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So quickly?

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

For thirty pounds of Origin crystals to be prepared in such a short time frame. Adding to that, it was also delivered with such speed to Youyan pass. The power of the Hundred herb hall really could not be underestimated.

Ye Qingyu became excited.

With the Origin crystals in his hands, he could immediately enter isolation training. He should be able to have some large breakthrough prior to the Martial alliance meeting. This really was tantamount to delivering coal in a snowstorm. After all, from Ye Qingyu’s perspective, the effects of the Origin crystal was much greater than the Mysterious Heaven pellet.

"Shishu, disciple I have already passed on news of this back to my family. The Lin family is willing to contribute ten pounds of Origin crystal, to repay your debt of gifting us the Pill Formula. But it will only arrive ten days later." Lin Qingyi's face was somewhat embarrassed as he said: "Originally the Lin family should have been able to gather the remaining twenty pounds of Origin crystal, but this was beyond our power in such a short time frame. Please forgive us."

Ye Qingyu looked at Lin Qingyi, understanding his intentions.

It seemed that the Lin family was not any minor family. For them to be able gift ten pounds of Origin crystal just to please him. It was likely not just due to the fact that he had gifted them the Pill formula, but also due to the fact that he had become sworn brothers with the [Pill God of Snow country], Dugu Quan. The Lin family wanted to become another step closer to the leading Pill Master of Snow Empire, so they made such a decision.

"Good, there is no rush." Ye Qingyu nodded his head. "We'll speak later at that time."

Lin Qingyi was overjoyed.

He obviously would not imagine that Ye Qingyu could not discern his intentions behind such a gift. All those who knew of Ye Qingyu's accomplishment within the Pass recently, would not treat this young Marquis as an innocent and clueless youth. It was impossible for a dumb person to possess the status he did today.

Since Shishu Ye did not reject the olive branch that the Lin family offered, this represented he did not have any negative feelings towards the Lin family.

As they spoke, Mother Wu holding half a broomstick, came rushing towards them in a panic. "Master, there are two people outside asking to see you. I can't block them anymore. Ying'er and Little Qi are blocking them, but they nearly can't hold them back anymore…..”

Ye Qingyu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

But Mother Wu had a completely outraged look on her face.

Her name was well known to the outside world. Who doesn't know of the power of the housewife of White Horse tower, the broom in her hands had swept away numerous important characters of Youyan Pass .Who knew that there would be a middle aged scholar and his little aide that was so hard to get rid of. They refused to leave, and even broke the broom in her hands.

As they spoke, there was a voice that sounded out from the outside.

"Brother Ye, perhaps you have guarded your door too tightly."

Hearing this, Ye Qingyu instantly laughed, heading outside.

They could see, the [Painting saint], Liu Yuqing standing there with a helpless expression, holding up his hands in surrender. Li Qi and Li Ying was both holding onto his legs, like two koalas hanging onto a tree. The naughty Li Ying, was also biting onto Liu Yuqing's thigh, with the roar of a little tiger cub emitting from her throat.

The little scholar's aid Xing'er was hugging his stomach in hilarity by the side.

An important character of the Military council pavilion, the left and right arm of the War God of Yuyan. Everywhere he went, people would smile flatteringly towards him. He had never been put into such a sorry state before, two children causing him to not be able to laugh or cry.

"Little Ying, Little Qi, quickly come down."

Ye Qingyu had to cover his face.

There were far too many people of all sorts of backgrounds and motives wanting to see him previously. They were as annoying as flies, and everyone one of them brought gifts with a smile. He could not use harsh methods to chase away people who came with no ill will, so Ye Qingyu had ordered Mother Wu to chase away everyone no matter their origins. After Mother Wu fell into the trap of people claiming to be Ye Qingyu's friends once or twice, she became even more strict.

Tday, Liu Yuqing stood at the door and referred to himself as Ye Qingyu's friend. In the end, he was greeted with Mother Wu's broom.

But seeing Ye Qingu's attitude, Mother Wu instantly knew that she had really made a massive error, instantly shivering in fear. She quickly grabbed her son and daughter and apologised to Liu Yuqing. The previous moment she felt that her children has completely lost all of her face for not being able to stop the intruders, but currently she really wanted to beat those two brats up.

"Fine, fine, those who are unaware have no crimes."

Liu Yuqing also was in a state where he was completely nonplussed. But naturally, he could not really care about such matters, waving his hands magnanimously in the air.

As Ye Qingyu welcome Liu Yuqing and Xing'er, Ye Qingyu asked curiously: "Mister Liu, you are a rare guest. Why have you came here today?”

"Hmph, of course we have some thing important, that's why we were looking for you." Xing'er said grumpily.

This little fellow still remembered the incident at the Pass Lord's Residence where Ye Qingyu left without saying anything to him.

Ye Qingyu pretended he was clueless, not willing to continue such a line of conversation.

The Shopkeeper Sui by the side naturally recognised the new noble like characters that had risen in fame recently, Liu Yuqing. He gave a signal to Lin Qingyi, and the two bid farewell.

Ye Qingyu did not obstruct them, instructing Bai Yuanxing to send the guests away.

When they left the White Horse tower, the sunlight was shining warmly on the streets.

Lin Qingyi did not recognise Liu Yuqing and the other person. He turned to look back athe White Horse tower, saying, "The middle aged scholar just now was....."

