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Imperial God Emperor 281 - A power that does not belong to this world

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“For the army of Youyan Pass to rely on a low grade product like you to help them. It seems they have really underestimated the people of the sects." Zhao Shanhe's words became more and more unbridled, not wary of the reaction of the army at all. The tiger-striped light around him was like a divine light mountain that completely enveloped the entire Bright Moon Lake.

If you were not within the light, you had no way of imagining the terror this tiger-striped yuan qi light inspired.

Such a huge pressure made Ye Qingyu feel as if he was enduring the entire weight of the world as he forcefully stood up.

He did not even have a way of taking a single step. He could not go and retrieve the [Little Shang sword] embedded in the Water Ray Arena.

"Ye Qingyu, bow down. Beg for forgiveness to those sect brothers that died tragically in your hands." Zhao Shanhe's voice rumbled throughout the Proud Sky Center as he used his yuan qi to transfer his voice.

He was intentionally humiliating Ye Qingyu.

To kill a genius of the army that was famous, that alone would make him feel excited.

But such excitement could not compare to the scene of making him kneel to him in such an event. To totally destroy his self-confidence, to make his martial heart and personality completely collapse. This was what Zhao Shanhe wanted to see.

A dead genius would always remain a genius in people's heart. They would still have their former glory as they passed away.

But a destroyed genius would only be a trash that existed in real life, like a walking corpse. As long as he opened his eyes, what he would endure would only be humiliation and nightmares. Everywhere that he passed by, he would advertise the invincible and unshakeable might that the Tiger Saint Child had demonstrated in this battle.

He suddenly didn't want to kill Ye Qingyu.

Perhap he could just cripple one of his arms or legs, and that would be enough?

His intention had changed. He wanted to throw this so called Leaf of Youyan into a swamp, so deep that he could never recover.

Living was sometimes worse than dying.


There weredroplets of sweat seeping out from Ye Qingyu's forehead.

Under the horrifying pressure of the tiger light yuan qi aura that was like a mountain, the silver frost aura that surrounded Ye Qingyu was shrinking inch by inch back into his body. Previously, it had extended five meters outside his body, but right now it was just three inches.

Zhao Shanhe's strength far exceeded his imagination.

The expert Zhang San was a Bitter Sea stage, but his true power could not even be compared to experts at the sixty or seventy Spirit springs stage. Therefore, Ye Qingyu could beat him easily when he was not even at the thirty spirit springs stage.

Zhao Shanhe had not even yet truly stepped into the Bitter Sea stage, but the foundation he had from the sects was unfathomable. His basics and foundations were deep, having taken half a step into Bitter Sea. He seemed to have the essence of the Dao about him, it was not something that could be beaten by brute force.

"Is this the true power of the top level experts of the sects?"

Ye Qingyu's expression became serious.

Less than ten steps away, the [Little Shang sword] was embedded on the ground of the Water Ray Arena. It was embedded three inches deep, and had finally stopped its rapid quivering. On it's sword body that was as bright and clear as autumn water, there was a hint of a fracture that appeared three inches from the hilt of the sword...

Ye Qingyu deeply breathed in.

Under his concentration, all the energy in his body began madly activating. His yuan qi began to fluctuate according to a strange method throughout his body, his meridians expanding, his acupuncture points roaring.

[Limitless Divine Way].

The [First Limit].


A powerful force surged out from within Ye Qingyu. His battle power doubled on the basis of sixty Spirit springs. The silver frost that was originally suppressed around his body was like a divine light that suddenly exploded. Instantly, it shot tens of meters into the sky.

The tiger-striped light that encircled the Bright Moon Lake quivered.

The people of the sects that were madly shouting suddenly trembled, shocked.


The [Little Shang sword] hummed.

With a beckon of his hand, the sword flew back into Ye Qingyu's hands.

There was a spirit in the sword that let out an intimate hum. The invisible sword aura suddenly spread out, it's will to do battle extending everywhere. The light of the Autumn water sword was like the morning dawn that broke apart the darkness of the earth, slicing apart the tiger-striped yuan qi aura that was everywhere.

With the sword in his hand, Ye Qingyu's aura surged.

