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Imperial God Emperor 299 - Treacherous little sword

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Chapter 0299 - Treacherous Little Sword

Perhaps it was because this matter involved his parents, but Ye Qingyu felt that the beast tide was hiding some sort of secret, and that this secret may be related to their deaths.

With the call of Ye Qingyu, the silly dog Little Nine reluctantly came to help.

Wherever he went, the horde of demonic beasts would scurry and hide.

The situation of the demonic beast horde that was like a flood was finally brought into a bit of control.

But the overall situation remained as bleak as ever.

A large shadow was suddenly projected on the ground.

The [Bright Sword Ship] had finally arrived.

The body of the huge battle ship obstructed the sun, casting a large shadow on the ground. The light of the formation cannon flickered in the bow of the ship, a terrifying energy filling the air, beams of light like a fire snake jetting out from the cannon.


The earth trembled.

With the launch of this barrage of cannon fire, the countless monsters beneath were immediately turned into dust and ashes.

A huge hole appeared in the ground.

Rocks and dust hurtled in all directions

The small formation energy cannons on both sides of the [Bright Sword Ship] were constantly shooting out lights of destruction. Although they were not as powerful as the huge cannon, but its firing frequency was faster. Against these low-level demonic beasts, they also had a frightening destructive power. Every time the huge cannon at the bow of the ship stored up power, it needed at least 20 breaths of time.

There were also black armoured soldiers jumping down from the battleship, arriving at Ye Qingyu’s side.

These were the elites of the Vanguard. The battle power of each person was at least at the twenty Spirit springs level. These were warriors that had undergone a hundred battles that Liu Siufeng had carefully picked. Their battle strength was not low, and they had extensive battle experience. These twenty people, with Ye Qingyu at the center, formed a drill that parted the oncoming rush of demonic beasts.

Time slowly passed.

Even if Ye Qingyu and the others obstructed them with all their strength, but the advancing speed of the beast tide far exceeded their imagination. In the blink of an eye, the distance between them and the fleeing crowd was less than a kilometer awy.

“Go back and help the refugees.” Ye Qingyu bellowed.

The troops accepted the order and disappeared.

They were all martial experts. High up in the sky, their speed was much faster than the soldiers of Deer City. Without exhausting the strength of their body, they could carry dozens of people at a time. Their rescue efficiency was several times higher.

Ye Qingyu constantly controlled the icy cold yuan qi, sending a frightening chill over. A layer of frost spread across the ground and the demonic beasts that were within 500 meters of Ye Qingyu’s body were immediately frozen. The demonic beasts that were frantically running behind turned into a complete mess seeing the sight of the monsters in front.

“Marquis, all the people have entered the city,” a Youyan soldier reported loudly in the distance.


Ye Qingyu called out to Wen Wan and Hon Kong.

Just then——


A beam of light suddenly without warning shot up from the horde of demonic beast, aiming at the space between Ye Qingyu’s eyebrows.

An assassination had arrived.

That beam of light came extremely sudden and the speed was as fast as lightning, almost beyond the limit of Ye Qingyu’s reaction.

In a flash, all the hair stood up over Ye Qingyu’s body.

It was a frightening feeling, like death approaching.

In that instant, Ye Qingyu could only vaguely see that the light was a small sword.

A small sword exhibiting a terrifying killing intent.

When he wanted to defend against it, it was already too late.

“The demonic beasts have low intelligence, I have never heard that they can use weapons...” Ye Qingyu’s face did not reveal a panicked expression. Seeing the little sword that was about to stab into the space between his eyebrows, the silver dragon hairpin jerked forward. A ball of silver light gushed out from the dragon head hairpin, spurting exactly onto the little sword.

The little sword slowed to a stop at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It was covered with silvery ice.

Ye Qingyu raised his hand, clasping the hilt of the little sword.

As though gripping onto a mountain.

A little sword only the size of a fist was so heavy that Ye Qingyu had to use all his strength to barely be able to hold onto it. He glanced down at it, his heart pounding with shock and he almost exclaimed out loud.

“This sword... before father died, the hilt on his forehead...

Ye Qingyu’s mind was buzzing, and then it went blank.

The little sword hilt did not have any signs or markings, only a pale silvery appearance. It was less than the length of a palm and seemed to be made from coarse materials. The lines were rough and the texture was uneven. It was not anything exquisite nor had any formation patterns engraved on it. It was not anything glamorous, but the hilt of the sword and the hilt of the dagger that was inserted in Ye Qingyu’s father’s forehead was almost exactly the same.

At that time, seeing his parents lying in a pool of blood, Ye Qingyu felt deep pain like a knife being twisted in his heart, particularly the small sword pierced into his father’s forehead, which had became his nightmare almost every night. In those years that he guarded the grave, how many times had Ye Qingyu dreamt of the little sword being pierced into his father’s forehead, blood dripping down his face, and was jerked awake from his nightmare!

Within Ye Qingyu’s pair of eyes, a frightening light was emitted.

He stared in the direction that the little sword originated.

