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Chapter 285, Still alive.

The strong young leaders of the Three Schools and Three Sects that were not willing to live in seclusion had painstakingly planned this martial arts grand event. They hoped to use this opportunity to voice the opinions of the sects, to promote the status of their sect in the Heaven Wasteland Domain, and build the reputation that they believe they deserved in the kingdom. But they had no idea that they would become a paving stone for another person.

After the battle of Proud Sky Center, the legend of [The Leaf of Youyan] was born. He soared to the heavens. With his [Little Shang sword] and a moonlight silver aura, he fought until he became a legend in Jianghu.

The prestige of the Empire and the military would undoubtedly grow even further.

In the world of martial arts in Heaven Wasteland Domain, the decline of the sects seemed to be irreversible.

No matter how unwilling the people of Jianghu were, everything could no longer be reversed.

In the Xian Pavilion belonging to the Deer Cauldron Sect, there was a flicker in Wang Yifung’s eyes.

But it faded eventually.

He sat back down slowly, without saying anything.

The Deer Cauldron Sect had gotten involved in the incident within Youyan Pass, but fortunately for them their participation was not very deep. There were several times where they had been used by Zhao Shanhe and Li Qiushui, which made Wang Yifung furious. He still felt somewhat fearful and apprehensive even now.

But he was also well aware that, no matter what he did, enmity had definitely developed between Ye Qingyu and him.

When Ye Qingyu was in critical danger, he had stopped [Pill God of Snow Country] from helping Ye Qingyu. At that moment, there was already no way of fixing their relationship.

There was a flicker of fear within the eyes of Quan Zhendong of the Setting Sun and Great River Sect.

His father Quan Jiulong also remained silent.

Like the Deer Cauldron Sect, as one of the Three Schools and Three Sects, the Setting Sun and Great River Sect had also became involved in this incident. Furthermore, they previously had a lot of conflict with the military. But at least they did not really participate in the incident of the abandoned training camp, so it was not considered an unforgivable sin.

At least this time, the Deer Cauldron Sect did not need to directly face Ye Qingyu and the fangs of the Youyan army.

On the other side stood Qin Zhishui of the Unparalleled Sword City. With his pair of eyes flashing, he had a blazing intention to do battle. Clasping a slender scimitar, he firmly fixed his stare on Ye Qingyu, an indistinct intent to fight against him.

The Unparalleled Sword City had always been hidden in isolation, they had very little contact with the other Three Schools and Three Sects and possessed very few disciples. They walked a solitary path where they would only pass on their teachings to one successor. Therefore, the Unparalleled Sword City did not get involved in the chaos of Youyan Pass.

Qin Zhishui himself was a famous sword crazy martial maniac. The thing he most enjoyed doing was challenging high-level geniuses.

Evidently, Ye Qingyu’s stunning performance today had made Qin Zhishui develop a great interest in him.

However, he eventually restrained his battle intent. He was a martial maniac, but Qin Zhishui was not a fool. If he challenged Ye Qingyu at this time, it would be the same as becoming sworn enemies with him.

The surroundings of Bright Moon Lake was blanketed by a deathly stillness.

The affairs of Jianghu, should be settled in Jianghu.

But who would have guessed that it would be settled like so.

Ye Qingyu used Jianghu’s own methods to resolve the great waves of Youyan Pass.

As such, even the most militant people had nothing to say.

The events that happened in Proud Sky Center would be spread far and wide at the fastest rate. [The Leaf of Youyan] would be known worldwide. The inconceivable achievements of killing Zhao Shanhe and forcing Li Qiushiu to commit suicide would make the Jianghu of the entire Empire tremble with fear.

A new hero of the generation... has been born.

There was no doubt that [The Leaf of Youyan] and the name Ye Qingyu would become the mightiest figure that no one dared to approach in the Jianghu of Snow Empire in the future and for a very long period of time after that.