Shopkeeper Sui suppressed his voice as he replied: "A figure that has risen in stature abruptly in reent times. According to the rumours, he is the number one character of the Military council pavilion of Pass Lord's Residence, holding extreme power. People call him the Painting Saint, and he possesses unmatched intelligence. It has been said that War God Lu does not interfere in the business of the Pass at all, but instead leaves everything for Mister Liu to manage. His background is not simple at all. Even the litttle scholar body next to him is important. He can enter and leave as he pleases in and out of the Pass Lord's Residence, able to see War God Lu at any time, and is extremely favoured by him."

Lin Qingyi was dumbfounded.

He discovered that his little Shishu Ye was becoming more and more unfathomable.

The middle aged scholar Mr Liu held such extreme power, but was completely nonplussed by a middle aged housewife and two children in front of White Horse tower. This was of course not really because he had such a good temperament that he would not retaliate after being attacked. It was namely because they were people belonging to Shishu Ye.

According to this, the relationship Shishu Ye had with War God Lu, must not be simple?

The young pill genius kneaded his temple, rejoicing in his decision to come to Youyan Pass.

At the beginning he had come because of his curiosity and suspicions about the Mysterious Heaven pellet, treating it like a holiday. He left the turbulent treachourous affairs of the capital, and came here to relax. But he did not imagine he would encounter such a miracle. He and the entire Lin family's fate could be rewritten by the events that had occurred.


White horse tower.

The main guests sat down.。

Mother Wu quickly carried over tea, as if she was apologising.

"I hear that brother Ye you have receive the martial meeting invitation from Li Qiushui?" Liu Yuqing sipped at the tea, complementing it, then directed the subject of conversation to this point.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. "I received it.”

"Then will you go or not?"

Ye Qingyu laughed loudly. "Of course i will go, this is a namely an opportunity for me to meet with the so called martial geniuses."

Liu Yuqing had an expression on his face that made it seemed like this was already a foregone conclusion. "But your actions within the city have already put you in a position that is complete against the sects. According to what I know, there are many experts of the sects that are unsatisfied with you. There will definitely be turbulent events at that time if you go.”

Ye Qingyu had a faint smile. "Fine. If the situation is really as described by your words, then I won't go."

Liu Yuqing nearly spat out the tea in his mouth.

This did not go according to his expectations at all.。

"Hmph, coward." The Xing'er by the side said proudly snorted.

Ye Qingyu gave the little scholar boy a glare.

"That doesn't seem like Marquis Ye's personality." Liu Yuqing said with a smile as he placed down the tea cup.

"Mister Liu, your words have hidden meaning. Why don't you speak plainly." Ye Qingyu grinned mischievously.

Liu Yuqing originally wanted to play at being mysterious for a bit longer, but seeing Ye Qingyu's expression of not willing to play his game at all, he smiled: "It's not me that is looking for you. It's Xing'er who wanted to see you, I'll let Xing'er himself speak?"


Ye Qingyu did not imagine it would be like so, turning his head to regard Xing'er.

There was a shred of embarassment that was not easy to notice that flashed through Xing'er's eyes. But the next moment, he seemed to be completely normal again. He puffed up his chest, and said grouchily: "Originally I wanted to help you, but who was it that ignored me that day....”

He was definitely being difficult on purpose.。

The order of the two matter was completely reversed.

Ye Qingyu cursed at him in his heart.

"My apologies, that day I really was in a rush...." Ye Qingyu pretended to apologise very sincerely.

Xing'er had his heart filled with pride as he nodded his head: "Fine, I'll forgive such a petty incident......." Saying this, he took out a box made of white jade that was gilded with god. Carefully, he handed it over, saying: "I'll borrow this item to you for a little while. With it in your hand, no one from the Three Sects and Three Schools will dare harm you. But you must not use it unless it is absolutely necessary, and after you've finished using it, you must give it back to me."

"What is it?"

Ye Qingyu saw that Xing'er treated the item so carefully, and imparted such importance to it. Curiosity was instantly aroused: "This is…”

The jade box opened.

There was nothing inside.。

Ye Qingyu lifted his head to look at Xing'er; Are you pranking me?

Xing'er stared at him with a gaze filled with disdain.

Ye Qingyu lowered his head to look again.....wait, what was this?

At the bottom of the jade box, there was a strand of silver string, less than half a feet long. It lay there silently at the bottom. Could it be that the item Xing'er was referring to was this?

Ye Qingyu examined it more closely.

This was just a strand of silver hair.

He was about to say something, when his expression suddenly changed. He was able to sense a strange aura on this strand of hair.

Xing'er smiled. With a flick of his hand, this strand of silver hair flew out from the box and landed in his hands. It grew longer and longer with the wind, growing to an unknown length in but the blink of an eye, as if it was endless silk. Round and round, it encircled around Xing'er hand, as if there was a silver coloured barrier covering her palm.

A strange aura, an extremely withdrawn power, seemed to appear on Xing'er's palm.

But even like so, Ye Qingyu was able to sense the terrifying explosive power held within the strand.

At that moment, he had this sensation, that Xing'er’s palm had already turned into a deity's right hand, ruling over all.

"Hehe. [Three thousand feet of White Hair], a top level Dao tool. If it strikes a pinnacle level Bitter Sea stage expert, they will definitely die."

Xing'er proudly lifted his hand, flaunting this silver strand of air. He said such words with pride and confidence.

Ye Qingyu's mouth was wide open as he nodded his head.

"Oh.....so Xing'er you knew martial arts, and your strength was so high." Ye Qingyu said with surprise. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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