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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 248 - This is a fake pill

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Shopkeeper Sui could not help but be surprised.

The background between these two [Mysterious Heaven Pellets] was exceedingly mysterious. From the perspective of his basic pill arts, these were most likely fake. But that day, he did not know just what happened — perhaps he was affected by that mysterious person’s aura. It caused him to somehow partially believe him and send a message to the headquarters to come. After he had calmed down somewhat, he had already begun to regret this decision.

But the message he sent out could not be recalled. Shopkeeper Sui could only brace himself for what would follow.

He did not imagine that this matter would reach the ears of the genius Pill Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, Lin Qingyi.

This was the person with his eyes slanted upwards, the young man in green clothes with a scholarly atmosphere.

Other people did not know Lin Qingyi's background, but Shopkeeper Sui was very clear on just who he was.

This Lin Qingyi was the youngest true disciple of the number one Pill Master of the Imperial family. According to the rumours, he was deeply loved by his master. Although he was not too famous, but this was due to the fact that he had only recently emerged and had not yet gotten famous. Becoming well known, was only a matter of time for him.

Internally, within Hundred Herb Hall, Lin Qingyi had received an extremely high evaluation from all parties. He was faintly regarded as the person with the strongest pill cultivation within Hundred Herb Hall.

Shopkeeper Sui had thought headquarters would send someone here, but he had never imagined, that his message would cause someone like Lin Qingyi to appear.

That's why Shopkeeper Sui could not help but feel even greater fear in his heart.

Without saying much, he quickly received the four in one of the private rooms on the third floor.

"There are two [Mysterious Heaven Pellets] that person left here for sale. That person said one is to be used for testing, and another is to be sold. " Shopkeeper Sui took out the jade box especially made to preserve pills out. Today, he could only treat a dead horse like a live horse and attempt to heal it— make his best out of a bad situation. He carefully recounted everything that occurred that day in detail to Lin Qingyi.

Lin Qingyi quietly sat on the cotton padded chair.

HIs long and white fingers lightly stroked his own hands. An expectant light was flickering in his eyes.

“If it is really as according to the words of that person, then this [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] will really be far too frightening." Receiving the jade box with formations, Lin Qingyi deeply breathed in. He slowly opened the jade box.


The brows on Lin Qingyi's face tightened.

All the brightness in his eyes disappeared.

…… …… "En?"

On the quiet room of the fourth floor of White Horse tower.

After uncovering the hood from his head, there was a trace of surprise that appeared in the tired eyes of Lu Zhaoge.

There was a trace of confusion in the eyes that he regarded Ye Congyun and Ye Qingyu with.

And nearly at the same time, Ye Qingyu let out a low gasp of shock.

He had never imagined, in but a months’ time, Lu Zhaoge had transformed into such an appearance. Dehydrated like a branch, all the skin on his body was like wind dried tangerine pill. His figure teetered and tottered, without any of his original charm and charisma whatsoever.

Ye Qingyu instantly realized that the injuries Lu Zhaoge had sustained on the battle that day was even more serious than what he had originally estimated.

At this time, Liu Siufeng and the others quietly guarded the room outside.

There was only Lu Zhaoge, Ye Congyun and Ye Qingyu within the quiet room.

From the outside, there seemed to be no change to White Horse tower. But in reality, this was only so from an outsider’s perspective. With the situation Lu Zhaoge was in right now, Liu Siufeng and the others did not dare take any risks. Apart from the main commanders of the several battle camps, there were several hidden experts and guards that were hiding in secret all around.

"I was able to sense that the approximate location of the drop of blood essence was on the North west of the Pass Lord's residence. This namely is the location of White Horse tower. It's only that, I did not imagine, this drop of blood essence would be in the hands of Marquis Ye.”

Lu Zhaoge let out a smile, very quickly recovering his composure.

His stance was calm and gentle, peacefulness within his eyes. Even though he was not at his peak condition, but there was still a power that caused one to feel pressure. This had nothing to do with cultivation, but it was just a spiritual presence he gained from making so many decisions in such a high position.

Ye Qingyu was not too shocked.

Because he had already guessed that this drop of blood belonged to the [War God of Youyan Pass].

Lu Zhaoge words proved his suspicions true.

In truth, after seeing the appearance and state of Lu Zhaoge, Ye Qingyu had already understood instantly after a faint shock, the reason as to why he came here. The only thing that Ye Qingyu did not understand was that since Lu Zhaoge could approximately sense the location of his drop of blood essence, why he had waited till now to seek him out.

But, since matters had progressed to here, there was nothing to hide anymore.

Ye Qingyu ordered his thoughts, and retold everything from start to finish without leaving anything out.

After Lu Zhaoge finished hearing Ye Qingyu's side of the story, he nodded his head, without any expression of surprise or shock. With a smile, "So it was like so. Who would have thought an injury that I had no way of solving, Marquis Ye would have a way of curing it. The Heavens really have left me with a path of live. If it is convenient, could I ask that Marquis Ye extend his aid and heal my injury?"

