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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 222 - Six days of time

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Chapter 222 - SIx days of time


There was a display of fire and silver sparks.

A resplendent blossoming silver flower appeared on the center of Ye Qingyu's palm.

This was the strange apparition of the [Supreme Ice flame].

"How is it… so strong?"

Ye Qingyu's heart was utterly stunned.

Even when he had previously fully activated the [Supreme Ice flame], it would at the most form a globe of silver light in his palm or perhaps it would form a paper thin light screen in front of him. But the [Supreme Ice flame] right now, after it had immersed with that white ball of light, instantly expanded explosively. The concentration surged several times over. When he activated it, it was as if there was a gigantic firework exploding on top his palm, displaying lights that blinded himself.

The next instant, another change occurred.

Ye Qingyu was able to sense, an extremely powerful energy growing within his limbs.

It seemed to be the purest form of yuan qi energy. Like a mountain's landslide, it appeared without any warning and was even greater than the energy he had absorbed from the Origin crystal several days ago.

"This is… an utterly powerful energy… why is it… within my body?"

Ye Qingyu was somewhat stunned.

"It seems to be… an energy coming from the [Supreme Ice flame]? What is happening?"

Ye Qingyu quickly discerned some of the reasons behind this.

But he no longer had the time to give thought to these matters.

Because this vast energy had already completely surged throughout his body. Ye Qingyu felt the meridians in his body were like the bed of a river. In an instant, it had been completely drowned by river water greater than it could contain. There was wave after wave of sensations of tearing and swollenness. From his body, there were faint and light sounds of his body breaking apart.

Ye Qingyu felt that he was about to explode from the sudden influx of energy.

The power of this energy had already far exceeded the limits of what his body could withstand.

Thankfully, to erase that strange white-coloured power, Ye Qingyu had already activated the [Supreme Ice flame] at a very taxing level and he had already used the energy of the blood of the [Yuan Qi Giant] to constantly replenish the yuan qi in his body. The limits his body could withstand had already expanded to a very high level. He was able to bear this great increase in energy.

Therefore, Ye Qingyu did not explode from this powerful surge of power straight away.

His thoughts like lightning, Ye Qingyu quickly thought of a method to solve his predicament.

Right now, what he needed to do was to forget about everything else. He had to direct and absorb this energy.

And the best method to solve this surge of energy was unquestionably to direct it to the desert world in his dantian, excavating new yuan qi Spirit Springs.

This was the same as last time when he used the Origin crystal to raise his own strength.

Using the nameless breathing technique, he placed the [Supreme Ice flame] within the skies of his dantian world. Ye Qingyu directed this surge of energy that had suddenly come into his dantian world through all the meridians throughout his body. Like the rivers returning to the sea, he attempted to excavate the eye of the Spring.

For Ye Qingyu, this was a perfect opportunity.

It was not worse in any way than once again absorbing the energy of a large piece of Origin crystal.

He closed his eyes, sitting in a meditative position on the prayer mat. There were two rays of white yuan qi, that when he breathed, would enter and constrict into his nose and mouth like a silver dragon. A powerful energy fluctuation encircled his entire body, as well as the twenty-five yuan qi dragons. Snowflakes and ice crystals danced like spirits, forming a silver cold light barrier that protected him within.

For top level experts, when they cultivated, they did not need to set up any protective formations. Because the yuan qi in their body would form a self-defense that rejected external forces.

Ye Qingyu was taking step after step towards becoming a top level expert.

Through the directions of his nameless breathing technique, this surge of pure and strong yuan qi slowly became more and more obedient.

In the desert dantian world, there were yuan qi Springs that surged into the skies one after another like dragons. There was a thick concentration of yuan qi in the skies and the gigantic yuan qi vortex constantly rotated, as if it was the signs a hurricane would descend. In an instant, there were gale-like winds and a torrent of rain, a storm madly descending. It passed by this desert world devoid of life. There was yuan qi held within the raindrops, that slowly changed this death-like world.

