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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 244 - Pass Lord is looking for you

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Ye Qingyu never imagined he would encounter Song Xiaojun here.

He was about to go over and say hello, when Song Xiaojun perceivably nodded her head. Without halting at all, she brushed past the shoulder of Ye Qingyu, as if she did not recognize him at all.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback, then faintly realized.

He did not follow behind her but instead continued on towards the direction of the White Horse tower.

But after walking several steps, Ye Qingyu suddenly realized something. HIs footsteps stopped.

"Wait, the direction of the Pass Lord's residence… Xiaojun's expression just now was somewhat strange, could it be… that there is someone observing her in secret?"”   As this thought was realized, Ye Qingyu's heart was madly shaken.

His head abruptly turned, looking backwards.

But Song Xiaojun's figure had already disappeared from the streets.

Ye Qingyu unhesitatingly chased after.

As the saying goes, a concerned heart is chaotic. The more he thought about Song Xiaojun's expression, the more he believed something was not right.

Although Song Xiaojun had an extremely icy personality after assimilating with the bloodline of darkness, Ye Qingyu still somehow mysteriously felt a shred of connection between him and her. That indiscernible expression of Song Xiaojun when she nodded her head[1] …


Xiaojun was in danger.

As he thought of this, Ye Qingyu complexion greatly changed.

At this time, he did not care about shocking the common populace anymore. His body transformed into a stream of light that flew towards the Pass Lord's residence; silver strands flowing in his eyes with a faint light being released, scanning the areas down below…

On the streets everywhere, there were a decent number of people. But he did not see a hint of the scarlet red dress.

Ye Qingyu's mood became increasingly anxious. HIs figure descended next to the two tallest structures, looking down everywhere. He was like a comet that constantly flickered. After every flicker, he would change to a different place, staring down from a vantage point…

"Who is it?"

There were sounds of from the patrols down below, shouting at him.

Within Youyan Pass, it was forbidden for people to fly in the sky. Especially recently in such chaotic times, everything became much stricter. Apart from the curfew in the night, the restrictions during the day was also extremely strict. After Ye Qingyu had activated his yuan power, the patrols noticed not long after…

Ye Qingyu's anxiousness was like flames, just how could he listen to such restrictions?

He did not even spare a glance for the patrolling soldiers. He once again soared in the skies, arising hundreds of meters above the ground, and stared all around, desperately trying to determine the whereabouts of Song Xiaojun.

One must know that the little girl was one of the original perpetrators who attacked Lu Zhaoge. There were posters to arrest her everywhere within Youyan Pass; the entire Empire was trying to capture her. Normally even when she was carefully hiding, she was in significant danger. Right now, if she really were discovered, she would truly be in danger…

"Impudent, you still haven’t descended. What sect are you from that you dare to be so arrogant?" The captain of the patrol was a Spirit spring expert. Seeing with his own eyes this figure flying in the air without any regards to the rules and flitting to and through the architecture as if observing something, he had long placed this figure into the same group as spies.

The patrolling soldiers rose to the air, wanting to drag this impudent fellow down.

"Back down!"

Ye Qingyu let out a clear loud bellow; the golden light of his military seal exploding. There was a vast pattern that appeared in the air, illuminating several streets. Five kinds of radiance and ten kinds of colour. It was especially pretty to look at.

"It's… Marquis Ye!"

"Patrolling sword envoy!"

The patrolling solders were all greatly shocked. Each soldier was extremely familiar with the military seals from all the different levels and classes of officers. One look was enough for them to determine whom it was. Those soldiers that had risen to block Ye Qingyu's path all fell back to the ground.

"We didn't know it was Marquis Ye, we apologize."

The captain of the patrol quickly made his apologies.

The other soldiers lifted their heads to look up at the heavens, expressions of admiration and respect shown in their eyes.

As soldiers responsible for maintaining order in the Pass, they were nearly driven mad by these Jianghu people. They hated the fact that they could not capture and arrest all these people. But because of the military order, they could not act rashly. After Ye Qingyu appeared and took care of several crazy Jianghu people, a threatening effect appeared. Many people of the Jianghu became much more honest, and their job became more relaxed.

Therefore, these soldiers in charge of law and order were even more grateful than common soldiers to Ye Qingyu.

These patrolling soldiers neatly gave off an military salute towards the air.

Ye Qingyu, at this moment, could not s[2] tay long to exchange words. Returning a salute, his figure was like wind and lightning, as he continued heading the surroundings to search.


Half an hour later.

Ye Qingyu had a panicked and anxious expression as he stood at the main entrance of the Pass Lord's residence.

He could not find her.

He had searched nearly all the streets and alleyways within a ten mile radius, but he could still not find the whereabouts of Song Xiaojun. With his current power, if he extended his consciousness and activated his yuan power to the extreme, it was not a difficult matter for him to find someone…

But the dainty figure of Song Xiaojun was like a bubble that had just burst, disappearing entirely, not leaving any clues to her whereabouts at all.

From the moment when Song Xiaojun brushed past his shoulder to the moment when Ye Qingyu realized, only three or four breaths had passed before he started searching.

Just what had happened in this period of time?

Ye Qingyu became more and more panicked.