"Everything under the sky are the lands of the Empire. Everyone in the lands of the Empire, are citizens of the Empire." Ye Qingyu's voice was loud and clear, lifting his sword. "The sects have lacked disciple recently, that they have forgotten the might of the Empire. Zhao Shanhe, you dare to say such impudent words within Youyan Pass, that you want to make a fourth class military Marquis to kneel in front of you. You really have gone crazy."

The hum of the sword was everywhere.

The fracture on the [Little Shang sword] could not be seen anymore, and an endless splendor shot out from it. It was so bright it caused one not to be able to look at it directly, the sharp aura of the sword piercing through the air.

In but an instant's time, the silver frost around Ye Qingyu's body roiled like a flame, spreading out. It possessed over half the space in the Water Ray Arena. The pressure he exerted was unending, and he could already stand toe to toe with Zhao Shanhe's aura.

"How can this be?"

"What kind of evil technique is this? His aura suddenly doubled in strength..."

"Could it be some evil technique that exchanges his life and essences of his yuan qi for temporary power?“

Within Bright Moon Lake, the people of the sects who were originally roaring in rage now had completely different expressions. The possibility of the situation being turned around caused their hearts to become worried.

In truth, in this period of time, they had really been frightened by the Leaf of Youyan.

In the many years that the Jianghu of Snow Empire had existed, there had never been a period of time that so many experts of the Jianghu had fallen by the same hand.

The Song Qingluo next to Dugu Dixiu had tears at the corner of her eyes. She tightly held her mouth, because she was far too excited. She was afraid she would cry out and endure the wrath of the people around her.

Within the Xian Pavilion.

"Somewhat interesting."

"His aura exploded? Most likely he borrowed some Dao tool, but even I can't discern what it is..."

"He originally was a little ant that Zhao Shanhe could crush as he pleased. Who would have thought he had some other surprises up his sleeve. It seems like Lu Zhaoge's expectations for him were not completely misplaced."

"Haha, and so what?"

"That's right, only his aura has doubled. From the looks of it, only his battle power has increased, his cultivation state is still the same..."

"That's right, in terms of battle power he could be compared to an expert at the Bitter Sea stage. But battle strength and cultivation state are two different things. If you don't break through that boundary, if you don't open that door, if you don't take that step, you ultimately cannot transform into a dragon. You cannot touch the essences of the power in that state."

"It's only that Zhao Shanhe too, has not yet truly taken that step. It is unknown whether the situation is still controllable, there are still changes that can occur...."

"Let's just wait and see. If Zhao Shanhe cannot even endure such a level of event, then his title of Tiger Saint Child, can be discarded!"

There were consciousness that secretly communicated.

Only the number one Xian Pavilion did not join in the conversation. The successor of the War god, Ye Congyun's expression was serious. He did not even say a single word. He wore black armour, a cape at his back, and a long sword held in his right arm at his waist. His left hand was clasping nothing, silently standing next to the chair.

Without knowing when, the [Painting Saint] Liu Yuqing, who had always remained sitting, came to stand beside Ye Congyun. He had a calm face, both hands clasped behind his backs. with a calm and leisurely face. It was as if he did not have any hint of interest on anything that happened on the Water Ray Arena whatsoever.

There was a figure that sat where he was previously sitting.

It was unknown when it was that this mysterious person first appeared. He wore completely white, and was dressed like a scholar. His face was white and smooth, with exquisite features, the face clearly defined like a jade sculpture. Just from his face alone, he looked middle-aged and young at the same time. There was not the trace of time on his vistage at all. There was no way of judging whether he was young or old from their aura.

The clothing hewore was exceedingly simple. He wore a simple clothing of fabric, hisblack hair behind tied back by a white jade hairpin. There was elegance and nobility that emitted from this simplicity. He had a gentle manner, calm and unhurried, silently sitting within the Xian Pavilion without saying anything. But the splendour he emitted just from his simple actions, was not in any way less than any of the leaders of those top sects. He had an aura that those Jianghu people did not possess.

The little scholar boy Xing'er seemed to want to say something.

Both his hands were held at his chin, a frown on his face as he leaned against the stone table on the Xian Pavilion. He did not even pay a single glance to the tense Water Ray Arena, and seemed extremely worried...


"So this was what you relied on!"

After being surprised, Zhao Shanhe laughed greatly.

"It seems like the Youyan army has really spent a lot of effort into this martial alliance meeting. To have found a Dao tool from somewhere and used it on you. It can increase your battle power, but your original power is far too weak. Even if you have a Dao tool, this will not make a difference. You cannot become someone great, you will only make the army look more ridiculous."