Ye Qingyu entered into a state where he forgot himself.


In that entire day, Ye Qingyu did not leave that quiet room.

In the morning, Mother Wu had prepared breakfast, but she only brought it outside of the quiet room. She did not knock and disturb Ye Qingyu.

When Mother Wu went back during the midday, the breakfast she had left at the door was completely cold.

And when she came during the evening, both meals were completely untouched. The cold aura emitting from the quiet room had caused it to freeze solid.

The quiet room at the fourth floor of the White Horse tower was protected by defensive formations. For the cold qi to seep out to such an extent, one could discern that Ye Qingyu's cultivation was about to break through and reach the next level.

The next morning, Bai Yuanxing also followed hesitantly along with Mother Wu to the room.

He stood at the door and stared for a while, somewhat hesitant. Then he directed that no one was to disturb Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu had not yet come out by the afternoon of the second day.

Bai Yuanxing and Jin Ling'er came to the door yet again, but they did not see the appearance of Ye Qingyu. However, they still did not knock, worried that they might disturb Ye Qingyu's cultivation at a crucial moment, and ruin his efforts.

But the problem was that Ye Qingyu had never remained in isolated training for such a long period of time. Adding to this, he had kill and targeted various people of the sects in these days. It could not help but cause Bai Yuanxing to be slightly worried that those battles had caused Ye Qingyu to be injured. But after thinking carefully of the reaction of Ye Qingyu in those days, he did not seem like he was injured.

Bai Yuanxing was somewhat flustered.

This type of isolated training continued until the fourth day.

Outside the quiet room on the fourth floor was already completely covered by a thick layer of ice. One could sense a terrifying chill on the stairs to the fourth floor, as if it could completely freeze one into pieces in an instant.

At this time, Bai Yuanxing and Mother Wu and the others no longer dared to ascend to the fourth floor.

Bai Yuanxing had even gone to the Vanguard to search for Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan.

After the two had heard of this, they both came rushing over and were also shocked when they arrived at the White Horse tower. After a period of observation, their worries were laid to rest and they told Bai Yuanxing and the others not to fret. Ye Qingyu's condition was very normal for someone about to break through.

But this entire process continued on for six days.

On the evening of the sixth day.


The doors to the quiet room slowly opened.

Ye Qingyu finally stopped training.

He pushed opened the door of the quiet room, walking out.

There was a bizarre energy fluctuation, as if something slumbering had awakened.

The fourth floor of the White Horse tower was originally covered in a thick layer of ice. But the instant Ye Qingyu walked out of the room, the chill disappeared. The silver snow and ice was like it was alive, moving, and finally gathering by Ye Qingyu's side and completely disappeared. It was as if it was absorbed by Ye Qingyu's body.

Thirty yuan qi silver dragons encircled around him that slowly disappeared from the outline of his body.

Ye Qingyu sensed this powerful surging feeling in his body. An involuntary smile appeared on his face.

"I really did not imagine that there would be such a degree of energy contained within that droplet of blood. This really is benefiting from a disaster. After that surge of white light was immersed into the [Supreme Ice flame], it not only caused the [Supreme Ice flame] to become more resplendent, but it was also like an Origin crystal. It allowed my yuan qi to explosively grow, opening five Spirit springs in one go!"

Ye Qingyu still could hardly believe what had occurred.

That strange white power was originally incomparably evil and gruesome. It contained an aura that made one despair and suffocate. But after it was completely refined, it was the purest energy if the world, holding benefits that were indescribable for a cultivator. Its effect, even far surpassed an Origin crystal.

This time in his isolated training, he was able to increase his cultivation by five Spirit Springs.

This really was travelling far and wide to look for something, only to find it easily.

Right now, it could be said that he had completely absorbed the energy within that globe of white light.

From the twenty-fifth Spirit spring stage, he had leapt into the thirtieth Spirit Spring stage.

