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Imperial God Emperor 271 - I have no qualms

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“Marquis Ye, to think you would have been so monstrous as to kill my husband's entire family. Why don't you appear and fight with me? Could it be that you are afraid of a weak woman like me?"

The woman wearing mourning clothes shouted her accusation loudly.

But there was still no reply.

The seating area of the Xian Pavilions.

There were dark currents flowing.

Someone coughed.

"Ye Qingyu, the matters of Jianghu, should be settled in Jianghu. Since you have been invited to take part in the Martial Alliance, you can also be regarded as part of Jianghu. Here, there is no Marquis, there is no nobility. Please come out and do battle, where life and death will be decided by the heavens. No matter what, we must give a conclusion to such grievances. Please appear, Marquis Ye."

Ding Li shouted loudly at the number two Xian Pavilion.

His cultivation was high, his voice sounded like a bell that explosively spread out. It emanated throughout the Proud sky centre, so that everyone could hear it clearly.

The gazes of everyone, focused on the Water Ray arena at the centre of the Bright Moon Lake.

“To begin targeting me from the very start, you guys are really impatient."

Ye Qingyu's voice, finally sounded.

Everyone turned to look.

Without knowing when, the originally empty number ten Xian Pavilion now had a figure inside it. His white clothes were like jade, his black clothes like a waterfall, and he had a heroic handsomeness. Under the illumination of the sunlight, his clothes was like a pure and clean snowman, reflecting the sunlight. He sat calmly and silently, his black hair blowing in the wind. Every strand of hair was glowing. There was a holy aura emitting from him that seemed not to allow anyone to offend him.

Ye Qingyu!

Ye Qingyu had finally appeared.

[The Leaf of Youyan], sixteen, seventeen of age. He loved to wear white, and was a rare handsome man.

This was how the Jianghu described Ye Qingyu.

When they saw the figure at the number ten Xian Pavilion, the hearts of countless JIanghu disciples, began fiercely beating.

Everyone here had heard many stories of the [The Leaf of Youyan]. But stories were stories. After seeing with their own eyes, the young man that was known as the killing demon, there was fear, no matter how big or small, in the hearts of everyone. As the wind blowed past, all discussion disappeared.

"Ye Qingyu, come do battle. Even if I, Liu Ying's blood, is spilt on Bright Moon Lake, I want justice."

At the arena.

The young woman wearing mourning clothes howled.

Seeing such a scene, there were countless people that felt pity and sighed.

“Your husband Wang Xiong, your father in law Wang Zhijiang, your uncle Wang Ying, have killed over ten people each in Youyan pass. Especially Wang Xiong, he has killed two housewifes, one being pregnant. There is blood on the hands of every disciple of the Xuan sect.....I have no regrets in killing them." Ye Qingyu spoke, his voice calm, with a strange emotionless quality. "Liu Ying, you are infamous in the Ning Province. You are call the [Poisonous Asura Killer], the number of people you have killed is not little. According to logic, you also deserve to die. But the laws of the empire are clear; what you did is something that the officers of the Ning Province should manage. Today, I will take into consideration that you are in sorrow over the death of your husband, and that you have been directed to take such an action by another party. I will show mercy on you, and give you an opportunity. Get off the arena by yourself."

His voice was emotionless, but it held an unquestionable authority.

"You.....are falsely accusing others." Liu Ying said scathingly. "To kill my husband's family, then to try and besmirch their good name, you....you are not human, I, I...."

As she said these, she was so angry that she spat out blood.

Instantly there were loud sounds of discussion that broke out.

Countless gazes turned towards Ye Qingyu, countless fingers began pointing at Ye Qingyu. Voices of accusation and curses could be heard.

"Beast, Ye Qingyu you monstrous beast!"

"Ms Liu is too pitiful."

There were people in the crowd shouting such words.

The emotion of the crowd, grew more and more incited.

The seating area of the Dugu financial organisation.

Song Qingluo tightly clenched her hands, her joints going white as she bit her lip. She looked towards the direction of the number ten Xian Pavilion.

She believe that the common youth from White Deer city was not such a monstrous person.

She had little contact with him in White Deer academy, but Song Qingluo absolutely believed, that the youth who had angrily challenged ten arenas in a row, would not kill someone for no reason.

But it was very hard to clear your name once you were infamous in the Jianghu.. Especially for such an event like this where there were so many people. Once you have been accused of something, this would follow you along for the rest of your life. If you were classified as someone evil, it would be very hard for you to walk around in Jianghu....…

The girl was somewhat anxious for Ye Qingyu.

Within the number ten Xian Pavilion.

Ye Qingyu remained as calm as ever.

"You really won't go down the arena?"

His tone was calm.

"Scum, today the most that will happen is that I will die. I want to eat your flesh, drink your blood. For you to want to threaten me. Come, I'll die together with you...." Liu Ying's face was sinister as she howled.“


Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

"Then go die."

He pointed out.

A glimmer of frost shot through the air.

Liu Ying's body that was still madly howling, was mercilessly shot through by this bolt of frost.

She quivered, staring down at her chest in disbelief. Her mouth opened wide, as if she wanted to say something.

But ultimately nothing was able to be said.

Her head turned to look at the number two Xian Pavilion, extending her hand as if trying to grab at something.

But her body ultimately froze in place.

