matter. Do you want to fool a dog? I do not smell any creatures nearby...” Silly dog Little Nine dismissively looked at Ye Qingyu, thinking that Ye Qingyu was tricking him.

But just then, there was something that touched his tail lightly.

“Hey?” He stared blankly, then his pupils suddenly contracted, he let out a sharp scream and turned into a bolt of lightning, jumping onto Ye Qingyu’s shoulder and covering his eyes. “Ah ah, Woof woof, something, like a ghost is near, my tail.... ah ah ah, something touched me.”

Ye Qingyu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Floating over from afar was a dead body.

A body dressed in black armour.

“It was the shorter brother of the tall and short brothers that entered before us, they died...”

Ye Qingyu recognized the body and came slightly closer.

The man’s armor was completely intact and the formation was still operating by itself, releasing a faint black light and defending against the dense grey fog. But he was dead, his face already stiffened, not breathing anymore. A bloody hole about the thickness of a finger was in his left eye socket, his skull being pierced. Strange scarlet veins, like poison vines, had spread across his face, looking exceedingly frightening.

“He was murdered...”

Ye Qingyu sighed.

If he had not guessed wrong, the person that killed him, should be that blood-red cruel and fierce figure.

Because the smell seeping out of the wound, the putrid stench of decaying blood, was exactly the same as the smell emanating from the blood red figure before.

“Human beings die in pursuit of wealth and birds die in pursuit of food. You and your brother, for the so-called opportunity, did not live a prosperous life and died here in the end. Your dream of resurrecting your sect has also became a dream. Is this what the so-called Jianghu is? I am not acquainted with you, but we are both people of the Human Race, therefore I will see you off. ”

Ye Qingyu did not agree with leaving the corpse of someone of the same race as him in such a state. Thinking, he took out a interspatial pouch and placed the corpse inside. After this matter was over and they left the foggy area, he would find a place to bury him.

“I did not know that Master likes to collect dead bodies,” Little Nine said curiously.

“Shut up.”

Ye Qingyu snapped.

This stupid dog.

One man and one dog continued on ahead.

Very soon, another body floated over.

“Could that be the tall brother?” Ye Qingyu was shocked.

When he looked closer, it was not what he initially assumed. It was not the tall man of the tall and short brothers but an unfamiliar middle-aged man instead. His body was severed in half and he had died a tragic death in the mist. The inner yuan of his body had not extinguished, preserving his corpse. But his internal organs had already been corroded by the grey fog.

This unfamiliar middle-aged man was at least someone at the fifty Spirit springs stage.

All the evidence pointed to the existence of something very dangerous in the grey mist.

Ye Qingyu began to feel more and more that this time, the beast tide outbreak hid a deeper secret unknown to ordinary people. He thought that he should also preserve the half body for burial later.

Having continuously seen this kind of horrifying sight, Ye Qingyu was on the alert. Gathering the inner yuan energy in his body, the silver dragons turned into a bright stream of light, curling around his body to protect him as he advanced further into the depths of the grey fog.

Approximately three or four miles later, the fog ahead suddenly faded a little.

“Hmm, have we reached the end?”

Ye Qingyu, slightly surprised, quickened his pace.

He moved downwards, closer to the ground.

The sounds of demonic beasts running and screaming echoed in his ears.

He was still quite a distance away from the ground, but he could feel the vicious and ferocious atmosphere of the demonic beasts, and even though the grey fog was rolling over like boiling water, he could vaguely see the heads of the giant demonic beasts, raging and howling, rushing out from the direction of Deer Mountain.

They again travelled for approximately fifteen minutes.

The grey mist was gradually dispersing

In front were some indistinct building structures, including a collapsed palace pavilion and a broken deity statue, which had fallen over and looked like it had withstood the passing of many years.

Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that this deity statue was designed in the form of the Human Race and beast clan in the ancient times. It was completely different from now. It wore armor, but looked very old, and its facial features were unclear. Many parts of it were cracked and not complete. But what could be seen clearly was that the ancient statue was covered with sword wounds and arrow holes, deep cuts of swords and spears, as if it had experienced a mournful and terrifying battle!

“Is this an ancient battlefield?”

Ye Qingyu felt apprehensive.

