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Imperial God Emperor 277 - What is this place

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There were two powers that the [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike] had.

One was that it ignored all the footwork the opponent had, nearing instantly.

The second was that it could seal away all the inner yuan of the opponent for a moment.

Light flashed by.

Ye Qingyu darted by the rumbling tiger's aura around Zhao Shanhe, appearing in front of him.

Zhao Shanhe's expression changed.

He had full and utter confidence in himself, but he was still surprised by this abnormal technique. With Ye Qingyu's strength, he should have absolutely no way of breaking past his tiger's aura, but he instantly came before him.

But it was only just a surprise.

He lifted his hand.

HIs right hand transformed into the paw of a primordial tiger.


Zhao Shanhe smiled.

HIs tiger's paw, was like slapping away a fly, landing on the [Little Shang sword].


A power that was like a mountain was released, advancing.

Ye Qingyu's expression changed, turning red instantly. A trace of blood leaked from the corner of his mouth. The [Little Shang sword] in his hand flew out, a sharp sword flying through the air. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a speck of light, not knowing just where it flew to.


This was the first thought that appeared in Ye Qingyu's mind.

He had never imagined that a person could be this strong.

In their brief moment of contact, Ye Qingyu felt that there was an ancient mountain pressing down on his whole body.

HIs inner organs were hurt by the impact, burning like fire.


He could finally not bear it any longer, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Ye Qingyu wavered at the edge of the Water Ray arena. There was shock in the eyes which he used to regard Zhao Shanhe with.

The surrounding Jianghu people finally let out cheers after being so silent for so long.

The worried hearts of countless Jianghu disciples, could finally be laid at rest.

There was finally someone who was able to block Ye Qingyu's momentum?

And this could not be counted as a block .This was a complete domination, pressuring him all the way. In their first clash of moves, Ye Qingu was like an egg in front of a stone when facing the [Tiger Saint Child]. Anyone could tell that Ye Qingyu was injured and the injuries were not light. He could not restore his invincible aura from before.

The disciples of the Dragon Tiger sect had pride and joy written on every one of their faces, like this was a celebration festival.

The [Tiger Saint Child] showing off made every Dragon Tiger sect disciple feel proud.

"Kill him!"

It was unknown who was the person who shouted.

"Thats right, kill him, kill the butcher Ye Qingyu."

"Slaughter him, take vengeance for Elder Gao Han."

"Please [Tiger Saint Child], eliminate that scum."

"Kill him!"

"Kill him!"

Countless voices and shouts sounded in Bright Moon Lake.

Those excited Jianghu disciples were like the most fervent disciples that wanted to kill and exterminate outsiders. There was fire burning in the eyes of everyone. Countless fingers pointed at the direction of the Water Ray arena, pointed at the young man inclothes stained with blood. It was as if this handsome youth was the most horrifying demon in the world.

Song Qingluo was so worried that she was about to cry.

The scene that she was most worried about the most had finally arrived.

The Proud Sky Center ultimately was not White Deer Academy. The Jianghu was even more brutal and dangerous. Right now, Ye Qingyu was no longer the student of that day; he was a person of the Empire. Once he stepped into this identity, the enemies he faced were even more cruel and merciless, and so powerful it was terrifying .He no longer face noble students like Qin Wushuang...

Facing the [Tiger Saint Child] that was so ridiculous strong, Ye Qingyu did not seem to have any chance of winning.

Right now, what should she do?

Song Qingluo wanted to scream.

But her scream was completely enveloped by this wave and shout of mad anger. It was so little it was unoticable.

No one noticed her.

No one paid any attention to her.

When her trembling voice shouted out Ye Qingyu's name, only Dugu Dixiu beside her looked at her with concern. Other people thought this beautiful young girl was doing the same action as they were doing, cursing at this Youyan demon who had slaughtered the Jianghu experts.

"Do you know the difference between us now?"

Zhao Shanhe mocked his opponent.


Ye Qingyu was silent.



"How are you? Are you okay?"

In the dark space, Bai Yuanxing's body touched the young man who was also tied up.

There was a series of intense coughing. The young man moved his body slightly: "It's fine... I'm fine."

There was not any light at all; it was incomparably dark.

Bai Yuanxing had relied on the aura of the young person to realize he was not dead yet. In this dark space, Bai Yuanxing had no idea what the other person looked like, but he knew the approximate identity of that person. From the person's voice, he could roughly manage to judge that it was a young man of around twenty years of age.

"Brother Bai, Ling'er is afraid..."

In the darkness, there was a soft little hand that tightly clenched onto Bai Yuanxing's arm.

