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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 249 - I know your name

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A bitter smile could not be helped but appear on Lin Qingyi's face.

He had finally made a mistake; it was his first time going on such a wild goose chase through his own erroneous judgement.

To think that he really believed in the contents of Shopkeeper Sui's message. If news were to spread of his error, it was most likely that he would become a great laughing stock within the community.

"This is a fake pill. We came here for nothing, but you three, come here and take a look. After all, the saying goes, you grow wiser with every mistake you make. After experiencing this, you will be able to tell apart…" He shook his head while he let out a sigh, saying to the three others next to him.

The other three people were his students.

Although they were older than him, but there were no such things as seniority in learning, so he was their master.

Lin Qingyi had an astounding talent and had a great master. Although his three students also had exceptional background, but they needed to expend a great deal of effort and fight with a multitude of competitors to barely be able to obtain the chance to learn by Lin Qingyi’s side.

The three, hearing these words, received the jade box and began carefully examining it.

They examined and evaluated it, coming to a conclusion.

Shopkeeper Sui sweated cold bullets by the side.

This time, he had really made a big mistake. To have wasted the time of a genius like Lin Qingyi. Although Lin Qingyi had a gentle and generous personality and was not a person who would retaliate by doing anything , but no matter what, this was a mark on his record and would affect his future career with Hundred Herb Hall.

"If I see that mysterious hooded person again, I will definitely take care of him."

Shopkeeper Sui cursed in his heart.

The other side.

The evaluation of the three students finally ended.

The youngest student who was only around twenty or so years old casually lifted one of the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet]. With a laugh, he pinched it, saying, "This is really far too funny. To dare brag about such a low class pill saying that it could increase a person at the thirty Spirit spring cultivation stage by half a year without any side effects. What a divine pill that would be. What a conman, he must have been kicked in the head. To dare attempt to scam the Hundred Herb Hall…"

As he said this, the force that he held the pill was a little too strong.


A light sound emitted.

It was like the sound of something breaking.

A minute white-coloured line began appearing on the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet].

A strange and indescribable fragrance began wafting from within the pill.

Even though it was only a shred, but in an instant, it was as if divine qi was emanating throughout the room… …… ……

White Horse tower.

An entire eight hours had already passed by.

Time seemed to last as long as an entire era.

Liu Siufeng and the others already could nearly bear it no longer and wanted to break open the door and see what was happening. However, at this time, the door of the room finally opened.

Lu Zhaoge walked out from inside.

Ye Qingyu followed behind him.

"Big brother, how is it, your injury…" Liu Siufeng could not help but rush forward in concern immediately.

Normally, in front of other people, he would always refer to Lu Zhaoge as the Pass Lord and follow the military disciple strictly. He would not reveal that he and the others were sworn brothers, but today, concern clouded his heart. He already did not care about such restrictions.

"What do you think?"

Perhaps it was the fact that his mood was great, there was a warm smile on Lu Zhaoge's face.

Liu Siufeng instantly closely examined Lu Zhaoge.

He was incomparably delighted to discover the Lu Zhaoge's originally deathly pale complexion was now filled with vitality. His withered skin had become much more luscious and his figure once again stood straight. What was more important was that his blood qi had recovered and was powerfully surging like the crash of the ocean. Although it was not as deep and unfathomable as it was when he was at his peak, but it could definitely be described as filled with vigour.

It was especially so for the aura surrounding Lu Zhaoge. It was like long silk floss, continuous and endless, containing no trace at all of his previous situation. Evidently he had gotten, far, far better.

"This… great commander, you've… recovered?"

Peng Yizhen could not believe his eyes as he let out a shocked exhale.

Even his voice was trembling.

He was afraid that he would hear any bad news, or perhaps see Lu Zhaoge shaking his head.

Nearly everyone held their breaths.

Lu Zhaoge held significant meaning for the entire Youyan Pass— even the whole of Snow Empire. He could even be said to be the pillar that held the sky up. If anything were to happen to him, it would be enough to affect the fortunes and strength of the entire Empire. It was a disaster of which the costs could not be estimated… And the most important thing was, this man was their oath sworn brother.

There was a smile that appeared on Lu Zhaoge's face.

He nodded his head saying, "I am already largely okay. As long as I rest my body for a period of time, I can recover."

Before he had even finished.

An excited cheer that could not be stopped began to sound.

There were people who wanted to say something, but Lu Zhaoge lifted his hands for silence and for the surroundings to quieten down. Only then did he say with a smile, "Only the people here know of this matter. Don't spread the news of this out. I know the soldiers are very worried about my situation. I've kept out of the limelight these past days and remained silent, so the morale of the soldiers must have taken a large hit. But this is absolutely not the best time."

At this time on the fourth floor of the White Horse tower, there were also one person that was distinct from Liu Siufeng, Liu Yuqing, these six central characters. Only Ye Congyun did not belong to the central layer of power.

For the young military officer to remain here for so long, there was of course a reason.

Ever since eight hours ago, when he had walked out from the quiet room, Liu Siufeng was able to sense an exceedingly strange aura. Ye Congyun’s aura was extremely similar to Lu Zhaoge, if they closed their eyes and used their other senses, they would really have the mistaken impression that Ye Congyun was the clone of Lu Zhaoge.

