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Imperial God Emperor 263 - Release that girl

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“What, you don't dare to go?" Wen Wan had a face of disdain. "Your guts are so little, how can you do important matters with Marquis Ye?

"But.....I ....." Bai Yuanxing stuttered.“

This completely was not a matter of whether he was brave enough to do it or not. If he was made to hold a sword and fight to the death with the demon race, he would absolutely not say a word of protest. But to go and flirt with a girl......this, this was too sudden and embarrassing.

"Hehe, you think I didn't see you just now. You were sneaking a glance at that girl, and your face even went all red." Wen Wan winked at him teasingly.


Bai Yuanxing's face went utterly red like the bum of a monkey.

"Go quickly, look, that girl is being harassed." Wen Wan pointed to the entrance of the Proud sky centre, pretending to be serious.

Bai Yuanxing turned to look.

As Wen Wan described, the little fairy in the pale green dress was in an extremely difficult situation. Timid and helpless, she was slowly retreating. Currently the man with the pointed chin was currently pulling the girls sleeve, angrily berating at her for something. The Crepe Myrtle sect disciples Zhong Daijun and the others, were sneering as the spectated with crossed arms…..

He was forcing her to do something she did not wish to do?

Bai Yuanxing heart jumped.

He could see the young man grabbing the girl's arm, threatening her loudly with something. The girl's face was filled with embarrassment and anger, but she ultimately lowered her head, becoming silent and compliant.

"Hmph, are you going to go or not. If you don't go, this little girl will definitely be harassed." Wen Wan said with his face down eating noodle. In a tone that seemed as if he was talking to himself: "Don't blame me for telling me, this girl is your Marquis Ye's lover."


Bai Yuanxing suddenly turned around to stare at Wen Wan.

Wen Wan spread his hand out: "I'm not fooling you. When Ye Qingyu was at White Deer academny, this girl was one of his closest classmates. The relationship between them is not simple, there were hints of romance. But I did not imagine she would suddenly come to Youyan pass, and would be together with that group of ruffians...."

Before these words were finished, Bai Yuanxing instantly leapt up.

At this time, the White Horse sword slave that had the lowest strength in White Horse tower charged over using the quickest speed, like an arrow from a bow without uttering a single word


There were tears dripping down the corner of Song Qingluo's eye. Even though she was unwilling, she ultimately lowered her head, her long hair covering her face like a waterfall.

Song Zhi smiled in success.

He knew, that this proud girl, had already made her resolve to abandon her dignity at this moment. He could do as he please to her.

As he thought of this, he felt a sudden burst of desire.

As to whether he coudl really help Song Jiannan obtain the right to enter the Proud sky centre, this did not matter. He could not guarantee such a thing. Song Zhi never truly had the intention of helping them from the very beginning. The reason he had spent such effort to do so many things, was to obtain the little flower in front of him and as do as he pleased to her.

After all, the Song family and the Qingluo merchant company had already fallen. Song Jiannan could not even afford a better inn, and was utterly dispirited. Song Zhi was not afraid of a dispirited merchant coming to him for revenge.

In truth, one year ago when Song Zhi saw Song Qingluo for the first time, Song Zhi was utterly dumbstruck by her looks.

He dreamed to completely strip this noble and precious young lady naked and do whatever he desired to her.

But at that time, the difference between the two was massive.

Such a thought was born at this moment, but he could not exhibit it at all during that time.

He did not imagine, the heavens would really give him such an opportunity.

He had heard of what had befallen the Song family.

The instant Song Jiannan opened his mouth to ask for a favour from him, Song Zhi realised that his opportunity had come.

He pretended he had a method to allow them to enter into the Proud sky centre, and forced Song Jiannan to accept his request one after another. Finally, he managed to make him present to him his own daughter. This type of feeling of controlling someone else's fate in his own hands, to step on someone who was once higher than him, was so good that he found it difficult to describe using words.

But in reality?

Song Zhi knew he was just a fox assuming the might of a tiger.

He was only a minor character of the Dugu financial corporation. In front of Master Dugu, there was not even a place for him to speak.

Once Song Jiannan and his daughter knew about everything, everything would already be too late. Song Qingluo's virginity would already have become his trophy of triumph.....

Haha. Just by imagining that noble young girl that once studied in one of the top ten academies of the Empire beneath him, Song Zhi was already utterly impatient.

"This is the Senior brother Zhong from the Crepe Myrtle sect ,this is...."

Song Zhi forcefully grabbed Song Qingluo's hands, and proudly introduced her to the others, showing off his connections.宋

Song Qingluo was like a zombie, lowering her head, completely dispirited. She had given up on resisting altogether.

Everywhere around them laughed.

Especially Song Zhi's close friends. On their expression was a smile filled with tacit understanding. Song Zhi would have the meat, while everyone else would have the soup. They could play whatever games they wanted. After all, this little beauty was already a pet in their cage, she couldn't escape anymore.

And at this time---

"Release that girl."

An extremely angry voice sounded out.

Everyone's gaze swivelled towards the direction of the voice.

Bai Yuanxing's face was filled with rage, his gaze like spitting fire as he glared at these people.

Song Zhi's face had contempt written all over it.

He gave a glance to his friends.

He dicovered that everyone was somewhat nonplussed at this white clothed youth who suddenly jumped out. Evidently they did not recognise him.

