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Imperial God Emperor 265 - Grandfather Ye

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The Dugu group?

As the surrounding spectators heard what this young man said, their expressions all changed. They all took tens of steps backwards.

Within the Snow Empire, there were six financial organisation that belonged to families with very long histories. They existed before the Empire was even founded, with a background not any less than that of a large sect. They had unfathomable depths. The Dugu financial organisation was one of such groups.

Especially the leader of the older generation of the Dugu organisation ---the [Pill God of Snow country], Dugu Quan. With his Pill arts, he became the number one Pill master of the Empire, and entered into the Imperial group of masters. Ever since then, the power and influence the Dugu organisation wielded had increased even more.

In these years, the circle of influence the Dugu organisation exerted was not only restricted to the power of their family in the Phoenix province. Their influence had already spread throughout all the large provinces of the Empire, their glory spreading throughout the land.

With the support of such a powerful figure, the way that the Dugu organisation did things became overbearing.

There were some opponents of the Dugu organisation, that had completely disappeared in these past few years.

Because they heard the two young men were the young masters of the Dugu organisation, the surrounding crowd hastily avoided them. If a fight broke up, with the way the Dugu organisation did things, even if they were dragged into such encounter, they would have no one that they could reason with.

"You are who?" Wen Wan picked at his teeth with a tootpick, not even looking up. “I'm afraid this isn't the place for you to interfere.”

"You....." The wealthy young man was enraged, about to retort with something.

The other wealthily dressed young man that looked a little older grabbed at his young brother, shaking his head. Moving his brother to the side, he then took a step forward, clasping his hands: "May I have for your name? If there is anything our servants did wrong and offended you, please forgive them."

Wen Wan looked up at him, then nodded his head. "It seems you know how to handle things better." He pointed at the Bai Yuanxing beside him, then laughed: "He’s the number one subordinate that Marquis Ye of White Horse tower commands. Does he meet the requirement to interfere in the business of the Dugu organisation?"

Bai Yuanxing's face instantly reddened.

His name did not hold any significance whatsoever. Officer Wen Wan was just playing with him. Wen Wan should just use the name Marquis Ye, perhaps then that might have some effect.

He was about to stand up and explain.

At that time ---

"What?" When the wealthily dressed young master heard this, he was taken aback. His gaze landed on Bai Yuanxing, and evaluated him. Then he respectfully gave him a bow, saying: "I didn't know Master Bai was here, Dugu Tianxin gives his respect to Master Bai."


Bai Yuanxing was completely perplexed.

He could not react to this at all.

What.....to think that he was so famous?

But it was not finished yet.

“Dugu Dixiu, pays his respect to Master Bai." The other originally arrogant rich young master, after he heard of Bai Yuanxing's name, instantly seemed to grasp something important. All his contempt and arrogance disappeared, and he came to sincerely pay his respects.

"We pay our respects to Master Bai."

Their other guards, instantly sheathed their weapon, respectfully greeting him.

The people who were originally here just to spectate, were totally dumbfounded.

Why did it seem like that average and normal young man had such a great background? For even the two young masters of the Dugu organisation to pay their respects to him.

The Song Qingluo who was in a conflicted state, was also dumbfounded.

Wen Wan seemed as if he knew already what would happen. There was not a hint of surprise on his face, but a smile instead.

"This...." Bai Yuanxing did not know how to react.

Dugu Tianxin once again respectfully bowed: "Please give our respects to Lord Ye. Ever since we came to Youyan pass a couple of days ago, Lord Ye was always in isolation training so we didn't dare disturb him. Can we please ask Master Bai to beg forgiveness from Lord Ye."

Bai Yuanxing finally understood.

So the people of the Dugu organisation was only so respectful because of Marquis Ye.

This seemed perfectly reasonable and logical to Bai Yuanxing.

In Bai Yuanxing's heart, no matter how ridiculous or nonsensical a matter was, as long as it was to do with Ye Qingyu, everything was believable.

At the start he was perplexed because he did not imagine Marquis Ye had any relations with the Dugu organisation. But right now, seeing the two young masters of the Dugu organisation being so respectful, he accepted this calmly.

"Marquis Ye is still in closed isolation training. It's unknown when this will end. When Marquis comes out, I will definitely notify you two at the first instant." Bai Yuanxing replied in a tone that did not make it out to seem as if he was inferior or superior.

"Then we will really be too thankful to master Bai." Dugu Dixiu and Dugu Tianxin were instantly overjoyed.

The current head of the Dugu family was in the prime of his life, and had great vitality, and many wives. Although these two were of the sons of the first wife, but their mother had already passed away for many years. Their position in the family had gradually fallen, and the sons that were born from the other wives had also began threatening the position of the two.

The affairs of the nobles were turmultous. In the eyes of the other people, they were the powerful young masters of the Dugu organisation, they could do as they pleased. But in reality?

The person who drinks water know best whether it was hot or cold.。

This time, they had spent a great deal of effort to obtain the right to become the representatives of the Dugu organisation in Proud sky centre.

