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A figure charged towards madly towards the arena.

He was a young man around twenty years of age, with thick eyebrows and large eyes. His strength was not high, but he seemed to be completely berserk the instant he landed on the arena. He unsheathed the blade at his waist, charging towards Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu sidestepped, grabbing the back of the blade.

"And you are you?" Ye Qingyu questioned.

"Elder Gao was my benefactor." The young man did his utmost to free the blade, but it was like ti was embedded in Ye Qingyu's hands. He roared: "Butcher, I will fight to the death with you today. Even if I die, I need to take vengeance for elder Gao."

Since he could not free the blade, he activated his inner yuan. His body became bloated, evidently wanting to self destruct.

Hearing this, Ye Qingyu calmly nodded his head. "So it was like this. Since it's like so, then I'll send you to see Gao Han.”

As these words were said.

The coldness in his hand exploded. Ice crystals followed along the blade. It completely froze the young man along with the blade solid, like he had became a sparking ice sculpture. The rage of the young man could still be clearly seen in the face of the sculpture.

Ye Qingyu pushed out with his hand.


The ice sculpture landed into Bright Moon Lake.

He did not hesitate in the slightest, showing no mercy.

"If there is anyone else, then come."

Ye Qingyu expression was calm.


"To think you would really dare kill him.”

"You killed the Emptiness Monk and the Poison king, I respect your strength. But Elder Gao Han and brother Lin Jing were both good people, you....to think you would really kill them. I was mistaken, you are a butcher, a mad and deranged butcher....."

The curses were like a flood that rose from all directions.

Figures flickered.。

Another several figures rushed towards the arena.

"Haha, to think there really would be people who doesn't fear death." Ye Qingyu shook his head with a smile.

"So what if we die? Justice still exists in this vast world. Butcher Ye, I, Zhang Xianlin was once saved by Elder Gao Han. How can I be afraid for my life at this time. Let me see, whether your ice, can freeze the boiling blood in my chest." The leading man wit ha head of messy hair, held a magistrate brush with both his hands that was the size of a child's arm. He charged over, like an enraged lion.

"That's right, Tie Zhan, I am willing to sacrifice myself. I will make a butcher like you know, that although the people of the Jianghu originates from a common background, we cannot be pushed around." A young man with a somewhat elegant appearance had a completely red face, holding a metal breaking bone fan. He charged forward.

"Hahaha, the Three ghost of Bitter river will also seek Marquis Ye’s guidance. Although elder Gao did not save our lives, but he taught us some martial arts. A master for a day, a father for life. To avenge our father, what's wrong with giving our lives to this cause?"

Another three figures charged forward.

The weapons that the three used was snowy white translucent fishbones that flickered with a white light. It should be the corpse that some sort of aquatic species. From afar it seemed some what beautiful. The fishbone was extremely charp, with lots of protruding thorns. When it was swung about, there was the sound of fish leaping out of the water, extremely strange.

"Fine, fine, fine. Since you all don't fear death, then I'll send you to see Gao Han."

Ye Qingyu laughed.

Countless ice crystals exploded from within his body.

Frost and snow spread about everywhere. Like an avalanche, it completely enveloped the whole arena.

Even Gao Han was not Ye Qingyu's opponent. Although these people had a heart full of passion, they could not overcome the difference in strength. When Ye Qingyu's power of sixty Spirit springs completely exploded, a terrifying cold frost spread about everywhere. The water of the Bright Moon Lake a hundred metres surrounding Water Ray arena, completely and instantly froze into ice.

When the white vapour passed away, the ice around the surroundings of the Water Ray aren disappeared.

The mist on the arena also gradually dispersed.

Five figures, had once again turned into five sculptures.

They maintained their charging positions, their expressions filled with rage. The weapons in their hand were still in mid motion, but they could not advance in the slightest, frozen in their original positions.

"Seeing your hearts full of passion, I'll leave you an intact corpse. Go see Gao Han."

Ye Qingyu killed people like cutting grass. His expression did not change in the slightest. With a slight push of his palm, five sculptures went flying out into the Bright Moon Lake.

"Who is not convinced, we can continue."

He stood on the arena, as if he had just done something insignificant.

At this time, everyone had already stood up on the surroundings of the Bright Moon Lake. There were rage written on everyone's faces, curses and accusation constantly being uttered. The crowd was incited. First it was Zhang Xianlin, then Tie Zhan, then the Three ghost of Bitter river. It had completley lit up the fire and anger in people's hearts. Ye Qingyu's attitude that seemed as if he had just plucked out five strands of grass, the emotionlessness he had towards the life of Jianghu people, made countless people of the sects distressed.

"But......but.......but......senior brother Ye cannot just stand there and let they kill him." Song Qingluo's little hand that was as white as jade was clenching so tightly that her joints had gone white. In a low voice, "This is an arena of life and death. Once you enter the arena, you accept all consequences. That was said at the very beginning....."

The young girl lowered her heart, her voice so low that only she herself could hear it.

In reality, even Song Qingluo's heart had began to waver. Being able to be the best and be famed across the world was naturally the best, but if you were able to take kill less innocent people than that would naturally be .....

