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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 240 - Airship

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"It's the people from the Right camp," Ye Congyun said in a small voice.

Although his martial cultivation was average, he was well aware of the structure of the entire [Youyan army]. Seeing the black banners fluttering in the night wind, he instantly recognized the identity of the people coming from the sky and the night. They were namely one of the four main battle camps of the [Youyan army]: the Right camp.

People from the Right camp?

Why was it that the people from the Vanguard had not yet arrived, but the people from the Right camp had?

Ye Qingyu was slightly taken aback.

"This is the area that the Right camp is in charge off. They should have sensed the turmoil at this location, and therefore arrived so quickly," Ye Congyun quickly thought of an explanation. "If it is one of the main battle camps of the [Youyan army], it is normal for them to have such a quick reaction."

That's right, so the Right camp was responsible for this area.

Ye Qingyu suddenly understood.

In terms of understanding the structure of the [Youyan army], his knowledge was far beneath Ye Congyun.

After coming for such a long period of time in Youyan Pass, Ye Qingyu had very little interaction with the other main battle camps in the [Youyan army]. He had only had contact with the Vanguard when he undertook the mission to infiltrate deep within the Explosive Snow Glacier. He possessed very little information regarding which camps were responsible for which areas.

The private power of the patrolling sword envoy was especially high, so traditionally they were not friendly to any of the leaders of the camps to prevent them from participating in the politics of the camp. This would prevent them from favouring anyone and would allow them to remain independent, and avoid being accused of being unfair. Historically, the previous patrolling sword envoys had always been aware of this point, but Ye Qingyu did not care in the least. But he really was far too busy; apart from training, he was fighting, so his understanding of the camps was really basic.

His original plan was that after he entered into the Vanguard, he would follow beside Liu Zongyuan and Wen Wan so he would quickly get familiarized with everything. Who would have thought that ever since Yan Buhui had attacked Youyan Pass, the situation would greatly change, turning chaotic. The Commander of the Vanguard Liu Siufeng was entangled in many affairs, and Ye Qingyu was also the same where he was involved in all sorts of matters.

Therefore, the issue of him entering the Vanguard was temporarily placed on halt.

After hearing Ye Congyun saying this, Ye Qingyu nodded his head. In his heart, he was thinking he really should understand the [Youyan army] a little better.

As they spoke, the tens of airships already arrived in the airspace above the training camp.

On the ground, several hundreds of cavalry gradually neared, their spears forming a forest. The dragon horse mounts they were riding on were completely covered with armour, their nostrils snorting out white mist. They were like a wall of black steel that gradually advanced towards the outside of the recruit training camp. A smell of steel and blood crushingly moved forward like a mountain, giving off a feeling that even the air had solidified.

This was the aura that true soldiers should have.

Even if they were silent and still outside the training camp, the sensation they gave off indicated that as long as an order was given, they would instantly turn into a black steel torrent that would crush all enemies in their path without mercy. The aura that they gave off was enough to make one suffocate. Even Ye Qingyu, a martial expert, when facing this black cavalry battalion, felt a tremor in his heart.

"Who is in front? Reveal your seal!"

A cold shout emitted from the cavalry, the sound reverberating.

As these words were said, there were three metallic clangs of spears striking the breastplate of their armour. The long spears in the hands of the cavalry glimmered with a cold light, piercing towards the air three times, then with a swish, the spears pointed in front of them. They were like a sawtooth long blade that was hundreds of meters long releasing a sound that demonstrated their desire to battle, an incomparably ferocious aura shooting to the heavens.

In the sky.

There were clear energy fluctuations emitting from the tens of airships. One could see the formation energy activating in the night's sky, and the energy cannons on the airships emitting a blinding light, as if they were tiny little suns. This was the sign that they were about to fire.

The entire Right camp was as if it was facing a great enemy.

Ye Qingyu flicked his palm, the seal for his Marquis position appearing in his hands. After inserting a slight yuan qi, a projection shot out from this official seal, towards the night sky. This namely was the emblem for a titled nobility within Snow Empire, and also the banner for the [Youyan army], as well as the words: 'Fourth class heroic Marquis Ye Qingyu'. The aura it emitted was vast and deep, as if it was the work of a deity.

This was how the authority and identity was demonstrated within the Empire.

The official seal of a noble Marquis was the creation of the formation metal masters of the Empire. Other people had no way of replicating it at all.

Once the seal was shown, the air all around was brightened. There was a vast and noble aura that emitted anywhere.

"So it was Marquis Ye." On the formation airships, a clear chuckle sounded out.

Afterwards, there was a military order transmitted through the beat of the drums, and one could see the energy disperse from the huge cannons on the formation airships. The cavalry on the ground, also lifted their spears to point at the skies instead, their killing intent retreating and the tense atmosphere gradually relaxing.


Figures flickered.

There were several people that appeared four or five meters away from Ye Qingyu.

The person in the lead wore a black steel armour inlaid with golden lines. He was tall, and should be the person with the highest military power here. He looked to be around thirty years of age, in his prime. He gave a military salute to Ye Qingyu, then said with a smile, "I am the four star military warfare officer Gao Yun. Because there were some disturbances, we quickly rushed here. We did not know that it was Marquis Ye here on business, so please forgive us if we have interrupted any of your plans."

Four star military warfare officer?

