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Imperial God Emperor 273 - The Fisherman of Han River

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The white flame on Ye Qingyu's finger tip burned, like a sprite jumping up and down excitedly.

He stood alone on the arena, his white robe fluttering in the air. The ice crystals present on the arena gradually retreated, being absorbed back into his body. His black hair danced like a black flame, emitting an aura that made it seem he was independent from the world. His entire person seemed like a deity that had descended from the Ninth Heaven.

A light gust of wind blew from his body slightly, sweeping all the crushed ice into the Bright Moon Lake with a splash.

Using the [Supreme ice flame] to kill his enemies, he had completely turned their body into ice. There was not the slightest trace of flesh or bone.

When the ice fell into the water, it quickly dissolved, becoming part of the Bright Moon Lake

On the shore of the lake.

Those Jianghu people who were cursing and shouting, had shut their mouths.

They understood best, just how terrifying the Poison King Lin Ziru was. There was a phrase that was said in the Jianghu; "Rather meet the King of Hell, than meet the King of Poison." The person they referred to was Lin Ziru. Even people whose cultivation was greater than Lin Ziru, would be tortured to death by his poison. If you met the King of Hell, you would die at the most, but meeting the King of Poison would make you experience a pain worse than death.

But even such a horrifying entity of the Jianghu, could not last longer than one or two rounds in front of Ye Qingyu, turning into the water of Bright Moon Lake.

Then who could be [The Leaf of Youyan]'s opponent?

At that instant, the air solidified. No one dared to jump up and challenge.

When Ye Qingyu's gaze swept past them, they all lowered their heads, not daring to meet his eyes.

Song Qingluo forcefully suppressed the shock in her heart, looking towards the young man on the Water Ray arena. Her eyes were filled with both admiration and shock. She had personally seen this divine dragon hibernating in White Deer academy, and the steps he had taken to arrive at such a stage. If this scene was passed back to White Deer academy, Qin Wushang, Han Shuangfu, Bai Yuqing and other others would most likely not even have the slightest of ambition to compete with such a monster?

In all of the Xian Pavilions, most likely only the successors of all those large sects had the requirements to compete with Ye Qingyu.

Those who had such a thought was not only Song Qingluo. Other disciples of the major sects also had such a thought.

Countless eyes turned towards the main seating area, the Xian Pavilion.

Only the young leaders of the Three Schools and the Three Sects, could hope to win against Ye Qingyu.

At this time, there were people hiddenly conversing in the Xian Pavilions.

"His strength is even greater than several days ago."

"Could it be that he has broken through in again?”

"Breakthrough....hmph, just how could it be so easy. You and I have both cultivated for tens of years to reach the level of cultivation we have today. A little minnow from the poor, how could he break through everyday?"

"Then it means he hid his strength previously."

"For him to be so young and so difficult to handle. I feel that this Ye Qingyu, should be the successor of some ancient sect. Before the Snow Empire was founded, only the top sects in the age of sects had such methods.“

"If that is so, than should we act or not act?"

"Of course we should act. What does it matter if he is the successor to some ancient sect? Those who block our affairs, must die.“

"They are just some glowing ashes that want to return from the dead. They are dreaming."

"Let them comtinue. If they can't kill him, then ruin his reputation, break his martial heart, halt his momentum. Then matters will become easy for us."

"En, this is good. We are the righteous sects, killing people are reasonable.“

Four or five consciousness exchanged thoughts in the Xian Pavilion, achieving some sort of agreement.


"Ye Qingyu, I seek to fight with you."

A calm voice sounded out.

The figure broke through the air.

There was one more person on the Water Ray arena.

This person was somewhat short, wearing grey featherered clothing. He wore a conical bamboo hat, and in his hands there was a pale green fishing rod about three metre in length that was treated as a walking stick by him. With his left hand carrying a bamboo pipe, he seemed like a leisurely old man out fishing. There was a natural aura emitting from him, like the aura of the wind and rain was encircling him.

Under the conical bamboo hat, there was a round face that seemed slightly old.

He seemed to be around thirty or fourty years of age.

“【The fisherman of Han River】,Gao Han. I ask for Marquis guidance." The hooded figure grasped his hands in greeting.

Ye Qingyu's brows locked together.

"Gao Han? You have a grudge against me?" Ye Qingyu asked.

"I have nothing against Marquis Ye." Gao Han shook his head.

"You hate me?"

"I do not."

"Since you have no grievance and no hate, then why are we meeting on the arena of life and death?" Ye Qingyu asked in a confused tone.

There was a helpless light that flashed by in Gao Han's eyes, tightly clenching onto his fishing rods. "I cannot bear to see you slaughtering my friends of Jianghu with such brutal methods. That's why I decided to fight with you, so that I can get rid of a threat. If I fail, then I die with no regrets."

"For such a reason?"

Ye Qingyu felt stranger and stranger.

The fisherman of Han River] was different from the Liu Ying, the Emptiness Monk and the Poison King. He was a person that was famous for being righteous in the South West.【

It was rumoured that when Gao Han was young, a strange person had passed on a strange picture to him, [The ripples of the Koi]. Within this picture,there were the profoundness of martial arts hidden away. After he understood it fully, his cultivation soared. His fame became greater and greater, traversing the Jianghu, and doing his best to uphold justice everywhere he went. He was a famed hero. Because of a later mistake, he had killed another famous hero. Due to this regret, he chose to retire from Jianghu, instead swelling in the South West river mouth of one of the thirty six rivers. When it was leisurely, he would go fishing in the Han river, if it was busy he would ferry others across. He had retired for thirty years, and was well respected by everyone.

