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Imperial God Emperor 282 - End yourself

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The Bright Moon Lake was affected by the rippling force let out by the sword light. The lake that was tens of meters deep was sliced apart like silken tofu. The turbulent air could also be seen with the naked eye, and it was also similarly split apart like the lake. It seemed as if nothing would be able to block the power of that sword as it destroyed everything in it’s path.


Within the second Xian Pavilion, the elder of the Crepe Myrtle, Xian Hong let out an enraged cry, meeting this sword light.

He activated his inner yuan and a powerful energy surged out from within Xian Hong's body. There was a mysterious black shield that emerged from his body, and with the insertion of his yuan qi, it expanded. In an instant, it had turned into a gigantic black shield with countless formation arrays flickering on it, letting out strange light. It defended in front of the number two Xian Pavilion.


The Autumn Water sword struck heavily on the shield.

The shield didn’t even seem able to delay it slightly. The large and strange shield was like a piece of paper that was cut into four of five pieces, turning into scrap.


Xiao Hong's pupils dilated.

It was too late for him to react.

He had been with the Crepe Myrtle sect for many years and his name was known throughout Snow Empire. He absolutely could be counted as a martial expert, and he was an elder that held true power. But when the sword light passed by his body, he suffered a fate similar to the huge shield, disappearing like smoke.

The force of the sword was unending, destroying everything in it's path. It continued to shoot out towards Li Qiushui.


Li Qiushui eyebrows moved like swords being unsheathed.

With the hum of the sword, the Autumn Water blade appeared above his head. Thousands of blades fluctuated, the formation light like the disc of the world that emanated from Li Qiushui's body.

With a laughter, he stepped onto the ripples of light. The blade in his hand moved, the blade light transforming from one to two, two to three, three to a thousand. Millions of yuan qi blade light, encircled around him like the thousand hand Bodhisattva. He shot out towards him instantly.

"Heavenly sword tide, kill!"

Li Qiushui roared.

As he lifted his hand and the Autumn Water blade in his hand, his figure shot out like a light ray. He was one with the blade, turning into a bright and glaring sword light that headed towards the endless moonlight silver frost sword aura.


The blade light and sword aura clashed together without any techniques whatsoever.

A bright and gleaming light, appeared without any signs the instant the sword and blade met.

Countless people had to squint against such a bright light.

The heaven shattering and earth quaking impact did not spread out as imagined.

There was round after round of gold and silver light rings that unendingly emitted from the center of the clash. Such lights did not cause turbulence in the air at all.

It was as if everything in this world had lost its sound, colour and splendour.

Before the crowd could react, they could see the gold silver light rings that emanated out, once again gathering together, heading and compressing towards the area where the blade and sword clashed.

It was unknown whether this was just a mistaken sensation, but everyone felt that this entire space seemed to compress towards the area of the clash. Even light itself became distorted.

The entire process seemed remarkably slow, but was in truth extremely quick.

When the last layer of light had disappeared towards the area of the clash, the frightening ripples of impact finally exploded at a totally different timing from what one was expecting.


The blade qi exploded, the sword will ran rampant.

The ripples of the blade and sword shadows spread about everywhere, causing gusts of wind to be gone. Many people at the Bright Moon Lake felt a force that was hard to describe hitting them. Those who were weak could not react at all, and was blown away like rice paper. People screamed as they were swept away...

Those who were stronger could barely stand where they were. Their bodies could not help but slide backwards. Their yuan qi was activated to the extreme, but the most they could do was not be blown away.

There was a formation light that shot towards the sky in the seating area of the Dugu Organization. There were tens of guards of the Dugu Organization that had activated their yuan qi to it's utmost, and with the aid of the formation array, barely managed to protect the seating area of the Dugu Organization.

There were tens of other lights that shot out and flickered on the Bright Moon Lake.

Originally, there was an isolation formation on the Water Ray Arena at the Bright Moon Lake. This was to prevent the ripples that occurred when experts fought from affecting the surrounding spectators.

But the destructive power of this battle had far exceeded the original estimation. The formation arrays on the Water Ray Arena and Bright Moon Lake were completely destroyed. Only the third layer of defence, the formation arrays protecting the seating area of those major forces, could barely manage to hold on.

Countless gusts of winds appeared. There were people who barely managed to open their eyes, and could only see the bright glimmer of sword and blade.

Li Qiushui's body retreated, landing back on the second Xian Pavilion.

Ye Qingyu stood at the center of the Bright Moon Lake, the [Little Shang sword] once again swinging out.

"You push me too far!" Li Qiushui angry roar sounded out once again, like a caged beast.

The second move of the Autumn Water blade began.

The sound of the impacts once again resounded.

This time, it was not only the people in the Bright Moon Lake and Proud Sky Center who could sense the vibrations of the earth. Everyone in Youyan Pass felt it. It was as if an earthquake had descended. The snow mountains tens of miles away from Youyan Pass were affected, destructive avalanches occurring and born as a result of this. Ice fell down, falling thousands of meters down the mountains...

Proud Sky Center.

Everyone's hearts madly drummed.

There were countless bright frost that flew everywhere. It caused nearly everyone to not be able to open their eyes fully. Such a frightening shudder caused everyone to feel fear and worry, like the apocalypse had arrived.

