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Chapter 293 - No Chance of Speaking

Jiang Xiaohan had never thought that there would be one day when Ye Qingyu would return to Deer City with such status.

A year ago, when Ye Qingyu was about to quit White Deer Academy and leave Deer City for Youyan Pass, Jiang Xiaohan thought that his choice was akin to abandoning himself.

Everyone in the world knew that Youyan Pass was a bitterly cold place with ongoing warfare. Given Ye Qingyu’s strength at that time, he was just an early stage Spirit spring expert. He was a first year of White Deer Academy. Perhaps he could be counted as a minor master, but once at Youyan Pass it was likely that he would not even be able to beat regular soldiers and would have wasted his life. In her view, Ye Qingyu’s cultivation level was not high enough and she thought that it was just a matter of time till he joined the list of martyrs of Youyan Pass.

But who would have known that fate had played such a great joke.

The youngster and childhood friend that she despised, that she reckoned would fail, that she thought was unpromising and that she deliberately made things difficult for, had returned to Deer City and unexpectedly became a grade three military Marquis who was famous throughout the lands. Adding to this, all the nobles of Deer City were nervous about his arrival. They all eagerly came to welcome him outside of the city.

What about herself?

She was still struggling at White Deer Academy.

Occasionally, she would grow conceited with the fact that she had networked with some noble students. She imagined that one day after graduation, the large affluent families would think highly of her and she would become someone of a major sect. Although she dared not to think of being in the Three Schools and Three Sects, but at the very least, she could join a secondary sect. With her qualifications, she should be selected by them, right?

But thinking about it now, even if she became an important person of a major sect, what about it?

The top genius of the generation of the Three Schools and Three Sects were defeated like dogs and chickens in front of Ye Qingyu. When compared to him, her biggest hope and wildest dream was like an utter joke.

There was a bitter expressionon Jiang Xiaohan’s face.

She could not help but look up at the celebration stage where Qin Lan and Little Grass stood.

When she was a child, Jiang Xiaohan had seen these two people before, Qin Lan was just an ordinary nanny, a servant of the Ye Mansion. Little Grass was only a lowly little child and back then Jiang Xiaohan placed all her attention on the young master of the Ye mansion Ye Qingyu and had not took a glance at these two.

Later, the Ye family deteriorated. Jiang Xiaohan did not keep in contact with Ye Qingyu, let alone Qin Lan and Little Grass. She had only once vaguely heard that these two people became the servants of other noble families.

But now?

These two people who she had never cared about, stood in the center of the celebration stage, surrounding by nobles, like stars clustering themselves around the moon. They were even afraid to speak loudly in front of them and were smiling obsequiously and complimenting them. This scene was what Jiang Xiaohan had yearned for herself.

“If I had not abandoned Ye Qingyu because of his hardship and difficulties, then perhaps the person standing on this celebration stage being surrounded by people and enjoying the compliments should be me?”

Jiang Xiaohan felt deep regret, but also jealousy.

At the same time.

Han Xiaofei, who was standing next to her, his heart was pounding with fear.

He clearly knew that Ye Qingyu was childhood friends with Jiang Xiaohan; they can be regarded as innocent playmates who had once had sincere feelings for each other. Although Jiang Xiaohan turned her back against Ye Qingyu, but it was unknown what Ye Qingyu’s true thoughts were. What if he still secretly liked Jiang Xiaohan - Han Xiaofei’s relationship with Jiang Xiaohan was ambiguous and unclear. Even though nothing had happened, but it would be best to make things clear.

Now that Ye Qingyu made such a strong return, what if he gave him a hard time because of this. What should he do?

The former Ye Qingyu was never in Han Xiaofei’s eyes. He had ridiculed and berated him as he wished, and had often made things difficult for him. However, the Ye Qingyu now was a Marquis of the empire. It could even be said that he was soaring to the sky. If he wanted to kill Han Xiaofei, it would be as easily as squeezing an ant to death.

Thinking of this, Han Xiaofei quietly walked away, the distance between him and Jiang Xiaohan furthering greatly.

Time slowly passed.

But there was not the slightest hint of impatience on the faces of the nobles.

Noon finally arrived.

“Look, there, Marquis Ye is here,” someone exclaimed, pointing to the distant sky.

All the people came alive, their eyes fixed at the distant sky.

A ship like a giant white creature pierced through the faint layer of clouds with an indescribable majesty and a respectful and solemn atmosphere. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, it broke the sky, arriving at the slanted upper level of the celebration stage and casting a huge shadow on the ground. It slowly landed. The strong presence of the ship pervaded the air, crushing everyone into a suffocating awe.

“Heavens, it’s an airship!”

“A real battle machine, such a big airship, I have never seen one before!”

“Marquis Ye is the pilot, it’s not just big, did you see the huge cannon at the bow of the ship. One blast and it can easily blow up the defense formation of our Deer City!”

“Marquis Ye is on the ship?”

“He must be.”

The nobles were excitedly chattering amongst themselves, every one of them had a proud and incredibly moved look on their face that would make people think that they were very close with Ye Qingyu.

“Marquis Ye has arrived, everyone come and greet him with me.”

The City Lord Qin Ying, who had not yet spoken until now, walked slowly down the celebration stage and yelled.

This reclusive Lord of Deer City exhibited a calm expression. At least on the surface, it was not clear what his attitude was regarding Ye Qingyu’s arrival. He quietly and calmly led the crowd toward the flat open space of where the airship had landed.

“Lady Qin, I’ll help you!”

