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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 202 - Who else do you have in your family?

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This young man with a noble air, was he really a member of the nobility of the Empire?

The expressions of the surrounding people, instantly turned fearful.

The laws of the Empire were strict. Nobility and commonera, commoners and peasants, peasants and slaves, there were chasms and divisions that could not be overlooked. For a commoner to conflict with a noble was death penalty. If they suddenly fought, and the noble killed the commoner, at the most they would be punished by forcing to give out monetary compensation for their death. They would not be forced to die, especially the noble that came from the powerful great families of the empire, they had an exceptional and unique power and status.

"What about it? Does junior brother Lin have the right to teach you brutes that don't know death a lesson?" The hooked nosed man laughed in glee, then pointed at the soldiers who were speaking just now. "Do you still want to argue? You still want to be the bird that sticks its neck out. Then come along with your minor officer, let’s just see how hard your mouth can be."

The complexions of this soldiers instantly changed.

These Violet Seven Stars sect disciples were so overbearing. Everyone knew that if they were really dragged off, it would be catastrophic.

The scholarly military officer took a step forward. "It's not a great matter, I can go alone."

His expression, remained as calm as it ever was. It was as if nothing was able to invoke and incite his anger at all.

Junior brother Lin laughed coldly, "Just who are you, that you are allowed to speak. Two of you, bring him away."

The Violet Seven Stars sect disciples next to him began laughing immediately, pressing closer step by step, about to act.

"This is taking things too far." The other soldiers were also furious, unsheathing the weapons at their waist and surrounding the young military officer and that soldier, protecting them in the middle.

These soldiers strength were not high, but after all they were warriors of the Vanguard. They had experienced life and death on the battlefield, seeing countless scenes of blood and gore. They were warriors who had danced on the tip of the blade before. Although they were fearful of the opposing party's identity, but they absolutely would not make a choice to abandon their comrades.

The Violet Seven Stars sect disciples did not imagine the matter would develop like this. There was a slight hesitation.

If they really caused the matters to grow larger, then it was very likely that the [Youyan army] would investigate things further.

Junior brother Lin coldly snorted, not caring about this in the slightest. "No need to afraid. If they really dare obstruct us, then kill them. I'll bear the consequences. These military brutes that are like ants, wanting to act brave? Even their military warfare officer will have to lower his head to me if they see me."

After this, the situation completely reversed for the Violet Seven Stars sect disciples.

Especially for the hook nosed man, he walked to the very front with a sinister smile. "Let me have a look at who dares block me…"

Before he’d finished.


A clear slap sounded.

There was an exceedingly clear imprint of a palm on the face of the hook nosed man.

The surrounding people were dumbfounded. Then he was sent directly flying five or six meters through the air. White and red came out of his mouth as he flew, it seemed like a row of his teeth had been knocked clean, then fresh blood came spurting out.

What had happened?

No one reacted.

No one had seen clearly who it was that had acted.

The next instant—


On the faces of the four or five Violet Seven Stars sect disciples, there were also clear palm prints.

This bunch of people acted as if they had seen a ghost. Spurting out blood, they were sent directly away through the air towards the distance. Like gourds rolling on the floor, every one of them moaned and grunted, not able to crawl back up for a while.

There was still no one who was able to discern who had acted.

The scholarly military officer as well as the soldiers all stared at each other.

They had evidently not been able to make clear, just what had happened. But to speak the truth, to see those arrogant and conceited Violet Seven Stars sect disciples twitching on the floor like dead dogs, was really like eating iced watermelon chilled for three days. They felt especially great.

Junior brother Lin stared dumbly at his surroundings, roaring in fear and rage. "Who? Who dares launch a sneak attack, come out…”

At this time, a cold voice came.

"You idle and useless thing, even if the Right Minister himself came, even he won't dare to use the status of the sects to pressure the soldiers of Youyan. You are only a tiny little grandnephew, not thinking of repaying the Empire, but dare to come here to pretend to be as fierce as a tiger when you are just a fox… Scram, don’t come here to embarrass yourself!"