There were large flakes of snow drifting in the sky.

The dust gradually faded away.

The bright and glimmering light also began to disappear.

There were people that removed the hands covering their eyes with fear. They mechanically looked towards the two opposing parties. After the dust had settled, a fearsome yuan qi fluctuation could still somewhat be seen in the air. The figures of Li Qiushui and Ye Qingyu could clearly be spotted.

Ye Qingyu stood alone in the air.

His thick and long black hair was to his shoulder. The noon sunlight shined down on his muscular body that was like it was sculpted from jade. He stood in the air, the [Little Shang sword] in his hands broken, with only the hilt left. He should have been a very sorry appearance, but he had an aura that no one dared underestimate encircling around him.

The other side.

The second Xian Pavilion had collapsed.

Li Qiushui was completely ragged, his hair a mess. There was fresh blood leaking out from the corner of his lips, his body somewhat small. He did not have the glory and splendour he once had, and his right shoulder was bloody, his arm lying lifelessly by his side.

Above his head, the Autumn Water blade slowly floated.

This blade was once unmatched and peerless, like an absolute weapon, like the sun. Now it had grown dim and dark, the markings on the blade rough, the glimmer disappearing. It was like a woman past her prime, she would not have the beauty she once had. It was not fluctuating with any blade will at all...

"Ye Qingyu..."

Li Qiushui let out a roar of rage, blood spitting from his mouth.

The anger in his tone was like poisonous fire.

Before he had even finished.


The famed weapon Autumn Water blade quivered slightly, then let out a howl. It was as if it could no longer maintain a perfect form. It completely exploded, transforming into countless blades pieces that scattered everywhere...

The faces of everyone paled.

At this time, even idiots would understand that after that heaven shaking blade clash, the winner and loser had already been decided. The young leader of the Crepe Myrtle sect, Li Qiushui, had been cleanly and utterly defeated.

After this battle, the fame that Li Qiushui had accumulated for tens of years, was like this Autumn Water blade, breaking apart into fragments in an instant.

After remembering that shocking exchange of blades, Li Qiushui could not be called weak. The Zhao Shanhe of the Dragon Tiger sect could not even withstand one strike of Ye Qingyu's blade, but Li Qiushui had withstood two moves...

Li Qiushui’s strength was clearly several times greater than Zhao Shanhe.

But this already had no meaning.

The final result of withstanding for half a move or two moves was the same. From now on, the legend of the Autumn Water blade would end. And the legend of The Leaf of Youyan would begin within Jianghu, just like the sun rising from the east. It could not be reversed.

There was still snow in the air.

The fluctuations of water on the Bright Moon Lake had already settled down.

Ye Qingyu held the [Little Shang sword] that only had it's hilt left. There was regret in his heart. Although the classification of this Spirit weapon was not high, but it was one of the items of the Ye family that his father had left behind. The difference between weapons were too great today- he had to fight against the Desolate Tooth of the Tiger Saint and the Autumn Water blade. Iit had also been damaged by the attack of Zhao Shanhe. Ultimately, it could not withstand his own power after it increased explosively. It had been completely destroyed.

He stared at the Proud Sky Center.

He stared at the experts of each sect.

There was utter silence all around. Those mad and arrogant disciples of the sects who had been shouting and screaming, were currently like sheep scared witless by a storm. They stood there shivering, in a sorry state by the shore of the Bright Moon Lake. They did not dare say anything, losing the courage to speak.

"Li Qiushui, just end yourself."

Ye Qingyu opened his mouth.

HIs voice was the rumble of thunder, shaking everyone’s heart, causing the heartbeat of everyone to speed up.

He was making Li Qiushui commit suicide?

Was he really going to go so far?

"Don't be too impudent. Ye Qingyu, do you really think our Crepe Myrtle sect can be bullied like so? Don't go too far, we can still be friends in the future." Li Qiushui swallowed a mouthful of blood, his expression gradually becoming calm as he sneered.

Around the Bright Moon Lake, the expressions of some sect disciples also became tragic.

If the rabbit dies, the fox grieves.

No matter whether it was Zhao Shanhe or Li Qiushui, they were all a part of the Jianghu of Snow Empire - a very important part. They died because they were not as skilled as the opponent. According to the rules of Jianghu, nothing could be said about that. But as the winning party, the Leaf of Youyan pushed them further and further into a corner. He wanted to exterminate everything. It could not help but cause some Jianghu people to feel a common sympathy for him.

"Don't go too far?"

The killing intent in Ye Qingyu's eyes was like ten-thousand-year-old ice, it could not be moved. After hearing Li Qiushui's words, he could not help but begin laughing at him pitifully.

"When the Crepe Myrtle and Dragon Tiger sect caused chaos in Youyan Pass, creating trouble everywhere, did you think about not going too far? When you turned innocent civilians to become the Demon Race, accusing them of crimes they did not commit, when you sent those innocent civilians who you injected demon poison into to the Beheading Demon Platforms to claim the bounties of the Empire, did you think of not going too far? When you gathered and conspired together to kill those martial artists who did not obey your orders, facing their bitter pleas for mercy, did you ever think of not going too far?"

Ye Qingyu's voice was like thunder.

"If you had really thought about this in those days and not gone too far, I would have perhaps let you off today. But... did you truly do so?” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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