The [War God of Youyan Pass’] attitude was extremely accepting and did not have the slightest of hesitation or indecision.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. "To be able to treat the injuries of Commander Lu is my honour. But I do not have a hundred percent confidence of succeeding so I can only attempt it. The strange power of this drop of blood that I managed to refine is, after all, only a tiny portion. Compared to the power within your body, there is too great a difference…"

Ye Qingyu did not have blind confidence.

Lu Zhaoge smiled and said openly, "Just rest assured and try your best. I will bear all the consequences."

Ye Qingyu let out a breath of relief.


The people waiting for Liu Siufeng had anxiousness written all over their faces.

These commanders were figures who had walked out from an ocean of blood and mountains of corpses. Their martial heart and wisdom could be said to be perfect and had experienced uncountable life or death situations. Even if the sky collapsed, they would not lose their composure and would not display their emotions externally like so.

But after all, the situation today was far too special.

Everyone understood clearly in their hearts.

Whether Lu Zhaoge could withstand this trial all depended on the two people within the quiet room.

In truth, when Lu Zhaoge finally confirmed that the direction of his blood essence was at White Horse tower, everyone was utterly stunned.

At the beginning, they all believed that there was a peerless expert hiding within White Horse tower.

But after the door of the quiet meditation room was opened, the only people inside was unexpectedly Ye Congyun and Ye Qingyu.

Their imagined peerless hidden expert did not exist. Although Ye Qingyu himself was a significant prodigy, but he was not a character that Liu Siufeng and the others believed could refine the blood essence of Lu Zhaoge. He was not a peerless master whose presence Lu Zhaoge could not even sense.

As for Ye Congyun, Liu Siufeng had seen him previously and knew his identity well. They could tell with one glance just how strong he was. A martial artist not even at the Spirit springs stage, it was even more impossible for him to be any peerless expert.

Right now the door to the meditation room was completely sealed shut.

Liu Siufeng and the others did not know what was being conversed about inside.

They only knew that if the situation did not progress as they were hoping, then their sworn brother, the deity in their hearts, really had a possibility of perishing. For the [Youyan army], this was tantamount to an apocalyptic disaster.

At this time—

The room to the quiet room opened.

Everyone’s heart jumped to their throat.

But the person who walked out was Ye Congyun.

The young military officer who had just been reborn walked out with a normal composure under the scrutiny of everyone. Lightly closing the door behind him, he turned around to regard the crowd. Opening his mouth, "Marquis Ye is currently treating the Pass Lord's injuries. It's unknown how long this will take. The Pass Lord told me to tell everyone not to be agitated and impatient." "Just what is happening inside?" "Is it really Ye Qingyu? Can he really cure…"

Everyone could not help but ask.

Ye Congyun respectfully paid his respects. Under the expectant gaze of everyone, he truthfully replied, "Pass Lord Lu did not allow me to say too much. Officers, please wait patiently." …… …… "This is the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] you talked about?"

Lin Qingyi looked at the jade green pills in the jade formation box the size of a Longan, his expression filled with doubt and suspicion.

According to the [Pill Mantra]: Pills, contained the essence of the herbs, the essences of Heaven and Earth. The accumulation of yuan qi has an elegant fragrance… Every pill and their classification can be determined by their fragrance, appearance and size.

In other words, fragrance was one of the major factors that played into determining the classification of a pill.

Lin Qingyi had followed his master for a long time and saw a significant amount of different types and classification of pills with all sorts of fragrances. He had even seen the legendary Spirit pills several time before, and could be said to have an excellent ability in evaluating the effectiveness and classification of a pill.

But the two jade-like pills the size of Longans in front of him, did not emit any medicinal fragrance when he opened the box. It was like two dead jade stones; this was the first time he saw such a thing.

Reaching out with his hand and touching a [Mysterious Heaven Pellet], it was cold to the touch.

"Not right not right…" Lin Qingyi shook his head. "All pills, no matter what, because it is refined and created by fire, has the attribute of fire. It should be warm like jade to the touch, but this pill is cold like ice… this… does not look like any pill, but some object of Yin?"

As these words were said, the highly tense Shopkeeper Sui's heart instantly turned into ice and sunk down into his chest.

The expectant expressions of the other three who followed behind Lin Qingyi also completely disappeared.

Lin Qingyi placed the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] back into the formation jade box, shaking his head, all his mood disappeared. Sitting back to his chair, he gave a glance to Shopkeeper Sui, shaking his head, "From now on, you must confirm it before you send any message."

He already did not want to evaluate on this matter any further.

He had utter confidence in his ability to judge pills.

From the expectation and shock that he had when he received the message, it had all transformed into utter disappointment.

That’s right, how could there be such a monstrous and unnatural pill in this world.

Even his own master, with his pill arts, would not be able to create such a perfect pill.

Therefore Lin Qingyi could be completely sure that this so called [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] was a fake pill.

A so called fake pill was a substance that people used to create with special methods that seemed like pills. It could be used to imitate the real thing. There were some morally bankrupt Pill Masters who would do such things and use their items to con others and establish their fame and profit from these fake pills.

Therefore, he could be sure that the person who created the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] was a third class conman.

Because not only had he lied about the monstrous properties of the pill, the method he had used to create this pill was also so low class. To think that, as the number one genius of Hundred Herb Hall, he really would rush here from hundreds of miles away… Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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