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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 228 - Impossible

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When Ye Qingyu walked out with a fatigued face from the quiet room, the silly dog Little Nine had still not yet returned.

"He really is an unreliable fellow…"

Ye Qingyu shook his head.

He was not worried about the safety of that silly dog, but he was worried that he would be distracted by other things when he was performing his task and gone off to play. After all, for a pure glutton, causing chaos was normal for him. If everything went smoothly, that would be abnormal. If he tarried for a few days, then perhaps it would disrupt his plans.


Mother Wu had already prepared the morning meal.

Ye Qingyu went to the rear courtyard and after inspecting the progress of Bai Yuanxing, Jin Ling'er, Li Qi and Li Ying, they ate breakfast together.

In these days, everyone had gotten used to Marquis Ye's way of acting without any pretense or sense of superiority. The conversation while they were eating had a relaxed and at ease atmosphere. Ye Qingyu would occasionally make some jokes, as well as giving some advice to the cultivation problems of the four people.

These four did not have much martial foundations at all.

What Ye Qingyu taught them was the basic methods to train one’s body learnt in White Deer Academy. These were roughly the most traditional ways to train your martial foundation such as the [Serpentine stance, [Bear stance], [Tiger Bone stance].

Before truly entering the Spirit spring stage, Ye Qingyu decided not to teach them the battle techniques within the ancient Bronze book, [Fiendgod Titled Chart].

For a novice martial artist, it was most important for them to walk an orthodox cultivation path. These basic martial cultivation techniques had already undergone countless changes and alterations by a myriad of previous martial artists. This was a path that although was not ornate and complex, but was truly great. With Ye Qingyu's understanding of the martial way, this was the best choice to make for a novice to create their foundation.

Until today, Ye Qingyu had not yet decided whether to allow Jin Ling'er to cultivate in the [Flowing Shadow Kill].

After several days of cultivation, the talent of the four also became evident.

Jin Ling'er's talent was the greatest, with Li Ying and Li Qi following behind. And as for Bai Yuanxing who was the oldest, his martial talent was unquestionably the worst.

Evidently, Bai Yuanxing had also noticed this point, but he did not exhibit too great a disappointment. He still trained extremely hard along with the three. From a very early period of time, he already knew very clearly, just what was his martial talent like.

Ye Qingyu admired Bai Yuanxing's personality and heart very much.

And as for the closeness of their relationships, Ye Qingyu had the greatest admiration and feelings for Bai Yuanxing who he knew the longest.

In his heart, he was wondering just how could he give aid to Bai Yuanxing.

After they had finished the morning meal, Bai Yuanxing and the others returned to train in the rear courtyard.

Ye Qingyu put on a change of casual dress, and after pondering with himself for a bit, headed towards the direction of the Hundred Herb Hall.

There was a very important matter that he had to do in Hundred Herb Hall.

Compared to several days ago, there were much less people [1] on the streets of Youyan Pass. There was a bleakness emanating in the air. The arrival of the spring did not seem to bring much warmth like previous years to the city located within the ice and snow. Apart from two large stores that were still running on the two sides of the streets, the majority of little stores had already closed. As for the little stands on the two sides of the streets, they had long disappeared.

Ye Qingyu wore a hooded garment, when the hood fell down, it was enough to cover his face.

His appearance, made him seem somewhat strange as he walked on the streets.

There were several warriors on patrol that wanted to obstruct and interrogate him, but as they neared they would only feel a blur in the eyes, then they would lose track of Ye Qingyu. It was as if who they saw was just a shadow, making them nonplussed but helpless. They could only report this on and become more alert.

Fifteen minutes later.

Ye Qingyu appeared within the great hall of the Hundred Herb Hall.

Even though his appearance was somewhat strange, but the servers of the store still ran up to greet him passionately.

Compared to several days ago, it seemed that the business of the Hundred Herb Hall had already been impacted. There were not many people in the great hall, and the majority of the customers were either soldiers or sinister Jianghu people. they were largely buying medicine and ointments for external wounds. As for those medicines used to treat the common illness, it was not all that popular anymore.

"Honoured customer, what do you want to buy?" the server enthusiastically asked.


This server that received him just now was the same person who had received Ye Qingyu previously.

"Tell your Shopkeeper Sui to come over." There was a sound like metal grating against each other that sounded out from the white-coloured garments, causing one to shiver.

Ye Qingyu had changed his own voice.

The server was dumbfounded, goosebumps forming. He quickly ran to find the manager.

In a short period of time, Shopkeeper Sui was led here by the server.

Shopkeeper Sui evaluated Ye Qingyu hiddenly from far away.

It was unknown just how many customers he had seen that had come from the south. He thought that his ability to discern someone’s background was exceptional. Normally he only needed to give someone a glance, and could evaluate as to just what their background the customer was. He had met many people like Ye Qingyu who had hidden their true appearance before.

Therefore, when Shopkeeper Sui saw the white-clothed figure, his heart shivered.

For people to dress like that, either they were here to scam him, or there really was a great transaction to be made.

"Honoured customer, I wonder why you have come here to the Hundred Herb Hall for…" Shopkeeper Sui smiled probingly.

