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But in such an event, under the gaze of countless Jianghu people, if he retreated, then he would become the laughing stock of the entire Jianghu of Snow Empire.

But if he stepped forward....

Zhao Chuan thought about the ice sculptures that had sunk to the bottom of Bright Moon Lake. His heart shivered.

He did not want to become another member of the icy corpses.

While he was extremely conflicted, he subconsciously looked towards the main seating area of the Xian Pavilion.

But within the Xian Pavilion, the muscular figure who was currently enjoying the female attendant massaging his back, had a calm gaze as he stared towards the Bright Moon Lake. It was as if he did not notice at all. The cold expression on his face, did not change.

Zhao Chuan's heart plummeted.

"Zhao Chuan, come and do battle." Ye Qingyu's voice, sounded out once again.

Everyone's gazes, gathered on Zhao Chuan.

Those Jianghu people who were all furious, turned their expectant gazes towards the elder of the Dragon tiger sect who had been long famous. The Dragon tiger sect was part of the top sects, and had a revered position. Zhao Chuan was an elder, so his status was great. Those Jianghu people who did not know the truth, really expected this elder of the Dragon tiger sect had the ability to kill the scum.

Zhao Chuan bitterly laughed in his heart.

He knew, he could not avoid this.

If he did not answer the call, it did not matter to him if he lost his fame. But once he became a laughing stock, the sect rules of the Dragon Tiger sect would not allow him to go unpunished. At that time, the [Tiger Saint Child], Zhao Shanhe, would absolutely not let him go.

It was death either way.

At least if he died on the arena, his wife and son would receive benign treatment.

"Haha...." He tragically laughed, thinking of the things he did recently. Everyone of his actions were devoid of conscience. Furthermore, it was not just recently. Ever since he joined the side of Zhao Shanhe, he sunk deeper and deeper, step by step. Perhaps there really was such a thing as karma. His retribution had finally arrived.

"Fine, Ye Qingyu, I'll come meet you."

Zhao Chuan let out a shout, his figure rising, his footwork like shadow and light, extremely elegant. It was namely one of the treasured techniques of the Dragon Tiger sect, [Tiger Leap]. With one flash, he was already at the arena.

There were shouts and cheers erupting from the surroundings.

Such a footwork, cause a glimmer of hope to appear in many Jianghu disciples eyes. They all became expectant.

"Marquis Ye, please!"

Zhao Chuan took a stance, both his hands curving slightly like a tier's paw, lowering his body. The ferociousness of a tiger exploded from him, as if he was an ancient beast that emitted their might. His aura shot to the heavens ,demonstrating his strength fully.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

The Dragon tiger sect was able to become one of the top six sects because it had some definite advantages. They were different from the cultivators who were not tied down to a place like Gao Han. Although Zhao Chuan's power was far lower than Gao Han, but the aura he emitted seemed vast and great. The meaning behind the Dragon tiger sect’s motto was clear: "Strict and serious, no need for an edge for a heavy sword " The fame of the Dragon tiger sect had always been decent. Their martial way had always been the straightest and most fundamental path. The Dragon faction and the Tiger faction opposed and relied on each other at the same time, they were the the sect with the least flashy and fundamental moves.

For Zhao Chuan to be able to cultivate in such an fundamental and basic martial path to such an extent, his talent must be exceptional and it seemed that his personality was not naturally bad.

It was a pity...

“Originally a good person, why have you become scum." Ye Qingyu sighed.

Zhao Chuan bitterly smiled: "Matters are not for you to decide when you are in the JIanghu."

"I will not show mercy." Within Ye Qingyu's palm, a cold qi gradually began to be gathered, his yuan power activated fully. He did not have the slightest intention of underestimating his opponent.

"Hahaha, to think my last battle would be with a prodigy of the younger generation like Marquis Ye." There were countless thoughts flashing by Zhao Chuan's heart, his will becoming unprecedentedly determined. In his heart, there was only the Martial Way, his will to do battle exploding. With a laugh, he became much more calm and undisturbed.

The sounds stopped.

A roar filled with the heavens.

Zhao Chuan had completely transformed into an ancient tiger, the might of the tiger soaring to the heavens.


There was a shred of respect in Ye Qingyu's eyes.

Battle, instantly exploded.

But it was only that, this battle did not persist for too long a time.

Zhao Chuan's strength could not be compared to Gao Han. Even if his battle will exploded at the last moment, and he risked everything he had, he had done too many immoral things in these years. It had long silently affected his martial heart, breaking his mentality. If he had cultivated in the cultivation techniques of other sects, perhaps there would not be too great an effect, but the cultivation technique of the Dragon Tiger sect was the mainstream righteous cultivation technique. There was a massive consequence to his martial cultivation.

Ten breaths later, Zhao Chuan turned into an icy statue.

Ye Qingyu threw him from the arena.


Water splashed everywhere.。

There was a spring chill on the air above the lake, the water as cold as ice. The splash of the water seemed to have touched the hearts of everywhere, causing the hearts of every disciple of the Jianghu nearby to rapidly cool down.

The white clothed youth who was called as a butcher, had killed ten people consecutively. However, on his white clothes, there was still not the barest hint of blood. It was still as white as snow.

There was still not too great a change on his expression. It was calm, as if he did not place any importance on the life of everyone.

"Wang Ping of the Deer cauldron sect, please come and do battle."

Ye Qingyu opened his mouth again, selecting a target.

