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Imperial God Emperor 278 - Just where do you think this is?

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Senior sister Nan?

Bai Yuanxing did not know of this senior sister Nan that this youth mentioned, but she definitely had something to do with the people who had captured them.

His thoughts began to grow clear after being chaotic initially.

He and Jin Ling'er were both minor characters. Both their backgrounds, meant they did not have any value. The only reason that they were captured was that they were doing this to target Marquis Ye.

They wanted to use both of them to threaten the Marquis?

As he realized this, Bai Yuanxing's heart began to beat acutely.

"Even if I die, I can't allow the Marquis to be threatened."

Nearly at the same instant as he realized what they intended to do, such a thought occurred inhis mind.

In a split second, Bai Yuanxing was about to carry out such an action. But after seeing Jin Ling'er beside him, he realized that the matter was not yet as desperate as committing suicide. The first thing he needed to do was not to die, but to protect Ling’er.

After all, he was still the Marquis' 'disciple'.

As well as the descendant of the brave warriors of Youyan pass.

Furthermore, even if he died right now, the enemy could still make something up. News of his death would not be known, so the Marquis would still be held hostage and be afraid to act.

Since the enemy would dare to so brazenly act and kidnap him and Ling'er within Youyan Pass in secrecy, they must have countless other methods behind this; they must have planned for a long time. He was alive right now, although he was in the control of the enemy. As long as he remained alive, he could still investigate matters for Marquis.

As this thought occurred to him, Bai Yuanxing was no longer as anxious.

The locked room was lit.

The strange young man who brought food was exceedingly patient.

The young weak man next to Bai Yuanxing and Bai Yuanxing himself had no way of eating food because they were completely constrained. The silent young man fed them food bit by bit into their own mouths, using a towel to wipe their lips. Then in a practiced motion, he helped them knead the muscles around their bodies, reminding them kind heartedly, "After being shackled by too long, your blood will not flow well and your body may well end up crippled. If you can move a little bit, you have to move a little bit. Don't be afraid of pain, superficial wounds are fine, but if blood does not flow to an area, you may end up a cripple..."

Awaiting until Jin Ling'er had finished eating and lightly rubbing Ling'er's head, he turned and took away the torch on the wall. Packing away the food containers, he was about to leave...

At this time, Jin Ling'er, who had always stood quietly and obediently, suddenly had bright eyes. Charging forwards immediately, like an enraged little tiger, he quickly neared the young man, and struck at the back of the young man’s head with the chop of his hand.

Jin Ling'er's talent was exceedingly high.

He had trained with Ye Qingyu for several months and had also been immersed in all sorts of herbs and medicines. He was already at the early stages of the Ordinary Martial level. His palm strike was like the wind, with great power behind it. If he struck a stone, it would even be crushed into pieces.

This young man seemed as if he did not sense anything at all.


The hand chop landed squarely on the back of the young man's neck.

But the expected picture of the young man fainting did not appear. Instead, Jin Ling'er let out a pained exclamation, holding his hand as he retreated rapidly. He had caused himself pain, grimacing, like he had struck metal.

Bai Yuanxing shivered, nearly cursing out loud.

Before he could say anything, the young man had already stowed away the food containers and then stood up. It was as if nothing had happened whatsoever. He took out the torch from the wall, took out the keys on his waist and placed it into the keyhole in the metal door...

"Little kid, don't be naughty. Your strength is still too weak, thankfully this time it's only me. If it were the other senior brothers here to give you guys food, then you would be in danger. Don't do anything and just stay here honestly.”

The moment the door opened, the young man suddenly turned around and said such a sentence to Jin Ling'er. Opening the door of the closed room, he walked out with the food containers.

The metal door was once again locked. The room once again returned to darkness.

Bai Yuanxing's worried heart was finally placed at rest.

"Ling'er, are you okay?" he asked in concern.

"I'm fine." There was the sound of Jin Ling'er’s shaken voice coming from the darkness, panting. "That person's neck is so hard, like it's made of metal. My bones were nearly broken.”

"You were lucky. The person who delievered food is Li Rui. If it was that female demon surnamed Nan, then she would definitely have chopped one of your limbs off..." the weak young man bound on the post could not help but say.

"Ling'er, don't cause trouble anymore, understand?" Bai Yuanxing sweated cold bullets.

"Ling'er knows. The little fellow was obviously shaken, quickly nodding his head in agreement.

There was a period of silence in the dark room.

After a long while, Bai Yuanxing could not help but ask, "Brother, so who are you that would be captured?"

"Me? Their mother..." The young man could not help but angrily curse. Although the darkness made them unable to discern his face, but one could imagine his expression of rage. In a furious tone he said, "I wish I knew why I was captured... their mother, just what did I do wrong? I was in the [Drunken Pavilion] just drinking and enjoying the music before I was beaten up with sticks by people. When I woke up, I was already here..."

"[Drunken Pavilion]?" Bai Yuanxing's brain quickly pondered. What restaurant was the [Drunken Pavilion] within Youyan Pass?