The most important reason for this, was that the previous head of family, the current pillar of the Dugu organisation, [Pill God of Snow Empire], Dugu Quan had arrived in Youyan Pass. Dugu Quan already did not interfere in family affairs, but within the family he was still the absolute power. The Dugu brothers always had a decent relationship with their grandfather so they wanted to use this opportunity to deepen the bond further.

Who would have thought that since they came into Youyan pass, they would hear the news that their grandfather had become sworn brothers with a Marquis.

With the temperament of their grandfather, the two brothers knew, that since he had recognised him as his sworn brother, even if the head of family came they would have to refer to this little Marquis as their uncle.

After the two knew of this fact, they investigated and examined the Marquis called Ye Qingyu's background completely.

They had also heard some insider information from Lin Qingyi and Shopkeeper Sui. Those two fully recounted the background and story of Ye Qingyu, giving the two brothers a great fright. They instantly realised that this little Marquis was not simple at all. From their meetings and conversation they had with their grandfather, they were also able to affirm the attitude their grandfather held towards Ye Qingyu. For the two, they instantly saw the opportunity they had been waiting and bitterly searching for, within Ye Qingyu.

The two decide to take initiative, and deepen the bond between them and their sworn grandfather.

It was only that these days, they heard Ye Qingyu was in closed isolation training, so they didn't dare disturb him.

Who would have thought that their underlings had incited the wrath of some subordinates of Grandfather Ye.....

Dugu Dixiu’s and Dugu Tianxin’s hearts could not help but become worried.

"Our underlings were ignorant and offended master Bai. When we return, we will definitely teach them a lesson." At this moment, Dugu Tianxin really had the intention to hack Song Zhi and the others into pieces.。

Bai Yuanxing shook his head. "He did not offend me, it's only that he harassed my master's lover. I hope they can apologise.”

Before he had even finished.


The Wen Wan who was currently picking at his teeth and enjoying the show, nearly spat something out. The toothpick snapped in his mouth.

This Bai Yuanxing, was really far too slow. He really thought that he was being serious when he was teasing him earlier. Wahaha, he suddenly conjured up a lover of little Ye from out of nowhere. Haha, this matter.....was really too interesting.

Wen Wan began to look at the scene unfolding with greater interest.

The Song Qingluo by the side, her white and exquisite little face, was currently as red as an inferno. She could not even lift up her head from embarrassment.

Just when did she become Ye Qingyu's lover?

The other side.

Dugu Dixiu and Dugu Tianxin did not realise the intricacies within this situation.

When they heard Bai Yuanxing's words, their hearts jumped. They were nearly scared witless by these words.

Disregarding everything else, if their grandfather was to know of this situation, he would most likely break the legs of the two brothers.

"Come. Grab Song Zhi and those animals, bring them here." Dugu Tianxin was so enraged his teeth was about to be crushed.

Song Zhi and the others, just how could they not have realised what had happened. Everyone was scared witless, their bodies shivering, not even able to form a sentence. Especially Song Zhi, his head was completely blank. If Song Jiannan had such a great backer, why did he keep bothering him like a headless fly, was he a pig?

"Mas-Ma-Mas.....Master.....I...." Song Zhi crawled over with his hands and legs.

Dugu Tianxin kicked him away, his gaze as cold as blades. "Beat him to death."

As a young master from a noble and rich family, he was used to using merciless methods. Affected by his environment and experiences, he would absolutely not hesitate or do things in half measure. When he had to be merciless, he would definitely not even show a hint of mercy.

"Ah, Master, don't, I....."

Before he had finished.

The surrounding experts acted. Using the hilts of their blades as staffs, they instantly surrounded this person with sinister intentions and beat him till he was a bloody piece of flesh.

The other lackeys were frightened out of their wits after witnessing such a scene. The person who had called the Dugu brothers over, his face was pale as paste and he was sweating bullets. He wanted to run, but there was no strength in his legs. The world was vast, but as long as you offended the Dugu organisation, none would be able to live.

"Beat them all to death."

Dugu Dixiu cold voice sounded out.

Song Qingluo was a kindhearted person, and girls were especially soft. It caused her not bear see such a fate befall thse people. She was about to say something, when she was stopped by Wen Wan beside her.

"These animals that rely on the power of others, they are completley malicious. If you release them today, they will still do bad acts in the future. They will definitely bully and harass others like they did to you today." Wen Wan said sternly. "I'll teach you a lesson today, and that is to not be merciful like a woman. Especially for trash like these people. In this matter, you cannot be compared to little Ye."

Song Qingluo hesitated, then nodded her head subconsciously.

"I wonder who you are?" Dugu Tianxin said, clasping his hands.

Wen Wan laughed, affronting the manenr of a profound person. "Oh, I am just a minor character. I've been kicked out of the Vanguard, and I've just been adopted by Marquis Ye.”

"Oh....." Dugu Tianxin nodded his head.

Wen Wan continued: "I don't have too close of a relationship with your grandafather Ye. I've only just taught him a bit of martial cultivation for a period of time previously...."

The expression of Dugu Dixiu and Dugu Tianxin transformed, nearly kneeling down in front of him.

Ye Qingyu was already the sworn brother of their grandfather, according to hierarchy, they have to call him grandfather. If this person was Ye Qingyu's master, and a master was like a father, then this person was their ancestor?

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