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Imperial God Emperor 255 - Let us become sworn brothers

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The white shroud was taken off.

Ye Qingyu's true appearance.

A handsome face, a calm smile, his demeanour was like jade and his aura distant. He seemed like a dragon among men.

"Ye - Ye- Ye - Ye......Marquis Ye?"

Shopkeeper Sui had a face of complete astoundment, stuttering his exclamation.

He had never imagined, that the great master who had managed to refine the [Mysterious Heaven pellet] was the person that was currently in the spotlight in Youyan pass, Ye Qingyu. But as he pondered this discovery, and linked it to the actions of Ye Qingyu who had recently came to procure ingredients, everything seemed logical and reasonable.

"Marquis Ye?" Lin Qingyi also began to understand, saying in a disbelieving voice: "You-you-you are.....[The Leaf of Youyan] Ye Qingyu?"

They wouldn't speak again.

One Ye-ye-ye, and you-you-you; they had become complete stutterers.

But this was evidence to just how stunned they were.

In truth, the shock in Lin Qingyi's heart was not any less of Shopkeeper Sui.

In these days that he had arrived in Youyan pass, apart from waiting, Lin Qingyi had also strolled around various parts of Youyan Pass. He had a large social network, with friends in the army and the sects. In these days, the rumours regarding [The Leaf of Youyan], Ye Qingyu's actions were constantly repeated, so much so that his ears was about to cocoon from the constant repetition.

All the discussions and evaluations had different viewpoints on Ye Qingyu. Lin Qingyi naturally had his own take on the situation.

From his perspective, [The Leaf of Youyan] in the rumours was a hard man, and was decisive. In principle, he would not back away in the slightest, his martial heart as steady as a boulder. He definitely was a character who could not be underestimated. Furthermore, with his age being so young, if he did not die early and he was able to grow up, it was very likely he would become the second Lu Zhaoge.

But it's only that things that are inflexible breaks easily. Ye Qingyu had angered too many people, his coming days would be extremely difficult to survive.

Those who had angered the sects all had very tragic ends.

The way the sects did things were often secretive and hidden. The army may not be able to protect Ye Qingyu.

Gathering all the rumours together, Lin Qingyi did not have a positive outlook on Ye Qingyu's future.

Martial power, very often could not solve everything.

Only an invincible martial power was a true guarantee that you could do as you wished.

But very evidently, Ye Qingyu's power was still very, very far away from being invincible.

In such desolate times, just who could truly obtain an invincible martial power?

Even Lu Zhaoge, was currently heavily injured.

But Lin Qingyi had never imagined, that apart from being a talented youngster who would pay back his debts and grievances, he was also a Pill Master.

He only needed to see the admiration in his master towards Ye Qingyu, to know that not only were the effects of the [Mysterious Heaven pellet] alarming, the method in which it was created was also exquisite. For Ye Qingyu, to be able to refine this pill, spoke to the fact that Ye Qingyu's skill in terms of Pill Making was likely greater than himself.

As he looked at this handsome youth with a slight smile, he could not help but let out a sigh. Could it be that this person was really a monster?

To be able to both cultivate in the martial way and the Pill Making arts without hindering any of them?

And for him to be so young?

Lin Qingyi had always regarded himself as youthful, but he was already fourty years old at this time. It was only that he was deep into his martial cultivation, and had refined some pills that aided him to retain his youthful appearance. From the outside, he only seemed to be around eighteen to twenty years old.

The other side.

Dugu Quan was the only person who had not heard of Ye Qingyu's actions.

This leading Pill Master of the Imperial group of masters, had completely immersed himself in the Dao of the Pill. He paid very little attention to the matters of the Empire. This time, apart from the [Mysterious Heaven pellet], he also came for several other matters. In the two days he had been in Youyan pass, he was completely astounded by the method of creation of the the [Mysterious Heaven pellet]. The more he examined it, the more shocked he grew. Apart from feeling the pill itself was profound, he also wholeheartedly admired the person who created the pill.

Seeing the reaction of Shopkeeper Sui and Lin Qingyi, with Dugu Quan’s discerning and experienced eyes, he instantly understood that this handsome youth wearing clothes as white as snow, also had an alarming background.

He really was a young heroic talent!

Dugu Quan: "It seems that little brother has not revealed your true identity as of yet. Qingyi, you come and introduce us."