It was Jin Ling'er.

Bai Yuanxing could clearly remember that early in the morning, when he had not even left Hundred Herb Hall further than a thousand meters, he fainted without any prior warnings. The last voice before he lost his consciousness was Jin Ling'er's shocked exclamation.

When he woke up, he felt a splitting pain in his head, his body weak and painful. He could not muster any power at all. And the environment he was at was like an icy underground cave without any light whatsoever. Shackles bounded his arms and legs, making him unable to move in the slightest. Jin Ling'er was like a frightened little lamb, tightly clenching onto his arm without letting go.

"Ling'er, don't be afraid. I'm here," Bai Yuanxing reassured the child who was not even five years ago. "Marquis will definitely save us."

"En," Jin Ling'er replied without much conviction.

He leaned against Bai Yuanxing. Perhaps because he was still a small child, he was not bound by shackles.

"Hey, who are you two… that you would be captured?" The young man that was bound with shackles against the wooden scaffold asked in a wheezing voice.

"We are people of the White Horse tower." Bai Yuanxing quickly thought of a response in his head. Their identity was not a secret, so there was no need to hide this. Having answered, he asked, "Just where is this? Who were you captured by? Do you know their identity?"

"White Horse tower? I haven't heard of it before..." The young man let out a sigh, his tone bitter, "As for where this is… even I don't know. I've already been here for a very long time, I've even already forgotten how many days have passed… did you say that someone would come and rescue you?"

"Definitely," Bai Yuanxing said in an utterly confident tone.

In a very short period of time, Marquis Ye would definitely discover that they were missing. With Marquis Ye's ability and methods, even turning over the entire Youyan pass in search of them was a possibility. They would definitely be saved.

This was not him fooling himself.

This was the powerful confidence that was constructed from following beside Ye Qingyu. In Bai Yuanxing's notion of the world, there was nothing that his master could not do.


The young man beside them started to laugh.

"Give up, no one will come save you." He used an incomparably despairing tone and said tragically, "There is no one from the Jianghu who can save you. No one can defeat the guards outside..."

"The guards outside?" Bai Yuanxing's eyes brightened. "You've seen them? Then you know who they are...."

Before he had even finished.


The metal gate was opened.

A piercing light entered from the crevice of the door.

Bai Yuanxing subconsciously looked towards the direction of the doorway. There was white light all across his vision. He could largely see that it was not yet noon outside. Then a figure rushed in, closing the door yet again.

Within the darkness, there was the sound of fire being lit.


A flame appeared.

The torch on the wall was lit up.

There was the crackling sounds of fire.

Bai Yuanxing could finally see just what environment he was in. It was a rusty room that was akin to a prison. There were some sinister crimson red implements distributed all around. It was unknown whether this was from rust or from blood. The size of the room was not large and there were air vents on the corners of the room around the size of a fist. It was unknown just where this led. There was not any light entering at all.

The young man who was locked up beside them had a messy hair and a dirty face. His chaotic hair hid his face, and the clothes on his body was ragged. But it seemed like he had not suffered much, without any injuries on his body. But perhaps it was because he had been confined in this dark isolated room for too long a time, he seemed quite weak.

Next to Bai Yuanxing, Jin Ling'er was held by a metal collar. This was held by a two-meter-long chain, where the other side was secured to a large metal ring on the wall. Perhaps because he was a child, he was not bound by shackles, and he was permitted to freely move in the area of the chain.

The person who lit the torch was a young man who was around seventeen or eighteen.

The young man seemed somewhat skinny and weak and had a common face. He did not seem to be anyone sinister, wearing a uniformed martial artist clothing. He seemed to be a disciple of the sects.

He casually placed the torch in the wall, then place three portions of food on the floor. Opening the lid, it seemed to be somewhat simple and plain rice and vegetables.

"Eat something."

The young man placed the food in front of the three.

"Who are you? Why have you captured us?" Bai Yuanxing shouted loudly.

The young man shook his head, not replying .He gestured with his hand for them to be quieter.

"Speak, just who are you? Where is this?" Bai Yuanxing began to struggle, the shackles clanking against each other.

"Don't ask, he's only a little pawn, he doesn't know anything. It's no use in asking him..." The weak young man who had been bound for heaven knows how long suddenly opened his mouth, "I've long tried. This person is only a lackey. He's like a mute; I can't get anything from him!”

"Eat, eat something. Only then can you live on." The young man repeated similar words, then looked towards Bai Yuanxing. "Don't waste your energy. If senior sister Nan enters, then you will be punished." Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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