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251 - Finally Arrived

Ye Qingyu naturally did not know that the number one genius of the Hundred Herb Hall was waiting for him patiently with unrealistic expectations.

After seeing Lu Zhaoge and the others away, he once again returned to the quiet room to rest and recover.

Using the [Supreme Ice Flame] to aid Lu Zhaoge in eradicating the power of the curse, as well as the flames of darkness in his body, was a vast and complicated undertaking. It was not as simple as erasing the strange powers within Ye Qingyu's drop of blood. Ye Qingyu's strength had risen significantly from before and he had also gained a wealth of experience in handling these strange powers, but he still had to be utterly cautious.

Thankfully, Lu Zhaoge had provided his aid during the entire process.

After all, Lu Zhaoge was an expert at the pinnacle of his realm. Even though he was heavily injured, but even a skinny camel was bigger than a horse. His cultivation and experience was still not something Ye Qingyu could be compared to. With his cooperation, there was absolutely no issue at all.

It was only that through this entire process, it required Lu Zhaoge to lower his defenses around his body and allow Ye Qingyu to control the [Supreme Ice Flame] to travel within his meridians.

This point alone was incomparably dangerous for any martial artist.

This was equivalent to handing over your life to someone else's hands. That person could slaughter him as they pleased.

Normally speaking, there were only a very small number of martial experts that had such an intimate relationship with another person where they were able to let down all their defenses while treating each other injuries.

More importantly, after treating his injuries, Ye Qingyu could be said to know all the secrets and mysteries behind Lu Zhaoge's cultivation. He was able to discern the cultivation technique secrets of Lu Zhaoge. The weakness and essences behind his cultivation technique could not be hidden at all. For a top level martial expert at the peak, this was definitely a fatal weakness that was even more serious than being heavily injured.

Lu Zhaoge did not have any reservations at all, and completely coordinated with Ye Qingyu.

This entire process took twelve hours.

Every two hours, all the inner yuan in Ye Qingyu's body would be completely expended. He could not help but stop, using the nameless Heart Sutra to recover his inner yuan, then continue treating the injuries.

In others words, Ye Qingyu's inner yuan had been expended six times over.

For a normal martial artist, such high level expenditures of inner yuan could potentially cause an experts cultivation to fall by a realm or perhaps cause some sort of hidden injury. There were serious consequences that could potentially occur.

But thankfully, Ye Qingyu's toughness far exceeded experts of the same realm. Furthermore, his inner yuan had been purified and refined by the ancient Bronze book, [Fiendgod Titled Chart]. His inner yuan was also guided by the [Supreme Ice Flame], so he had managed to endure throughout the entire process.

But even so, when the last shred of strange power was ejected from the body of Lu Zhaoge, Ye Qingyu was also already on the verge of collapse.

After forcing himself to see Lu Zhaoge and the others away, Ye Qingyu hurried to rest and recover, trying to recuperate his strength.

This recovery took him an entire evening's time.

Because he was busy and somewhat dizzy, he naturally forgot that this was the day he had arranged with Shopkeeper Sui to inquire as to the situation of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet].

A night's time very quickly passed by.

The dawn of the next morning.

When the first rays of sunlight shone in through the window of the crevice of the quiet room, Ye Qingyu finally opened his eyes slightly.

His body had once again been replenished with surging powerful energy. It was as if there was a furious raging tide within him. Wave after wave, it crashed throughout his body and meridians, screaming and also at the same time nourishing and strengthening Ye Qingyu's organs, changing the composition of his body.

"Although it was I who treated Lu Zhaoge's injuries, but if we were to account for it carefully, I also owe him an extremely large favour."

Ye Qingyu slowly stood up, coming before the window. He slowly moved and stretched his body, inhaling the fresh air.

For any martial expert, the body of a peak level expert was a treasure with incomparable value. Contained within was an unspeakably precious road of cultivation. It was especially so for experts like Lu Zhaoge. Within his body were the roads and routes his cultivation path had taken. The cultivation method, his acupuncture points, meridians, the tightly packed inner organs, even his blood and bone marrow. It all contained shocking cultivation secrets.

There was once a rumour that within Heaven Wasteland domain, there once existed a sect called the Corpse sect. They were founded by raiding tombs and stealing the corpses of many experts from their resting places. From their bodies, they were able to infer the cultivation techniques and battle methods of such experts and were able to cause the reappearance of many lost cultivation methods and battle techniques. Taking the best of many, there were countless experts that arose from this sect. They specialized in using "Your own techniques against you". For a time, they had a powerful presence. Even the prestige of the three schools and three sects of Snow Empire, could not be compared to the Corpse sect.

But in the end, they were a sect that robbed people's graves. This was action that went against the common morality of the people. The Corpse sect ultimately incited the rage and anger of the descendants of those bodies they had stolen or perhaps other sects. They banded together and began a great battle, ultimately destroying this sect. The experts of that sect either died or escaped, and very little was left behind. Gradually, less and less was heard of them.

From this, one could determine just how much the corpse of an expert was worth.

In order to coordinate with Ye Qingyu during his treatment, Lu Zhaoge had opened all doors to the treasure of his body. Ye Qingyu could browse and inspect the intricacies and mysteries of his body as he pleased.

For Ye Qingyu, this was not his original intention, but it was definitely a massive reward.

In this entire process, it was like he acted as the role of a bystander, and browsed through and experienced Lu Zhaoge's entire path of cultivation. It could even be said that it was as if it was he himself who had personally cultivated.

Without exaggerating in the slightest, these twelve hours were the most precious and valuable twelve hours that Ye Qingyu had ever had on his road of cultivation.

In these twelve hours, it was as if he had transformed into Lu Zhaoge, experiencing a long and sustained cultivation journey.