There was a merciless mocking colour in Zhao Shanhe's eyes. The way he looked at Ye Qingyu was like he was regarding a frog at the bottom of a well, or a clown.

The sounds stopped.

Zhao Shanhe took a step forward.

Within the world, the roar of tigers were like lightning.

A pure and white tiger's tooth slowly appeared from his palm.

"“Desolate Tooth of the Tiger Saint!”

There were people exclaiming from outside the Xian pavilion.

The Dragon Saint Child from the Dragon Tiger sect who had not yet shown any signs of exhibiting which side he was on, suddenly stood up. There were two rays of divine light that shot out from his eyes, staring in the direction of the Water Ray Arena. Extreme shock was on his face.

The hearts of the other experts on the Xian Pavilion were completely stunned at this moment.

Desolate Tooth of the Tiger Saint!

This was one of the legendary sect class treasure Dao tools of the Dragon Tiger sect. In the entire world of the sects, it was one of the famed and absolute weapons.

Rumoured had it that this Desolate Tooth of the Tiger Saint was a tooth that originated from the Ancient Tiger Race from the God and Devil Age. It was from the god of this race.This was the tooth that had fallen from it when it was young. Afterwards, it was refined by the Ancient Tiger God, becoming a top grade Dao tool that had existed for countless years. Ultimately, it became one of the treasured Dao tools of the Dragon Tiger sect. The reason the Dragon Tiger sect was able to escape from the bloody battles of the age of sects, the reason why it was ranked within the Three Schools and Three Sects, was definitely in large due to this Tiger's tooth.

But, it was only that no one would have guessed that the Desolate Tooth of the Tiger Saint would have already landed in Zhao Shanhe's hands.

This was a heaven shaking news.

Could it be that the Tiger Sects patriarch had already decided to pass on the position of leader to this prodigy of the younger generation?

The white tiger's tooth rose to the air.

In the time of a spark, a force that was so powerful it was difficult to describe had surged out. One could only see that the tiger-striped aura, under the incitement of that white-coloured tiger's tooth, began spinning rapidly like the galaxy. At the same time, it was like time itself was spinning back, returning to what it once was, the whole world was changing.

In an instant, the tiger-striped aura was like Heaven's Might that began burning and flaming with the Desolate Tooth of the Tiger Saint at the center. Finally, it seemed to have activated some mysterious power from that snow white tooth. There was the roar of ancient tigers that resounded out from within the Tiger's tooth, there were countless tiger-striped clouds that shot to the sky. It transformed into an Ancient Desolate Tiger hundreds of meters high, so realistic it was alive, surging with a demonic flame. It's vicious might exploded within the ark of sky, like an apocalyptic monster had arrived. It roared with all its might, the long fangs gleaming with a cold light.

A giant Ancient Desolate Tiger!

It had descended!

From legend, the giant Desolate Tiger was one of the most vicious creatures from the God and Devil Age. One breath from it could destroy countless mountain ranges, one breath from it could create countless storms. It could break cities apart with one step, a strand of tiger's fur could crush mountains. It sneered at other races with disdain, able to tear Fiendgods apart alive. It was one of the most terrifying original lifeforms of all the countless domains in this universe.

It was unknown just how large the huge tiger image in the air was. But it seemed that even the entire Youyan Pass was underneath this cloud-like tiger body.

Zhao Shanhe's figure slowly floated up.

"Ye Qingyu, today I will make you know what a true Dao tool is..." His voice, was like a deity that controlled the heavens. Coldly and with authority, he said, "The claws that the sects have hidden for near a hundred years is not because they do not have the power to compete. It's only that they don't want to compete. But just because they don't want to compete doesn't mean they will forever endure. If we don't exhibit a little bit of our strength, everyone will think the sects are easy to push around!"

Zhao Shanhe was like a god that stood above the tiger's head.

He stood above the tiger, using an incomparably strong attitude as he regarded the entire Bright Moon Lake.

