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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 211 - The first person recruited into White Horse tower

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He pointed at the disciples of the Violet Seven Stars sect, saying seriously, "Today I won't kill you, I'll leave you with your lives. When you return, spread the words that I, Ye Qingyu, am about to say. First of all, from today onwards, no matter what the sect, no matter who they are, you bunch of Jianghu people, be a little more honest. Don't cause trouble and chaos. The [Youyan army] will naturally capture the demons ourselves. We don't need your interference. Secondly, the grudges of the Jianghu can't be brought into Youyan Pass. If you want to fight against each other, then scram outside of Youyan Pass to solve it. Just sit quietly with your tails lowered and await the military orders of the army. Thirdly, working for a military pass, everything is decided by the military orders. If you want to achieve something, then you should expend your efforts on things that are worth expending your energy on. Otherwise… I don't mind personally finding you to have a talk."

Once these words were said, it was as if there was the clang of blades and spears in the air.

A hard to describe powerful aura emanated from Ye Qingyu's figure.

"Fine, you guys scram." Ye Qingyu waved his hand. "Go back and tell Zhang San not to rest his laurels on his past contributions. There are somethings you can do, but there are some things you can't do. If you walk many times in night roads, you will meet a ghost sooner or later. If he continues like this, there will be a day that even Commander Lu will abandon him."

Qi Yong bit his teeth, looking at his shattered arm. Coldly, "I will return and tell lord Zhang about this."

Ye Qingyu grinned slightly while he said, "From your tone, it seems you still do not accept. Let me remind you, don't pretend to be hard in front of me. For me, killing you has no difference from putting down a rabid dog that bites people on the street. No matter whether it is the heroic Marquis title, or the patrolling sword envoy, either position has [1] the power to first kill then report all soldiers under that of military warfare officer. This furthermore applies to vagabonds like you that don't even have roots within the army."

A faint ice mist slowly appeared on Ye Qingyu's palm.

Qi Yong could feel a sharp killing intent. He originally wanted to leave a scathing retort, but he instantly sealed his lips, turning and departing without saying anything. Ye Qingyu's palm drew through the air, and the steel shackles on the floor came to his hands. He threw it out again, "Take this thing and bring it away with you."

This steel shackles flew through the air like a snake. It landed just on the body of the purple-robed young man, his skin lacerating open.

This young man cried painfully. He did not dare turn back, increasing his speed to run even faster.

"Things you cannot bear yourself, but you like to use on other people…" Ye Qingyu felt increasingly certain, that the people of the sects were completely running a con when they came to participate in the battles of the army.

Looking at the people of the Violet Seven Stars sect fleeing in such a sorry state, the atmosphere of the great hall relaxed a lot.

There were some people letting out low shouts of praise, and there were also people clapping.

The surrounding people that came to observe seemed not to want to leave. There were even signs that more and more people were arriving. Many people had heard of the battle hero Ye Qingyu greatly advertised by the [Youyan army] and wanted to have a look. There were some people that were shocked to discover that this white-robed youth Ye Qingyu was someone they recognized. Was that not the white-clothed man with great strength that helped to give aid the previous days?[2] "I recognize that Ye Qingyu; I even lifted stretchers along with him," a middle-aged man with a large scar on his head said in a disbelieving voice." "That's right, you lifted stretchers with Marquis Ye. Zhang Laosan, you really know how to lie." "You don't believe, if you don't believe me I can prove it to you…" The middle-aged uncle turned red, pushing forward and beckoned with his arms. Shouting, "Little brother, it's me, do you still remember me… eh, no, it’s Marquis Ye, hehe…"

After he said these words, he suddenly realized that this person was a true Marquis. Would he even pay attention to him?

This was somewhat too embarrassing.

But who would have guessed, that before the sound had fallen, the Ye Qingyu in the midst of the crowd, heard this and turned his head. Seeing the middle-aged man, he immediately grinned. "Uncle what are you doing here? You came to buy medicine?" Ye Qingyu came over, rubbing that scar on the middle-aged man’s head. He said with a chuckle, "The wound has healed, but it’s a pity a scar has been left behind.”

Ye Qingyu's smile instantly made this middle-aged uncle feel that he could shoot through the nine heavens. He said in a somewhat embarrassed voice, "Us men of Youyan Pass, it is normal for us to have some scars. Hehe… Little brother, no, Marquis Ye, I did not imagine that person that day would be you…" "Just call me little brother. It sounds more comfortable that way," Ye Qingyu replied smilingly. "How is it? How is Little Yang and his mother? Is everyone still okay?" "Little Yang can already work again. Mother Yang is largely without any issues. Everyone is still great. Thankfully you were able to help that day, without delay at all. The people that were injured could receive aid at the quickest time…" the middle-aged man explained.

Conversing for a bit, Ye Qingyu saw that the people surrounding them had increased even more. Saying his goodbyes, he invited the middle-aged man to come visit the White Horse tower when he had time.

Only until Ye Qingyu and Shopkeeper Sui entered into the VIP area of the Hundred Herb Hall, did the surrounding crowd surround the middle-aged man with a clamour.

