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Chapter 0

“About this, we had investigated it later, but there was not a single clue left behind,” Wen Wan explained, his face filled with shame. “The attack came soundlessly and without warning. It obviously had been planned for a long time. On that day, I saw a wisp of silver light, which shot out from the horde of demonic beasts and there was a black figure, like a ghost, that suddenly appeared, surrounding big brother Ye and Yingying. When I tried to run over and help, everything was already irreparable! ”

“Silver light? Shadow?”

Ye Qingyu’s hand clenched into a tight fist.

In his mind emerged the scene of when his parents had died.

The silver light was undoubtedly the treacherous little sword, and that shadow... which he had not encountered today was obviously something more terrifying than the little sword.

Demonic beast tide outbreak, just what secret was it hiding?

“Father, mother, I have touched upon what happened back then. You should rest in peace. I promise you that what happened back then, I will investigate thoroughly and regardless of what kind of existence the murderer is, I will make them pay with blood!”

Ye Qingyu’s purpose in coming here, was to open the coffin and examine their corpses and compare the small sword on his father’s forehead to the one he seized today and see whether they are the same—— Of course, when his father was buried, it was arranged by someone because Ye Qingyu could not make the decision. He vaguely remembered that his parents’ corpse had not been moved, and in accordance with his father’s wishes, the weapon was buried underground.

But since Wen Wan had told him these secrets, there was no need to disturb the peace of his parents.

Without the need to inspect and verify, Ye Qingyu has been able to confirm that the two little swords must be exactly the same.

“I’m going on a trip to Deer Mountain.”

Ye Qingyu kept quiet for a long while, before opening his mouth and speaking again.

Wen Wan and Hon Kong seemed to have known that he would have such a decision since they did not look surprised. After all, the demonic beast tide suddenly broke out from Deer Mountain without any signs. Five years have past, but everything seemed to be the same as in the past. If there was any astonishing secret, then this secret may be hidden in the source of the demonic beast horde outbreak——Deer Mountain.

This time, it must not be the same as last time.

Five years ago, everyone waited until the demonic beast horde had disappeared before heading up Deer Mountain to investigate, but in the end, came back empty-handed.

“We’ll go with you,” Wen Wan said.

Ye Qingyu shook his head. “The beast tide suddenly broke out, the mountain must have a mysterious secret. You and Headmaster Hon should stay to help protect the city. After all, there are countless of people in Deer City. If we only relied on the power of the City Lord and the four military leaders, it won’t be enough and reinforcements may not necessarily arrive in time.”

“But we do not know about the situation up the mountains, there might be danger...” Hon Kong said worriedly.

Ye Qingyu smiled. “It’s okay, If I want to go, there is nothing that can stop me. Even the greatest villain of our generation, Yan Buhui, could not stop me. I naturally have my own ways of protecting my own life.”

“That’s true.” Wen Wan thoughtfully nodded. “As they say, good people do not live long, but a scourge remains for thousands of years. This kid is ruthless and has killed countless people. He is a great scourge; how would he die so easily.”

Ye Qingyu looked at him with a stern, gloomy face and said through gritted teeth, “Forget it, I’ll just take it that you’re complimenting me.”

Hon Kong thought for a while before replying, “Take Little Nine with you, he may be useful.”

Ye Qingyu subconsciously wanted to refuse; this dog had always been unreliable and often caused trouble for him. It was unknown what would happen if he took him. But he suddenly remembered that today outside the city when he was obstructing the demonic beast horde, the demonic beasts fled when they encountered Little Nine, like hiding away from snakes and scorpions. They seemed to be extremely afraid of this dog...

Ye Qingyu was tempted.

“En, okay,” he accepted Hon Kong’s suggestion.



The news of the attack of the demonic beast horde on the city had spread throughout Deer City.

The town was suddenly in a panicked and anxious state.

The extremely lively and bustling streets and lanes that were seen with people weaving in and out of each other’s way previously, did not even have a single person in it now. Every house had its doors and windows tightly closed, and the people all hid away. The City Lord Residence had sent out soldiers, patrolling everywhere, and at the same time the guards and private soldiers of the noble families were also asked to help protect the town.

The skilled masters among the students and teachers of White Deer Academy also participated in the protection of the city.

The City Lord Qin Ying had set up the headquarters in the west city gate tower, and all the orders were continuously sent out from there.

As the local ruler that had governed Deer City for decades, Qin Ying demonstrated his power and strategy at this moment. No matter how everyone felt about him, they must admit that Qin Ying was indeed a very capable nobleman; whether it was in governing people or directing troops, both in peace and in wartime, he was fully qualified to become a wise leader.

Deer City under the orderly command of Qin Ying was, for the time being, as stable as a boulder.

Even until nightfall, the defensive perimeter of each of the city gates did not reveal the slightest of flaws.

