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“Ahhhhhhhhh..." A deadly growl like the roar of a tiger pouncing on its prety emitted from Zhao Shanhe's mouth. Faint shreds of amber yellow mist emitted from his body, as if there was fire encircling around his body.

The two beautiful female servants next to him were blown away by the tremor.

"The Tiger does not intent to hurt people, but people have the intention to slaughter the tiger." Zhao Shanhe's laughter was incomparably cold and sinister. "With my seniority, I don't want to descend to your level. Who would have thought just because I have not killed for a long time, people believed my claws have gone dull. It seems like in this world, there are some people with bad memories, forgetting the terror of being dominated by a tiger's might."

A vast and powerful energy, emitted from his body.

The surrounding people on the Bright Moon Lake, suddenly felt a pressure on their chest. It was as if a terrifying huge beast, was gazing down at them from the sky above. All the people in the Proud Sky Center had become the prey of this huge beast.

In another Xian Pavilion.

Li Qiushui slowly sat back into his seat.

There was a glimmer between his eyebrows. The light of blades would appear whenever he opened his eyes, like blades shooting through the air.

He was furious, but since the [Tiger Saint Child] Zhao Shanhe was preparing to act, he naturally would not also act. Even though he had been completely enraged, but as a famed expert among the Jianghu, as the young leader of the Crepe Myrtle sect, Li Qiushui loved his pride. He absolutely would not join forces with Zhao Shanhe to act against someone of the younger generation who had not even cultivated for a year.

A suffocating atmosphere began to spread throughout the entire Proud Sky Center.

Today was only the first day of the Proud Sky Center being opened, but there were already such crazy battles occurring in the Water Ray. This was outside of everyone’s expectations. Ye Qingyu's loud shout was like rumbling thunder that spread in all directions. Even the people outside the Proud Sky Center, would be able to hear it.

At this time, there were countless people climbing the walls and the trees or standing on structures far away, trying to see the arena.

"Stop saying useless words, scram up here and die."

There was a radiance around Ye Qingyu's body, the White Horse armour appearing.

The [Little Shang sword] was in his hands, the cold glimmer of light shining.

Only an instant passed, but all the reflective light was gone from Bright Moon Lake. There was a blood-coloured frost that appeared on Bright Moon Lake and the snow white frost rose to the air. The sky that was originally clear began to be enshrouded by mist, a seeping cold entering the bones of everyone. At the sides of Bright Moon Lake, countless people madly scrambled backwards. This cold was like blades. Even martial artists at the Spirit spring level could hardly resist.

There were several disciples that retreated slightly. The armour on their bodies touched the frost, and with a faint movement, the armour instantly turned into powder.

“This cold is too terrifying."

"This… a power belonging to the ice attribute, how can it be this horrifying?"

"Retreat, quickly retreat."

There were people screaming in panic.

There was chaos all around the lake.

Large volumes of snow began to descend from the air.

Time seemed to have returned to the depths of winter.

Amidst the snow, Song Qingluo and Dugu Dixiu gradually retreated under the protection of the experts of their family.

When such a terrifying frost exploded, it was like winter had descended hundreds of meters around Bright Moon Lake. The wind was like icy blades, even experts at the twenty or thirty Spirit springs stage could not bear it easily, having to activate their yuan power to resist. For people like Song Qingluo and Dugu Dixiu, this was even worse.

There was a flicker of fear and respect in Song Jiannan’s eyes.

He could not imagine, that such an expert, was being pushed around by the forces of those noble students a year ago in White Deer Academy. And four years previous to that, everyone in Deer City thought this youth was a retard, an idiot. Those who had once mocked him, if they saw such a scene, would their knees go weak in fright?

Song Jiannan had long known Ye Qingyu's position within Youyan pass.

He knew why he was able to enter into the Proud Sky Center.

Apart from being stunned, this intelligent merchant realized that the opportunity of the Song family had arrived.

But he did not make a decision immediately.

After carefully hearing and investigating everything about Ye Qingyu in the city, he still had not decided. That's why he did not rush to see Ye Qingyu. As a successful merchant, he knew he must obtain the greatest value from his investment.

But seeing everything right now, it made Song Jiannan somewhat hesitant again.

He originally wanted to invest in Ye Qingyu.

But right now, he was not sure whether this young Marquis would be able to survive in this arena.

With Ye Qingyu's domineering attitude and methods that did not pay attention to social niceties at all, it made Song Jiannan even more uncertain.

"Let's wait and see.Wait, and observe more..."

Song Jiannan convinced himself.

At this time, his gaze unconsciously diverted. He was able to see a figure at the frozen shore that he thought was somewhat familiar. Focusing, his heart suddenly trembled, cold sweat erupting from all around his body.

It was her?

She would dare come here?

Song Jiannan quickly looked away, not daring to stare directly. But from the corner of his eyes, he continued to evaluate. The more he evaluated, the more afraid he became.


The [Tiger Saint Child] Zhao Shanhe ultimately entered the arena.

The aura he emitted was like a gigantic ancient mountain rage. The light of his yuan power was like the stripes on a tiger, flickering in the air. The tiger striped light was hundreds of meters tall, enveloping the entire Bright Moon Lake within it's light, not to mention the Water Ray arena.