Apart from the demonic beasts surging forward, there was no other human or demon figure hidden among them.

“No, no, demonic beasts can’t use weapons. Then at that moment, exactly what happened?”

Ye Qingyu’s body, like a lightning, directly darted over.

But he did not find the slightest of clues.

His consciousness expanded throughout, but there was no strange fluctuations of energy at all.

Where did this little sword come from?

“Marquis Ye, hurry retreat!”

The voice of a Youyan soldier echoed in the distance

Ye Qingyu cleared his head and glanced around. The horde of demonic beasts was like a flood and he knew there was no way he could investigate anything. He could only seal the small sword with the force of the little silver dragon and then confine it in the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. It was to be stowed away for now to slowly examine later.

In the distance.

Once the last refugee had entered into the city, the second heavy door began rumbling shut.

In the depths of City Lord Qin Ying’s eyes, there was a glimmer of disappointment that flashed by.

In that split second of the heavy door closing, Ye Qingyu, Wen Wan and others all entered into the city.


With the huge sound, the gates of Deer City finally joined up to become a gigantic metal panel.

Almost at the same time, the horde of demonic beasts crashed into the walls. The ground shook, but fortunately the city walls had survived countless years of operation. Combined with the strengthening from the formation and the protection from the [Million Knots of Earth and Glass], it easily withstood the impact of the attack.

Tens of thousands of monsters incessantly rammed into the city walls, until they were bruised and bloodied and their limbs were broken.

The smell of blood filled the air, becoming denser and denser.

The soldiers on the wall grew pale as they watched what was happening below.

In a short period of time, all sides of Deer City had been surrounded by the horde of demonic beasts. Looking down from the ship, the city looked like an isolated island in the middle of a brown ocean. It was a possibility it could be engulfed by black waves at any time.

Beneath the west city gate tower.

Everyone did not look too good.

Ye Qingyu also had his eyebrows lowered in a tight knit frown, still thinking about the treacherous little sword.

People that saw him with this expression thought that he was worried about the situation of Deer City and dared not say anything.

But the tremendous power that Ye Qingyu exhibited when he fought the horde of demonic beasts had greatly boosted the confidence of the soldiers. In Deer City, there were also the four military leaders, but compared to Ye Qingyu, the difference between them was too great. Especially the scene of the frost silver dragons roaring out from his body; it was like a scene of a god of war descending. When had the soldiers of Deer City ever seen such a power existence.

“The letter requesting reinforcement has been sent, reinforcements should arrive soon. Everyone stay in your position, you do not have to worry,” Qin Ying looked around at the people and said calmly.

The surrounding soldiers all replied loudly.

Looking out at the beast tide washing over like waves, no one would be in a good frame of mind. The scene of the city almost being destroyed five years ago once again surfaced in everyone’s mind.

“Marquis Ye do you have anything you want to say?”

Qin Ying looked at Ye Qingyu, not knowing what he was thinking deeply about.

Ye Qingyu glanced back at him. In his mind, a faint light flashed across, but he could not grasp it. He shook his head, saying, “Deer City is the area that City Lord Qin governs. I have no right to intervene. City Lord Qin should be in charge. Just now I was eager to save people so I hope you do not mind. I’m also from Deer City, if there’s anything that you need me, please do not hesitate.”

Qin Ying smiled. “Then on behalf of the people of the whole city, thank you Marquis Ye.”

“Thank you Marquis Ye!”

All the soldiers in the city bowed.



Ye Qingyu arrived at his parents’ grave.

Since the Ye mansion had been returned to Ye Qingyu, he bought this cemetery. People would regularly come sweep the tombs and repair the graves. In the year that Ye Qingyu left the city for Youyan Pass, Qin Lan often came to pay respect with her daughter, pull out weeds and paid people to repair the entire cemetery.

The surrounding weeds were withered and yellow, the roots were a faint verdant green.

Each year it would dry up and wither.

Ye Qingyu knelt in front of the grave, silent for a long while.

“My father back then, what was his strength like?” Ye Qingyu asked in a quiet voice.

Standing behind him was Wen Wan and Hon Kong.

“Brother Ye’s strength was not below mine,” Wen Wan, who was silent for a moment, finally gave an answer.

Ye Qingyu was slightly startled.

He still had no way of discerning Wen Wan’s strength and what level of cultivation he was in. If his father’s strength was stronger than Wen Wan, then he should not have died in the demonic beast siege. There must be something that they did not know.

“Then what about my mother?” Ye Qingyu asked again.

“Yingying”s strength... was on par with Big Brother Ye,” Wen Wan replied again.

“What happened back then?” Ye Qingyu suddenly stood up and turned his head around to face Wen Wan, asking irritably, “You said that you fought alongside my parents back then so you should know what happened. Can you tell me just what happened?”

Wen Wan let out a long sigh, not knowing where to start.

The scene back then surfaced in his mind, and wisps of murderous spirit permeated out of Wen Wan’s body. Standing behind him, Hon Kong’s eyes were also filled with a strange scarlet colour of blood---- Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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