"We, the people of the sects, travelled thousands of miles and experienced many trials to come to Youyan Pass to slay the demons, to give aid, and answer the call of the Empire. Our passion cannot be doubted. Who would have thought that as the fourth class military Marquis, you would try to be difficult at every turn. Abusing your military power, you killed my comrades of the Jianghu. Time and time again you caused difficulties for our sects. We endure time and time again, but you press us at every opportunity. Do you really think there are no one in the sects? Ye Qingyu, the Tiger Emperor has descended, quickly kneel and beg for forgiveness for your crimes!"

At this time, Zhao Shanhe's voice was like a heavenly bell. It had a strange and unshakeable might that could not be challenged, that led people's hearts astray.

At the same time, the claw of the huge Desolate Tiger swiped down.

Just this paw alone was nearly enough to break the ice frost light that exploded from Ye Qingyu's onehundred and twenty Spirit springs.


Ye Qingyu spat out a mouthful of blood.

His figure quivered and wavered.

The light of the [Little Shang sword] in his hand was dimming, like a candle that had just been lit. Before it had truly started burning, under the face of the storm, it had the danger of extinguishing at any second. The fracture on the splendid Autumn Water blade appeared yet again, becoming increasingly clear.

The battle power of a hundred and twenty Spirit springs... was not enough.

The situation flipped around yet again!

The huge Desolate Tiger shadow, stared at the genius like a Fiendgod. It's tiger's eyes were icy cold, like the sun or the moon that judged all the lifeforms of the mortal world, ruling over their fate.

"The sects cannot be insulted!" Zhao Shanhe's voice rumbled throughout.

It was like a wildfire that instantly lit up the hearts of countless people.

Such a flame began burning unstoppably. The passion and heat that had just disappeared from the people of the sects, once again madly swept throughout the Bright Moon Lake. There was a red light in the eyes of countless Jianghu disciples that glimmered, like they had gone mad, crazily roaring and screaming...

"The sects cannot be insulted."

"Kill him!"

"Take revenge for those innocent junior and senior disciples that died!"

"We want justice!"

"The might of senior brother Zhao!"

"Kill Ye Qingyu, kill that scum with malicious intentions!"

"Revenge! Revenge! Revenge!“

The raging roars were like spring thunder, like flames that erupted from deep beneath the ground, wanting to burn up everything in Proud Sky Center. There were even countless people that took out their blades, and under the light of the spring sun, these sharp blades without a hint of blood on it, emitted a suffocating bloody stench.

"Why... why has it turned like this?"

Song Qingluo's heart had finally completely sunk.

She knew that this was the final result.

There would not be another reversal.

Seeing the white-clothed youth trembling on the Water Ray Arena, Song Qingluo's tears finally flowed uncontrollably down her face.

In this half a year, she had felt insignificant and powerless many, many times.

But she had never felt it as deeply as at this moment.

The gratitudes and the grudges of the world rolled on, but she had no way of ever controlling her own fate under the merciless wheel of destiny. No matter whether it was the fall of her family, her personal fate or the death of her close friends, she had no way of changing anything. She was like a spectator, apart from looking on helplessly, she could not do anything else.

Only with enough strength, could she change everything.

Song Qingluo had never yearned for powerful personal martial strength like she did now.

Dugu Dixiu stood there dumbly.

He stood there with shock, staring at the arena.

He was a noble young master, and the power of the Dugu Financial Organization could be ranked high within the Empire. He had also seen many great events in these years, but he had never ever experienced such a mad, crazy scene. And he had never witnessed an expert like Zhao Shanhe demonstrate his full might. Like a deity, he could not be beaten.

Song Jiannan was also somewhat depressed.

What he saw in these days, had rapidly expanded his horizons. The Zhao Shanhe right now, the aura he emitted, made it seem like he was not human.

Comparatively, matters like the fall of the Song family were so insignificant. For him, it was a matter of life and death, but for people like Zhao Shanhe, it was like a grain of sand, so tiny it could not be discerned...

Song Jianan had ambition, managing the Song family from a poor family to become the wealthiest organization in Deer City. He could be counted as being a significant and noticeable person, but in the eyes of people like Zhao Shanhe, he was the same as a bitterly struggling ant, playing a childish game.

The thing he was carrying became increasingly hot.

Song Jiannan's heart seemed to have been moved by the mysterious power contained within Zhao Shanhe's words.

A fire began madly burning in his heart.

"I only lack for an opportunity." Song Jiannan spoke to himself in his heart.