In that instant, when the young girl lifted her head to stare at the youth that donned clothes as white as jade, and a elegance like a deity, she suddenly felt a little far away from him.

"Marquis naturally has his own reason for doing things. it is not something we can question."

Dugu Dixiu opened his mouth to speak.

There was a brightness in Song Qingluo's eyes that flickered, but then quickly dimmed down.

Dugu Dixiu shook his head with a bitter smile. In truth, even he could not understand what was happening. Just what was his young sworn grandfather doing, could it be that he really wanted to use this arena and use killing to stop killing. He wanted to kill so many people that they feared him, to create a name that would cause people's faces to go pale at the mere mention of it?

Dugu Dixiu had a hedonistic nature, he did not have any ambition whatsoever. He liked to play and enjoy himself, but he was not stupid.

In fact, he was very, very clever.

After experiencing the cruel maneuvers of power and merciless tests in such a large financial organisation, he understood better than everyone, that only the most simple and brutal methods of experts, were the most effective methods. He had seen far too many people die. The death of people like Zhang Xianlin, Tie Zhan did not have any impact towards him. Even the death of the famous Gao Han was not something noticeable to him.

in the eyes of this high and noble noble young master, those so called experts of the Jianghu, were fundamentallt not any different from vagabonds. If they died, they died. After all, in this world, there was people dying every day, every minute, every second. Even those great and important people who they could not touch at all, had a possibility of dying at any moment.

But what Dugu Dixiu did not understand was, just what could his sworn grandfather obtain in this massacre of the arena.

In the Xian Pavilion.

The conversations that were hidden in the dark, did not stop.

“He is definitely a character. To even kill Gao Han as easily as that. His mercilessness, is really unexpected.”

"Hoho, his martial heart is the Asura Killing Martial path. In the arena of Life and Death, he would naturally not show mercy. Is this not what we wanted to see?"

"That's right. Even if he survives today, his future in the army will be broken. The Empire will not allow a person with such a dark personality rise in the ranks. There will another be a killing mad demon in the Jianghu. Hahaha, perhaps we can even put him to use in the future."

"The nature of this child is unreasonable. He can only die, he cannot live."

"Since we're on the subject, the Youyan army is rather pitiful. First it was Yan Buhui, who went to join the demon race. Now, it was so hard for an exceptional person to emerge, but history is going to repeat itself. Haha."

"Everything, was within our plans."

"Are the matters over there completed?"

"I received a report just now, everything is done."

"Hehe, then that's good. The net has already been cast everywhere, we only need to wait till Ye Qingyu this mud sloach enters the net. The Youyan army is already defeated, even their morale is about to collapse."

"There is still Lu Zhaoge there. We must not be careless."”

"Lu Zhaoge? Haha, do you not know, he is heavily injured. He is like a mud Bodhisattva crossing the river, he most likely cannot save himself?"

"We cannot be careless, who knows if his injuries are already on the path of recovery.“

“Recovery? How is this possible? The Right Minister sent out news, that the Black Lotus Flae has still not been delived to theYouyan Pass. Did you not see what he looked like when he appeared today? Mist covered his face, so his true face could not be seen at all? Furthermore, he did not accept a disciple for tens of years, but today he announced to the world that he was pass on all that he knows. Haha, there is too much information contained within these actions."

"You mean.....Could it be that Lu Zhaoge is already not long for the world, and is taking care of the affairs after his death?"

"Largely so."

"Then even Heavens itself is helping us."




Bright Moon Lake, on the Water Ray arena.。

"There's no one that wants to enter the arena of their own initiative?"

Ye Qingyu's gaze was calm

He smiled: "Since there is no one who is willing to come up, then I will start naming people.....Zhao Chuan of the Dragon tiger sect, please come here to do battle.”

His voice was clear, like the beating of a drum that spread about everywhere.

The main seating area of the Dragon Tiger sect.

A middle aged man that seemed about thirty years old expression rapidly changed.

He was Zhao Chuan.

【The Tiger with bloody eyes】, Zhao Chuan, was one of the elders of the Dragon tiger sect. He had become famous thirty years ago. These years, because of his Shizhi, Zhao Shanhe rising in position and power, he had also received significant benefits from this. As one of the main figures in the Zhao Shanhe faction, the influence he had over Jianghu had risen sharply.

A month ago, Zhao Chuan had arrived in Youyan pass.

He did not expose his face very often, and did not participate in the chaos of Youyan pass.

The first person that Ye Qingyu challenged was Zhao Chuan, this was something outside of everyone's expectations.

Countless gazes gathered on Zhao Chuan's face

Zhao Chuan's figure froze, subconsciously retreating. But ultimately, he stood up.

Only he knew in his own heart why Ye Qingyu had challenged him first.

This matter, were not within their plans.

The power that Ye Qingyu demonstrated made him fear. When they were comparing power, his fame was great and glorious in the Jianghu. But his true power, could not be compared to [The fisherman of Han River] at all. Gao Han was only not famous because he had retired and hidden himself. But in true battle, Zhao Chuan could not even last four rounds against Gao Han.

Since even Gao Han was not Ye Qingyu's opponent, if he entered the arena, he would definitely die. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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