This was a military officer with true power.

In the four major camps of the [Youyan army], there were several thousand military warfare officers. Every one of them had the power to command troops, but the statuses of the military warfare officers were also classified in ranks. Like Gao Yun, he only needed one more star to reach the highest rank, five star military warfare officer. This can be counted as someone of the true strength faction. According to Ye Qingyu's knowledge, only Liu Zongyuan was of the five star rank in the vanguard. With mad tiger Wen's time of service, he was only three stars.

"Officer Gao, you are too polite. This originally was the area the Right camp is in charge of, I should have notified you before doing anything." Ye Qingyu smiled.

"It is you Marquis that is far too polite. As the patrolling sword envoy, you have the power to first kill than report. You are supposed to have unrestricted access everywhere in Youyan Pass; the Right Camp does not have the power to interfere with you…" The attitude of Gao Yun was extremely respectful. "Could I inquire to the reason why you have come to the abandoned new recruit training camp?" "So this place has been abandoned already?" Ye Qingyu enquired thoughtfully.

"That's right. This camp was constructed three years ago, but because of some reasons, it was already abandoned a year ago. Because it had nothing to do with confidential military affairs, it had not been sealed off. There are several old veterans that are placed here to keep guard." As Gao Yun spoke, he suddenly thought of something. "Oh, that’s right, I've heard that some days ago, there were people from the military supply department that came and said that they were going to take over control of the camp. Because it was in the area the Right camp was responsible for, so they had to report it. But it's not any important matter, after all it is only an abandoned recruit training camp…"

So it really was the military supply department.

Ye Qingyu grinned, "As to what happened, I think that after Officer Gao sees it, he will know.

Saying this, Ye Qingyu handed in the scrolls and documents discovered in the prison deep within the mountain to Gao Yun.

Gao Yun hesitated for a bit, then received it and began closely inspecting it. After finishing the first document, the colour of his face greatly changed, then lifted his head to look at Ye Qingyu. Seeing his serious expression that did not seem like he was joking, he read another three documents, his expression turning incomparably serious. He did not dare to read on, handing back the scrolls, "Marquis, these documents are not something I can understand."

Ye Qingyu smiled, not saying anything, stowing away the documents.

There was a brief struggle on the face of Gao Yun, then he suddenly lifted his head. "I am already familiar with the matters here tonight. If you need someone to testify in the future, then I am willing to listen to your orders."

This made Ye Qingyu somewhat surprised.

Just how far reaching the impact of the documents had, it was impossible for Gao Yun to not understand

He seriously evaluated Gao Yun. This sturdy military officer had the serious and hard aura long practiced in every soldier in the [Youyan army], his posture as straight as a spear. This was the aura and spine that Lu Zhaoge had painstakingly instilled in every soldier in the Youyan army.

Ye Qingyu patted Gao Yun on the shoulder: "There are many heroes in the [Youyan army], hot blood is burning in the chest of everyone. Thank you, Officer Gao." "These days, Marquis has done many things that us soldiers wished to do but don't dare. I and many of my comrades hope that Marquis can completely sweep the dark side of Youyan Pass away, returning the sunlight to the Youyan army." Gao Yun stared in admiration at Ye Qingyu.

Behind him, the other officers of the Right camp also had respect on their faces.

In these days, most parties criticized Ye Qingyu's actions. But the large majority of the [Youyan army] realized the reason as to why Ye Qingyu did this, and what sort of price he had to pay for it.

In this previous period of time, there were many people that had some sort of negative emotions towards the young officer who had not even arrived in Youyan Pass for a year, but yet was already ascending to the heavens step by step and did not fully recognize him. But after this recent period of time, Ye Qingyu had already won the large majority of the hearts of the Youyan soldiers.

Following after, Gao Yun did not bring anyone inside the camp or prisons to inspect.

He retreated to outside of the training camp, ordering the airships and cavalry to stand guard.

Because as time went on, there began to be all sorts of characters that rushed here. There were people from the army, there were people from the sects. They had sensed the battle fluctuations between Ye Qingyu and White Browed Yu and the others so had hastened here to check things out. Ever since the battle where Yan Buhui had ambushed Youyan Pass, the turbulence in the city had never stopped. But ever since that incident, there had never been such strong fluctuations of energy emitting from a battle, and there has never been experts of such a level acting…

Any person would faintly realize that trouble was arising.

Gao Yun carried out the military orders without mercy. Apart from Ye Qingyu's explicit instructions, no one could set foot within the new recruit training camp. This was the area under the Right camp's jurisdiction, so naturally his words were the law. In less than fifteen minutes, there were already several hundred people spectating…

There were some people that came purely to see what was going on.

There were some people that were in such a panic they were like ants on a hot wok.

At this time, there were more airships that broke through the skies towards them. The banner they flew was namely the banner of the Vanguard. The scarlet red banner was like a flame burning within the air. The leading formation airship was several hundred meters long, twenty or so meters wide, and was completely scarlet, emitting a red light. It was as if it was an ancient, vast primordial beast covered in blood that broke through space to come. From far away, it gave off a huge pressure.

"It's the banner of the Vanguard!" "It the main battleship of [The Butcher of Youyan], Liu Siufeng!"

Everyone let out cries of shock.

There was even a trace of surprise on Ye Qingyu’s face. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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