Without meaning to, he turned his head. In the opposite shore, he could see a dim red appearance that stood silently there. Amidst those madly excited Jianghu disciples, she was like a dim flame that burned silently, glowing without any signs. It was a complete contrast to the situation all round.

Perhaps it was Song Jiannan seeing wrongly, but he could suddenly see a white little teddy that appeared without any signs into her hand.

It was as if there was a flame held in her hands.

Then she took step after step towards the Bright Moon Lake.

"Could it be... she is going to act?“

Song Jiannan's heart nearly jumped out of his throat.

But the next instant, it seemed the figure had suddenly sensed something. She suddenly turned around, the eyes under the golden mask like two sharp sword that shot out.

Song Jiannan took a step backwards, hiding himself within the crowd.

At the same time.

Within the Xian Pavilion, Dugu Tianxin walked over to the bannister. His face grew increasingly agitated, having his hand half raised, but ultimately said nothing.

And behind this noble young master, his grandfather, the Pill God of Snow Country's complexion rapidly changed. All the hair in his head and beard suddenly stood up.

Within his palm, a light flickered. A scarlet red pill began to appear. This pill had a strange pattern around it, like the rivers of the earth, like the hills of the earth. Shreds of chaotic light covered it, and it began spinning, as if a star was held in his hands. Strange energy began to be emitted from it...

At this time----

"It is rumoured that Dugu is not only unmatched in his pill arts, his cultivation is also unmatched. The aura of this Qiming Spirit Pill can be compared to a Dao tool. It really makes one sigh in amazement.”

A voice began sounding out from the pavilion belonging to the Deer Cauldron sect.

The Saint Child of the Deer Cauldron sect, Wang Yifeng walked out, wearing yellow battle robes.

There was a three inch cauldron above his head that appeared the size of a fist. It's copper colour could barely be discerned. It's light was like a waterfall that illuminated everything, like a drawing of the great way. It made this Saint Child of the Deer Cauldron sect seem even more splendid, his manner as elegant as jade.

There was a trace of anger in Dugu Quan's eyes.

Wang Yifeng shook his head with a faint smile, "I had heard that the Dugu Pill God had become sworn brothers with Ye Qingyu. But there has never been a person who has dared to publicly interrupt the matters on the arena of Life and Death. The matters of Jianghu, should be settled in Jinghu. Even the Imperial family of the Empire cannot interfere. Furthermore the status of the two parties on the arena are not simple. Even if the foundation of the Dugu Financial Organization is deep, you should think over it carefully before deciding on what to do. If you break the rules, the consequences of that action are not something the Dugu Organization can endure.”

Dugu Quan's face changed.

"Even if the world falls down, even if the Dugu Organization is completely extinguished, I cannot... cannot allow a peerless genius of the Pill Dao to fall like this. I cannot bear such a crime, you all cannot... Zhao Shanhe, you don't know what you're doing!" Dugu Quan bit his teeth.

The towering aura of this old man was suddenly exposed, like a lion that was suddenly awakened, it’s glimmer appearing.

Under the snow white eyebrows of the Pill God, a pair of ancient eyes flickered with a shocking light. It was like lightning of a thunderstorm. He seemed to have made a great decision, and the Qiming Star Pill in his palm slowly expanded, the patterns of the rivers and hills becoming increasingly distinct.

A shocking aura began to spread out from within the pill.

There were experts standing up from all the Pavilions. Their gazes turned towards the Water Ray Arena. There was someone who noticed the words exchanged between Wang Yifeng and Dugu Quan.

Within the number one Xian Pavilion.

Liu Yuqing’s face was calm, without any sort of strange emotion appearing. But his gaze always remained on the mysterious person dressed as a scholar in white.

"Aunt, he is in danger, I..." Xing'er had a worried expression that increasingly grew anxious.

The exquisite face of the mysterious scholar was extremely leisurely. She turned her glance away from the Water Ray Arena, then looked at the Jianghu disciples that seemed to have gone mad with a fever. There was a smile that appeared in her bright red lips. She stared meaningfully at Xing'er, then shook her head.

At this time, above the Bright Moon Lake, Zhao Shanhe's thunderous voice that could not be challenged sounded out once again.

"Ye Qingyu, you caused chaos to the Jianghu. You killed people of your own race, you messed up the overall battle strategy... do you admit your crimes? Or will you continue to struggle on like a caged beast? Quickly kneel down!"