Of course, Ye Congyun did not have the powerful cultivation of Lu Zhaoge.

Liu Siufeng and the others were extremely perceptive, they had already made some conclusions in their heart.

There were only a couple of people that knew Lu Zhaoge was recovering from his injuries. Keeping this whole affair a secret was naturally easy. Furthermore, no one else knew that they had arrived in White Horse tower.

This matter was easily kept a secret.

It was only that the Ye Qingyu who followed behind Lu Zhaoge had a comparatively poor complexion compared to Lu Zhaoge.

His face was utterly white, as if he had applied powder on himself. His aura was also much weaker and delicate, with unsteady footsteps, his vitality suffering. His skin had evidently dulled and his pupils were filled with blood, as if he had just experienced a great illness.

"This time, it's all thanks to Marquis Ye acting out. This has made you pay a great price. I owe you a favour."

Lu Zhaoge had a face filled with gratitude as he grasped his hands in thanks towards Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu shook his head. "Pass Lord, you have given far too great a credit. The health of your body concerns the safety of the entire Youyan Pass. For me to be able to do something is my fortune and expending a bit of inner yuan is not important. Anyone in the Pass would do the same as I have done. Furthermore, when I was treating your injuries, I also received great benefits. The conditions that you promised me, if we account for it carefully, it's me that was taking advantage of you… I had no choice so please forgive me…"

As he finished these words, Ye Qingyu clasped his hands, respectfully paying his respects.

As the others heard these words, they could not help but feel surprised.

Could it be that in the isolation room, apart from treating injuries, there were some other matter that had occurred?

Lu Zhaoge waved his hands. "These are all small matters. Qingyu, you are young and heroic, decisive, and have greatly aided Youyan Pass. You naturally have your own reasons for wanting that item, I will definitely be able to obtain it for you." "Thank you, Pass Lord." Ye Qingyu once again paid his thanks.

Lu Zhaoge smiled, his gaze turning, and landing on the body of Ye Congyun.

"This little brother, could it be that you are also someone belonging to White Horse tower?" He was somewhat surprised, asking.

"Reporting to the Pass Lord, I… I am one of the administration secretary under officer Zhang Qian in the Vanguard," Ye Congyun did not dare be tardy in his answer, lowering his head as he respectfully said.

"Oh? Ye Congyun, I've heard of your name before." Lu Zhaoge nodded his head.

He did no say that just for show. He had really seen Ye Congyun's name on several scrolls in the Military council pavilion.

This year, the [Youyan army] had given the name of fifty administration officers that could be promoted. On the list the Vanguard sent over for promotion, there was Ye Congyun's name within and he had received a fairly high evaluation.

It was only that this promotion would affect the future direction of the military council pavilion. Hence before instating the promotion, these candidates needed to be hiddenly observed for a period of time before they could be chosen. This had always undergone in the background. Everyone on the list would receive a certain extent of hidden protection.

This was the reason why Wen Wan, Liu Zongyuan, although those two were within the Vanguard, had to spend such a long time and searched for so long although they were also in the Vanguard, to seek out some hazy information regarding Ye Congyun.

Lu Zhaoge had placed great importance on the administration selection this time, and had browsed through several of the scrolls. He especially remembered Ye Congyun's evaluation: "Stable and strong personality, rarely seen in the military, kind and cautious nature." This was extremely suited to what he favoured, so he naturally paid more attention.

Even the commanders of the other camps like Liu Siufeng did not know about this matter.

What made Lu Zhaoge feel surprised was that he would encounter Ye Congyun in White Horse tower.

And from the surface, this young man seemed to have a close relationship with Ye Qingyu.

Otherwise, Ye Qingyu would not waste a drop of precious blood essence and incorporate it within Ye Congyun's body.

There was a trace of confusion floating in Lu Zhaoge's eyes as he looked towards Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu did not hesitate, recounting Ye Congyun's background as well as the relationship he had with him.

"So it was like so."

After Lu Zhaoge finished listening to this, he could not but sigh with sorrow.

The sentries that Ye Qingyu mentioned were also once warriors that had fought in Youyan Pass, they were soldiers that once followed him.

Perhaps it was because his injuries had nearly recovered, the mood of the [War God of Youyan Pass] was exceptionally well.

"Haha, since you are someone from White Horse tower, then everything is easily settled. " He turned to look at Liu Siufeng with a smile, "Siufeng, it seems to have to do with one of your cherished soldiers. This little kid is originally one of the members the military council pavilion is secretly evaluating and I'm also very satisfied with him. Let's do it like this, tomorrow let him report in the Pass Lord's residence.”

As these words were said, everyone was shocked.

Liu Siufeng was dumbfounded, then reacted with a laugh. "I know." Saying this, he patted Ye Congyun on the shoulder, saying, "Young man, you're luck has come."

Ye Congyun did not imagine such a situation would develop.

The Lu Zhaoge, who had an unprecedentedly great mood, was as if he had endless shocking statements he had to make. He turned his head towards Ye Qingyu, "Marquis Ye, I have a matter to discuss with you. I want to accept Ye Congyun as my disciple, I wonder if I have your approval?"

At this, everyone was once again dumbfounded.

The Pass Lord wanted to accept a disciple?

This can't be true?

They must have misheard?

One must know, Lu Zhaoge had never accepted a disciple ever before. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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