This type of extreme cultivation had far exceeded Ye Qingyu's most positive estimate.

He extended his palm out, looking at the droplet of blood that was still like a birthmark on his palm.

After the strange white power had been erased, the originally tri-coloured drop of blood turned into black and red. It seemed to be as dazzling as a pearl, hidden within Ye Qingyu's skin. Shining faintly with light, it looked somewhat strange.

"Within the strange drop of blood, one of the three energies has already been erased and absorbed by me. If the other two kinds of energies are like that strange white power, then this is far too incredible. As long as I gradually absorb these two types of energy, it perhaps could help my strength to have an exponential growth."

Ye Qingyu grinned widely.

This drop of blood that came from the body of the [War God of Youyan Pass], Lu Zhaoge, was really like a priceless treasure. It was even better than an Origin crystal, comparable to the divine pills in legends.

In six days of time, he had reached the thirtieth Spirit springs stage.

With the rise in Ye Qingyu's strength, he had even more confidence towards the meeting of the sects happening in twenty days.

Previously in the quiet room, the repayment of the ancient Bronze book had already begun and finished.

Ye Qingyu had browsed over the new contents. But it was largely information relating to [Titled Strange Objects], and not cultivation techniques or other treasures. Instead, it was a part of a manual used to create weapons and tools called the [Heaven's Creation]. The large majority of this manual was describing how to smelt and create Spirit weapons.

But for the Ye Qingyu right now, it did not pose much use.

This ancient Bronze book, [Fiendgod Titled Chart] was like an encyclopedia of the martial world that could do everything. The contents of it seemed to have inherited the wealth and power of the mysterious eras gone by. More and more, Ye Qingyu discovered just how precious and rare it was. But the problem was, there were far too great a wealth of information contained within. Every time Ye Qingyu's strength broke through to a new stage, there would be new pages that would appear, but the contents would be random. Not everything that appeared was useful to the Ye Qingyu as of this current moment.

As he thought of this, Ye Qingyu arrived at the rear courtyard of the White Horse tower.

Jin Ling'er who was training his body was right now laughing, letting out an excited scream as he saw Ye Qingyu. And the two children nearby imitating his training, also copied him, screaming in excitement…

The two children were the son and daughter of Mother Wu.

In the previous days, when Mother Wu had relocated her dwelling to the White Horse tower, these two child had already become familiar with this place. they had also gotten to know Ye Qingyu.

"Master, you… you've finally came out."

Bai Yuanxing rushed over as soon as he heard the news, overjoyed.

Mother Wu had a smile on her face. After inquiring about Marquis Ye, she donned her apron and joyfully rushed towards the kitchen to prepare food.

Bai Yuanxing stayed behind, reporting all the matters that had undergone in the city in these days.

"What? Wait a moment, you mean to say, I was in isolated training for six days?" After Ye Qingyu discovered how much time had passed, even he himself was shocked. He originally thought that only one day had passed. He did not imagine six days would have gone by without him noticing.

Bai Yuanxing quickly replied, "That's right Master, six days have already passed."

Ye Qingyu was somewhat dumbfounded. He instantly realized, in these six days of time, there could have been many matters that had happened in the city.

He had suppressed the people of the Jianghu with force for only one day. His intended effect had not yet truly been achieved. In his original plan, the death of [Five Poisons Gongzi] was only a start. But he had disappeared for an entire six days. It was most likely that those frightened and trembling Jianghu people were once again causing trouble yet again.

"In these days, the city is somewhat calmer." Bai Yuanxing dutifully recited all that had occurred. "After [Five Poisons Gongzi] was killed by you, the Jianghu people became slightly more obedient, apart from a small minority of experts… oh that’s right, the Spirit herbs and medicines you ordered from the Hundred Herb Hall have already arrived. Shopkeeper Sui sent someone to deliver them to us in its entirety.” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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