The paw of the huge Desolate Tiger swung down.


The water of the Bright Moon Lake roiled.

There was a fracture that appeared on the Water Ray Arena.

It seemed as if there was an invincible power that caused the entire area of the Bright Moon Lake to sink by a meter.

Such a power was really as if a huge Desolate Tiger had appeared once again. It was not something a human could oppose.

Ye Qingyu's legs had already sunken deep into the ground.

There were formation arrays fortifying the rocks beneath the Water Ray Arena. It was a known fact that it could withstand the full power of a Bitter Sea stage expert. But at this time, for some reason, it could not withstand such humongous pressure. There were fractures that appeared with Ye Qingyu's legs at the very center.


With a light sound, the fabric that tied his hair back suddenly fell apart, becoming a piece of scrap. His black hair lost its binding, spreading apart instantly like a cloud. It was like a black flame, fiercely dancing.

Ye Qingyu's body was getting bent by the pressure.

The clothes on his body was like ash that broke apart inch by inch. The muscles on his body looked like it belonged to a sculpture. Under such a humongous pressure, the muscles on his back and chest bulged, filled with an explosive and muscular kind of beauty.

The rocks beneath his feet had long turned into dust, and his feet were within the crushed stones. His veins were showing on his legs, his joints emitting squeaking noises, as if it could not endure such forces any longer. There was a possibility it could collapse at any moment.

Within his consciousness, the ancient Bronze book, [Fiendgod Titled Chart], that had always slept within his body, began expressing its dissatisfaction at the pressure outside his body. It began to move slowly, emitting a primitive will of rage.

Within his dantian in the Spirit springs, the Cloud Top Cauldron that was originally slumbering began violently floating up from the clear Spirit springs. There was a faint will to do battle that was released from the strange newly born consciousness.

As well as the [Piercing Cloud Arrow], that Ye Qingyu had already refined, it had a frightening power...

There were still many cards up Ye Qingyu's sleeve.

It was not difficult to turn the situation around.

But what Ye Qingyu needed was not just for the situation to reverse.

The Ye Qingyu that could fall at any instant, that could be defeated at any moment, did not panic in the least. The [Little Shang sword] in his hands had a fracture that increased under such a vast pressure. His body seemed about to collapse, but there was a smile on Ye Qingyu's eyes that grew greater and greater, greater and greater!

Only absolute pressure that could not be found normally, could create a will that was as immovable as a boulder.

And only a truely determined will could activate more limits of the [Limitless Divine Way].

There were ten limits in the [Limitless Divine Way].

Under Ye Qingyu's full concentration, the only limit he could activate, was the [First Limit].

With the power of the [First Limit], his battle power doubled.

He had once tried to activate the [Second Limit], but he was not successful. The deep profoundness of the [Limitless Divine Way] was something that Ye Qingyu could not handle due to his lack of his will and determination. He had no way of completely controlling his own body, and no way of handling the true essences of such a technique that was like from the legends.

If he wanted to make a breakthrough, he must do so between the boundary of life and death.

Only a test when he was between life and death could truly make his will and body at one with another. He could step into a state that he had no way of reaching normally.

Ever since he had broken from isolation training, he had naturally entered the state of the [First Limit]. His battle power had broken past a hundred Spirit springs, and he began to notice the Dao power within this world. He began to roughly understand the reason why Bitter Sea stage experts were so powerful, and also touched upon some of the deep secrets of the [Second Limit]...

It was the blessing of the world.

And the power of the Desolate Tooth of the Tiger Saint was a gift from human power.

The blessings of heaven was destiny, the gifts from human was opportunity.

If you take what is not given, you will be punished. If you act when the time is not right, calamity will befall you. Ye Qingyu had always waited for such an opportunity ever since the battle on the arena began. At this time, he naturally could not rely on any other methods to counterattack.

He sensed that there was a change occurring within his body.

The yuan qi that had been compressed to the extreme, under the activation of the [Limitless Divine Way], began fermenting and compressing at a vast speed that had never occurred before. It began gathering together, like a spring that had been compressed to the extreme...


There was a howl from the Water Ray Arena. It had finally split into three parts, the earth shattering.

" I will use the blood in your chest, to repay and console the heroic Spirits that died unjustly from the sects... Ye Qingyu, die!"