“I’m sorry to have disturbed you, I will return the arena to you. If there are any other issues, you can just resolve it by yourself, I don’t have any objection. I just hope that after the end of this meeting, you can restrain yourself within Youyan Pass. If someone is willing to assist the military in launching an attack against the Demon Race, then I greatly welcome you on behalf of the Youyan army. If someone does not want to, then equally the Youyan army will not force you to do so.” Ye Qingyu stared downwards at the spectators, his tone gentler than before. “Please do not interfere in the affairs of the army. If someone dares to follow in the footsteps of Zhao Shanhe and Li Qiushui, then don’t blame my sword for being ruthless.”

No one dared to say anything.

After what had happened today, it was likely that not even a single person of Jianghu would dare mess around in Youyan Pass. Even Li Qiushui and Zhao Shanhe had been killed, and no one could say they were better than these two people no matter whether it was in background, ability, status, or cultivation. Furthermore, the military had revealed an even more mysterious power today. Even the ancestor of the Dragon Tiger Sect had been frightened away by a few of her words; the thought of it was scary enough.

“Oh, yes, I almost forgot about you people.”

As Ye Qingyu spoke, he flicked his fingers in the air.

Dozens of silver shards of light glistened as they shot out from his fingertips, sinking into Bright Moon Lake.

Upon seeing this, everyone looked puzzled, not understanding what he meant.

On the crystal clear water surface there were ripples and the sparkling reflection of sunlight. It was completely still for miles.

While the crowd stood there astounded, the water suddenly rippled and a multitude of black bubbles came to the surface. It was a person’s head, hair dishevelled, sputtering as he broke the surface and spouting out a jet of water, choking...

A living person?

“Cough cough... I’m choking, it’s so cold, is this hell? Hey?”

It was a tall burly young man. As he floated to the surface, he suddenly leapt up. A layer of thin ice was frosted over his body. His strength was not weak at all. He hovered in mid-air, looking extremely confused. He scanned around, realizing that he was back in Bright Moon Lake, completely surprised.

“It’s him?”

“Still alive?”

“Isn’t he dead? This...”

Among the crowd by the lake, someone immediately recognized the young man.

The next instant, a huge splash came out of the lake.

A few other human figures burst up and out of the lake, coughing and leaping out of the water.

“It’s the [Metal Pen Judge], Zhang Xianlin?”

“[Scholar] Chenfei!”

“And... is that the [Three Ghosts of Bitter River]?”

“These people did not die? When Ye Qingyu made his move... he just kept them frozen? He did not kill them?”

“What about Gao Han? Could it be [The Fisherman of Han River], Hero Gao Han, is also not dead?”

Before the voices died away.


A jet of liquid shot into the sky.

Clad in a conical bamboo hat and riding on the spout of water shooting up, Gao Han leapt into the air. Clasping his fishing rod in one hand, he made a defensive stance. He looked slightly exhausted, but his strength was still there. While suspended in mid-air, his eyes panned the area and around the crowd, instantly understanding the situation.

“I see... Thank you Marquis Ye, for your mercy.”

After a stunned moment, Gao Han finally understood. With a wry smile, he clasped his hands, showing his gratitude and respect.

Ye Qingyu smiled faintly with a nod.

“I already know about Senior Gao’s difficult situation. Thank you for your kindness on the arena. Half an hour ago, outside Proud Sky Center, the Youyan army destroyed a secret prison of the Crepe Myrtle Sect and rescued a young man called Xiao Buliu. I believe you know him?”

There was a little silver dragon situation on Ye Qingyu’s shoulder.

Ye Qingyu had already known what happened outside Proud Sky Center, apart from the fact that Bai Yuanxing was injured. Wen Wan was worried that such news would affect Ye Qingyu’s battle on the arena, so he had told Little Silver to keep it a secret for now.

“What, did you really find Buliu?”

Goa Han’s body shook and his face lit up with joy.

After he calmed slightly, he sincerely clasped his hands in gratitude again. “Marquis Ye is a moral man. I am eternally grateful. I am ashamed of what occurred today...”