For a person who had already grown tired of the killing of the Jianghu , to meet with him in the arena for such a reason.

"Marquis Ye, please. This move, is called [Fishing in the Snow of the Han River]!”

Gao Han alerted him, clasping his hands. Then he placed the bamboo rod by the side and flicked his right arm, the fishing rod in his hand striking down like lightning from above.

Everywhere this fishing rod passed, made the air seem like it was water that caused ripples, spreading apart everywhere. The air was completley turbulent to the two sides of the fishing rod, as if it would really split the icy cold waters of Han River into half. It was a sword move, as well as a blade attack. A thousand miles of the Han River, completely fished out.

Ye Qingyu's figure quickly turned, taking six steps before he could avoid this move.

[The fisherman of Han River] had become famous thirty years ago. His strength was unfathomable. He had acted as expected, without any signs or sounds, his cultivation far above the vicious empitness Monk. His moves seemed natural and free, as if he was composing a poem. There was a strange rhythm that was hidden with.

Ye Qingyu grabbed through the air.

The Little Shang sword appear in Ye Qingyu's hands.

This was the first time he had used a weapon.

"The second move, A Thousand bird flee!"

Gao Han shouted, the rod once again striking out.

Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu.

There was the sound of air being ripped apart.

Countless shadows of the rod flickered like it was dancing, as if there was countless paintbrushes dancing in the air that was drawing an endless scene of the mountains rising in the air. It was vast and towering, endless, as if it was millions of pounds heavy. It enveloped Ye Qingyu from left and right, completely surrounding him. The thousands mountains rumbled like a dragon, separating him from the world.

Ye Qingyu was trapped by the thousand mountains like a lonely bird. It was hard for him to break away.

"An extremely quick move. I could not catch the trajectory of the rod at all."

Ye Qingyu was stunned.

This was the first time he had met such an exquisite opponent ever since he practiced in martial arts.

"Storm of swords!"

Ye Qingyu did not dare take any risks.

The battle techniques the learnt from the ancient bronze book was the strong est in offence. Facing Gao Han's move, he felt that he would not be able to defend so he completely abandoned defending and instead switched on the offensive. The cold gleam of the Little Shang sword swallowed everything, and the translucent snowflakes around his body danced rapidly. The shine of the sword was too much, enveloping his own body. He struck out towards the mountain range that seemed as if it weighed millions of pounds.


Metallic clashing noises were emitted, as if a roaring gale was occurring.

In but a breath of time, the sword and rod musts have struck against each other hundreds of time. In such an explosive snowstorm, sparks were constantly be able to be seen.

Ye Qingyu had activated the [Storm of swords] to its extreme, but he could faintly feel a numbness on his back.

He knew that the fishing rod had already broken past his defences, and touched him.

He could not block him!

Ye Qingyu was shocked.

The battle techinque of [The fisherman of Han River] was like it born and designed from the heavens itself. Every strike was undetectable and untraceable. And this was the Ye Qingyu who had his inner yuan refined by the bronze book, so he had fast reactions. If it were other people, they would have long been turned into a beehive by the fishing rod.

"Good techniques Marquis. Have a try of my technique, [The elimination of paths]."

Gao Han shouted.

His fishing rod changed style, the illusory mountain range withdrawing.

The fishing rod gatherered momentum. A infinitely more terrifying transformation was going to happen.

Ye Qingyu was stunned..

Becase he ws able to sense, that the move [A thousand bird flee] was not at its end. It could still continue on, as if there were endless attacks that could be carried out.. But right now, Gao Han had inexplicably changed his move.

But Ye Qingyu, he could not let this continue on.

If he allowed Gao Han to continue on doing as he pleased, he knew he could not endure with his current level of power.

He gave a low shout:"Elder Gao, this ends here. Don't blame me."

Before he had even finished.

The silver dragon hairpin in his black hair moved slightly. The dragon hairpin seemed alive, and opened it mouth. With a silver flash that was as quick as lightning, the silver light avoided the fishing rod neatly and headed direct for Gao Han's face.

Gao Han did not imagine such a thing would occur, not able to react.


The sound of an object freezing sounded.

Gao Han's expression did not change in the slightest. He had changed into an ice sculpture.

Ye Qingyu's fist struck out.


The ice sculpture was sent flying, falling off the arena and into the Bright Moon Lake.

The battle had ended.

Ye Qingyu stood alone in the arena.

There was three bloody hole the width of three finger at his back.

It was the wound the fishing rod had left behind when it broke past Ye Qingyu’s defences..

Thankfully Ye Qingyu's physical strength was strong, he was more tough than people at the same cultivation stage as him. He had met many fortuitous encounters, and the secret hidden with his body was something even Ye Qingyu had not fully understood. Such an injury was only a flesh wound to him that bled slightly. With such terrifying self recovery ability, there was only the three faint scars left.

But at this time, the surroundings of the Bright Moon Lake completely exploded.

Countless Jianghu disciples began roaring in rage.

Gao Han had died.

Gao Han had been killed by Ye Qingyu.

The Emptiness Monk, Liu Ying and the Poison King deaths were all met with calmness and . They were not enraged, only shocked by Ye Qingyu's strength. But the emotions of the crowd were incited by Gao Han's death.。

There were still passionate people in the Jianghu.

The death of a true hero, would make the blood of some people burn.

"Ye Qingyu, you butcher. I will fight to the death with you." Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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