Zhao Shanhe's voice was like he was making his final judgement.

Within the second pavilion.

At this time, Li Qiushui let out a light breath. The wind blew. He faintly smiled, standing up.

"Everything has finished, We have won this round."

He smiled lightly.

But before he finished, like a reply contradicting him, an unexpected voice sounded.



A power that was hard to describe descended within the Proud Sky Center.

A pure and unique silver frost light that was like the glimmer of the pure moon began shining inexplicably from the broken rocks around the Water Ray Arena at the center of the Bright Moon Lake. It was so bright it hurt the eyes. Like an absolute gigantic divine sword, it pierced through the huge Desolate Tiger mirage in the sky that stared down at the Bright Moon Lake, as easily as if it was stabbing through a paper kite!

The tiger-striped aura that was throughout the heavens suddenly disappeared without any signs, like boiling water pouring on snow.

The sorrowful cries of the Desolate Tiger sounded in the air. Under the stunned and feverish stares of the crowd, the Desolate Tooth of the Tiger Saint that had been awakened, along with the roar of the Tiger, disappeared cleanly and completely like smoke in the wind.


The Zhao Shanhe who was like a deity that was ruling over all life, let out an disbelieving howl.

Under the silver light, his naturally born abnormal face became increasingly desperate and panicky, then he ultimately was completely engulfed by the ice flame.

Within the air.

Everything disappeared.

The only thing remaining was a pure white Tiger's tooth that slowly fell to the ground.

But before it reached the ground, it cracked, shattering. It turned into a white powder that along with the wind, disappeared completely from the world.

What also disappeared was the Tiger Saint Child, Zhao Shanhe.

When his martial life was at its most glorious peak, he was gone. Within the event that he had painstakingly created, before he had even had a chance to truly enjoy the admiration and worship of countless people, he vanished. Events did not follow his original plan of becoming the admired alliance leader of the countless Jianghu people, he had only left a humiliating and panicked roar of rage behind. Before he could even beg for mercy, he had eternally disappeared from the world.

It was like he was an unimportant character, that suddenly disappeared from this world through such a ridiculous way.

But, at this moment, no one paid any attention.

No one cared about his death.

No one cared about why the Desolate Tooth of the Tiger Saint that was known as the treasured Dao tool of the Tiger Saint sect suddenly disappeared.

All of the gazes were focused above the Bright Moon Lake.

It focused on the broken and shattered Water Ray Arena.


Ye Qingyu held the [Little Shang sword], soaring in the sky.

The frost that spread throughout the sky that seemed as if it could freeze everything, had erupted from the body of this youth. The youth that seemed destined for certain death.

He was still alive.

More importantly, he possessed an unstoppable power.

It was no longer the power of a hundred and twenty Spirit springs.

Nor was it the power of a hundred and eighty Spirit springs of the [Second Limit].

It was the power of two hundred and forty Spirit springs that had never appeared in this world.

From ancient times to now, for a person's cultivation to reach the hundred Spirit springs was a legend within legends. It was a tale that had no evidence to back it up whatsoever. But what one could be sure was that no one knew what would happen when someone possessed the power of two hundred and forty Spirit springs? Was it a stage comparable to the Bitter Sea stage? Or was it a state that could even directly challenge the Heaven Ascension stage?

According to theory, such a power should not exist within this world.

But right now, it had appeared.

"Everything has ended?" Ye Qingyu stood on the air, two hundred and forty yuan qi dragons encircling and protecting him. His voice was like a great bell that sounded throughout Youyan Pass, "Everything about Zhao Shanhe has ended. Li Qiushui, now it's your turn!"

The splendour of the [Little Shang sword] erupted.

Marquis Ye's sword swung out.

The glory of the sword struck out towards the Xian Pavilion of the Crepe Myrtle sect.

No one knew what had happened at the previous moment, and how Ye Qingyu had exploded with a power that reversed the situation. Similarly, no one knew how to describe the might of Ye Qingyu's sword at this moment.

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5 Best Chinese Romance Books of 2018 So Far
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New Books: Accident Prone Pernisia ^And%$#And*^ The Iceman BEYOND THE EYES Tales of a killer flower The Strongest Cultivator The Strongest Masterr Magical Academy: Rise of the Supreme Magic Craftsman Best Story Ever2 Best Story Ever Reborn In Harry Potter