Before he’d finished.


A clear palm print appeared.

Junior brother Lin was struck flying like a dead dog, halfway through the air, all his teeth had fallen out. His face was swollen like a completely ripe peach that had fallen to the ground.

Out of all the Violet Seven Stars sect disciples, he and the hook nosed man were the worse off.

"This time I'll leave you alive and give you a lesson. In Youyan Pass, you have to act wisely and accordingly. If I encounter you doing such scum-like acts next time, then be careful of your lives."

The mysterious and icy voice sounded for the last time.

There was a chilling killing intent held within the words.

Junior brother Lin and the others were like they had seen a ghost, every one of them scared witless.

They were not even able to see clearly who the enemy was before being beaten to the semblance of a pig's head. The difference in strength between them was like the distance between Heaven and Earth. And evidently, the opposing party utterly did not give any face to the Right Minister. In his words, it exposed that he was a person of exceedingly high status, and was absolutely not someone they could act against.

The crowd that came with malicious intentions ultimately ran in fear like a pack of wild dogs.

There was a trace of question on the face of the scholarly military officer.

He faintly felt that the voice was slightly familiar, but in such a rapid situation, he could not recall just where he had heard this voice before.

The surrounding soldiers and civilians could not help but begin cheering.

This really was a completely reverse of the situation. Especially when they saw those arrogant and conceited Violet Seven Stars sect disciples flee for their lives like dogs, their moods were unprecedentedly excited .This feeling was really too good.

"Haha, to think that those fellows would be so arrogant." "Just who was it that acted in the background in secret?" "It must be an expert of our Youyan Pass… perhaps it is an expert at the level of commander." "Hahaha, this has really vented our anger.” …… ……

Far off.

In the darkness.

The Ye Qingyu that was situated on a short collapsed wall, a smile appeared on his face.

He had not really left at the start.

When the hooked nosed man had left the words ‘You wait’, Ye Qingyu knew that the matter would not end so easily. The other party would definitely come here for payback. But after waiting till the sky turned dark and the enemy still had not arrived, Ye Qingyu thought it over then said his departures and waited silently far off protecting.

The result was that the disciples of the Violet Seven Stars sect really came for vengeance.

But he had not expected that the nobility of the Empire would enter into the sects and become the disciples of the sects.

These disciples of the Violet Seven Stars sect’s strength were even worse than Wei Tianming and the others from the Crepe Myrtle sect. For Ye Qingyu, disposing of them was only a little appetizer.

But when that noble surnamed Lin had appeared, it made Ye Qingyu realize something else.

Ye Qingyu had always thought before that the Empire was the Empire, Nobility was the Nobility and the sects were the sects. There should not have been too many relationships between them, but with the appearances of junior brother Lin, it made Ye Qingyu realize that his previous way of thinking was absolutely wrong.

So the great noble families of the Empire would also send their family members into the sects to learn.

Thinking of it right now, it seemed obvious and natural.

The laws of the empire had never restricted the noble families from joining into the sects. No matter for the sects or the noble families, the two joining together was absolutely a beneficial matter. The benefits and relationships were deeply intertwined. The sects had strong top level experts, while the noble families had status and power within the Empire. Exchanging these powers meant that both parties could benefit and gain even more.

Ye Qingyu realized, that the matters of the upper echelons of the Empire were far more complicated than he had imagined.

This time, the Empire had summoned the people of the sects to aid the [Youyan army] to launch their spring offense. The reason behind this may be countless times more complicated than what he, Wen Wan, and Liu Zongyuan had first thought.

Only until seeing that the far off scholarly military officer was fine could Ye Qingyu rest assured. This time he left for real.

The reason that he had not appeared, was that Ye Qingyu understood that he had an attribute to harvest animosity. According to the personality of the head of the supply department Zhang San, that would pay back all that he suffered, everyone that had a relationship with him would receive his vengeance. Therefore, before he had solved the great trouble of Zhang San, Ye Qingyu could not be too close to anyone within Youyan Pass, to prevent him from bringing them calamity.

