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Imperial God Emperor 264 - Please speak some reason

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Hearing Wen Wan words, Song Qingluo turned her head back to have a look. She saw that Song Zhi and the others was still following behind them, not willing to give a rest.

The heart of this young girl trembled. An image of her father's worried face floated in her mind. She instantly realised, that without Song Zhi's help they could not obtain the right to enter the Proud sky centre. This meant that the Song family was completely finished. Even if teacher Wen Wan was here, he could not help them obtain such a right, so they must not offend Song Zhi.....

Who would have guessed that Wen Wan had already acted. With a swipe of his hand, an invisible surge of energy, he took hold of Song Zhi and dragged him towards them.

"You..." Song Zhi was both shocked and enraged as he struggled.

"A little brat that doesn't have eyes. Using your position to oppress others, you deserve a beating." With several loud smacks, Wen Wan slapped him across the face.

Several teeth along with droplets of blood flew out from Song Zhi's mouth.

This man with a pointy chin and a mole, was completely beaten senseless.

His friends seeing such an unfavourable situation, also lost their composure. They turned around to run.

Wen Wan was hard pressed to find such entertainment, just how could he so easily let these fellows run away?

“Wahaha, stand there obediently."

Invisible yuan qi power fluctuated. The four young men with faces of shock was dragged towards him, like loaches being fished out of the water. Everyone struggled desperately, but this had no impact on the outcome.

"Come, let's play a little game to see who's teeth is the hardest."

Wen Wan was in a great mood, standing up to d oa little exercise. He said such words with a grin.

Pak. Pak. Pak.

As he finished, he gave everyone a slap.

In an instant, the right side of the faces of these disciples were like swollen peaches that were stepped on. It was red and swollen, with hint of blood through it. There were several people's’ teeth who could not even endure the first round of beating, all falling to the ground.

"Just look at you guys, why can't you play the game?" Wen Wan said with dissatisfaction. "This is the only first round of slaps, why has your teeth all fallen already? You're not cooperating at all, I'm too angry...."

"Ugh, wuh.....Wu....."

Song Zhi and the others were compeltely beaten senseless. Their mouths was hissing wind, it was unknown what they were saying.

They originally were just followers, so their strength was extremely weak. But they were adept at toadying for personal gain, and was skilled in their words. There were often need for such petty people when they were conducting business and encountered some difficult opponents. Therefore the young master of the Dugu financial organisation would bring such people when they travelled. However, they encountered mad man Wen. No matter what excuse they had or pretty words, it was all useless. He just slapped them all away, so hard that they couldn't even form words anymore.

"I'm not satisfied with your performance, therefore...." Wen Wen held his head in thought, then began laughing exaggeratingly :" How about this, we'll switch to a new game. We'll see who's the first person who can make all their teeth fall off."

Song Zhi and the others were dumbfounded by such words.

The slaps just now had caused their heads along with half their body to be completely numb. If this continued on, they really would be beaten to death.

Song Zhi was in a panic, rushing towards Song Qingluo in rage, shouting: "Slut, quickly say something. Do you not want the Song family to recover? Without me, Song Jiannan cannot enter the right to enter into the Proud sky centre...."

Song Qingluo's face quivered, fear appearing on her face.

Wen Wan began laughing uproariosly. "Scum that relies on others power. So you relied on this to threaten little Qingluo. Wahaha, you're really making me laugh too much. For a follower like you, just what kind of ability do you have to obtain the right to enter into the Proud sky centre, you're evidently lying to people."

Before he had even finished.

Pak. Pak. Pak. Pak.

Wen Wan once again lifted his palm to hand out his slaps.

The power of Mad Tiger wen was terrifying. Even steel skin would become misshapen after several slaps by him.

The faces of Song Zhi and the others completely transformed.

"You......dare......you.....ugh.....Dugu financial......ugh....." There was a poisonous sinister flickering in Song Zhi's eyes, opening his mouth to curse at something.

"Oh?" Wen Wan squinted his eyes as he grinned. "I guess you mnsut be saying, that you are someone belong to the Dugu financial organisation. For me to dare touch you, something disastrous is definitely going to befall me?"

"Teacher Wen, these people belong to the Dugu financial corporation. they have significant financial power......let them go, I've already dragged you into this." Song Qingluo tried to persuade Wen Wan.

In her heart she wanted to cut Song Zhi and others such despicable people into a thousand pieces. But they were the party asking for a favour, they could not help but lower their heads. For the Song family, she was willing to abandon her dignity and self respect. Furthermore, she did not want to drag teacher Wen and Ye Qingyu into her situation.

"Wahahaha, Dugu financial organisation. I'm so afraid." Wen Wan stretched his waist, letting out a strange laughter. Turning his glance, he threw a person away, landing on the ground far off.

"Hey, call your boss of the Dugu financial organisation over. I want to meet him." Wen Wan was liek a brute. "I'll give you fifteeen minutes. If you can't bring him over in fifteen minutes, then I'll hang these retards at the entrance of the Proud sky centre. let's see if the Dugu financial organisation can afford to lose a bunch of people like you."

That person fell on the ground, and became completely confused and disorientated. With a weird scream he scrambled up. Hating the fact that his parents only gave him two legs, he scrambled off like an out of control wild dog.

Wen Wan held his beard, laughing.