Many issues plaguing his cultivation for a long time were completely solved.

This could be counted as a shocking baptism and cleansing in Ye Qingyu's road of cultivation.

There were many discoveries that he made during this time that still required Ye Qingyu to slowly understand and comprehend himself in his own road of cultivation.

"But no matter from what perspective I consider this incident from, I really have to greatly thank Lu Zhaoge. He is a true hero."

Ye Qingyu stretched his back.

Of course, what was even more important, was that Lu Zhaoge had promised to help Ye Qingyu find that object.

Furthermore, the fact that the [War God of Youyan Pass] would accept Ye Congyun as his disciple was out of Ye Qingyu's expectations. But Ye Qingyu firmly believed that apart from Ye Congyun absorbing that drop of blood essence, it was also because of the attributes Ye Congyun himself possessed.

As he thought this, there was a silver light that approached soundlessly from outside.

The silver light landed on the windowsill, transforming into a white, silly little dog.

The silly dog, Little Nine.

"Woof, woof, master, I've returned." Little Nine wagged his tail, jumping onto Ye Qingyu's shoulder, intimately licking Ye Qingyu's face. Then he leaped back onto the windowsill, turning over and habitually exposing his white and soft little belly.

Ye Qingyu smiled. While scratching Little Nine's belly, he asked, "How about it, have you completed the task I've asked you to do?"

"You have no need to fret when you ask me to do something." Little Nine let out a satisfied moan. "I easily found the hiding place of those two girls. I acted slightly cute and that silly little braided haired girl easily became my slave… Ah, a little bit to the left, it's itchy, that's right, it's there, woof, woof, a little harder… Don't worry, Master. That girl is fine. Her injury is already healed… Aoao, it's so comfortable."

As he enjoyed ye Qingyu's massage, the gluttonous dog recounted everything he saw and encountered in detail.

After returning to White Horse tower, Ye Qingyu had arranged for Little NIne to go out in search for traces of Song Xiaojun.

No matter what, Ye Qingyu could not let go of his worry about her safety.

Little Nine’s most specialized talent to date was searching for objects or people. He really had success in determining the hiding place of Song Xiaojun.

"You said that they switched their hiding place four times in one night?" Ye Qingyu asked with a frown.

Little Nine comfortably lay on his leg, closing his eyes in enjoyment. "That's right. I followed them as they switched places four times… They seemed as if they were avoiding some enemies."

Ye Qingyu nodded his head and thought of another matter, asking, "That's right, did they chase you away?”

"Of course not. I'm so cute, how could they bear…" Little Nine said proudly in triumph.

Ye Qingyu grabbed him by the neck, lifting him up. "Speak the truth."

Little Nine's four paws scrambled madly in the air, struggling wildly. Not being able to escape, he could only admit to the truth, "Fine. At the start, that braided haired girl wanted to ferociously chase me away or she would turn me and my dog skin into a bowl of meat stew. But the masked little girl that Master liked, although she is a bit cold, she is very kind. She allowed me to stay, and did not chase me away!"

"Really?" Ye Qingyu was delighted.

Little Nine instantly had a smirk and grin on his face. "Master, there's a perverted light flickering in your eyes. Woof, woof, I say, you must have really fallen for the girl. How about this, you give me a couple thousand of gold, then I'll go to Hundred Herb Hall to purchase some [Passion Descent], then I’ll sneakily place it in her meal, then you can…"

"Go die," with a flick of his hand, Ye Qingyu threw this stupid dog filled with ridiculous ideas away. "How can the [Passion Descent] be so expensive."

"Woof----Master, for you to know the price of [Passion Descent] so clearly… Woof, woof, a master is like his dog… Master, I grew up like this because of your influence…" Little Nine turned into a stream of white light that disappeared far away, shouting aloud his grievances.

Ye Qingyu could not laugh or cry.

"Continue to monitor. If any situation develops, come back and report to me at the first instance,” Ye Qingyu loudly reminded.

The silly dog left just like that.

After such an interaction, the time for breakfast had arrived.

Mother Wu had already prepared breakfast.

Using the time for breakfast to give advice and guidance to Jin Ling'er, Bai Yuanxing and the others on the martial cultivation, Ye Qingyu finally remembered the incident of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet].

Counting the time, there were less than fifteen days left till the meeting of sects. He had to properly utilize the time to raise his own strength.

Ye Qingyu decided to head to Hundred Herb Hall to inquire about whether there were any updates on the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet].



"He still hasn't come?"

Lin Qingyi was as anxious and as tense as ants on a hot pan.

He had never lost his composure like so in front of his own students. Grabbing Shopkeeper Sui who was as nervous as him, "Speak, do you think he will come? Could it be that he completely does not care about a pill as precious as the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet]?"

Shopkeeper Sui's heart was also as anxious as frying oil. Hearing this, he said comfortingly, "How is this possible. He'll definitely come in a bit. He must be delayed by some matter… Master Lin, don't be impatient. I believe that he'll definitely come today. After all, it's the [Mysterious Heaven pellet]…"

Lin Qingyi nodded his head in agreement, not able to hold back his impatience.

He had not slept all last night.

He could not fall asleep at all.

He had spent the entire night holding the intact [Mysterious Heaven Pellet]. The more he stared at it, the more unbelievable he found it. The existence of pill, had completely shattered the foundation of his pill knowledge. It overturned many common knowledge and assumptions about the pill arts.

He used a fast communicator and passed on the news to his master.

It was likely that by afternoon today, his master would arrive.

And when Lin Qingyi and Shopkeeper Sui were utterly tense and nervous, on the first floor of the Hundred Herb Hall, a Ye Qingyu whose face and body was covered by a white hat and robe, casually strolled and entered, having covered himself with a disguise. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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