When Gao Han travelled around Jianghu in the past, he became well known. He was daring and full of vigour. The compliments he received unavoidably boosted his ego and he committed a grave error as a result of this. Because of a misunderstanding that was instigated by evil people, he mistakenly killed the parents of Xiao Buliu. This caused him a lifetime of regret.

Gao Han was too ashamed of what he had done so he lived in seclusion in the Han River. He voluntarily became a ferryman and did not involve himself in the affairs of Jianghu. But the people he killed had a son called Xiao Buliu, and without his parents' care, Xiao Buliu was unable to become a hero well-known in Jianghu. He instead became a gangster. Gao Han had guilt plaguing his heart, so he secretly took care of Xiao Buliu time and time again. He often made offers to accept him as his disciple but he was refused every time. And so, Gao Han secretly helped him, hoping to preserve the bloodline of the Xiao family.

This time, the Crepe Myrtle Sect had used Xiao Buliu as a hostage. They threatened Gao Han to come to Youyan Pass, and to do what he did not want to do.

If he had killed Ye Qingyu on the arena, then he would have had to atone for his crime through his death.

It was just that he did not imagine that Ye Qingyu would be so strong and lost unexpectedly. He had no idea that the Youyan Army had accidentally rescued Xiao Buliu, who was caught as a hostage. This to Gao Han was a pleasant surprise, the perfect ending that he absolutely dared not to think of.

At this moment, the [Three Ghosts of Bitter River] finally came over.

“Hero Gao, you’re still alive, this is too great!”

“Master, you’re still alive. I’m so happy...”

Several people were ecstatic, crowding around Gao Han, feeling like they were in a dream.

“You people have really made me worried...” After Gao Han found out what had happened, he was even more grateful, but he was also angry. He turned to Ye Qingyu to express his gratitude, saying sincerely, “Thank you Marquis Ye for having mercy on me, these juniors do not know about the painstaking efforts of Marquis Ye, and offended Marquis Ye. Please forgive us.”

“Zhang Xianlin is apologizing to Marquis Ye!”

“Such an exceptional person is apologizing!”

“The [Three Ghosts of Bitter River] are apologizing to Marquis Ye.”

They all knelt down, their faces red with shame.

Previously, they had unleashed a torrent of abuse at Ye Qingyu. But who would have guessed that he was so merciful and even helped Gao Han escape from his predicament. Thinking back to the situation now, they did not distinguish between right and wrong at all. This completely was an example of people being less intelligent the longer they’ve been within the Jianghu.

“Get up, I don’t blame you. I appreciate everyone’s loyalty and righteousness. Haha, if not for your close cooperation, how could we execute Zhao Shanhe and Li Qiushiu.” Ye Qingyu laughed.

In truth, he had appreciation for such people

In the wilderness of Jianghu, there was a mix of good and bad people.

The people of Jianghu were not all ambitious, sinister people. The disciples of the sect would be forced to do something against their consciences because of the overarching interests of the sect.There was not much difference in the style and conduct of major sects from a bureaucracy; however, many of the vagabond martial artists in Jianghu were hot-blooded and fearless. Such so-called righteousness was mostly possessed by people who were of the lower class. In this aspect, Li Qiushui and Zhao Shanhe, important figures of this generation, could not even be compared to the [Three Ghosts of the Bitter River].

Ye Qingyu felt his strength and the inner yuan of his body rapidly weakening.

The three limits of the [Limitless Divine Way] had completely faded.

“If elder wants to see Xiao Buliu, you can come with me,” Ye Qingyu said with clasped hands as he regarded Gao Han and the others. His body transformed into a stream of light and directly departed from Proud Sky Center.

Such an event had finally settled.

The greatest outcome of this martial meeting has been achieved, The rest of the proceedings held no appeal to Ye Qingyu; these were things such as business deals. This was the event that merchant companies, financial organizations and powerful families would be most interested in. The Three Schools and Three Sects have experienced such a big blow so it was unlikely they would be in a mood to participate.

Gao Han and the others immediately followed behind Ye Qingyu, leaving Proud Sky Center— Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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