“Watch the steps.”

“Haha, this girl Little Grass is really cute and clever, it makes people love her dearly!”

All the noble women surrounded Qin Lan. Some reached out their hand to help support Qin Lan while some complimented Little Grass with an amiable and kind smile. The atmosphere was harmonious, with unbelievably kind smiles appearing on their faces.

The noble youngsters on both sides of the celebration stage also hurriedly followed after.

[Bright Sword Ship] finally descended.

134 meters in length, 38 meters wide and 10 meters high, the entire body of the ship was constructed from solid silver steel and the surface was coated with silver, its silver sheen glistening in the sunlight. The huge body of the ship was a visually stunning spectacle that made people tremble with apprehension.

There was a brilliant light flickering.

Ten elite soldiers in black armour jumped off the ship.

These were real elites from Youyan Pass that had fought hundreds of battles. They emanated an astonishing presence all over their bodies. Even with just the naked eye, one could see the cracks and dried blood on their armour. Even though they were far away, the surrounding Nobles of Deer City felt as if a sharp knife had pierced through them.

The look on many people’s face suddenly changed greatly.

These were the real elite soldiers of the empire.

The so called elite soldiers of the City Lord’s Residence as well as the personal guards of the four military commanders could not be compared at all. Let alone the difference in strength, the difference in imposing manner was too great.

A small-scale formation was very quickly set up by the ten soldiers

Light was flashing within the formation.

Ye Qingyu’s figure finally came out after repeated calls and cheering.

Dressed in a white jade-like outfit, his black hair falling on his back like a waterfall, he stood tall and straight.

He was not wearing the armour that people imagined he would, nor did he possess a ferocious look. Instead, he was more like a carefree scholar that travelled around the world, not contaminated with the slightest of grime or dust. It was as if he never touched a sword, nor seen evil or murder, and although he was handsome, he did not look like a ruthless person of the generation that could control the young leaders of the Three Schools and Three Sects with military power alone.

“Deer City Lord Qin Ying and the officials and nobles of the city welcome Marquis Ye’s victorious return. You have obtained the title of nobility and returned to your hometown with honour!” Qin Ying’s eyes flashed an unusual colour that he very quickly hid away, and a hearty smile suddenly appeared on his face as he strode over and gave a cupped fist salute. “Marquis Ye had traveled a lot, you must be exhausted!”

“Welcome Marquis Ye!”

“Marquis Ye is as heroic as they say...”

“Marquis Ye, clothed in white and characterized by a radiance like jade, is a dragon among men.”

All the nobles, followed closely behind like a swarm of bees, and the pigs in heavy armour, frantically rushed over and from far away already began to throw compliments at him with a smile fixed to their faces, and as if they were meeting an old friend, every one of them were happy and excited.

“Everyone, long time to see.”

Ye Qingyu cupped his hand in greetings.

“City Lord Qin, I have troubled you.”

Qin Ying smiled faintly. “Marquis Ye went to the trouble to kill demons for the empire and performed extraordinary meritorious feats. To guard this peaceful place, we depend on the protection from the Emperor, we dare not take credit for such a perfunctory act.”

Ye Qingyu nodded, no longer saying anything. He walked to the front of Qin Lan and Little Grass in huge strides.

“Aunt Qin, Little Grass.” Only then did Ye Qingyu revealed the reaction that a normal youngster should have. Unable to hide his excitement, he exclaimed, “I can finally see you guys again. During this year, have you been well?”

Qin Lan wiped the tears in her eyes, smiled and repeatedly nodded. “Good, good, very good, Little Grass and Xiaoqing have missed you. You’re finally back. Great, great!”

“Big brother Qingyu!” Little Grass walked over shyly, her bright and beautiful eyes twinkled with excitement.

“Little girl, you have cultivated well. You are already at the sixth stage of the Ordinary martial level. It seems you did not slack off. You can already go and apply for White Deer Academy.” Ye Qingyu evaluated the little girl from top to bottom. After not seeing her for a year, she had grown much taller, perhaps due to the reason she did not have to do hard labour anymore. Wearing the blue green martial outfit, she was like a little lotus exposing its buds. There was a certain charm about her.

“Of course, I’ve worked hard cultivating.” The little girl blinked proudly, then suddenly thought of something and gloomily lowered her head then pursed her mouth. “But sister Qing is already at the first Spirit spring level. I can’t be compared to her.”

“That’s right, where sister Qing?” Ye Qingyu smiled.

“In the city. She said she does not like places with too many people. She’s preparing a feast at home. She said she wants to hold a welcome dinner for big brother Qingyu.” Little Grass grinned.

“Well, well, let’s go into the city.” Ye Qingyu was eager to return to the Ye Mansion, to see his cherished former home.

“The carriage is prepared, Marquis Ye, please go ahead.” The City Lord Qin Ying smiled and pointed to the carriage in the distance.

Ye Qingyu hesitated, then nodded. “Good, it seems I have to trouble you.”

He did not have any good feelings towards Qin Ying, and he was also not under the control of the City Lord. When he left for Snow Capital, he should no longer have anything to do with these people. The only reason they rushed to greet him was because his official status was too high. However Ye Qingyu still had to give them some face, otherwise things might become difficult for people of the Ye household after he left.

Ye Qingyu, surrounded by a group of aristocrats, got up onto the horse drawn carriage and disappeared in a clatter of hooves and a cloud of dust.

Jiang Xiaohan and other people stood in their original place. They did not even have a chance to speak. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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