A layer of frost crept over her body, her entire body transforming into an ice sculpture that fell onto the arena. With a crack, she turned into countles shards of ice that scattered with tinkling sounds as it hit the arena and against each other. There were pieces that quickly slid down into the Bright Moon Lake, causing the splash of water, as if someone was playing the song of death.

The discussion all around suddenly halted.

There was a deathly silence.

Then the air seemed to explode. All the discussion once again returned with a vengeance, becoming even louder, becoming even more violent. Everyone's face was like an enraged black bear. The disciples of the Jianghu did not dare to believe, that Ye Qingyu would really dare to kill a pitiful widow in front of everyone's eyes.

All sorts of curses and shouts constantly sounded.

Ye Qingyu faintly smiled.

His tall body stood up, taking a step our of the number ten Xian Pavilion. In a split instant, his figure was already at the Water Ray arena.

"You should know just what kind of sect the Xuan sect was. And you should know just how many innocent lives the [Poison Asura] Liu Ying has killed. You should know better than me. There's no need to act so rightfully angered....“

Ye Qingyu figure was on the arena.

His body was as straight as a spear. There was a coldness on his face. He said: "There's someone who want to create the image of such a pitiful and sorrowful victim, and attempt to ruin my reputation. Such methods, is really too childish. In the martial world, in Jianghu, it is always a universe where the strong is revered. What's the meaning in using such schemes against me.....Haha, I know, there must already be many characters you've prepared to challenge me. Haha, don't you all just want me to crush you all at this arena? I'm in the arena already, who else is coming? Please come to the arena to do battle.”

His white robes fluttered, his black hair danced.

The Leaf of Youyan stood alone in the Water Ray arena.

The decisiveness and calmness that he showed in this instant of provoking the enraged Jianghu people, cause everyone to be stunned.

The seating area of the Dugu financial organisation.

Song Qingluo's exquisite eyebrows that were so worried that they were about to touch suddenly relaxed. Her eyes suddenly opened wide.

The heart of the young girl seemed to be have been struck by something at this instant.

All noise and sounds in her ear suddenly disappeard. The Xian Pavilions and the lake disappeared. The martial experts figures disappeared.....In her eyes, there was only the white clothed youth that was like a deity, his figure like that of a mountain.

The scene in that instant, was utterly similar to the battle of the ten arenas at White Deer academy.

In the past, it was this youth, with his black clothes and long spear that coldly fought against those noble young students.

And right now, it was still this youth. He was always so calm and confident, he was always as stable as a ten thousand year old icicle. He would not be willing to backdown from anythihng. He was like an arrow, a blade, a sword. He would rather be broken than bend.

But it was only that, this time the people he faced were not the students of the academy, but even more cunning and sinister Jianghu people.

He, could he handle it?

When Song Qingluo's heart was being struck, there were changes occurring.

"Let me face a butcher like you."

There was an incomparably angry shout, that sounded out from the West side of Bright Moon Lake.

A figure shot through the air, landing on the Water Ray arena.

It was a muscular and burly monk. He work dark red monk clothes, and woven shoes. His arms were as thick as an old tree's roots, with sturdy muscles and a bristling needle like beard. Behind him were two bronze alms bowls. The aura that he released, was frightening.

"Release your blade to become a buddha. Ye Qingyu, repent for your crimes."

The monk stood in front of him, shouting loudly.

"Giant alms bowl, a figure like a vicious hound. If I'm not wrong, you should be the [Bloody Alms], the vicious monk, Yang Zhenning. Your religious name is Emptiness." Ye Qingyu evaluated the monk, then nodded his head. "’Bring the bloody alms North and east, killing over a hundred thousand’. This is the phrase you always utter so proudly. When you killed those poor civilians to increase your cultivation, did you ever imagine, that you should also kneel down and repent?"

"You....what nonsense are you saying?" The Emptiness monk angrily said. "I am a religious person, how can I...."

He was extremely shocked.

Only people from the North East of the Empire should know who he was. How could this Ye Qingyu, recognise him at first glance and know about his own background. It was as if he had already memorised everything about him. This was really far too strange.

"Don't waste your breath. You are also acting, you also deserve to die."

Ye Qingyu's fist struck out.

"Come." The muscles of the Emptiness monk contracted, a massive alms bowl appearing in his hand. With a sinister smile, he struck out towards Ye Qingyu's fist with this implement.


The two stuck each other, metal quivering.

The air current madly rushed everywhere on the arena.

The Emptiness monk felt his wrist going numb, stunned by Ye Qingyu's strength. He was about to counterattack, when Ye Qingyu fist struck at him like a raging storm, as fast as lightning, fist after fist.

Boom!Boom! Boom!

Deafening noises sounded.

Nine punches altogether.

Ye Qingyu took a few steps backward.

The vicious Emptiness monk was like a puppet, mechanically moving backwards step by step.

All the colour had gone from his face. Ultimately he took one last step backwards, disappearing with a splash in the Bright Moon Lake, without reappearing. Even when the water surface became as smooth as a mirror again, he did not reappear.

"There are no regrets in killing people like you."

Ye Qingyu faintly smiled.

Wen Wan did not seem to be serious most of the time, but the list of Jianghu people and their background he provided was exceeding accurate.

A rapid gale blew.

His white robes were like a banner of war, flapping in the wind.

"Who is next?"

Ye Qingyu lifted his hands up in the air, inviting battle. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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