Of course, apart from Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan.

On the way back, Ye Qingyu had already been called over for inspection several times by the patrolling soldiers.

After the Demon Race had come during the day, the restrictions and curfew of the night became even stricter. For normal soldiers and civilians, without a military order, they were forbidden from walking on the streets. If they travelled in the streets during these times, they would instantly be arrested and interrogated. Thankfully, Ye Qingyu right now could be counted as the nobility of the Empire, and was not restrained by the nighttime curfew. After inspection and interrogation, the soldiers respectfully let him go.

Within the streets of darkness, there was an air of tragedy and hatred emanating.

Ye Qingyu knew very clearly that after experiencing what had happened during the day, no matter whether it was the [Youyan army] or the civilians of the city, the hatred towards the Demon Race had risen to an entirely new level. There was a fire lit which added on the hatred between the Demon and Human Race. The spring time offensive of the Empire, unquestionably would receive even greater support by the citizens.

But the greatest problem was not here.

Ye Qingyu's gaze turned in the direction of the Pass Lord's residence far off.

The injuries of the [War God of Youyan Pass], Lu Zhaoge, just how was it?

This was the greatest factor that decided the battle power of [Youyan army] as well as their efficiency.

But such a matter, even with Ye Qingyu's status and identity today, he could not enter.

On the way, Ye Qingyu could not but help think about Song Xiaojun yet again.

Once this name leapt out from his mind, Ye Qingyu's lips would subconsciously curl in an easy smile that even he would not notice. His mood rapidly turned for the better.

He had finally seen the little loli again, and knew how she was doing. Although he had not spoken to her, but as long as he had a clue, everything could be worked on.

The most pressing matter was to rapidly raise his own strength.

The cooperation of the little loli with the Demon Race held no difference to plotting to take the skin of the tiger. The reappearance of the Unmoving City of Darkness would ultimately decide the fact that she would suffer countless dangers and assassinations. For this, Ye Qingyu must make sure that the next time she appeared in front of him, he must have enough strength to protect her.

As his thoughts were running in circles, he very quickly arrived back to Youyan Pass.

Bai Yuanxing had already returned early, but he still had not yet slept and was painstakingly training the sword. Hearing that Ye Qingyu had returned, he quickly came out to pay his greetings. Ye Qingyu smiled and looked at him, giving him some pointers on the problems he had encountered on his cultivation and telling him to return to training and not care about him.

Very quickly, Mother Wu brought a midnight meal up.

Ye Qingyu's stomach began gurgling. After being busy for the entire day, he was really hungry.

"It's been hard on you Mother Wu." Ye Qingyu looked at the exquisite dishes in front of him, and could not help but devour it in large bites.

Mother Wu was somewhat shocked by the compliment, rushing to say, "This is something your servant should do."

Ye Qingyu smiled, asking again, "The injuries of your husband…" "It's quickly getting better, it's quickly getting better. Thank you for your kindness my lord, I've already asked a doctor to treat him, and the best medicines were used. My man's life is lowly, it is not so valuable, so he is recovering rapidly. He can already walk around…" As she spoke of this, Mother Wu was moved to tears.

She did not know that the reason Ye Qingyu had treated her family so generous was because he had a reason.

That day, in the midst of despair, for Mother Wu to shoulder the blame alone, such bravery made Ye Qingyu open his eyes wide. Subconsciously, he had already treated her as one of his people.

"Just who else do you have in your family?" Ye Qingyu causally asked.

Mother Wu quickly replied, "Apart from my man, there is still a seventy-year-old grandmother. A boy and a girl, both half grown children that are working as helpers in the shops in the city… Ever since I came to the White Horse tower, the life of our family has gotten much better. When the others learnt that I work in White Horse tower, they are very envious. The enemies that used to make things hard on me, right now does not dare to do so anymore."

As she spoke of this, Mother Wu's grinned delightedly.

She suddenly felt that her life was really great. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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