He had never heard before that there was an ancient battlefield existing within the central parts of Deer Mountain. Over all these years, there had been more than millions of travelling merchants and explorers heading up Deer Mountain, but there never was the news of some ancient ruins that had come out.

Ye Qingyu was on full alert, slowly approaching closer.

The grey mist was finally scattered completely.

Ye Qingyu looked startled, unable to determine where he was situated now or if he was still in Deer Mountain, because when he looked into the distance, there was not a trace of the mountains or the forest, nor snow or glacier, but a dark space. There was a sky without the Sun or Moon or the nether springs below. In his sight, he could only see the ruins of an ancient city, broken walls and crumbling temples, broken bricks and smashed tiles that have experienced many years, and there were also mottled wood...

At his so-called position, he was right in the middle of these deserted ancient ruins.

Looking behind were the endless extensive ruins of an ancient city.

“This... where are we?”

Ye Qingyu felt that something bad was about to happen.

“Woof woof!”

As though silly dog Little Nine had all of a sudden noticed something, he vigilantly and nervously rushed to the front, barking loudly.

Ye Qingyu furrowed his brows.

There was a faint smell of blood that came in front of them.

After passing blocks of ancient city walls that had collapsed for many years, broken roof tiles, and an over 10-metre-in-diameter fallen tiger deity statue, Ye Qingyu once again saw a scene of tragedy.

On top of a black rock foundation in front was a tall and burly man. His eyes were wide open and he held a red shield in his hand. But a long spear with red tasselled was pierced through his shield and his body. His two feet were away from the ground and the spear pierced right through his heart, hanging him in mid-air...

Sparkling and translucent blood silently flowed down the cracks of the rocks behind his back, gathering into a blood swamp beneath. Powerful inner yuan that made one shiver was still pouring out from his body.

“Very strong... This person’s strength is not weaker than mine at all when he was alive.”

Ye Qingyu looked startled.

He did not know of the background of the tall and burly man, but his strength must not be underestimated. Although he was already dead, but the blood flowing out of his body was still emitting a strong yuan qi energy, thick and not dispersing. Each drop of blood was bright and glistening. It was evident that he had cultivated to an extremely advanced level for his blood to be like that.

A master like that was stabbed to death on a rock.

From the way his body was positioned, he evidently had reacted and tried to defend himself. The blood red shield was pierced by the power of the red tasselled spear and he was stabbed to death, indicating that the person that killed him attacked extremely fast and his strength was strong, several times above him.

Ye Qingyu stood 10 meters away, his eyes fixed on the red tasselled spear, and then he suddenly felt a sharp feeling of pain, stumbled back several steps and dared not to look again...

“Frightening, that spear...”

Ye Qingyu’s heart was trembling.

That red tasselled spear, it seemed so ordinary, incomparably simple and with no formation flickering on it at all, but within it, it retained the martial arts willpower of a strong person.It contained a frightening murderous spirit, as if it was a substance with form. Ye Qingyu only took a look at it, but he had evoked a reaction from the long spear, and the murderous spirit immediately reacted, almost stabbing Ye Qingyu’s eyes!


This sort of power was unheard of.

The person who possesses this kind of remarkable powers was most likely an expert of at least the Bitter Sea stage.

Even the strong experts at the Bitter Sea stage were involved in this?

This tall and burly man, who was he, and just why was he killed here?

Ye Qingyu grew more and more apprehensive.

Things were getting more and more complicated.

The path ahead was absolutely fraught with danger. The fact that even a strong person of the Bitter Sea stage was involved in this far exceeded his initial assumption of the situation. Even if Ye Qingyu still had a lot of cards in his hands, the slightest carelessness by him and he may well suffer fatal consequences.

But Ye Qingyu knew that he could not retreat.

Because the secret hidden here was possibly related to the death of his parents.

He dared not slow down, gathering the yuan qi in his body to its peak and heading toward the corpse and the spear...

Just then——


A powerful force came forth.

The red tasselled spear that pierced through the body of the tall and burly man was suddenly awakened, shook slightly, pulling itself out from the corpse, turning into a ray of light and flowing toward the ruins of the ancient city...

“Ah ah ah ah...”

The dead body of the tall and burly man rolled onto the ground, falling into the swamp of blood. His eyes snapped open and he shot to his feet, as though he was resurrected. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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