There were fifty silver dragons encircling around Ye Qingyu, with the roar of dragons sounding from him. The snowy silver white glimmer he gave off was like a display of fireworks, creating a one meter protective barrier that resisted against Zhao Shanhe's pressure.

Within the air, snow fell.

"You believe that you are very strong. You believe that with your strength alone you can change everything. You are an arrogant idiot."

There was a strange splendour in Zhao Shanhe's gaze that ultimately transformed into a pale amber glimmer of a tiger's pupil. There was not any hint of human emotion within and even the surface of his body had tiger's fur faintly appearing. It was as if he really was going to transform into a mighty tiger.

It was rumoured that the cultivation technique of the Dragon Tiger sect, when it was cultivated to its absolute limit, one could revert, transforming to the primordial divine tiger of ancient times.

Especially if you had the ancient blood of the White Tiger. You could reawaken the memory hidden in your bloodline, exhibiting the splendour of the legendary divine beast.

Zhao Shanhe was known as the reincarnation of the tiger god. He did not possess the bloodline of the White Tiger. The specialities of his cultivation technique were more like a vicious ancient tiger. But his strength could not be underestimated. He was different from Zhao Chuan who studied in the twelve treasured techniques of the Tiger Sect. As the [Tiger Saint Child], Zhao Shanhe cultivated in the true Ancient Tiger Heart Sutra. Furthermore, it was one of the three ominous techniques of the ancient tiger way, the Vicious Tiger heart sutra. When his cultivation technique was activated, the atmosphere alone was enough to make one quake with fear.

Right now, the crowd at Bright Moon Lake could sense a shivering coldness, as well as a pressuring tiger aura that made them feel like targeted prey. There were people who had no guts and had already fainted, and there were even people that were even worse. There was the smell of piss that emitted between their two legs, shaming even their family...

At this time, one was able to tell the strength of the surrounding crowd.

Those whose expressions did not even change and stood one meter next to the side of the lake were all people who had fifty Spirit springs and above. After that, there were those above thirty and above twenty after even that. Those who were at the ten Spirit springs were no different from a normal person, standing hundreds of meters away. The large majority of those who endured and did not retreat were the disciples of the top sects, as well as the patriarchs and elders of the minor sects or perhaps there would occasionally be a loose cultivator.

Those who were weak and strong could be discerned in one glance.

“However you are wrong. A frog in the well like you who doesn't even know you are trash. Perhaps Lu Zhaoge and others would treat you as a treasure, but in my eyes," Zhao Shanhe's feet did not touch the ground, standing on the air. There was a strange emotion that did not belong to humans in his eyes, like emotionless holes of light, wanting to devour everything. He smirked, "In front of my eyes, you are no different to a stinky worm. I can crush you if I just stretch out my hand, but that would dirty my hand."

"Don't pretend to be superior in front of me here… where is he?" Ye Qingyu's gaze was like he was on fire. "Since you are so confident, why must you do such a sneaky thing, to kidnap my people?"

He threw out a piece of white cloth.

Previously, when he had kill Luo Sanxing of the Crepe Myrtle sect, he had taken a piece of white cloth from him.

This was a cloth ripped off of someone.

It belonged to the clothes of Bai Yuanxing.

Ye Qingyu was immediately familiar with the button on it. It was the standardized button of the White Horse tower, and was made from smooth jade. This was the uniform obtained from the Military Supply department that was passed on to the territory of the Patrolling sword envoy.

"Oh, the reason you are angry, was because of this?" Zhao Shanhe laughed. "It seems like I've really overestimated you… En, how should I put it. Because you are an eyesore. Because you ruined everyone's business and spoiled everyone's mood, we naturally had to find a place to vent our frustration. There's only one of you. It's not enough for everyone to kill. So we must therefore torture the people beside you. Perhaps this will improve other people's mood?"

"It seemed I still have overestimated you group of trash."

Ye Qingyu tightly clenched the [Little Shang sword].

Ever since he had heard about Ling'er and Bai Yuanxing being kidnapped from Luo Sanxing’s mouth, the rage that Ye Qingyu had forcibly suppressed finally completely exploded.

The despicableness of this group of Jianghu people had far exceeded his worst estimates.

"For you to care about those two trash and the little boy. How about this, you don't resist and let me leech your blood dry," Zhao Shanhe's tone was filled with mockery and disdain. The more angry the opponent got, the crazier he became. He liked to torture his opponents, and not only torture physically, he had to break them apart mentally.

After all, since everything was so pointless, why can’t he find something interesting according to his desires.

It was a pity there were not many interesting or special people around. Old Man Lu Zhaoge was about to go, otherwise he would not let him torture and humiliate the greatest genius the Youyan army had seen in the last twenty years till he broke apart. If this situation became what happened to that person twenty years ago, wouldn't that be even more interesting?

"I will save my own people." Ye Qingyu deeply breathed in.

In his body, yuan qi started madly fluctuating. In his dantian world, yuan qi after yuan qi spring soared to the skies, like pillars of light. He came closer step by step, his gaze like a sword. Word by word: he said, "After killing a rabid dog like you, only then will I be able to make other people fear. You had best hope they are fine, otherwise there will be a day I exterminate the Dragon Tiger sect.”

The sounds stopped.

[Soul Stealing Heaven Strike].

His sword in front of his chest, his figure like a ghost, Ye Qingyu acted first. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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