Lin Qingyi did not dare tarry, bowing and explaining Ye Qingyu's identity and background roughly to everyone.

When Dugu Quan finished hearing this, there was a light flickering in his eyes. He sighed in admiration; "The youngest Marquis of the Empire that earned his title. Brother Ye, you've really made me stunned. Not speaking modestly, ever since I've started my path, I've seen many young and excellent talents. But it's really my first time to see such a young genius like you. Haha, Yuqing Ye, so you flipped your name around. Ye Qingyu,a good name."

Ye Qingyu was greatly pleased that he was praised.

In principle, Demon King Ye was a person with strong vanity.

But on the surface he obviously could not grin and show that he was very satisfied.

Demon King Ye stood up, and said very modestly: "Elder, you've overpraised me."

"It's not a false compliment. I only feel that it is a pity for a you." Dugu Quan suddenly changed the subject, shaking his head.

"Oh, what are you referring to?" Ye Qingyu enquired smilingly.

Dugu Quan said with extreme seriousness: "With your skills in the PIll Dao, you have a boundless future. Even I cannot be compared to you. But if you remain in the Youyan Pass in the army fighting battles and wasting your time, this is really too wasteful of your pill cultivating talents. I wonder if you are willing to come with me to the capital. I know many great Pill Masters, I believe that as long as I ask, they will definitely pass on all they know to you. Haha, within twenty years, there will definitely be a divine master of the Pill Dao who can truly create [Spirit Pills] appearing within Snow Empire. Hahaha......let's go, go to the Imperial Capital. I will introduce you to all my old friends."

As he became excited, the old man became more and more child like, jumping up and dragging Ye Qingyu hand to leave.

The Lin Qingyi by the side completely did not know whether to laugh or cry.

His master, was someone he worshipped. His skills in the Pill Way was divine, but his temperament was too impatient, he was a classic restless person. As soon as he saw divine herbs or Pill, or profound Pill formulas, or prodigious talents, he would be so excited that he could not compose himself anymore. He was like an old child. He did not ask for the opposing party’s agreement before he decided on acting out his own arrangements.

Ye Qingyu was also taken aback.

He expressionlessly avoided the old man's hand, and said with a smile: "Elder, I am still in the army, so my future is not mines to decide. I'm afraid I'll have waste your good intentions.

"Hahaha, I'll go personally to Lu Zhaoge, and ask for him to let me take you away. What does this matter. Haha, thinking back, your War God Lu owes me many favours......." Dugu Quan said not paying the slightest of attention: "Rest assured, I'll go see War God Lu tomorrow. As long as I open my mouth, he will definitely say yes."

He really was an over passionate old man.

Ye Qingyu bitterly smiled in his heart.

But no matter what, Ye Qingyu still had an extremely positive assessment of this Pill God of Snow country.

This old man with flowing white hair, really had a pure heart like that of a child.

"Elder, thank you for your thoughts. But it's only that right now my heart is not completely immersed into the Pill Dao, there are other important matters, that I must go do. I'm afraid I must waste your good intentions." Ye Qingyu stood up and bowed.

"Ah? What? You don't want to to succeed in the Dao of the Pill? Sigh.....you must know that, if you cultivate in the Pill Dao, in ten years time, you will be in the later stages of the Pill Dao. At that time, you will become one of the noblest existences in the Empire. Even the Imperial family will not dare order you about. All those old monsters of the sects, will most likely offer you gifts and presents. At that time, you will be an exceptional existence in Heaven Wasteland domain, you can do anything you please."

Dugu Quan spread his arms, beginning to describe the scene for him.

"Thank you for elder's good intentions, but I must refuse." Ye Qingyu once again declined.

He refined pills because he wanted to increase his cultivation. His yearning was ever towards the yuan qi martial path. Refining pills was only a method, cultivation was his true ambition.

"You little brat!"

Dugu Quan seeing his incentives could not draw in Ye Qingyu at all, was so angry that his facial hair stood up.

When he had success in the PIll Dao, he became the leading Pill Master of the Imperial family. In these years, he had completely immersed himself in the Pill Dao. But it was a pity that he had not experience any great growth, with no breakthroughs. He increasingly discovered the importance of talent in the Pill Dao, and conversed with other great Pill Masters within Snow Country. They came to a conclusion. It was very likely that all these old masters could not advance another step forward. So they changed their goals instead, training the younger generation, focusing their efforts in raising them. They hoped that in their remaining years, they could borrow the success of their disciples, to have a glimpse into the way of Spirit Pills.