Under the hood, there was a slight smile on Ye Qingyu's face. There was still the strange and grating noise that sounded from his throat, "Selling pills." "Selling pills?" Shopkeeper Sui was surprised, and instantly understood as he could not help but feel shocked. "I understand. Please follow me." Saying this, he extended his hand in an inviting gesture, heading towards the second floor.

No matter what, once it concerned purchasing pills, this was an exceedingly important matter for this Herb hall.

Normal Herbal stores did not even have requirements to sell pills. As for the Hundred Herb Hall, they would sell pills to the outside, and they would also have Pill Masters, but this was in very limited quantities. Only those rich and wealthy clients could obtain pills from the Hundred Herb Hall. Normal people could not even do this even if they had money.

Apart from this, there would also occasionally be some mysterious Pill Masters who would leave some pills to be sold on consignment.

For Hundred Herb Hall, this was unquestionably an extremely precious opportunity. Not only could they receive a great sum from allowing the pill to be sold through the channel of the Hundred Herb Hall, more importantly they could perhaps create a long term working relationship with a pill master if they served him well.

The resources of Pill Masters was what the Hundred Herb Hall truly regarded as important.

If they were able to acquire enough Pill Masters, even the Empire itself would treat the Hundred Herb Hall differently.

Therefore, Shopkeeper Sui lead Ye Qingyu to the second floor to the first instant.

Even when Ye Qingyu came with his identity as a Marquis, he was only at the VIP area on the first floor. he did not go to the second floor.

There were around twenty or so steps to the red mahogany wood and they went through a door with a black hanging curtain. A bitter bamboo corridor appeared in front of them, and there were two different little elegant rooms on the two sides of them. Both had powerful restrictions that caused one to be unable to see the inside of the rooms clearly. The entire second floor seemed more tranquil and classical then the first floor. After heading another twenty steps upward or so, they went through another black curtained doorway. There was a faint scent of bitter bamboo that arose everywhere, causing one to feel refreshed.

Shopkeeper Sui brought Ye Qingyu to the third room on the left.

Very rapidly, there was a beautiful young female servant who brought refreshments in.

After the female servant had left, Shopkeeper Sui asked probingly, "Could it be that honoured customer is a Pill Master?" "This is not important." Ye Qingyu's voice was extremely raspy, completely changing from his original voice. After slight thought, he said, "I am also not a Pill Master, I have only been tasked by someone to sell a pill on consignment here."

Ye Qingyu knew very clearly the rules of selling pills through the channels of large herbal stores, so he was very direct.

"Oh, I've asked too much, my apologies. Could I enquire as to what type of Pill you want to leave here to sell?" As Shopkeeper Sui heard the opposing party was not a Pil master he was slightly disappointed, but he did not demonstrate this at all. He still asked this question very enthusiastically.

"[Mysterious Heaven Pellet]." Ye Qingyu’s voice intentionally became curt.

"[Mysterious Heaven Pellet]?" As Shopkeeper Sui heard this, he was slightly confused.

There was instantly countless information about pills that flitted through his mind. But no matter how he used his brain, he seemed to not have heard a pill called the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] before in his life. One must know that he had managed this division of the Hundred Herb Hall for over twenty years, he had a rich and wealthy experience. Adding to this, he was extremely interested in pills normally. There were very little pills that he had not heard the name of before.

"Forgive me for my ignorance, but I have never heard of this kind of pill before. " Shopkeeper Sui was not moved, and said with a smile, "Could it be that this is a new pill?"

The path of refining a pill was a very long process that started from nothing to something, and from something to a complicated affair.

There were often Pill Masters that had flashes of insight that created some new and original pills. There were some that were proven to be rare and valued treasures, while some were proven to be useless, and some were even more terrifying than poison… Therefore, when faced with the news of a new pill, people did not have too believing an attitude.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

Shopkeeper Sui frowned, sensing that his mysterious client seemed to not like to speak.

"Could I ask what are the effects and uses of this [Mysterious Heaven Pellet]?" Shopkeeper Sui patiently asked on.

"Increase in one's yuan qi cultivation," Ye Qingyu said word by word.

It was this type of effect?

Shopkeeper Sui was slightly surprised.

This was a very practical and valued effect, and was one of the main types of pills created.

The commonly seen pills used to increase one’s cultivation today, such as the [Increase Pill], [Promotion Pill], [Seizing Heaven Pill], [Fortune Pill], etc. were all extremely sought after pills. One pill was extremely valuable, and only famous Pill Masters or large sects could obtain such treasures.

But for these pills, although they could rapidly increase one's inner yuan cultivation, but it also brought with them some after effects and implications.

But even if so, the cost and creation process were extremely strict. Not all Pill Masters could create such a pill.

"Oh, could I enquire the extent of the increase of the pill is? And what are its after effects?" Shopkeeper casually asked.

"No after effects. One [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] can increase a thirty Spirit spring expert cultivation by half a year." Ye Qingyu had his head lowered, the white hood covering his face entirely. Therefore, Shopkeeper Sui could not see his expression at all, but his voice was still as rasp as ever, like it had emitted from a worn out bellow. It caused one to give out an involuntary shiver.

"What? What did you say? Say that again?" Shopkeeper Sui was like a cat that had its tail stood on, leaping up.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback, not understanding why the reaction of the opposing party was so large.

But he still calmly and unaffectedly repeated himself.

Shopkeeper Sui stood up with a sound, shock and disbelief on his face. "Impossible, impossible." Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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