Even Zhong Daijun from the Crepe Myrtle did not say anything, his face expressionless.

It seemed this fellow, was no one important.

Furthermore, what was important, was that Song Zhi could not even sense the slightest of yuan qi fluctuation from the body of Song Zhi. Evidently he was just a youth who jumped out to die, and he was only a little worm at the ordinary martial level.

From one glance, he could determine it was a retard who wanted to be the hero who saved the beauty.

He had seen many such retards.

Song Zhi laughed grimly, sneering: "Just who do you think you are, do you think you have a right to speak? If you don't want to die, then scram....."

"Release the girl’s hands."

Bai Yuanxing said word by word.

If this green dressed little fairy was really Marquis Ye's lover, then this bunch of people deserved to die ten thousand times over.

"Aiya, there really is a trash that doesn't fear death." There was an impatient and sinister grimace appearing on Song Zhi's face. “I'll count to three, scram...."

Bai Yuanxing did not waste anymore of his words with Song Zhi.

He turned to look at the Crepe Myrtle sect disciples, his gaze like a sword. Staring at Zhong Daijun, he said slowly: "You should know who I am. I warn you, before my master arrive, you better release this girl. Otherwise, if you wait till matters worsen, him, and all of you, will die."

The Bai Yuanxing that was made completely red by Wen Wan's teasing, had a imposing aura that made one afraid to regard him from a close distance.

Zhong Daijun and the others expression were incomparably conflicted.

They naturally knew who Bai Yuanxing was.

Currently in Youyan Pass, White Horse tower could absolutely be regarded as forbidden area of the Jianhu. [The Leaf of Youyan], Ye Qingyu was orignally a forbidden creature like existence, there was no one in the Jianghu that did not know of his name. Apart from Ye Qingyu, they had already clearly investigated into the names of the other people under him.

Bai Yuanxing had been one of White Horse tower's people since the very first day, so of course Zhong Daijun recognised him.

But everyone knew that Bai Yuanxing's strength was pitifully know, so they were not that afraid of him.

But since Bai Yuanxing said such words with such seriousness, mentioning Ye Qingyu's name, it caused Zhong Daijun and the others realise that the matter was not as simple as they had initially imagined. None of the sects would dare to to take matters so lightly if it had anything to do with [The Leaf of Youyan].

"I'm not familiar with that person." Zhong Daijun shook his head, then turned to look towards Song Zhi. "He's officer Bai Yuanxing, one of the soldiers under the fourth class heroic Marquis Ye. You guys solve any conflict between yourself, Crepe Myrtle has nothing to do with this."

As he finished saying these words, he brought the Crepe Myrtle sect disciples together and left.

He looked like he did not dare interfere in this matter at all.

At this time, even if Song Zhi had a pig's brain, he could tell that something was not right.

The Dugu finanicial organisation had only entered into Youyan pass a couple of days. Therefore Song Zhi and the others had only faintly heard of the name of Ye Qingyu and was not yet truly aware of the awe and terror that Marquis Ye's name currently inspired in Youyan Pass. Seeing the actions of Zhong Daijun, they also wanted to give up, but ultimately they could not bear to let go of such a luscious little beauty like Song Qingluo…...

"You're still not letting go, do you want to die?"

Bai Yuanxing shouted in rage.

Song Zhi shivered, finally letting go.

At this time, Song Qingluo was staring dumbly at Bai Yuanxing, her eyes completely unfocused. Zhong Daijun's words were still resounding throughout her mind: "Fourth class heroic Marquis Ye Qingyu....Ye Qingyu....."

Could it be him!

That youth who let out a radiance so bright that it caused countless genius students of White Deer academy to seem normal?

According to the rumours, he had arrived at Youyan pass, but....

Song Qingluo's thoughts were completely messed up.

"Let's go."

Bai Yuanxing protected Song Qingluo, heading towards the noodle stand.

Song Qingluo subconsciously followed behind him.

Song Zhi and the others looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

"Brother Zhi, what should we do? Just let them go?"

"That's right, that girl is so high quality it would be too great a pity to just let her go."

These people were still somewhat unwilling.

Song Zhi grinded his teeth making up his resolve. In an uncertain tone, he said: "Let's follow and see. He's but a tiny little marquis, how important can he be. Most likely he’s someone who relied on his inheritance and the position of his parents, could it that the Dugu financial organisation cannot even win against a little Marquis of a tiny area?"

The people followed over.


Wen Wan had a cup of tea in his hands, watching the two come over in satisfaction. "Good job, you little brat, you've really managed to grab the girl over....." Then he turned to look at Song Qingluo. "Are you not cultivating in White Deer academy? Why have you come to Youyan pass at this time?"

Song Qingluo's beautiful eyes widened: “Teacher Wen?"

Wen Wan was once the teacher of White Deer academy, and had taught many students the body refining techniques. Song Qingluo had also trained beside Wen Wan before. She did not imagine, that she would see her teacher once again in such a situation in Youyan Pass.

"En, it seems like you still remember me." Wen Wan laughingly nodded his head. His gaze once again turned to the figures of Song Zhi and the others who had followed behind them. His mouth split in a wide grin: "Come, come, have a seat. Do you need to eat a bowl of noodles to calm your nerves? I'll help you beat away those wild dogs then we can speak some more." Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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