The Wang Ping of the Deer cauldron sect, was also an famous expert. His fame was even higher than Zhao Chuan, and could be counted as one of the most trusted and important elders of the Deer cauldron sect. Fifty years ago, he was one of the young geniuses that shook the Snow Empire. The [Desolate Heaven Cauldron] in his hands was one of the famous Treasured tools coming from his sect. These years, his cultivation had become even more exquisite, and it was rumoured that it was possible he had already entered into the Bitter Sea stage.

There was a clamour around the Bright Moon Lake.

This time the commotion was even more evident than previously.

More and more people began to feel that this [Leaf of Youyan] was perhaps mad. To dare consecutively challenge the experts of the elder generation. Could it be that he really believed that his power was enough to trample all the experts here?

The seating area of the Deer cauldron sect.

Wang Ping stood up, a cold sneer on his face.

He was different from the Zhao Chuan who did not dare fight Ye Qingyu. Wang Ping had full confidence in his own strength.

"Since Marquis Ye has challenged me, it is my honour to fight."

Wang Ping chuckled grimly, taking step after step away from the seating area.

He came to the side of the Lake, and with a jump, he instantly appeared on the Water Ray arena.

This action, seemed to be infinitely more relaxed than Zhao Chuan’s.

"Marquis you are young and heroic, this really makes me impressed. It's only that when you compete in the Life and Death arena, swords and blades do not have eyes. If I injure marquis you...." Wang Ping had yellow coloured battle clothes on, with a long and slender body. He had a serious expression, but in his eys , there was faint mockery and disdain. There was slight mockery hidden within his words.

"This is the Life and Death arena, it will be up to the heaven to decide." Ye Qingyu did not wait for him to finish, interrupting him. "We decide life and death on the arena, there will be no grudges outside the arena."

"Good. If Marquis says this, then I can rest assured." Wang Ping faintly smiled. "To kill a martial genius of the Empire, is something that I really cannot bare to do. But your hands are already covered with the fresh blood of the people from the sects, I cannot help but obtain some sort of explanation for my Jianghu friends."

This speech was harsh and meaningful, like the clash of blade and swords.

There was cheers and shouts of encouragement coming from the side of the Bright Moon Lake.

The Jianghu disciples madly encouraged and clapped.

There was a killing intent flickering in Ye Qingyu's eyes."Compared to Zhao Chuan, a tumour like you, should be the person that dies over ten thousand times.....it's time for you to pay for the innocent lives you took on the Beheading demon platforms.”

"Haha, then I'll have to see whether Marquis you have such a power." Wang Ping lowered his voice, and said with mockery:"I've seen far too many so called geniuses, that ultimately became withered bones and soil on the ground. You are not the first, and you will definitely not be the last."

A yellow huge cauldron, began slowly appearing above his head.

Desolate Heaven Cauldron.

The famous treasured tool held by Wang Ping.

This time he had brought it out. The ancient cauldron swirled silently, the copper colour grimmered, as if it was the birth of the great Dao.

A vast power, slowly spread out from the Desolate Heaven Cauldron, copper light leaking out from the mouth of the cauldron. It was as if it was the blossoming of the Great Dao, slowly coming down. Spirit qi protected Wang Ping. It seemed somewhat unstable, but it was absolutely one of the strongest defences.

Cauldron, always had a special meaning since ancient times.

The Deer cauldron sect cultivated in cauldron techniques. It had one of the most basic offensive techniques, but in terms of defence, it was number one out of all the top sects.

Wang Ping calmly stood on the arena. The greatest reason for his confidence originated from this cauldron.

"Ye Qingyu, you have to pay for the people you have killed. Come and receive my attack.!"

He laughed, making gestures in his hand and the huge cauldron began moving like a massive mountain. It moved threateningly towards Ye Qingyu, as if it would come crush him.

"You won't be at peace till you're at the yellow river. There have been many heroes who has died under your [Desolate Heaven Cauldron]. I also have a cauldron, it is just right for clashing with Elder Wang.”

Ye Qingyu did not disguise the killing intent in his own eyes at all.

For people like Wang Ping, he would not show any hesitation even if he died a thousand times over.

With a thought, the [Heaven and Earth Copper cauldron] was summoned from the Spirit springs in his dantian. A copper ray of light shot out from its mouth, swirling along with the wind. In the blink of the eye, it was the size of a head. There was only a faint glimmer of colour, and it did not have the vast threatening aura of the [Desolate Heaven Cauldron].

After Ye Qingyu had used the [Sole Will of the Heaven and Earth cauldron], this cauldron had completely changed its appearance.

There was absolutely no one who would be able to recognise it was the Pill cauldron belonging to the Azure Phoenix Pill King, Chen Moyun.

"Haha, you've really overestimated your own strength. A broken cauldron, you dare call it a cauldron." Wang Ping laughed loudly. "I will definitely exterminate you today........tackle!"

The Desolate Heaven Cauldron came over like a gigantic grinder.

Ye Qingyu activated the [Sole Will of the Heaven and Earth cauldron], controlling the Cloud top cauldron so it met.

There seemed to be a great difference between the two.

Like a sesame striking against a grinder.



There was the sound of earth breaking.

The Desolate Heaven Cauldron that seemed invincible, in the instant it collided, collapsed like paper paste. One could clearly see that chaotic energy from the formation arrays breaking apart, then it was absorbed by the Heaven and Earth Copper cauldron....

Kacha, Kacha.

Along with the noise, the massive Desolate Heaven Cauldron broke apart like wood, falling into pieces to the ground. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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