"Hehe, don’t tell me you don't know what the [Drunken Pavilion] is. It's the most popular place for you to spend your money in the entire Heaven Ripple City. Haha, the person in charge of the [Drunken Pavilion] is famed even in the entire South West great provinces. If you've never heard of it before, you're not a man..." The weak young man began chuckling meaningfully.

"What did you say?" Bai Yuanxing could not help but exclaim. " Heaven Ripple City? The Heaven Ripple that is within the South West of the Empire in the Red Leaf province? You mean, we are in Heaven Ripple City?"

"Of course we are in Heaven Ripple City, otherwise just where do you think we are?" The young man replied in a matter of fact tone.

"But..." Bai Yuanxing considered. "We were captured in Youyan Pass…”

"What?" The weak young man lost his composure. "Youyan Pass? The North West of the Empire? The territory where the human and demon race wage war? A hundred thousand miles away? You... are you joking?"

Bai Yuanxing was momentarily silent.

As he was still digesting such inexplicable news, he said slowly, “I am not joking. According to my conjecture, we should still be in Youyan Pass right now."

"How is this possible." The young man had no way of believing such a statement. "How can this be? I... I am just a minor character in the Jianghu. I only like to cause trouble and fight with others normally, but these are all just small matters. It's impossible for me to offend any important figures, that they would catch me in the [Drunken Pavilion] of Heaven Ripple and bring me to Youyan Pass? Do you know just how many dimensional gates we need to pass to get here? Such a huge expense..."

"Therefore, you believe you are still in Heaven Ripple City?” Bai Yuanxing pondered this then he asked again, "You should know this. From the time we've been placed here to the time we were awake, just how long has passed?"

"This... about four hours," the young man thought about it carefully, then said such an uncertain answer. "In such a place where we cannot see daylight at all, I am already about to go crazy. I've completely lost all sense of time."

Four hours?

Bai Yuanxing considered.

If this was so, then they must definitely still be in Youyan Pass.

The young man who was responsible for delivering food did not have a high status, but his strength was unfathomable. The force controlling everything from behind the scene must be terrifying. In the entire Youyan Pass, the only group able to do this apart from the army, were the people of the sects.

The Marquis had once punished the people of the sects with harsh methods and as a result, offended many sects. Such a reaction was within reason.

But today was the day that the Martial Alliance meeting with Youyan Pass would truly begin. Therefore, those people had taken a gamble and kidnapped him and Ling'er. Did they want to do something or target the Marquis in the Martial Alliance meeting?

It must be so.

But only the top 6 sects were able to execute such a plan, even within the sects. And only they had the requirements to obtain any benefits resulting from the Martial Alliance meeting.

"We must think of a way to escape. We can't just sit here," Bai Yuanxing said determinedly.

"Escape? How?" the weak young man said in frustration. "I've been bound for so long that I don't even know what is happening outside anymore. Do you think I don't want to escape? But I'm tightly bound to this post; it's hard for me to even shift about. not to mention escaping…"

"We only need to plan well. There's definitely a way." There was determination and confidence in Bai Yuanxing's voice.

Because he had average talent and came from a lowly background, he had suffered difficulties and discrimination in Youyan Pass. His mentality and heart had long been trained to become unshakably determined. In Ye Qingyu's world, only Ye Congyun, who had a similarly painful experience, could be compared to Bai Yuanxing.

Even if they entered such a hopeless environment, they would not despair, they would not give up.

After carefully thinking and looking over everything in his mind he suddenly realized. Bai Yuanxing opened his mouth, "Did you notice that the door of this room is not made from a formation lock? And there is not any energy from a formation array on the walls..."

"And so what?" the young man said in a suspicious tone.

"That means the person who imprisoned us is very clever. If they used a formation lock and array to imprison us, then Marquis will definitely be able to find our traces. Because for a martial expert, if they are strong enough ,they can expand their consciousness. The stronger the formation lock, the more easily it is to discover. They must have considered this point and used the weak and more primitive iron shackles on us. There must not be any guards outside or it's not guarded as heavily. Because if there is, it would definitely raise suspicions. Therefore, if we are able to open that door, there must definitely be an opportunity to escape..." Bai Yuanxing said, outlining his analysis word by word.

"This... seems to make a little sense..." The young man nodded his head, then shook his head in frustration. "But even if it makes sense, there's no meaning. Our hands and legs are tied and we can't even move. How do we open the metal door?"

"We can't move, but we still have Ling'er." Bai Yuanxing bit his teeth. "Ling'er can go to the position of the metal door. We must pretend the dead horse is still alive when we treat it. We must give it a try."

The young man fell silent, not saying anything.

"Ling'er can try." Jin Ling'er mustered his courage. There was a sound of searching within the darkness, then they could hear the little fellow's excited laughter. "Brother Yuanxing, I found a piece of metal, it should be able to enter into the keyhole."

"What's the use if you found a piece of metal? It's completely pitch dark, you won't even be able to see the keyhole..." the weak young man said angrily.

"This is very simple," Jin Ling'er said laughingly. "I am of the shadow attribute. I can see everything clearly within the darkness. I am able to see everything here.”


As the young man heard this, it was like he heard the greatest news of his life. He began cheering excitedly. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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