But for the people in the city, it was like living in a nightmare.

An endless number of terrifying demonic beasts were continually crashing into the walls. The ground shook and the crazy bloodthirsty demonic beasts stepped on one another, piling up like a mountain of meat, almost reaching the top of the city walls. If the city was not protected by the [Million Knots of Earth and Glass] formation, the demonic beast horde only need to assemble into a pyramid using their bodies and they could have easily cross the seventy-meter wall and entered into the city.

Due to the stack of demonic beasts, they had crossed over the wall and climbed onto the orange-yellow protective film of the formation. Looking up from inside the city, they looked as though they were crawling in space. The countless fierce and ugly-looking demonic beasts, separated by a layer of glass, were wriggling in the air, gradually obscuring the sky.

They used their own claws, teeth, scales, horns and body to strike the thick protective film of the [Million Knots of Earth and Glass] formation. Although they looked like an army of ants attacking a person, but the people peering out into their own courtyard were filled with fear and anxieties, worried that the formation would be smashed and then these frightening demonic beasts would rain down on the city.

If so, it would be a catastrophe.

As time went by, the sky of the whole Deer City was almost blanketed by the crazy horde of demonic beasts.

The sunshine was blocked off and the whole city was immersed in eternal darkness, not able to distinguish between day and night.

The experts and soldiers protecting the city had to bombard the demonic beasts that were climbing on the protective film of the formation to reduce the pressure of the [Million Knots of Earth and Glass] formation protection and to reduce its energy loss from time to time.

At the sky above.

The [Bright Sword Ship] would also use the formation yuan qi cannons to strike the demonic beast horde at the edges of the city, aiding the military.

But as time passed, among the horde of demonic beasts, monsters that have the ability to fly began to appear. They formed a large group and covered the sky like a black tide. The ship could only continue to rise higher into the sky, keeping at a level higher than the flying demonic beasts to avoid being besieged.

There was a boundless terrifying feeling of witnessing an endless number of demonic beasts. People that have not experienced it would not be able to imagine the scene that caused one’s heart to shudder with fear.

Ants gathered into an army could also kill an ancient demon elephant.

Once they break into the city, only an expert like Ye Qingyu may be able to survive.

But the other ordinary strong people would be eaten alive by the terrifying beast horde.

Everyone was living on edge.

In this situation, if the reinforcements from the Empire did not arrive and this continued on, the energy and the city resources would be depleted sooner or later, and the city would collapse soon after that.

“Do what you can do, leave things to the heavens,” Qin Ying said to those close to him.

It was said that there were some nobles in the city who were secretly preparing to active teleportation formations to leave Deer City.

It was at this time that Ye Qingyu and Little Nine appeared at the western city gates.

“City Lord Qin, I plan to go and head to Deer Mountain to investigate. Maybe there is something to be discovered there,” Ye Qingyu stood in front of City Lord Qin Ying, stating his intention. “A horde of demonic beasts had appeared for no reason, something must have happened up Deer Mountain. If we can solve the root of the cause, we may be able to cut off the beast tide. Otherwise, if we continue defending like this, people will eventually die within the city.”

“The mountain is too dangerous...” Within Qin Ying’s eyes flashed a strange colour, as he attempted to dissuade him.

Ye Qingyu smiled, “It’s okay, I naturally have confidence.”

“In that case,” Qin Ying nodded and did not discourage him any more. “I wish everything will go smoothly for Marquis Ye. I have limited skilled masters on my side and we do not have enough people. I cannot send soldiers to assist Marquis Ye.”

“I am fine alone, I do not need any assistance.”

Soon, under the arrangement of Qin Ying, when the group of beasts that were clinging onto the protective film was struck once again, a gap was broke open on the [Million Knots of Earth and Glass] formation and Ye Qingyu soared to the sky. Transforming into a stream of light, he left Deer City and disappeared with a flash.

“He... is not going to use this an excuse to escape, right?” Someone muttered in a low voice.

“Nonsense!” Qin Ying twisted around, his fierce eyes fell on the soldier’s face, yelling, “Marquis Ye is a heroic person. How could he abandon the city and escape? Besides, with Marquis Ye’s identity, he has no obligation to stay in the city. Anyone who dares to say such a thing again will not be spared from punishment.”

The people all kept quiet out of fear and dared not to say anything.

But City Lord Qin’s words, under careful reflection, seemed to imply something.




The moment he got out of Deer City, Ye Qingyu’s face was filled with a look of astounded shock.

The horde of demonic beasts had reached an indescribable level.

As if they were really a tidal wave, black current crashed down from afar up the Deer Mountain, like a vast body of water, completely submerging the whole Deer City. And the strangest thing was that the horde of demon beasts was obviously directed at the city. They lingered around the surroundings of the city, but at ten miles south of the city, there was not the slightest trace of the beast tide at all. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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