Therefore ten years ago, Dugu Quan began accepting disciples.

Tens of exceptional Pill Masters banded together, and borrowing the power of the Empire, began searching for prodigious talents everywhere. They wanted to produce a Pill Dao genius that would exceed them, but it was a pity that progress was slow. Lin Qingyi was originally one of the talents with the highest expectations placed on him, but even his progress has slowed down in these years.

The meeting with Ye Qingyu today, for Dugu Quan it was like experiencing rain after a drought. It could be compared to seeing a strand of light in an abyss of despair.

In reality, after seeing the [Mysterious Heaven pellet], with Dugu Quan's sensitivity, he could already deduct a great deal of information.

He was different from the Lin Qingyi who saw the great strategic battle important of the [Mysterious Heaven pellet]. What Dugu Quan was interested in was the person who refined the Pill. Because behind the [Mysterious Heaven pellet], he found methods of refining Pills that could not help but make him sigh in admiration. He saw an innovative existence that created new paths amongst the ancient classics. He saw something that diverged from the established but did it in such a way, it seemed only reasonable. For the Dugu Quan who had always immersed himself in the Pill Dao, this had an unprecedented impact.

He decisively delayed the meeting that he originally had with Lu Zhaoge, and waited bitterly for the person who refined the Pill.

Therefore when he first saw Ye Qingyu, he could not help but want to use his cultivation to have a glimpse of the face under the white clothing.

When he found out that the create was a young man who was still inexperienced, the excitement and delight his heart was hard to describe. He instantly realised, that the exceptional genius of the Pill Dao that he and all the other Pill Masters were desperately searching for, had finally appeared.

In the eyes of Dugu Quan, the value of ten thousand [Mysterious Heaven pellets] could not even be compared to one Ye Qingyu.

Items, were dead.

People, were alive.

As long as one was alive, one could create infinite miracles.

That was the reason why he lost his composure like so and the someone with the identity of the leading Pill Masters of the Empire wanted to forcefully make Ye Qingyu become his own disciple.

But when Ye Qingyu declined time and time again, this respected and honoured Pill Master realised, there was no way of obstructing the will of this young man.

This was a situation that he had never expected to happen.

He originally thought, with his position and respect that he commanded, as long as he extended the invitation of becoming his disciple, would it not be an easily achievable matter? Even if the princes of the Imperial family begged in front of him to become his disciple, he may not accept. Who would have guessed that after discovered such a peerless talent, the talent did not pay the slightest of attention to him.

Dugu Quan could not help but sigh, showing an expression of defeat.

The Shopkeeper Sui by the side was so shocked his eyes were about to fall on the floor. This was the Pill God of Snow country, Dugu Quan. His status in the Pill Dao, was like an emperor. For him to accept a disciple, this represented the most well known and respected Pill Masters of Snow country would accept this disciple together as a group. For him to be so easily and casually rejected.

Lin Qingyi also had slight feelings of jealously in his heart.

When he had wanted to be accepted as a disciple, he had to pass numerous difficult tests, and various formalities before he could become a student of the [Pill God of Snow country]. Now everything had completely flipped around. His master whom he worshipped in his heart like a deity, was begging for someone to study under him, and got rejected instead.

But thankfully, he was a person with good temperament and grace. He did not focus too deeply on this point.

It was not appropriate for Ye Qingyu to say anything else, so he quietly stood by the side

The [Pill God of Snow country] grasped his hands behind his back as he paced around the room. A short moment, later, he suddenly had a thought, his eyes abruptly brightening. With a grin he came over to hold Ye Qingyu's handers; "Little brother, our meeting is predestined. If you don't want to have any relations with the Pill Dao, then how about this, we become friends?"

Ye Qingyu was about to nod his head.

"Fine, I’ll be a little more direct. Let's become sworn brothers." The Pill God opened his mouth with a heaven shattering statement. The Lin Qingyi by the side had a completely green face, as Dugu Qian said excitedly: "Haha, this time it can't be counted as me trying to gain connections with someone higher than me. Although my age is a little large, I can at least be a friend of the older generation, hahahah......"

It was like he had made a exquisite plan, laughing unrestrainedly. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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