"Xiaojun's power cannot be compared in the past. In Youyan Pass, apart from Lu Zhaoge, there should not be anyone able to threaten her at all. Perhaps I am just being overly anxious… if she encountered danger, with the power of the Unmoving City of Darkness, if she wants to escape, there should be no one who would be able to make her stay…"

Ye Qingyu deeply breathed, forcing himself to calm down and carefully analyze.

At this moment—

The main entrance to the Pass Lord's residence suddenly opened. A familiar figure suddenly came out and saw the Ye Qingyu at the door. His eyes suddenly brightened, hopping over and said laughingly, "Hey, what are you doing here?"



A thousand meters away from the Pass Lord's residence.

In the normal small courtyard.

The owner of this courtyard was a normal family of four. At this moment they had already fainted, silently laying in the house. The dishes on the table were still emitting faint wafts of fragrances…

Song Xiaojun stood next to the well in the courtyard. A shred of blood was at the corner of her lips, like a burning flame[3] .

Ten meters in front of her.

Three corpses laid in a blood pool.

They were three people wearing black robes; the weapons in their hands like mourning rods. It was unknown what material was used to construct their weapons. They were pitch-black, like coal and emitted piercing sinisterness. A faint discernable nether mist was encircling above the three corpses, and one could faintly hear the tragic howls of the last moments of a ghost before dying…

Song Xiaojun's body quivered, shaking, as if she could not stand up straight.

"Sister, how are you?"

A panicked voice came over. The air quivered a bit, and Xian'er with braided hair rushed over, supporting Song Xiaojun.

"I came over as quickly as possible after receiving your message. Sister, are you okay, you're bleeding… You've scared me…" There were faint signs of sobbing in Xian'er's voice.

"I'm fine.”

Song Xiaojun shook her head, patting Xian'er head. "I did not think they would come so quickly…

"Those old fellows really have gone mad. To dare assassinate you…" Xian'er looked at the three corpses on the ground, smoke coming out from her nostrils; her teeth grinding audibly together. She nearly crushed her pure white teeth into powder.

"This was a thing that would occur sooner or later." Song Xiaojun's remained extremely calm as always. She let out a cold smile: "I just did not imagine that they would be able to find our whereabouts in such a short time. It seems like there is going to be more trouble in the future…"

Xian'er was taken aback, then instantly understood her meaning. "Sister, you mean…

"Those old fellows specialize in plots and trickery. If they are able to borrow someone's else's knife to kill someone, this is their most ideal method. Perhaps in the near future, the [Youyan army] will discover my whereabouts. Ah, that's right, there are also those people of the sects who think of themselves as heroes…" Song Xiaojun rubbed away the traces of blood at her lips, deeply breathing in.

"Those old poisonous vipers." Xian'er stamped her foot in anger, then looked worriedly towards Song Xiaojun. "Sister, why don't we first depart from Youyan Pass, your injuries…"

Song Xiaojun shook her head decisively. "We can't leave. I injured Lu Zhaoge for that item. If I can't obtain that item, I cannot… No matter what, I must take it away with me. If we leave now, all our efforts will have gone to waste…"

"But sister…" Xian'er still had things to say.

Song Xiaojun shook her head, indicating that she would speak no longer. Her gaze was incomparably determined, not shaken in the least.

Xian'er saw this expression and knew there was no chance at all she would be able to persuade Song Xiaojun.

The little girl sighed in her heart, tightly clenching her short little dagger. She was already planning in her heart that no matter what the price she had to pay, she must not let her sister get injured.

"Take care of them. I set up a Flowing Light Illusion Formation here just now. The owner of this courtyard has fainted and did not see everything, so don't harm their lives…" Song Xiaojun said.

Xian'er opened her mouth, a black arrow made of flames burned the three black corpses, torching them to a crisp until not even a trace of them remained.

"That's right, on the way, I encountered him…" Song Xiaojun flipped her palm, and then the six or seven flames gathered, forming a globe in the center of her palm that disappeared.

In the surrounding air, there were some fluctuations that then settled.

"He… who?" Xian'er was surprised, then instantly realized who Song Xiaojun meant. With a giggle, "You mean that Marquis? Haha, sister you are indeed still thinking about him… But that person is cruel and nasty, he's definitely a hard-hearted character. If he discovers Sister's identity, most likely…"

Song Xiaojun did not say anything.

But in the depths of her pupils, a faint colour flashed by and disappeared.


"I was about to go out and find you. To think you would come to my doorstep. Haha, that saves me from doing anything." Xing'er looked laughing at Ye Qingyu. "Quickly follow me in…"

"Enter? What for? You were looking for me…" Ye Qingyu's heart was extremely disordered, not focused. HIs mouth made a reply, but his heart was still concerned about Song Xiaojun.”

"En? What happened to you… you seem like you've lost your soul. Hehe, it’s Pass Lord Lu who was looking for you. It should be something good." Xing'er reached over with his hand to drag Ye Qingyu over.

Ye Qingyu was grabbed by his palm but only felt his palm was somewhat cold, and the hand that was grabbing him was incomparably soft and smooth. He thought something was strange, but at this time, he could not spare too much thought…   Suddenly, he was able to sense something.

A mad gladness flickered past his eyes.

"Hm? Xing'er, what are you doing? I have some matters to attend to, I'll leave first…" Ye Qingyu seemed to recover from his dazed state, suddenly realized the person in front of him. Without even finishing his sentence, he transformed into a ray of light that disappeared…


Xing'er did not know whether to laugh or cry, standing where he was. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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