"Really awesome. Zhang Laosan, you really did know Marquis Ye?" "Hehe, that’s right, I just said, it's just that you didn't believe me…” "Haha, your Zhao family really has green smoke on the ancestral graves of your family. To know such a great character, it seems like Marquis Ye treats you very well too…"” “Say whatever you want. I, Zhang Laosan, really know many people…" There was an unprecedented pride in the middle-aged man's heart, his back straight and his chest sticking out. The people beside him that had helped with the recovery and aid efforts all gathered and began discussing the events of that date. Just like this, one spread to ten, and then spread to a hundred. Extremely quickly, many people realized that Marquis Ye was such an interesting person, that he had also aided in helping those that had suffered from the disaster.

Within the crowd, there were also some people of the [Breeze and Drizzle building] that also began retelling their tales. They told of how Ye Qingyu had slaughtered the blood flame demon bear as well as snow white lizard, causing many people's blood to boil with excitement.

Many stories relating to Ye Qingyu began to spread out just like this.

The people saw a more comprehensive and real person than the image the army had advertised. Coming out from the mouth of these common citizens, it made people more easily believe in the stories, because it made many people feel that this young Marquis really stood on their side.

…… …… "Uncle, you are amazing." Ling'er was staring at Ye Qingyu.

VIP area.

Shopkeeper Sui sincerely received Ye Qingyu. Because of the incident that had just occurred, the relationship between the two got even closer. Hundred Herb Hall could be said to acknowledge the debt they had to Ye Qingyu. If not for Ye Qingyu forcefully obstructing them, and these Violet Seven Stars sect people really dragged Huang Zhen off, there would have been nothing Shopkeeper Sui could have done. Even if he went through the relationships that he had within the Pass to save the mother and child pair, but by that time they would most likely be nearly[3] half dead, with tragic consequences.

Huang Zhen’s gratitude was endless.

Today she had basically given up all hope.

At a crucial time, Ye Qingyu had appeared. It allowed this stubborn and lonely female herbal master to protect her son.

"What uncle, call me brother. I'm not that old." Ye Qingyu intentionally had a dark face, teasing this cute little fellow.

"Okay, uncle." Little Ling'er giggled. He was still injured, but his original lively personality was already back in full effect. He lifted his head to look at Ye Qingyu, his voice filled with deep longing, "Uncle, you're so awesome. Can you please teach me?"

Ye Qingyu was taken aback, he did not imagine this little child would say such words.

He turned to look at Huang Zhen.

The female herbalist instantly misunderstood, dragging her son back, and scolding him, "Ling'er don't say rubbish. Just what kind of identity is Marquis Ye, he is busy with military affairs. He doesn't have time to teach you. Saving you today is already a great debt, don't take things too far…"


Ye Qingyu nearly spurted out with a snort.

Busy with military affairs?

After he had arrived in Youyan Pass, apart from undertaking in a mission deep within the Explosive Snow Glacier, he had always remained confined within White Horse tower. He really could not bear the description 'busy with military affairs’.


Ye Qingyu thought it over, lifting his head to look at Huang Zhen, “What is the surname of Ling'er's father?”

The female herbal master did not understand, quickly replying, "His family name is Jin, Jin Wuxiang. He's one of the nominated hundred military warfare officers of the Vanguard.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, looking at the little fellow in front of him. "You are called Jin Ling'er? You, little fellow, are somewhat interesting. Do you really wish to follow me and learn the martial way?" "En, Ling'er wants to go to the battlefield of the Demon Race to find my father… Uncle, can you please teach Ling'er? Is it like the others have said, if I want to learn martial arts, I have to be your disciple?" As Ling'er said this, he was about to kneel down. "My master, please accept the bow of your disciple."

Ye Qingyu instantly felt black lines appearing on his forehead.

This little fellow was really cunning.

Quickly lifting him up, Ye Qingyu shook his head. "My martial way has not yet come to its fruition, and I am far too young. I cannot accept any disciples. But you can come to the White Horse tower, I will give you advice on your martial cultivation. Perhaps this may prove to be of benefit to you."

Huang Zhen, hearing this, was instantly overjoyed with happiness.

She hadn't even imagined in her dreams that Marquis Ye would accept her son and give him advice on his martial cultivation.

Even though she did not pay particular attention normally to the ranking of the experts within the Pass, but she had heard that Marquis Ye with his Spirit spring level cultivation was able to fight directly against the head of the military supply department Zhang San. Today she had even seen with her own eyes Ye Qingyu's power when he faced off against the people of the Violet Seven Stars sect. If her son was able to receive the advice of this little grandmaster of the martial path, he really ascended to the heavens in one step.

"Thank you Marquis. I will thank you on behalf of my deceased husband for this debt of gratitude.” Huang Zhen was so moved she did not know what to say, crisply bowing to the floor and lowering her head to the floor.

Ye Qingyu was shocked, quickly assisting her up. "Officer Jin is a martyr, he is a hero of the [Youyan army]. Everyone should realize his contributions. The reason I am willing to give advice on Ling'er on his martial cultivation, apart from this, is because Ling'er is exceptional, with yuan qi around him. Although his body is slightly weak, but he is a good talent for cultivation. If he works hard, he will definitely achieve something great in the future."

Ling'er received praise, and instantly exclaimed and cheered.

"From today onwards, come to the White Horse tower." Ye Qingyu rubbed the head of this little fellow, saying," From today onwards, you can be counted as a member of the White Horse tower. Once you enter the White Horse tower, you will wear the white armour for the rest of your life, following the rules of the army. This is just like entering a sect, you cannot abandon it. Are you willing to do this?" Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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