Then he turned around, looking at the Song Qingluo in the midst of despair. His expression compeltely changed and he began berating her: "You, you really are hopless. When you were in White Deer academy, you seemed somewhat clever, how could you believe in the words of such a person. You've really lost my face."

Song Qingluo lowered her head in complete silence.

That's right.

Back then, just how self confident was she, just how dazzling was she. She was one of the stars and moons of the academy, enjoying the countless admiration of people. She was like a princess standing from high above everyone else, but right now?

The trial of her family, seemed to have already erased all her dignity and self respect.

Song Qingluo felt she was like a doll that had sunken into the sewage. It didn’t matter how good the material the doll was crafted from, ultimately it would turn into an item that was as pungent and as stinky as the sewage water around.

"Ai, you are both my students. You should learn from that little bastard Ye Qingyu. He is doing so well in Youyan pass currently, he can do as he please in the Pass with no one daring to stop him. Even I, as his teacher, have to follow behind him for a meal. You, you...." Wen Wan had a face of disappointment in Song Qingluo's progress.

"Cough, cough!"

Bai Yuanxing heart was pounding as he heard such words. He quickly let out two dry coughs.

If it was other people who dared to use such a tone and such words to describe Marquis Ye, Bai Yuanxing would long have charged forward to fight with them.

"Why are you coughing?" Wen Wan glared at him.

Bai Yuanxing lowered his head, not saying anything.

"Owner, another two bowls of noodles." Wne Wan returned to where he was sitting, calling over the owner of the stand.

The owner delightedly began preparing noodles once again in an eager fashion.

"Come over and have a seat. Today your teacher will give you a lesson for free." Wen Wan beckoned Song Qingluo to come over and have a seat at the noodle stand. With a flick of his fingers, there was sound of something piercing through the air. Song Zhi and others all had one of their legs broken. Their cries were like pig squeal as they screamed, not able to run anywhere.

At this time, Song Qingluo no longer had a choice.

Seeing Wen Wan's fully confident expression, her heart also began to have some hope and expectation.

"First eat, when you're full then we'll speak." Wen Wan brought a hot and steaming bowl of lamb noodles in front of the beautiful girl.

Perhaps she really was famished. A bowl of noodle scraps that she normally would not even give a second glance, made Song Qingluo feel that the fragrance of the meal was assaulting her very senses. With hesitation, she wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes.

Then, she began ingesting it down in large bites and mouthfuls.

At this time there were already many people around them.

The cries and scream of Song Zhi and his cronies caused the observers to point and mutter. It was unknown just what exactly they were speaking about.

The main road outside the Proud sky centre had already turned into a goods transaction area. Typically, there were many people walking past. In the blink of an eye, there were near a thousand people that was attracted to such an incident.....

Wen Wan continued eating noodles without a care in the world.

People long knew about the appetite of this mad noodle eating man, so they did not find this strange. Soem people on the other hand had their mouths gaped wide open as they watched this bearded man eat four bowls of noodle. Then, they noticed the twenty or so empty bowls next to him. Their faces were like as if they had just saw a ghost.

There were some people, who could not help but feel curious. Could such a bowl of scrap noodles really be that delicious? They called over the owner to ask him to make them a bowl for them to try.

The owner of the noodle stand was so overjoyed that tears nearly came out.

"Move away, move away....move away!"

"Masters, they're there. The perpetrator is too cruel, Song Zhi and the others are badly hurt."

There were loud shouts and clamour.

There were a group of armoured experts numbering around twenty that parted the crowd and bashed forward.

The leading expert looked to be around thirty, white face and a long beard. His figure was muscular and he was releasing powerful yuan qi, causing the surrounding people not being able to stand stably, and then being pushed to one side. Evidently his strength was really high.

This group of experts surrounded two people that were around twenty years old. From their faces, they seemed to be handsome noble young masters. They arrived at the noodle stand.

"It's them young masters. Those vicious people disregarded the name of the Dugu financial organisation entirely. I've alrady mentioned the name of the Dugu family, but he....." The crony that had previously ran away, added extra layers to the story as he recounted the tale, cradling his swollen face.

Tens of experts completely surrounded the noodle stand from all directions.

The owner of the noodle stand who was previously overjoyed with delight, currently had a face of despair and depression, not daring to utter a single world.

Originally Song Qingluo's heart had calmed down a little, but seeing the events unfold as it did, she became nervous once again. Especially after seeing those two noble young men, the wealth and aura they emitted instantly made her realised that there were the rumoured two favoured sons of the current head of the Dugu family. They were truly important people.

"I'....." Song Qingluo was about to say something.“

Wen Wan waved his arm, interrupting her sentence. He stood up, then let out a burp, giving them a disinterested glance. In a bland voice, "You two little brats, are you people who can make decisions in the Dugu financial organisation?”

"You dare, to use such a tone when speaking to our masters?"

There was an expert that was instantly enraged.


His sord was already half drawn out, a fierce aura emanating from him.

The surrounding people immediately began to back away.

The guards that the Dugu family commanded were all experts. They had all walked out alive from fire and battles, they had all seen blood and killed before.

"Young master, young master, save me, save me,....." Song Zhi howled madly, crawling over towards their direction.

The younger of the two young men let out a cold laugh: "Coming to Youyan Pass has really enlarged my horizons. To think that there would even be someone who would dare to insult and embarrass people of the Dugu organisation....friend, please speak some reason." Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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